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LP-023 I Am The Boss (2 Parts) S

Wonder Woman, played by Enchantress Sahrye, has had it with her roommate Spider Woman, played by Lana Luxor. Wonder Woman will teach Spider Woman, who is the boss of this castle! Cosplay taken to the next level mixed with catfighting, wrestling, BDSM, and more! Did I mention there's a banana???

LP-022 Ravishing Lana (2 Parts) S

Lana is feeling very confident and wants to show Sahrye how much of a great grappler she is. The only problem is that she may have bitten off more than she can chew! This is an action packed battle between two gorgeous hotties that you won't want to miss! Who gets totally dominated and humped???

HP-2007 Hollywood vs Robin (3 Parts) S

Hollywood & Robin are stretching in the ring when Robin asks Hollywood if she is "The Queen of KOs". Hollywood responds "Yes! And I'm going to kick your ass!!!". This is fine with Robin as she is there to challenge Hollywood to a Five Round KO Match! The two gorgeous ladies face off and lock up. Robin forces Hollywood into the corner, but Hollywood slams her to the mat! Hollywood immediately slaps a choke hold on a bewildered Robin! Robin tries to escape, but every time she does, Hollywood uses her excellent wrestling prowess to trap poor Robin in another vicious choke hold! Robin is weakening at an alarming rate as Hollywood mixes in belly punches and kicks to the hamstrings to further the brutality. The First Round ends with Robin KOed, and then she crawls slowly back to her corner. Hollywood kicks Robin in the ass and this pisses her off! Robin attacks Hollywood and just when she gets her in a compromising hold, Hollywood delivers an illegal eye rake! Then Hollywood proceeds to destroy Robin. A hard stomp to the belly, followed by the brutal contortion of Robin's sexy body. Hollywood mixes in various painful spine cracking holds as Robin suffers the onslaught. Round Two ends with a lifeless Robin KOed on the mat! Robin tries to make a comeback in Round Three, but Hollywood once again gains advantage after she delivers a heel kick to Robin's crotch! The rest of the round, and the next two are really not a "match", as that would imply Robin stood a chance. Instead, we see Hollywood applying nasty holds and giving Robin a beating. Hollywood chokes poor Robin with her hands, her feet, Robin's own arms, you name it! And when the final KO is delivered, Hollywood takes a victory pose over Robin's broken and unconscious body, leaving us wondering if she'll ever challenge Hollywood again!!!

HP-2005 Test Case (3 Parts) S

We find Hollywood dressed to the nines as she is being interviewed for a scientific test case. Hollywood is more than willing to contribute to science and her interviewer has her doing a few "tests" in order to evaluate her. These tests include Hollywood bending over to touch her toes (as he checks out her rock hard ass!) doing jumping jacks, and a few other things that have nothing to do with science other than showing the interviewer what a hot rockin' babe Hollywood is!!! Unfortunately for Hollywood, a ripped & muscled Lora Cross enters the room! Hollywood finds out that she is to become part of a test case involving some sort of genetic experiment! Lora immediately drags Hollywood in the other room, slams her into the wall, and puts her down with a vicious clothesline! Then the experiment begins: our fav girl gets brutally worked over by this superhuman genetic aberration! Lora stomps, chokes, and contorts poor Hollywood with no mercy! The interviewer is disappointed as he thought Hollywood would put up more of a fight, but she is being destroyed! Then it comes out that Hollywood is not simply a test case. She is going to be used for further experimentation!!! There is talk of "harvesting"??? Lora puts Hollywood out cold, and she is carried off. Will she ever return??? Get this exciting video!!!

HP-2002 Trouble For Detective Hollywood (2 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood is seeking out another villain and she enters a potential hideout. To her surprise, it appears this lair is some kind of dungeon! Detective Hollywood has mixed feelings of intrigue, mystery, and fear as she peruses the various items that are scattered about the dungeon. Suddenly, the invisible force which she has been pursuing arrives on the scene and attacks her! Detective Hollywood is caught totally off guard for obvious reasons, and the unseen force begins to brutally throw her about the room! Our gorgeous crimestopper fights valiantly as she is slammed into the wall and floor. Despite her pleading, the unseen force sends her to slumberland... But this is not the end! As Detective Hollywood comes to, her skirt is stripped off and the beatdown continues! Our poor fav struggles and pleads as she is then relieved of her silk top and now is left in her sexy bra & panties. Now the invisible force begins to employ the multiple "toys" scattered about the room. Detective Hollywood gets choked by the whip and she struggles for air! Next up she is worked over with a riding crop as her belly gets pummeled and she once again she gets choked! Detective Hollywood's rock hard ass gets some stinging cracks, along with her sexy back and gorgeous gams! There is no stopping this unseen psycho and things are looking like big trouble for our favorite sexy detective!!!

HP-2026 Foxy Boxing - Hollywood vs Kristie (3 Parts) S

Hollywood & Kristie Etzold are in the ring and ready to partake in a Foxy Boxing Match for their biggest fan! They have never had a boxing match, and for the occasion they have donned 80's style outfits and oversized gloves. The two ladies start out all kissie faced and friendly, but once the first bell rings it's time for a FIGHT!!! The two vixens go at it toe-to-toe and Hollywood gets Kristie into the corner and works her over. Rounds last two minutes and inbetween rounds there are trash talk exchanges. Then, back to boxing! Hollywood takes control and puts Kristie down, but then Kristie breaks the rules and attacks Hollywood with wrestling holds! The next round sees more pandemonium as Hollywood hits the canvas, then decides maybe a bit of wrestling is indeed in order! The ref yells at the ladies and reminds them that this is not a wrestling match! Quite frankly, neither of these ladies are compliant and the rules are bent quite a bit in the following rounds, almost bordering a catfight. One of the ladies eventually goes down for the count, but you'll have to get this awesome video to find out which one it is!!!

LP-041 Worship Me (2 Parts) S

Fiesty is stretching out her voluptuous body when in strolls her boyfriend. She treats him in a very flippant manner, allowing him to touch and caress her body. Her boyfriend has no problem playing the subservient role as he gropes her bountiful breasts and massage her body. Fiesty is dominant as she allows her boyfriend the pleasure to worship her body as he kisses every last inch of her shapely figure. This is a HOT video sure to kickstart your libido!!!

LP-040 The Showdown (2 Parts) S

Here we have the ultimate battle of the muscle babes! Jennifer Thomas is in the ring and finally gets her opportunity to throw down with none other than April Hunter! These two lovely ladies start off by comparing their hard earned muscled physiques and it is apparent there is a mutual respect. However, both of these babes are hot competitors and it's on to the match! They start off with a fingerlock test of strength, and the girls seem evenly matched. Then, all hell breaks loose and we are treated to a brutal match featuring a showcase of pro holds! We all have seen Jennifer apply her vicious side headlocks, well it looks like April has mastered that hold also! A mixture of chokes holds and brutal joints locks are employed, along with typical body punching, etc. The ladies are quite competitive throughout the match and decide to settle things with an arm wrestling contest. But after one declares herself the victor, her adversary surprises her with a tight sleeperhold and ultimately leaves her out cold on the mats!!!

HP-2001 Hollywood vs Celeste Star (3 Parts) S

Hollywood is delivered into the ring and she is restrained, gagged, and completely out of it! Jennifer Thomas and Kristie Etzold are discussing things with Onyx as she is about to give it her best shot to join their troup. The girls encourage Onyx as they prepare to deliver and yet another beatdown to poor Hollywood! The girls have this down to an art. Hollywood is sprawled out and subjected to brutal techniques. The Taser is applied to Hollywood's feet as she writhes about. When ladies are satisfied with their taser brutality, they place Hollywood in a chair, hands behind her back. Bats & clubs are used to punish her body throughout! Hollywood's knees, belly, and face are worked over. And Hollywood is helpless to stop the madness! Hollywood's back gets special treatment as the taser once again comes to life. Vicious blows are delivered and take their toll on our gorgeous fav! Hollywood's fab abs take a vicious beating as she is pinned on the mat and pulverized! Poor Hollywood eventually finds herself tied to the ropes and every portion of her body gets punished with a variety of techniques. One thing is for sure: Onyx can join the band!!!

HP-1095 Hollywood vs Celeste Star (2 Parts) S

Celeste Star is in the ring warming up for her match to face the one & only Hollywood! Our gorgeous fav is stretching her sexy body and she is completely not intimidated by ring veteran Celeste. When the ladies are ready to start the match, Celeste suggests a Test of Strength. Hollywood is game and she taunts Celeste by holding her hands high, out of Celeste's reach. This makes Celeste mad and she delivers a vicious kick to Hollywood's taunt midsection! Hollywood drops and Celeste snatches her into a brutal choke hold. Hollywood is reeling for the initial blow and can't seem to rally a counterattack as Celeste slams her opponent into the corner turnbuckle! Celeste seems hell bent on destroying poor Hollywood as she continues to choke and repeatedly slams her into the corner. No mercy is shown as Hollywood's belly is stomped and kicked as Celeste continues her onslaught. A tight sleeper gives the first fall to Celeste. However, this only seems to piss off our favorite Bad Girl. Now it is Hollywood that takes over as she delivers a few belly blows of her own. Celeste soon finds herself the victim of Hollywood's superior wrestling skills as Hollywood applies brutal scissors, chokes, and joint locks! But in her signature style, Hollywood includes a mixture of vicious stomps, kicks, and punches as she demonstrates to Celeste whom is the superior fighter. Celeste moans, groans, and screams for mercy! Does she get it??? Get this exciting video and find out!!!

HP-1098 Detective Hollywood - Tackled For a Loss (2 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood approaches the home of a ladies professional football player. She enters and finds sexy Lora in a tiny bikini as she has been sunbathing. Detective Hollywood confronts Lora regarding an extortion ring, but Lora scoffs at her, making disparaging comments about our gorgeous crimefighter! Detective Hollywood fires back, calling Lora a musclehead. This pisses Lora off and she orders Detective Hollywood off her property, giving her five seconds to vacate. Lora counts down from five, and when Detective Hollywood doesn't leave, Lora demonstrates her football abilities with a vicious tackle!!! Now Lora is in her element and she staggers Detective Hollywood with another bone-crunching tackle. Lora laughs, dropping into a three point stance and fires off to drive a hard shoulder into Detective Hollywood's midsection. Poor Detective Hollywood is stunned, but she is not nearly over! Lora chuckles with delight as she punishes her victim. But it becomes apparent that Lora has been playing other sports too, you know, like wrestling! Now Lora begins to work Detective Hollywood over with brutal wrestling holds. Let's not forget some face punching, and vicious joint-locks. A horrific backbreaker brings shrieks of pain to the room, and Detective Hollywood struggles for survival. One thing is for certain, this may be the last time Detective Hollywood slings about accusations with a ladies professional football player!!!

HP-2018 The Littlest Raider Destroyed (3 Parts) S

Kristie and Jennifer are in the ring discussing the previous beatdowns that poor Hollywood has suffered at their hands. It seems that Darrius has yet more horrific plans involving our gorgeous grappler as the main menu for destruction! Darrius enters the ring with a "subdued" Hollywood on his shoulder, and he explains his plan of victory in an upcoming contest. Unfortunately for Hollywood, it involves her total destruction in order to win big bucks! With great enthusiasm the four heels proceed to demolish Hollywood's sexy body! Hollywood is barely conscious from the get go, and about all she can muster is moans and groans of pain! The participants in this devious contest punish Hollywood with every imaginable implement: batons, baseball bats, stun guns, and of course good old fashioned stomps, punches, and kicks! Hollywood is strung up on the ropes and her sculpted abs get pummeled. She is held down on the mats as she gets stomped, struck, and foot tortured. A vicious over-the-knee backbreaker is applied as her outstretched midsection is destroyed! The severity is a 15 on a 1 to 10 scale! One thing is for certain: Darrius is in the running for a first place finish!!! But will Hollywood survive for and yet another contest??? Let's hope so!!!

HP-2023 Horsey Ride (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is stretching on the mat when Lady O strides into the room. A look of fear immediately appears on Hollywood's face as she can tell Lady O means business, and today she is here for the Business of Pain! Unfortunately for Hollywood, that involves her injured knee! Lady O mounts Hollywood and takes her for a little "horsey ride" as she bounces up and down on Hollywood's sexy gams. We get a great view of Hollywood's beautiful legs, complete with her sexy calves and donning black spiked heels. Hollywood grimaces and groans as Lady O bounces up & down, punishing Hollywood and delighting in her torture. Hollywood gets brief interludes in which she attempts to rub her battered knee, but Lady O is relentless and is determined to "break" her gorgeous horsey today! Does Hollywood survive this equestrian debacle? Get this brutal video and find out!!!

HP-1096 Detective Hollywood Pulverized (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood has had another long day fighting crime and she is exhausted. Nothing would please her more than to get into her jammies and relax. She takes off her stiletto heels as she sits on the bed massaging her tired feet. Next she sheds her black leather skirt, and she is looking so ever sexy in black fishnets, a tiny bikini bottom, and a blue silk top. As she unbuttons the top...WHACK!...she is struck from behind! A groggy Detective Hollywood has been assaulted by the Invisible Man!!! After several hard blows, Detective Hollywood finds herself regaining consciousness on the floor. She struggles to get up when the Invisible Man grabs her hair and slams her down! Poor Detective Hollywood reels from the blows as her head is slammed into the wall. She is thrown about as the Invisible Man delivers some belly blows, and throws her onto the bed. Now our fav gorgeous crimefighter struggles for air as she is mercilessly choked! Once again, she goes out, but only to awaken to more abuse! The Invisible Man continues his crusade to completely pulverize our typically badass beauty. Detective Hollywood is all but ragdolled as she is pummeled with strikes about her sexy body and face. Only brief reprieves occur when she is in LaLa land, but the Invisible Man beats her down to nothing. Ultimately, he puts her down and hammers away at her midsection and face, leaving her down and out for the count!!!

HP-1094 Hollywood vs Erika Jordan (3 Parts) S

Erika Jordan is in the ring complaining that she wants an actual challenge for a match today. She is quite irritated that she never has an actual opponent that stands a chance against her. When the ref introduces her opponent, gorgeous grappler extraordinaire Hollywood, Erika is equally not impressed. As a matter of fact, Erika is quite arrogant and feels that this won't even be an actual match. Hollywood simply has a grin on her face as the rules are laid out: Thirty minute time limit, submissions only, AND...at the end of each submission, the loser must raise the winner's hand up in victory, adding insult to injury. Speaking of injury, the match starts promptly and Hollywood soon has Erika on the mat squealing in agony! Hollywood pounces on the arrogant vixen and punishes her with a brutal chin lock. This is just the beginning! Erika submits, but it is only the first of many. Hollywood is on Erika like a wildcat! Erika gets no mercy as Hollywood contorts Erika's limbs and makes her beg. Each submission adds to Erika's humiliation as she is forced to present Hollywood as the victor. Hollywood is totally smug with her inferior adversary and is pleased to continue the brutality! Erika tries to gain advantage, but her efforts are quickly put to rest and Hollywood makes her pay the price for insubordination! If you like to see one-sided domination with Hollywood as the bad girl, this videos is for YOU!!!

HP-1091 Hollywood vs The Man (3 Parts) S

Hollywood is warming up in the ring and is intent on not allowing The Man to gain a victory today! Looking gorgeous as usual, she approaches her rival in a somewhat playful manner and the two lock up. Hollywood appears to be nursing a knee injury, and The Man forceably slams her into the corner of the ring. He then goes to work on Hollywood's midsection, pummeling her at first with strikes, then driving his shoulder into her. Hollywood is gasping for air when The Man viciously head butts her! Hollywood complains that he hit her head extremely hard, but The Man shows no mercy, merely replying "and I haven't even started working on your knee!". But Hollywood now blows a little kiss to The Man. She uses her overflowing sexiness to distract him! Now it's Hollywood delivering the damage as she works over The Man with holds and strikes, all while playfully teasing the poor man. The battle rages back and forth, with each combatant getting their licks in! But everytime it appears that Hollywood is taking control, The Man goes to work on her injured knee! As The Man wears our fav wrestling babe down, he brutally attacks the knee to maintain control. At one point he stretches poor Hollywood out in a devastating back breaker while he punishes her sexy abs, taking Hollywood to the breaking point. But he still continues the annihilation, and ultimately finishes Hollywood off with a tight sleeper combination. After the match, we find Hollywood in tears in the locker room, but the gentleman wrestler The Man checks on her as they kiss and make up, still friends after an epic battle in the ring!!!

HP-2000 Lora Cross vs Hollywood Pro Style (1 Part) S

Hollywood is on the mats discussing her reputation as a Legend. She has fought them all, and this list includes wrestlers like, Kristie Etzold, Hurricane Havanna, and the glamorous bombshell Tanya Danielle. Hollywood is known to take on all takers, and today will be no different! Enter mighty muscle babe Lora Cross! Lora immediately begins to run her mouth and insists "Legend" is synonymous with "has been" and flexes her muscles in front of Hollywood. The smack talk continues until the fight breaks out in a frenzy! Hollywood intends to show the upstart just what it takes to throw down on the mats with a legend as she works over Lora with a variety of painful wrestling holds. Lora counters and she is able to stretch out that sexy body of Hollywood's and punish her all while she continues to talk smack. But Hollywood is not unfamiliar to the pain game and she delivers some brutal crotch kicks to keep Lora at bay! Both of these gorgeous ladies dish it out and get it back, but ultimately Hollywood's expertise prevails as she proves to Lora just what the makings of a Legend are all about!!!

HP-1088 Kimura Quin vs Hollywood (3 Parts) S

Hollywood has agreed to take on newcomer Kimora Quin in a ring match. Hollywood is looking stunning as usual in a red, white, and blue bikini. Kimora enters the ring dressed in an outfit like a school girl. Probably a bad choice for her as she is about to get schooled by one of the best wrestlers out there! After a brief exchange of sarcastic unpleasantries, the two ladies meet in the center of the ring. Kimora is actually taller than our statuesque fav, but not as muscular. Kimora seems initially to dominate Hollywood! She gets her in a sleeper and really talks smack! But Hollywood appears quite unimpressed, and after an initial "loss" in the first fall, she decides to show the newbie what it's all about! Kimora is subjected to a virtual catalogue of Hollywood's punishing wrestling holds. Kimora gets brutally stretched, choked, and manipulated beyond her limits. Hollywood also strips Kimora down to her tiny bikini as she renders her helpless. Kimora's tiny voice matches her little schoolgirl outfit as she pleads with Hollywood throughout the destruction. Hollywood silences her with a handsmother, and in the end, puts her out with a sleeper, then documents the humiliation and takes the victory!!!

HP-1087 Hollywood vs Kimura Quin (3 Parts) S

Hollywood faces and yet another upstart wrestler in Kimora Quin! Kimora is well aware that she is facing a legend and is somewhat intimidated, but there may be an aire of sarcasm to her voice as she explains she has learned quite a bit herself. As we all know, our gorgeous fav Hollywood is always up for a challenge and she welcomes the newbie with open arms! The two ladies begin with a fingerlock test of strength and Hollywood puts Kimura forcefully down on the mats! Kimura's top gets pulled up, revealing her attractive breasts and she squeals in pain as Hollywood applies a body scissors/choke combination! Hollywood is in her bad girl zone as she works over Kimura's shapely body and also gives us some great views of those perky tits. The brutality continues as Hollywood puts on a beatdown clinic. Kimura's sexy body gets contorted beyond belief. Hollywood works her over with belly punches and axe handle strikes. Crushing side headlocks are applied to heighten the poor rookie's agony! The ruthless body scissors are unspeakable!!! If you like to see Hollywood deliver a classic beatdown, then this video is for you!!!

HP-2004 The Other Woman (3 Parts) S

Lora is on the mats stretching when Hollywood shows up unannounced. Hollywood is perturbed as she has spotted her boyfriend's car in Lora's driveway. Lora is acting like a total condescending bitch when Hollywood's boyfriend enters the room to inform Hollywood he thought it was "time for a change"! Hollywood is aghast, but when her boyfriend challenges her to wrestle three 8 minute rounds, winner gets the boyfriend, Hollywood simply can't pass. She has every intention of punishing little Miss Lora!

The first round begins and Lora attacks like a wildcat! Lora is not intimidated at all by Hollywood's superior size or experience. Wrestling holds intermixed with punches and chokes are the main menu as Hollywood gets worked over. Lora relishes in her dominance and gives poor Hollywood continual verbal abuse. Hollywood barely survives the first round, and the second round looks to have the same flavor! Lora is merciless as she slams Hollywood into the wall. She punishes Hollywood's midsection with punches and knees. And when Hollywood isn't being worked over against the wall, she is being slammed to the mat and her sexy body gets contorted in every painful way imaginable! It appears that Lora is not about to relinquish her new boyfriend. When the third round arrives, it is evident that Hollywood is in big trouble. Lora continues to brutalize her with vicious chokes and strikes. Lora uses her ripped legs to scissor Hollywood into oblivion, with head scissors that leave her senseless. Ultimately, Lora applies a tight sleeperhold that leaves Hollywood lifeless on the mat. Again the boyfriend enters the room, confident that his choice of "the other woman" was a good one. The two then carry Hollywood out of the room for an unknown destiny...

HP-2015 Hollywood's Test of Strength - 1 (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is warming up in the ring, looking gorgeous as usual while she prepares for a Test of Strength match against the formidable Christine Dupree. Christine is ready, as always! Hollywood approaches Christine as they prepare for the initial fingerlock and she taunts Christine with her superior height, which displays her sexy supermodel body. The two ladies struggle fiercely, and the strain can be seen in their awesome bikini bodies. Hollywood has the leverage with her height, but Christine has always been known to be a wild brawler. Neither lady seems to take control, and when necessary, Hollywood sees fit to use a good foot stomp to break the hold! The strain of the match continues, and we see an occassional knee to the belly as the ladies try to gain advantage. Ultimately, one of the ladies runs of out gas and ends up defeated on the mat! Get this video and find out which of these beauties prevailed!!!

LP-072 Jobber No More! Onyx Kim vs Goddess Fina (2 Parts) S

Sexy Goddess Fina is on the mats warming up for a match with her beautiful opponent Onyx Kim. The two ladies are getting ready to grapple when Goddess Fina mentions to Onyx Kim that she heard that she is not quite as tough as she thinks she is! Onyx Kim doesn't appreciate the lip service and the battle explodes on the mats! Goddess Fina continues to talk smack as the ladies fight for the upper hand, but Onyx Kim is hell bent on proving she is not the jobber that Goddess Fina believes her to be. The insults slow when Onyx Kim traps the Goddess is a tight choke hold! Goddess Fina struggles as her face reddens from the brutal technique. Maybe it was the lack of blood flow to her brain, but Goddess Fina continues the verbal assault, and she even gets a leg up on Onyx Kim. But Onyx Kim is NOT the jobber anymore, and she proves it as she applies more choke holds on Goddess Fina. The end result is a dominant victory for Onyx Kim, and a humiliating defeat for Goddess Fina!

LP-119 Bella Ink vs Sarah Brooke Foxy Boxing (2 Parts) S

Bella Ink and Sarah Brooke have put the gloves on and are ready to throw hands! Both of these beautiful ladies are wearing bikinis and they look hot! Bella is somewhat skeptical of Sarah's boxing skills and tells her she knows she can wrestle, but the question is can she box? Sarah is not the least bit intimidated, and she answers the question by catching Bella off guard and hammering her in the belly! Thus starts the action packed boxing match we are treated with viewing! Plenty of hard blows in this one as the ladies pound each other's sexy bodies and we get some revealing shots of their bountiful breasts. Staggering head punches almost lead to knock outs, but both ladies fight with determination. Bella appears to be the better boxer of the two, and it is evident by the vicious beating that we see Sarah receiving. But is Sarah a boxer? You be the judge!!!

HP-1089 The Queen of The Ring 2 (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is ringside and she is reading an article in Girl Wrestling Magazine that showcases "The Queen of The Ring" as being Stacy Burke. Hollywood is livid!!! In the interview Stacy brags about her staggering victory when she beat down Hollywood using various "tools", including some brass knuckles. Hollywood is enraged! She calls Stacy and demands a rematch! The rules will be No Holds Barred Death Match! Hollywood vows to show Stacy a few of her own "Tools"...

Next we find Stacy ringside, in all her glory. She is laughing and wielding her septre, which she intends to use to pummel Hollywood. Stacy flips through the pages of the magazine and scoffs at Hollywood as she recalls the brutal punishment she dished out in their private Queen of The Ring match. Stacy is so overconfident it is actually embarassing. She tells Hollywood over the phone that she will be glad to destroy her again...

The two ladies arrive at the ring and there is immediate friction and words are exchanged. The match begins with a fingerlock test of strength, and Hollywood gains the advantage. But Stacy counters by grabbing Hollywood's throat and choking her! Hollywood complains Stacy is cheating but...there are NO rules!!! Stacy takes the opportunity to grab the brass knuckles and she slams them into Hollywood's head to stagger our gorgeous queen. Next, Stacy applies a rear naked choke and Hollywood squeals as Stacy drives the brass knuckles into her neck. Hollywood is able to break the hold and fights back. Both ladies do not hesitate to punish their opponent with the available "tools"! The two ladies grapple and apply various limb wrenching holds to their opponent, but Stacy is able to repeatedly grab the brass knuckles and she once again staggers poor Hollywood with a hard blow to the head! Stacy brutalizes our fav gal and when Hollywood is down on the mats Stacy pounces on her with a massive knee to the crotch! Hollywood is hurt and groveling on the mat! Can she recover and re-establish herself as Queen of The Ring? Or does Stacy finish her off and continue her disgusting self promotion? Get this video and find out!!!

HP-1083 Beauty & The Beast (3 Parts) S

Jennifer Thomas is sitting in Hollywood's ring and casually having a snack. Although she appears patient, she has a somewhat perturbed aura about her. In storms Hollywood (looking like she has a modeling shoot scheduled rather than any ring combat) and she demands to know why Jennifer is invading her workspace! Jennifer tells Hollywood that she is here to get a little payback for what Hollywood did to her brother, and Hollywood immediately scoffs at her. The two sexy femme fatales exchange some unpleasant words until Jennifer cannot resist and she puts Hollywood down in the ring with a powerful forearm smash! We all know that Hollywood is not simply gorgeous, but that she is a skilled wrestler that can mix it up with the best. But Jennifer Thomas is most likely one of the most powerful wrestlers out there, and today she plans on releasing that power on poor Hollywood! Jennifer stomps Hollywood's midsection, then just about pulls her arms out of their sockets! While Hollywood crawls on the mat she receives a brutal blow to the head, virtually knocking her senseless! In a matter of seconds, our fav gorgeous grappler has been almost completely defeated! But Jennifer is only getting started. Hollywood gets subjected to one of Jennifer's brutal full nelsons. She is thrown into the turnbuckle and her midsection gets worked over. Jennifer twists Hollywood's joints and punishes her feet. A wicked abstretch/claw combo has Hollywood screeching in pain. Jennifer continues the punishment with chokes, bodyscissors, backbreakers, elbow strikes to the belly, brutal crotch stomps, and any other pain provoking hold she can think of!!! Hollywood goes down for good finally when Jennifer applies an iron claw that was sure to cause a concussion. Needless to say, let's not dare ask Jennifer what Hollywood did to her brother. We would hate to get her started again...or would we???

HP-1086 Hall Of Fame Beating (3 Parts) S

Hollywood enters the ring and she finds Duncan a bit surprised that she is ready to go when her last beating was only a few days ago. But Hollywood explains that she must submit a video within a few days in order to be admitted to the Hall of Fame. Duncan then makes Hollywood agree to pay him big bucks to make certain she gains admission to the Hall of Fame. He also tells her that she will endure broken ribs, crotch destruction, and foot punishment. Hollywood is prepared to deal with this, but she scoffs at the additional heels in the form of Stacy and Onyx. The trio begins the beating with face punches that send Hollywood reeling! This is followed by knees & kicks to the face. Things get ugly fast as out come the clubs! Hollywood is in serious trouble. Each of them mounts Hollywood and delivers vicious blows. Next, Hollywood is stripped to her red, white, & blue bikini. Now things get intense as Hollywood is held down and her gorgeous body is worked over! Duncan lays her over his knee and the girls pummel Hollywood's sculpted abs, then they brutally apply tazers to her midsection! The beating escalates, and no part of Hollywood escapes brutality. Hollywood gets tazed everywhere, including her tender crotch and she shrieks in pain. When the poor girl's ankles get restained to the ropes and she is punished by all three heels, it becomes evident that she is making a real run for the Hall of Fame!

HP-2008 Hollywood vs Serena (3 Parts) S

Serena Blair is in the ring ready to rumble! She is throwing out disparaging comments about Hollywood, and she seems to be taking our gorgeous fav grappler very lightly. The camera swings over to the other corner of the ring and Hollywood presents wearing a jaw dropping suit as she smirks at Serena. Hollywood is quick to point out that she is the Queen of Pro Style, and it is probable that Serena (just an amateur) is going to experience why that is so! The two ladies lock-up and Hollywood towers over her opponent. Serena is in great shape, but it soon becomes apparent that she is outclassed! Everytime Serena appears to gain the upperhand, Hollywood uses her expertise and soon Serena is grunting & moaning in pain! But Serena is no pushover, and she attacks Hollywood's knee to even things up. The battle rages back and forth with both ladies applying some devastating holds, and some questionably legal holds too. But Serena finds an opportunity to lock a tight sleeper on Hollywood and the brutal match comes to an end. As Serena basks in her victory, one thing is for sure: she doesn't lack confidence! Moving forward, she may regret disrepecting the Champ!!!

HP-1085 Hollywood vs Stacy (3 Parts) S

Stacy is stretching and warming up as she gives herself a pep talk. She is ranting that she is going to win the match today as Hollywood is a has been and has lost her ability of Pro Wrestling. Stacy plans on taking all of Hollywood's fame and fortune. However, Hollywood is in the other ring corner, completely relaxed and unimpressed! Hollywood can't help but look incredible, and she explains where Stacy's logic is flawed. The match starts and Stacy is quite flippant as she taunts Hollywood. She even forces Hollywood into the ring corner and goes to work on her abs with punches. But Hollywood works her way out of the corner and delivers some belly punishment in return. The two ladies exchange wicked blows in between tortuous holds meant to stretch and debilitate their opponent. But Stacy is able to get Hollywood on her back, and then she applies a vicious throat choke along with a brutal crotch claw! Hollywood willfully submits and Stacy gets the first fall! Stacy is ecstatic, but we all know that a dirty submission is just going to make a person face the wrath of Hollywood! Stacy soons learns that Hollywood has lost none of her Pro Wrestling skills! Now Hollywood puts on a little teaching clinic as she punishes little Stacy with a variety of Pro moves. Bad Girl Hollywood mixes in some nasty punches, kicks, knees, and the like just to make Stacy understand that she will not tolerate nasty and uncalled for dirty holds, unless of course she is the one applying them! Another classic match with our gorgeous grappler Hollywood!!!

HP-1099 Hollywood vs Lora Cross - Beatdown (3 Parts) S

Lora Cross is a bit annoyed that Hollywood even took this match. She is scoffing at Hollywood and makes disparaging comments about Hollywood's muscles, her bikini, her shoes, just about anything she can think of! But Hollywood is totally unimpressed by Lora and quite bored with her remarks. After all, Hollywood is totally on fire in her little black and pink bikini as it adorns her magnificently sexy body! But Lora is eager to start the match and Hollywood simply toys with her. However, Lora is a mighty little gal and she soon reverses the tables on Hollywood! Our fav gorgeous gal soon finds herself pinned on the mat and Lora makes fun of Hollywood's skimpy little outfit! (But we LOVE it of course!). Lora gets pissed when Hollywood makes a few derogatory comments about her physique, so Lora decides to take it out on Hollywood's sculpted abs by driving some hard belly blows into her. Hollywood soon finds herself in the middle of a wicked beatdown! Lora punches her, stretches her, twists her, chokes her, and basically works Hollywood over with no mercy! Lora trash talks the entire time as she truly enjoys punishing poor Hollywood. Even though Hollywood is always game for a good fight, she never really launches as counter assault as Lora dominates her throughout the match! When Lora clamps a tight sleeper on a withering Hollywood, the match ends with Lora Cross simply full of glee!!!

HP-1077 Hollywood vs Jennifer Thomas (3 Parts) S

Hollywood and Jennifer are warming up in the ring prior to thier match. Of course it was only a matter of time until they began exchanging unpleasantries. Hollywood presents herself as the sexy, glamorous wrestler she has always been, but Jennifer interjects that she is not only sexy, she is also strong! The chatter comes to a quick end as the match begins! The two beautiful grapplers lock up and soon the room is filled with shrieks of pain and grunts of effort! Bodies clash and joints are manipulated as painful holds are applied. The entire ring is utilized as daring pro moves are executed and nothing is withheld in the heat of combat! Jennifer guiltlessly works over Hollywood's recently injured knee, but Bad Girl Hollywood is not about to yield to her closely contested rival. Back and forth goes the match, but only one of these ladies will prove the victor!!!

HP-1076 Queen Of The Ring (2 Parts) S

It appears we have a problem. Both Stacy Burke and Hollywood feel that they are the Queen of The Ring. Both of these ladies appear ringside dressed in their appropriate attire as The Queen. A heated discussion transpires as to whom will the the one and only Queen moving forward. There is no better way than to settle the argument with a good old fashioned Pro Battle!!! The ladies shed their queen costumes down to their pro wrestling suits and it is ON! This is a tortuous action packed match as both of the beautiful women are intent on walking away with the title. Every aspect of the ring is used as joint locks, strikes, and chokes are applied with expertise. The ring is filled with shrieks of pain, and laughter overflowing with pleasure (depending on which side of the hold you are on!!!) as these gorgeous grapplers practice their trade of pain and glory! On several occasions the match almost ends as a sleeperhold is secured, but the potential victim manages an escape. Ultimately, their can be only one Queen of The Ring so get this video and find out whom it is!!!

HP-1073 Better Boots Challenge (3 Parts) S

Stacy Burke is in the ring parading around with her new wrestling boots. She is simply ecstatic about them! But in the midst of her deep admiration, her long time wrestling foe Hollywood enters the ring. Hollywood is not only unimpressed with Stacy's boots, she comments on how her own boots are cool, and basically better in every aspect. Stacy is not too pleased with this and when Hollywood extends the "Boots Match" challenge, Stacy gladly accepts! As the match starts out, Hollywood extends the courtesy to allow Stacy to attack first. Stacy attempts to drive her boot into Hollywood's rock hard abs and soon finds her kicks rather ineffectual. Hollywood's turn comes, and soon Stacy is gasping for air! The next opportunity for Stacy to prevail fails miserably. Hollywood scoffs at Stacy's weak kicks and stomps. Stacy stalls and makes up excuses when Hollywood is prepared to strike, but once again we find Stacy down on the mat grasping her belly after Hollywood drives in a hard blow! As the match progresses, Hollywood eventually loses her patience. Now she dominates Stacy as she stomps Stacy's feet, chest, and abs. Stacy wails away as Hollywood stomps one of her hands with no mercy. Hollywood grabs Stacy in a side headlock and continues to stomp on Stacy's shiny new boots. Stacy ends up helpless on the mats along with her boots, which today, proved immensely inferior!!!

HP-1072 Hollywood Revenge (3 Parts) S

Hollywood enters the ring to workout a bit as it's her exercise day. After all, you don't get a hot rockin' body by being a slacker! As Hollywood goes through her various exercises, she reminisces of her countless matches where she has beat the crap out of Kristie Eztold. Hollywood scoffs at how easy it is to achieve victory over her outskilled opponent. But suddenly as Hollywood has her back turned, Kristie sneaks up behind her and traps her in a tight sleeperhold! Hollywood tries to fight the hold, but Kristie sinks it in tight and out goes Hollywood. Now Kristie reveals that she is here to completely defeat Hollywood and totally humiliate her in the process!

Kristie takes Hollywood's unconscious body and binds her hands behind her back. In the process of doing so, Hollywood regains her senses and struggles to get free. The two begin to battle. Hollywood is not going to go down easy and she gets in her own licks, literally with both hands tied behind her back! Champion Hollywood uses her long sexy legs to invoke havoc on an enraged Kristie. But Kristie's plan is not working out. Hollywood traps her in triangle chokes and even as Kristie delivers belly blows and claws, Hollywood keeps the holds locked on and weakens her foe! Eventually Hollywood gets free of her restraints and even survives a futile attempt by Kristie to beat her with a baton! Now Hollywood goes on full offense and pummels Kristie about the ring. Kristie is punished with leg locks and camel clutches. Hollywood even whacks her with the baton for good measure! In the end. it's Kristie that is beaten and humiliated. The take home: Don't mess with Hollywood!!!



HP-1071 Birthday Gone Bad (3 Parts) S

It's Jennifer's birthday and what has her husband delivered to the ring as a present? Hollywood restrained!!! Jennifer is absolutely delighted that she has received such a gift. But Hollywood is not too happy and insists that Jennifer set her free. Jennifer is too ecstatic to do so, and instead she stomps on Hollywood's vulnerable midsection. With her hands tied behind her back, poor Hollywood is unable to avoid the blows. Jennifer sinks a claw into Hollywood's belly, followed by some ground & pound blows. Hollywood reels from the punishment, but Jennifer is in classic heel form, literally, as she digs her heels into Hollywood's neck with a double carotid choke! But this is only the beginning as Jennifer twists, punches, kicks, and chokes Hollywood all while she bursts with laughter and joy. Things get really ugly as Hollywood is so beat down that Jennifer releases her from the restraints as Hollywood simply has no evidence of fight left in her.

However, Jennifer makes the mistake of turning her back on our great champion and WHAM! Hollywood delivers a devastating uppercut that sends Jennifer to the canvas! Now it is Hollywood's turn to join in on the birthday BASH! Hollywood gets in some stomps of her own as she systematically destroys the magnificent birthday girl! Poor Jennifer is subjected to tortuous holds which twist both limbs and joints. Pleading gets you nowhere with bad girl Hollywood and she is bent on making things even. Jennifer ends up splayed on the mat, whimpering as Hollywood stands over her in victory. This will certainly be a birthday that Jennifer will never forget!!!


HP-1097 The Bank Fraudsters (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood approaches a house which is under suspect of being involved with an illegal bank scheme. As she cases the joint, inside is a hot hard bodied babe going through her workout in a tiny blue bikini. When Detective Hollywood goes to the door, she is greeted with a somewhat flipant spouse of the alleged tech crook. After the two exchange unpleasantries, the hard bodied babe goes to change into some clothes as Detective Hollywood plans on taking her in for questioning.

Lacking patience, Detective Hollywood paces the floor and suddenly Little Ms. Hardbody rushes in and delivers a massive forearm to Detective Hollywood's chest, sending her reeling to the floor! It becomes apparent that this will be no easy collar for our gorgeous fav detective! Now Little Ms. Hardbody begins to throttle the unsuspecting crimefighter. Detective Hollywood squeals as she is put in tortuous armbars, ankle locks, chokes, and the like! Ms. Hardbody talks trash as she hammers blows into Detective Hollywood's belly as she forces her against the wall for punishment. The crazy roided out crook even goes as far as to BITE poor Detective Hollywood! It seems like the brutality will never end as Ms. Hardbody chokes her victim relentlessly! But despite her begging, no mercy is shown and Detective Hollywood is left crumpled on the floor, with no pending arrests on this day!!!

HP-1068 Detective Hollywood Beatdown (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood is casing a warehouse and she calls in to report. She is told that this was a possible location of a known kidnapper and that he is extremely dangerous! Detective Hollywood assures that she has things under control. As she inspects the surroundings, Detective Hollywood is ambushed from behind and receives a hard blow to the back of the head that sends her reeling! The assailant delivers a few punches to the face, slams Detective Hollywood into the wall, and works her over with several belly punches as she falls to the floor! Now he grabs her hair, pulls her head back and as he chokes her, he informs our delightful detective that he is going to enjoy this beatdown! Detective Hollywood makes a futile attempt to tell the villain she's taking him in, but he responds by pummeling her with blows. He now reveals that she has done him a favor by looking for him, as HE was looking for her and is indeed the kidnapper!!! Detective Hollywood is in a horrible position as the kidnapper is enjoying the beatdown. He shows no mercy as he punishes her gorgeous body with strikes in the most pain provoking places! He slams her head into the wall and delivers lip service the entire time. Detective Hollywood finally succumbs to brutality and is out. But when she awakes, the kidnapper has stripped her down to her black bikini bottom, exposing her bodaciously sexy body! Now he shows how twisted he is as he taunts and mocks our fav sexy detective while he works her over. Detective Hollywood is barely conscious as the kidnapper finishes her off to his satisfaction. We can only hope she survives his wrath and escapes his clutches!!!

HP-1067 The Experiment (3 Parts) S

Stacy is working on her laptop when Detective Hollywood enters the room. Detective Hollywood informs Stacy that she is aware that Stacy has been sending out viruses. Stacy claims she is working on an experiment, which doesn't impress Detective Hollywood at all! As a matter of fact, Detective Hollywood informs Stacy that she will be going down to the station. Stacy scoffs at this notion, and tells Detective Hollywood that she'll have to drag her there! Well, Detective Hollywood is more than willing to comply, so she begins to work over the high tech villain turned scientist! Punches and knees to the belly are employed to encourage Stacy to go easily, but she resists and fights back. The two sexy ladies battle back and forth. Each time it appears that one has the upperhand, the tide turns. Finally, Detective Hollywood has control of Stacy and is ready to take her to the station. But Stacy laughs hysterically and tells Detective Hollywood that she is about to meet Stacy's "experiment"!

In walks an impressive physical specimen. You know, the kind that leaves no doubt that women are the superior sex! Stacy scurries off in laughter as her "experiment" takes over the struggle, and it is now Detective Hollywood fighting for her life! Poor Detective Hollywood suffers a horrific thrashing as the "experiment" employs both skills and brutality in her punishment of the gorgeous Detective. Between the beating, the squeezing, and the choking, there is no doubt that Stacy will be avoiding jail time today! As the "experiment" exits the building, we must ask ourselves whether Detective Hollywood will ever be the same!!!

HP-1065 Detective Hollywood Mauled (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood has discovered what she feels is the secret lair of a demented scientist. The psychotic suspect has been known to use a concocted serum to create dangerous animals with superhuman strength! While Detective Hollywood cases the joint, two performance enhanced gorillas make known their presence. Detective Hollywood realizes the dire straits she is in, but before she can even attempt an escape, the massive beasts go on the attack! These creatures are strong enough in their normal state, but with the serum enhancement their brutal strength is increased ten fold! They begin to pummel poor Detective Hollywood with brutal blows to the midsection. They punch her in the face and about the rest of her lithe body! The brutes doubleteam her: one holds Detective Hollywood in a defenseless position while the other delivers crippling blows! Detective Hollywood makes desperate attempts to fight back, even using the sharp point of one of her shoes. But the deadly primates quickly turn the tables on every occasion and seemly increase the level of their brutality, even swinging her and slamming her into the wall! Detective Hollywood is subjected to brutal joint locks and choked and smothered mercilessly! No telling how long this horrible beatdown could have lasted. But the hairy beasts ultimately leave their victim defeated and in a helpless state of agony, hopefully to fight another day!!!

HP-1062 No Consequences (4 Parts) S

Stacy is in the ring with Kristie and she is on a tirade! She paid good money to rent the ring and fight Hollywood, but our fav gorgeous grappler is an hour late! Enter Duncan and Jennifer Thomas. They are carrying poor Hollywood and she is out cold! After placing Hollywood in the ring Duncan explains that she is here for a beatdown, brutal as it may be. Stacy seems hesitant, but Duncan tells her that Hollywood can pretty much take anything, and that there will be NO CONSEQUENCES regardless of the severity of the beatdown! This is bad news for Hollywood. Stacy and her friends now proceed to completely destroy poor Hollywood. They punish her belly with punches, baton, strikes, knees, elbows...everything but the kitchen sink! Hollywood never quite recovers, which may be good for her. She gets tazed repeatedly and with multiple tazers. The four offenders don't take turns as they simultaneously brutalize different parts of her body. As Hollywood is dragged to the ringside, Kristied gouges her face as the others work over her midsection. Poor Hollywood gets draped upside down in the ring corner and her belly and netherlands get pounded. These are only a few of the many positions our fav is subjected to! We've seen Hollywood get beatdowns, but this may be over the top and for Hollywood, there will be BAD consequences!!!

HP-1061 To Catch A Thief 2 (3 Parts) S

Duncan is snooping around the gym looking of some item he suspects is hidden there. In combing the gym, he enters the ring room and finds sexy babe Hollywood stretching and a bit distracted with her cell phone. He sneaks up on her and in his typical cheating style, gains the upperhand on our gorgeous Wrestlingbabe! When Hollywood awakens, Duncan demands the whereabouts of said item, which Hollywood has no clue as to what he is referring. Consequently, Duncan is convinced that Hollywood has stolen from him and he nails her midsection with punches and axe-handle strikes. Hollywood pleads she has no idea what he is talking about, but Duncan continues to pummel her belly and face. Hollywood gets knocked senseless repeatedly! She is living in the land of A Thousand Belly Punches as Duncan punishes her sculpted abs in every way possible! Hollywood is strung on the ropes and mercilessly belly punched. Duncan slams her into the corner and deliver vicious knees and punches! It only gets worse for Hollywood as she is subjected to a rib crushing bearhug and vice-like sleeperhold. Even though Hollywood is virtually incapable of fighting back, the intensity only increases as it culminates in a brutal series of rapid belly punches to further decimate our favorite gal!!!

HP-1060 The Black Scorpion Returns (3 Parts) S

Hollywood comes home decked out in a short slit skirt, fishnets, & heels and is looking hot as ever! She enters her house to find some foolish lad looking for evidence which was used to prosecute his sister. Hollywood warns him of his dire situation and he is clueless enough to make an insulting comment to our gorgeous crime fighter! Hollywood decides to teach this guy a brutal lesson! Hollywood dishes out severe punishment as the poor lad learns of her wrestling prowess. Hollywood gives her victim lip service the entire time as he can only grunt and groan in response.

But the beatdown gets interrupted when the Black Scorpion arrives on the scene! Her brother gloats as he bursts with pride that his sister has come to his rescue. Black Scorpion is pissed and she tears into Hollywood! The Black Scorpion begins to pummel poor Hollywood with strikes! Hollywood suffers blows to the head, belly punches, knees to the ribs, and hair pulling. Hollywood pleads as the crazed Black Scorpion takes one of Hollywood's high heels and drives the spiked heel into her belly! The punishment continues as Hollywood's sexy body is contorted into various positions. The spiked heel also finds more vulnerable spots. In a possible act or mercy, the Black Scorpion clamps a tight sleeperhold onto her victim and puts an end to the debacle of destruction!

HP-1059 Dark Angel vs Black Scorpion (4 Parts) S

Dark Angel (Hollywood) is in search of the evil Black Scorpion (Kristie Etzold) and knows she is near. Suddenly Black Scorpion pounces on Dark Angel and sends her to the mats as a result of a devastating belly blow! But unexpectedly, Dark Angel counters with her own belly blow and sends Black Scorpion to the floor! Dark Angel clamps a brutal chin lock on Black Scorpion and we can hear her wailing in pain! More brutal blows to the midsection are followed by a body scissors and choke hold. Dark Angel completely dominates the Black Scorpion and she taunts her as she applies armbars, camel clutches, and other punishing holds. Ultimately, Black Scorpion succumbs to the brutality and lies defeated on the mats.


As gorgeous Dark Angel bathes in her success, she calls in to receive her next assignment. But she has underestimated her evil & powerful foe!!! Black Scorpion traps Dark Angel in a tight sleeperhold and sends her to LaLa Land. Now it becomes apparent that Black Scorpion plans to find out whom this sexy do-gooder is, and whom she was sent by! She rips the mask off a bewildered Dark Angel and demands her identity! When Dark Angel does not comply, Black Scorpion decides she will extract the intel through any means necessary! The powerful villainess goes to work on the sculpted abs of Dark Angel as she is punished with punches, elbows, and claws to her sexy midsection! Black Scorpion even bites her prey's belly and the room is filled with screams of desperation! Black Scorpion continues to destroy Dark Angels fabulous body and shows no mercy. She even uses some type of injection to render her foe helpless. Once poor Dark Angel is pummeled to a state of total destruction, Black Scorpion scoops her up and carries her off, possibly to send her to complete oblivion!!!


HP-1058 Invisible Hitman Strikes Again (2 Parts) S

This video contains three scenarios where the Invisible Hitman returns to Hollywood's place and brutally works her over! Hollywood is wearing revealing clothes that showcase her spectacular body, along with black pumps. The Invisible Hitman shows no mercy as he slams poor Hollywood against the wall and works her over. She gets slammed into furniture repeatedly as the Invisible Hitman grabs her by the hair and jerks her about. As Hollywood sits propped against the wall, the Invisble Hitman delivers kicks to her ripped abs and rib cage. Hollywood tries to protect herself to no avail as she is choked and pummeled with no reserve! Slammed to the floor, she gets stomped repeatedly! Hollywood has no chance to recover or even fight back, but even if she did, she can't see this brutal fiend! The Invisible Hitman has an agenda, and it involves destroying our fav gorgeous grappler. Let's just hope she can survive the onslaught of this diabolical deviant!!!
HP-1057 Hollywood vs Dolce (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is approached on the mats by bodacious vixen Dolce. Apparently Dolce is not too familiar with Hollywood's wrestling ability and she makes sarcastic & condescending remarks about Hollywood basically being a "glam" chick. Big mistake. Hollywood strolls & circles on the mat, wowing in her tiny bikini and looking both confident & annoyed. The two lock up in a Test of Strength. Hollywood takes note that Dolce is pretty strong, but it doesn't stop her from delivering a few brutal kicks to the unsuspecting lass! Dolce gets thrown to the mats and Hollywood begins a thorough beatdown as she delivers a variety of strikes to the body. Next, Hollywood applies some vicious holds on her pleading victim. Dolce has changed her tone as she begs for mercy. At one point, Dolce is trying to negotiate a compromise and Hollywood simply handsmothers her mouthy foe! Dolce makes a few futile attempts to fight back, but it doesn't stop our gorgeous grappler Hollywood from putting on a little wrestling holds clinic to silence the smartmouth. Just for good measure, Hollywood throws in some belly punching, and she is kind enough to explain some of the holds as Dolce begs for leniency! In the end, Dolce is silenced with a nice tight sleeperhold. Most likely this should teach newbies to respect the Legend!!!
HP-1056 Can't Get Any Worse (4 Parts) S

Duncan and Jennifer Thomas enter the ring to find an unconscious Hollywood on her back with her hands tied to the bottom rope.  She has just received a massive beating by a large group of LA Chargers players (discussed at the end of HP-1050), and Jen and Duncan determine that her entire smoking hot body has been broken and destroyed by the football players.  Duncan doesn’t think that there is anything more that they can do to Holly, but Jen wants to at least try to hurt her some more.  Her view is seconded by Christine Dupree who joins them in the ring.  Duncan decides that, even though a beating from the three of them is basically like a rest break for Holly compared to what the football players had been doing to her, they should go ahead and treat themselves to another beating of the helpless beauty.
They get to work with a violent attack that targets Holly’s entire broken body with a healthy dose of clubs, punches and stomps.  Kristie Etzold adds her impressive strength to the group, and Holly takes the first few minutes of her “rest” absorbing a massive beating.  They pause only long enough to untie her and put her into a back-breaker and then some other painful positions in which she continues to take a vicious beating, which is now made worse by the use of tasers.
Holly then is dragged to her feet and tossed into a corner where she is held in place while her toned abs, face and crotch take more punishment.  She wants to fall, but they won’t let her. When she finally collapses unconscious, they drag her into the middle of the ring and continue the assault, eventually folding her in half to work on the backs of her legs and her feet.  They roll Holly onto her face so that they can pound her but, rake her back and continue to torture her feet.  She is then placed in a tree of woe where her abs receive additional severe punishment before she finally gets a brief respite.  The full-body abuse starts again with the team tying her ankles together so that two people can torture her feet outside the ring while two continue destroying her abs inside.  When everyone has had a turn with Holly’s feet, they spin her around so that they can continue the ab punishment while also mauling and gouging her beautiful face.
Finally, Holly again is tied to the ropes, this time on her knees and only just barely conscious, and the murderous four get to work on her with kicks, stomps, clubs and tasers - focusing on her abs and shattered ribs.  Holly is pummeled way past unconsciousness, and when her torturers are finally done with her “rest break”, just to add a final insult to severe injury, they leave her tied to the ropes with her car keys stuffed in her bottoms so that she can “drive herself to the hospital.
HP-1054 The Strip Match (3 Parts) S

Hollywood & Stacy are dressed to the nines and enjoying the audience that has shown up ringside. There is a special fan that apparently both of these ladies feel is THEIR special fan as they each feel they are the chosen favorite. Harsh words are exchanged between the ladies and it is apparent there are many jealous overtones! A simple slap fight breaks out, but suddenly both ladies remove their shoes and use their spiked heels as weapons, driving them into their adversary's midsection! It soon looks like a no-holds-barred match is underway! The ladies are off the chain as they tear each other's clothing and use vicious chokes to gain the upperhand! Wrestling holds are interspersed with brutality (such as toe biting!!!) as the articles of clothing come off one by one! Screams of agony fill the air! Ultimately, both of these SEXY ladies end up stripped to their bras & panties. One of them claims victory, but the other assures she will return for a win!!!

HP-1055 The Invisible Hitman (3 Parts) S

Hollywood enters the room donning sexy fishnets, black pumps, and a stars & stripes outfit, looking gorgeous as always. She is chatting on the phone casually when she hears a noise excuses and herself from the conversation. Then suddenly BONK!!! Hollywood receives a blow on the head that puts her down! But where did it come from??? As a groggy Hollywood recovers THUD!!! A hard blow is driven into her midsection! Hollywood is reeling but she can't see anyone! SMACK!!! Another belly blow lands! Whatever the source of this attack is, it is invisible! Hollywood gets slammed into the wall and more blows are driven into her sculpted abs. She is thrown about and belly stomped. Out she goes... But this Invisible Hitman is not done! The Hitman continues to pummel Hollywood's belly, and the damage is beginning to show as she grows weaker. The Invisible Hitman removes Hollywood's tiny skirt as he methodically destroys his sexy victim. The Invisible Hitman throws in some face punches as he continues his work. He includes some nasty twisting of the limbs and shows no mercy as poor Hollywood cries out. Hollywood gets choked by her demented adversary and she never is able to launch a counter attack. In the end, Hollywood is left sprawled on the floor. Does she survive???

HP-1053 Hollywood vs Christine (3 Parts) S

Christine Dupree is anxiously awaiting her match in the ring against her long time foe Hollywood. Christine is very excited and she is prancing about like a caged animal. We all know that Christine loves to fight and another opportunity to work over Hollywood has just about pushed her over the edge. But we find our gourgeous gal Hollywood lounging about in the other corner: calm, cool, and collected as usual. Hollywood takes the time to model her new red bikini and boots that a fan gifted her, and her rockin' hot body looks on FIRE!!! Christine is busy bad-mouthing her rival until finally the fight is on! Christine immediately does some damage and sends Hollywood to the mats gasping for air! Hollywood can take it though, and she battles back. Both of these ladies get in some wicked shots and apply painful holds. But Hollywood traps wild woman Christine and puts her out as she reminds us that it is a Best of Three Falls. Christine comes back in the second round and fights hard! She delivers some devastating body blows to Hollywood's abs and takes the second fall. Hollywood is bewildered by the viciousness and she clutches her midsection, almost spilling her cookies! The third fall begins and it is brutal! One of the ladies gets destroyed and is left lifeless on the mats, as the other gloats and can only look forward to their next battle!!!

HP-1049 Good Day Gone Bad (2 Parts) S

Hollywood enters the ring and prepares for a seminar with her new recruits. She plans on familiarizing them with a few weapons and teaching them to protect themselves in their own homes. She dons a sexy black bikini bottom, tight shirt, and black spiked heels for the grand event! A new recruit wanders in early and Hollywood is excited he will be working with her. She turns to fetch a few of the items they will be using and WHAM!, the Recruit bashes her on the head! Hollywood is dazed and the Recruit pulls her to her feet and slams her into the ring corner. A couple of vicious belly blows and Hollywood is down again! The Recruit stomps Hollywood in the belly and tells her it's a little something from the last match she had. Hollywood is baffled as the Recruit pummels her midsection. She goes down and tries to crawl away, but the Recruit delivers a kick to her ribs, followed by a KO punch. When Hollywood awakens, she is subjected to a private clinic in which her new adversary demonstrates the use of the weapons in the most brutal fashion! Poor Hollywood is choked and beaten in every way imaginable! The Recruit holds nothing back as he works over our fav gorgeous grappling gal! The Recruit is determined to completely destroy Hollywood's sizzling hot body! Hollywood can do nothing to stop the senseless aggression and when she can no longer respond to the horrifying effects of the Tazer, baton, and club, the Recruit finally ceases and delivers a final KO blow!!! Let's just hope he doesn't return...

HP-1052 A Streaming Beatdown (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is on the mats and she has decided to answer a poll regarding the streaming of her next match. It appears her fans would like to hear her describe her "biggest and most devastating defeat". Hollywood goes on to explain that she was defeated in a match where she was punched in the stomach, punched in the face, thrown against the wall, and brutally worked over. She explains the devastating punches and how she must have passed out 5 or 10 times within 10 minutes! Well, the poll indicates that Hollywood's words are simply not enough! Her fans wish her to "act out" the horrific defeat! Hollywood likes to keep her fans happy, so when there is a substantial request for her to reproduce her devastating defeat, she complies! She first strips to the attire she donned for the match: tiny black bikini bottoms and a little top! Then, Hollywood begins the brutal beatdown as she punches herself in the face & belly, slams herself into the wall, and demonstrates her biggest defeat! But when she checks her laptop, the fans want MORE!!! Hollywood decides to keep her promise and she steps up the punishment. More self inflicted pain from vicious belly strikes, slaps, slams, and other devastating techniques. Every time she checks the polls, the fans demand more & more!!! Hollywood attempts to keep her fans pleased, but in the end she suffers once again what may be her "biggest and most devastating defeat"!!!

HP-1080 The Lap Sitter 2 (1 Part) S

Hollywood is decked out in a sexy black leather skirt, pumps, and pantyhose. She trying to relax when in strolls the Lap Sitter! The crazed woman says she wants a fight, and when Hollywood attempts to reject her she comes unglued! As Hollywood is verbally denying the fight, the Lap Sitter pulls her out of the chair and stomps and begins crushing one of Hollywood's feet. Hollywood wails in pain but the Lap Sitter is going to see this fight to fruition! The Lap Sitter pulls Hollywood off the chair and squeezes her into a tight headlock. Hollywood squeals in pain as she is twisted in circles, then slammed into the chair. The Lap Sitter raises Hollywood's skirt to reveal her pantyhose endowed lap, and begins her crushing punishment as she forcefully drops her full weight onto our gorgeous grappling gal! Hollywood struggles in pain as the Lap Sitter pounces upon her knee. The Lap Sitter furthers the brutality as she also bears her full weight on Hollywood's poor foot after removing her pumps. But Hollywood breaks free from the chair and now it is her turn to deal out some punishment! Hollywood lands her perfect ass on the Lap Sitter's inviting lap. With great vigor, Hollywood proceeds to put it to her foe, jumping up and down and getting her revenge!!! A fun video you won't want to miss!!!

HP-1051 The Rematch Challenge (3 Parts) S

Hollywood enters the ring and finds Jennifer Thomas with an annoyed look on her face. Jennifer is here today for a rematch, and she demands a fair fight! Jennifer is pissed that Hollywood always seems to cheat in their matches and she is sure she can win if Hollywood doesn't cheat. So Hollywood has a solution: she challenges Jennifer to a match where Hollywood will fight with her hands tied behind her back! Jennifer ties up our gorgeous grappling gal and the match begins. Jennifer bum rushes Hollywood and she receives a hard kick to the belly. Jennifer charges Hollywood again, and gets another belly kick! Then Hollywood takes the offensive and she sweeps Jennifer and stomps her belly. Hollywood is delivering a beat down with her hands tied behind her back! Jennifer is subjected to body scissors, neck scissors, triangle chokes, corner work, and constant brutality from Hollywood! One would think Hollywood was not at a disadvantage at all! Then Hollywood stays true to bad girl form and gets free of her restraints. Now Hollywood steps the game up even further with camel clutches, chokes, axe handle strikes, low blows, and more! Jennifer is completely destroyed and left defeated once again. Maybe Jennifer needs to consider cheating if she ever plans to win against bad girl Hollywood!!!

HP-1050 Breaking Rules & Ribs (3 Parts) S

Duncan is reviewing a List of Rules written by Hollywood regarding their upcoming match. He gets to "no choking, no breaking my ribs" and is completely irritated by Hollywood's demands. Hollywood bursts into the room looking annoyed, and HOT as usual, rockin' a pair of tight Daisy Dukes and a sexy cropped top! She lost the last match against Duncan and today is her "penalty". Hollywood has defiantly agreed to an hour of wrestling torture and is completely pissed off at Duncan's arrogance, as though he is doing her a favor!

The Rules are: One on One, no gang beating. No clubs, tazers, or other weapons are allowed. No choking. No rib breaking. No foot beating. No beating while unconscious. Duncan agrees to the rules, however he demands an outfit change: Hollywood must wear a bikini! But she adds that she gets to keep her shoes on. The deal is set and they head for the ring! Hollywood has changed into a little bikini and looks incredible (but doesn't she always!). Duncan sets a timer for one hour and immediately pounces on poor Hollywood! He slams her onto the corner and rains blows to her face and midsection! Hollywood is battered senseless and Duncan declares "Your rules didn't say anything about blindfolds", and he proceeds to blindfold our gorgeous fav. Then Duncan is joined by his partners in brutality, Jennifer Thomas and Kristie Etzold. The three now proceed to break every single rule established by Hollywood! She is worked over with clubs and her rock hard abs are pummeled, along with her feet, her back, her head, every inch of her! A tazer is introduced into the ring and Hollywood's body and feet are victims of the shocking device. While Hollywood is held by one "wrestler", the other two punish her at will. Poor Hollywood is rendered unconscious by a horrendous double choke, and of course is beaten further while she is out! The punishment continues until the trio is satisfied with their work as Hollywood lies out for the count, broken ribs and rules being the taste of the day, and doubtfully this being the last encounters of it's nature!!!


HP-1048 Mob Wife Revenge (3 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn has captured the Mob Boss and all of his thugs and sent them to the Big House. She has one criminal yet to be prosecuted, and that is the Mob Wife. Wonder Womyn catches up to the devious vixen and gives her a choice: Surrender or face the incredible power of Wonder Womyn! Well, the Mob Wife is no pushover. She flexes her mighty biceps and is ready to throw down! The two engage in combat and Wonder Womyn enjoys her dominance as she subjects the Mob Wife to crushing scissors, wicked arm bars, and other weapons in her superheroine aresenal! But the Mob Wife has no intention of going to prison. She indeed controls the Family and she got there by being a badass! Soon, Wonder Womyn finds herself in peril! The Mob Wife gives her a beatdown extraordinaire! Wonder Womyn pleads with the Mob Wife as she is beaten, choked, and thrown about. A vicious sleeper keeps Wonder Womyn at bay while the Mob Wife continues her felonious assault. Will Wonder Womyn survive??? Or does the Mob Wife rally her troops to continue their criminal ways? Get this hot Wonder Womyn video and find out!!!


HP-1047 Kristie Demolishes Hollywood (3 Parts) S

Hollywood steps onto the mats and she is stretching a bit. She is very excited about her favorite wrestling boots and is eager to loosen up her ailing back. Hollywood starts to get warmed up when she is attacked by an angry Kristie! Kristie pounces on Hollywood, grabbing her by the throat and screaming that she intends to demolish Hollywood as she accuses her of cheating!!! Kristie maintains that Hollywood has always cheated in their previous matches and today she will pay the price! A test of strength finds Hollywood in agony as she sinks to the mats. Kristie applies a crushing body scissors and Hollywood squeals in misery! Hollywood gets slammed into the wall as Kristie pummels her abs with no mercy! Kristie constantly chokes poor Hollywood as she verbally abuses her, forcing her into a chair and once again working over Hollywood's midsection. Hollywood is tossed to the mats where Kristie punishes Hollywood's already ailing back. A sleeper hold, triangle chokes, pins, even being ridden like a pony is the agenda for Hollywood's demolition! But Hollywood is not a newbie by any means to a hard fought match! Our favorite grappler fights back and soon Kristie and her bad attitude are trapped and in trouble! Much to Kristie's dismay, she gets and yet another taste of defeat and as Hollywood is quick to point out: No cheating was involved!!!


HP-1046 Super Gryl vs The Invisible Hulk (3 Parts) S

Hollywood returns home after another exhausting day fighting crime as Super Gryl! She may be tired, but her day is far from over (if only she knew!!!). She strips down to her tight top and bikini bottoms and plans on slamming a Power Shot to prep for a fun night on the town. But just as she heads for the kitchen, SMACK, she is floored by a hard blow to the head! Hollywood goes down, not knowing what has happened. Soon she is reeling is pain and desperation as the brutality is generated by some unseen culprit! Another evil science project gone wrong, The Invisible Hulk has come to destroy our sexy crimefighter! Hollywood struggles to survive the superior strength of this menace! Unable to even see her foe, she is thrashed as she is slammed to the floor. Belly punches, stomps, slaps, and kicks are dealt to poor Hollywood! She is slammed into the wall and her toned abs are targeted as she gasps for air! She is dragged by her hair on the mats, and several times attempts to crawl away to avoid further damage. But the Invisible Hulk is relentless in his attempts to end her reign as the supreme crimefighter! Does he succeed? Will Hollywood escape his wrath and survive to continue her role as Super Gryl??? Get this video and find out!!!


HP-1043 Super Bounty Hunter (2 Parts) S

Evil Stacy is stalking about when Super Bounty Hunter Hollywood converges on the little blonde criminal and places her under arrest! Stacy whines and struggles, knowing that she is going to the joint! Hollywood places the cuffs, much to Stacy's dismay, and it looks like another bounty is about to be secured. But wait!!! Felonious Feisty bursts onto the scene and she has no intention of letting her good friend Stacy get put away! Hollywood and Feisty exchanges blows and the war begins. Vicious strikes and debilitating holds are employed by both combatants. Poor Hollywood gets trapped in a tight sleeper and it's lights out! Now a victorious Feisty goes to free her cohort in crime Stacy. But before she can, Hollywood has regained consciousness and goes on the offensive! Another epic battle ensues, however our gorgeous grappler Hollywood comes out on top this time. But victory is short lived. Stacy has freed herself and she is coming after Hollywood. But little Stacy is no match for Hollywood, and it looks like jail time. Suddenly, Hollywood is jumped from behind as Feisty is back in action! The two criminals now double team poor Hollywood, and after a severe thrashing they transport their beatdown beauty to their lair. But what awaits our sexy super bounty hunter???


HP-1040 Hollywood vs Duncan (3 Parts) S

Hollywood and Duncan have had some EPIC matches in the past, and this one will join the list. They have a long history of bad blood as Duncan awaits in the ring, very much annoyed at Hollywood's late arrival. Hollywood is looking totally HOT in her red latex bikini and wrestling boots and she flaunts it as she enters the ring, much to Duncan's dismay! Hollywood playfully teases Duncan and warms up for the match as Duncan's temper boils over. The match starts and Duncan immediately forces Hollywood into the corner and gets her squealing for a break! The two recenter in the ring and decide on a test of strength, which is the last civil exchange in this furious ring battle! Duncan punishes Hollywood with some questionable techniques, including blatant choking as he pummels her taut abs. Hollywood is always game for a fight and she scoffs as she shows Duncan her expertise in applying painful camel clutches, arm bars, & scissors. But Duncan insists on an apology for our gorgeous grappler's late arrival! Painful holds such as over the knee backbreakers and dragon sleepers do not elicit an apology, and ultimately poor Hollywood suffers the loss by a tight sleeperhold. Hollywood vows a rematch after she gathers herself in tears, and it will surely continue the endless battle between these two warriors!!!

HP-1039 Punching Bag Robot (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is in her dressing room and is excited about a belly punching event she has scheduled. She has ordered up a Punching Bag Robot for the affair and she hears a knocking at the door. Upon opening the door, she finds her new Punching Bag Robot has arrived! Hollywood reads the directions and this good looking cyborg comes complete with a "safe word", so our gorgeous grappler decides to give her new toy a test run. She turns on the robot and takes him into the ring. The cyborg remains motionless, with a blank facial expression even though this fabulously sexy woman stands before him. But before Hollywood can even warm up or get prepared, he attacks!!! Hollywood is immediately reeling from face punches. The robot grabs her and slams her into the corner, and just as promised in the advertisement, he goes to work belly punching poor Hollywood! Hollywood is taken completely by surprise and is unable to fend off this metallic maniac's brutal blows. In her desperate struggle, Hollywood cannot remember the "safe word"!!! The robot punishes Hollywood's sculpted abs with punches, double axe handles, and brutal kicks. She is KOed repeatedly! The robot's programming includes blows to the face and back, and his unemotional and methodical destruction of Hollywood's midsection continues at an alarmingly consistent pace! Will the "batteries" run down on Hollywood's misfit toy? Will Hollywood be able to recall the "safe word"? Get this amazing belly punching video and discover Hollywood's fate!!!

HP-1038 Detective Hollywood vs The Black Scorpion (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood is arriving home after finishing up another exhausting day of crimefighting. She is checking in with HQ as she enters her home and takes a seat to review her day, and she discovers a text from "The Black Scorpion"? Apparently the Black Scorpion is aware that Detective Hollywood has been pursuing her, so she informs our sexy crime fighter that SHE will bring the fight to her! In strolls an intimidating vixen to confront our gorgeous gal! The Black Scorpion is all business and exudes the power of a diesel locomotive, but Detective Hollywood seems annoyed and asks "So just what is a black scorpion???". A better question might have been "So what is the prey of a black scorpion?" because today it is Detective Hollywood!!! The Black Scorpion wastes no time in attacking her prey. Detective Hollywood immediately finds herself on the receiving end of a beatdown! The Black Scorpion chokes poor Detective Hollywood with no mercy. She slams her about and nearly pulls her hair out of her head. Spine cracking bear hugs and crushing scissors deplete poor Detective Hollywood as her sexy body is twisted and contorted by the menacing Black Scorpion. Vicious body punching wracks Detective Hollywood with pain and the horrific choking leaves her gurgling for mercy. But the Black Scorpion shows no mercy. She is here to devour her prey! And that is exactly what she does in this tremdous display that crime may not pay, but it can certainly kick ass!!!

HP-1035 All Hell For Hollywood (3 Parts) S

Hollywood steps onto the mats looking gorgeous as usual in a sexy blue bikini and wrestling boots. She puts on some music and treats us to a little bit of her dancing! Hollywood then reveals that she is scheduled to a match with a masked wrestler named Kristie. She also tells us that Kristie is one nasty opponent! Kristie shows up and she immediately attacks. Hollywood is well prepared to wrestle and she holds her own, but the masked wrestler resorts to brutal tactics! Hollywood is on the receiving end of belly and face claws. She gets twisted and contorted by Kristie. Hollywood gets in some excellent holds herself, but the onslaught of dirty tactics wears her down. Kristie repeatedly chokes poor Hollywood to obtain victories in several falls. Ultimately, poor Hollywood falls victim to the masked wrestler, having been put through all sorts of hell!!!

HP-1075 The Lap Sitter (1 Part) S

Hollywood is sitting on the couch and greets Lady O for a session. Lady O tells Hollywood she would like to bounce on her knee like a baby! Hollywood decides to accommodate her, but she cautions Lady O that she'll be sitting on her bad knee in which she suffered a horrific wrestling injury. Lady O scoffs and replies "You can take it. You're a wrestler!". Lady O has a seat and begins to joyfully bounce on Hollywood's knee. However, Hollywood is not feeling the joy! She is feeling the remnants of pain from her previous injury! Still, Lady O continues her joy ride! Hollywood squirms about and Lady O ceases the bouncing, only to focus applying more painful follies to Hollywood's feet! Finally after she has had her fill of bouncing, Lady O exits and poor Hollywood massages her woefully mistreated body parts!

HP-1037 Adventures From The Galaxy (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood enters the room as an arrogant henchman pokes around. The bad guy claims to be "from another galaxy" and is quite disparaging towards Detective Hollywood. When he tells her she must be a waitress and sends her for a scotch, Detective Hollywood comes unglued and decides it's time for an ass kicking! She punishes the smart guy with joint locks, scissors, and chokes! About the time when the bad guy has been dealt with, another bad ass beauty has been sent to get the job done. Detective Hollywood is completely unimpressed with the female galaxian, and she spouts out her share of demeaning comments. Not a good move as the bad girl slams Detective Hollywood to the floor! She chokes Detective Hollywood repeatedly and works her over with belly punches. Kicks, stretches, camel clutches, backbreakers, and more punches round out the menu for our gorgeous crime fighting "waitress"! Horrific bear hugs and more vicious chokes are the answer to poor Detective Hollywood's cries for mercy. In the end she is bound and left helpless, a complete failure in guarding the galaxy!!!

HP-1034 Detective Hollywood in "The Big Combo" (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood arrives at the location of a known criminal and exits her vehicle (by swinging out those long gorgeous legs!!!) as she assures her boss that she will apprehend the bad guy. Upon entering the building, her suspicions were correct! The belligerent bad guy tells our sexy crime fighter that he is NOT going to prison! But Detective Hollywood is not there to negotiate, she is there to kick ass! Detective Hollywood grabs the bad guy and begins to pummel him without mercy. She kicks, punches, stomps, scissors, chokes, and in general DESTROYS the hapless criminal. After a severe beat down, Detective Hollywood escorts her prisoner outside, but she is accosted by the bad guy's sister (the bad girl!). The bad girl drags Detective Hollywood indoors as she threatens to beat her up. Which is exactly what she does! The bad girl slams her victim into the wall, then goes to work on her with vicious body blows. Detective Hollywood is thrown to the floor and brutalized. Backbreakers, claws, camel clutches, and chokes are used to punish poor Detective Hollywood. Detective Hollywood points out to the sister that her sibling is not good, and this further enrages her! Pleading and crying out accomplishes nothing as the sister extracts her revenge! The bad girl continues the onslaught until she finally renders Detective Hollywood unconscious, defeated and left sprawled on the floor...

HP-1074 Saleswoman No Deal (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is once again shopping for some shoes and has decided to give her little saleswoman another chance, mainly because she has some sexy shoes that she wishes to purchase. Hollywood has a seat in the store and the saleswoman produces the exclusive hot pink platforms that Hollywood has been looking for. The saleswoman insists on measuring Hollywood's feet again, even though Hollywood is well aware that this little lady has her size recorded. The saleswoman proceeds to massage Hollywood's feet as she discusses the shoes qualities, and also how she admires Hollywood's sexy feet and pantyhose! Hollywood ends up restrained again as the overzealous saleswoman can't help herself! Now the saleswoman tries on Hollywood's pumps and discusses her own feet. But suddenly the saleswoman appears to have remorse! She says she can't let these lovely pink platforms go! It's NO DEAL and she marches away with the goods as poor Hollywood is left tied up, helpless, and still without those evasive sexy shoes!!!

HP-1032 Detective Hollywood vs Big Foot's Sister (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood is once again in search of devious criminals in her fair city. She arrives at a potential crime house and tells the Commissioner that she will be careful as usual. Upon entering the facility, she discovers an envelope containing a message from a criminal mastermind that knows her identity, and he warns her that he has sent Big Foot's sister to destroy her! Our sexy crimestopper (as always looking super hot in a silk blouse, short black skirt and pumps!) has an expression of surprise which quickly turns in terror! Before her stands Big Foot's sister, an imposing beast that would strike fear in the heart of any mortal! Immediately the sinister sasquatch pounces upon Detective Hollywood and sends her reeling. Our gorgeous gal is in the fight of her life as the incredibly powerful creature pummels her sexy body! Detective Hollywood struggles for air as she is choked to the verge of unconsciousness. Her belly is pounded with huge fists as she is thrown against the wall and slammed in to a chair. Detective Hollywood is stretched into tortuous positions as the merciless beatdown continues. At one point she fights back and drives a spiked heel into the yeti's foot, but it only seems to heighten the beast's anger. The monster continues the brutality until Detective Hollywood appears to be a ragdoll and is unresponsive and villainous primate prototype exits the scene with a mission accomplished...

HP-1033 The Thing (3 Parts) S

Hollywood is awaiting her turn to be the next "contestant". She is looking sexy as ever in a sports bra & panties with black pumps to accentuate her long gorgeous legs. Her turn is called on the loudspeaker and she gets up and approaches the stage. But suddenly she is accosted by some unseen thing! Hollywood gets thrown to the floor! She gets a hard blow to the belly! Poor Hollywood is confused as she is getting thrashed by this "thing"! Hollywood tries to keep her wits about her as she pleads for the thing to stop what it's doing, but the thing continues it's vicious beatdown. Hollywood is dragged by the hair and thrown about. The thing punishes her sculpted abs as she is jammed into a chair and worked over. Down she goes again and again! Hollywood cradles her battered belly but the thing continues to destroy her. Hollywood's pleading is silenced several times as she loses consciousness, only to be awakened for continued brutality. It becomes apparent that the "contest" is all about survival. Does Hollywood succeed? Get this video and find out!!!

HP-1066 The Shoe Saleswoman (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is out shopping for a nice pair of sexy shoes. She peruses the shoe store and is finally approached by a cute little saleswoman (played by Stacy Burke). The little saleswoman is apologetic for Hollywood's wait, but it's not an issue for Hollywood. Stacy begins to help Hollywood by measuring her feet. In the process, Stacy massages Hollywood's lovely feet and things are going well. After all, who doesn't appreciate a good foot massage! After trying on several pairs of shoes, the ladies feel they have picked a winner, but things take a bit of a sensuous turn! After Stacy leaves to get a pair of sexy pumps for Hollywood, we return to see Hollywood bound! Now the little saleswoman enjoys her own foot fetish fantasy as she massages and plays with her gorgeous customers stockinged feet!!! A must have video for you foot fetish fans!!!

LP-036 Lady O's Foot Play (2 Parts) S

Lady O has gotten a nice pedicure and she can't resist showing it off!!!

HP-1030 The Office Bully (2 Parts) S

Hollywood has had a long hard day at work and finally gets a chance to sit down and rest her tired, aching feet. She massages her feet and gets a feeling of relief as she enjoys a bit of down time. But in strolls the office bully, Stacy, and the little blonde bombshell steps on one of Hollywood's feet with her stillettos! Hollywood is totally aggravated by the bully's nasty attitude. Things get heated and Hollywood decides to rectify the problem with some good ol' wrastlin'! The sexy ladies engage in a fingerlock test of strength, but it comes to a tragic end when Stacy painfully stomps one of Hollywood's feet! Then, the bully traps Hollywood on the mats and goes to work on her toes! Stacy viciously bites Hollywood's foot as our gorgeous gal shrieks in pain! Stacy continues the brutality, but Hollywood breaks free and demonstrates that she too can play the game as she chomps onto Stacy's tiny tootsies! The ladies battle back and forth showing no quarter to their adversaries vulnerable feet. Finally, Hollywood reigns superior and Stacy rushes away pouting, threatening to tell their boss!!!

HP-1029 Detective Hollywood vs The Ringleader AGAIN! (3 Parts) S

Hollywood has returned home after a successful day of crimefighting! She is very content that another criminal is now behind bars. Exhilarated with a victory, Detective Hollywood is in the mood to dance! She gets down to some favorite dance tunes but is rudely interrupted by a text. The recently captured criminal has acquired Detective Hollywood's address and has sent a henchwoman to deal with her! As she attempts to flee her home, she is confronted by the evil Ringleader! The Ringleader previously delivered a horrific beatdown to Detective Hollywood and she is back for more. Detective Hollywood quickly finds herself the victim of vicious strikes. Down she goes and the Ringleader stomps her taunt abs. Detective Hollywood's arms are twisted like a pretzel and she shrieks in pain. The Ringleader continues the punishment as she chokes our sexy crimefighter. Neck scizzors prove almost fatal as no mercy is given. Detective Hollywood is slammed into the wall. The Ringleader continues the brutality and enjoys every moment. She even mocks Detective Hollywood's dancing as she destroys our gorgeous gal. Detective Hollywood is ultimately left motionless on the floor, but will she live to fight another day??? We all hope so!!!

HP-1064 Detective Hollywood vs The Grizzly (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood has arrived at a warehouse and she is hot on the trail of a criminal ring that has been stealing animals from the Zoo and then using them to carry out their devious crimes! She cautiously enters the building and begins to thoroughly search it (and we get to see her gorgeous strut!!!). After finding no evidence of foul play, Detective Hollywood calls in and decides to head back to the station, but she is accosted by the Villain and is sent to La La Land!

Detective Hollywood awakens to find herself restrained and struggles to break free with no success. The Villain returns and Detective Hollywood demands to be set free as she threatens him with jail time. However, the Villain has different plans for our sexy crimefighter. In comes the Villain's "friend", a powerful grizzly bear stolen form the Zoo! The Grizzly begins to pummel poor Detective Hollywood with no mercy! He chokes her viciously, slams his huge paws into her belly, and crushes her with...yep, a BEAR hug!!! He stomps her, twists her in unimaginable positions, and nearly pulls her arms out of their sockets! Detective Hollywood attempts a counteroffensive and delivers a blow to the Grizzly's midsection and it has zero effect!

The demented Villain has obviously taught the Grizzly wrestling techniques as he slams Detective Hollywood into a backbreaker and pummels and claws her belly. More vicious stretching holds are applied, along with chokes and strikes. Detective Hollywood is helpless and finally falls limply onto the ground. The Villain enters and is proud of his deviant pet and rewards him with treats. Then, the Villain picks up Detective Hollywood's battered remains and carries her off. But what could be next for our sexy crimefighter???

HP-1024 Poltergeist Problems (2 Parts) S

Hollywood returns to her room looking sexy as ever in a pair of tiny shorts, a revealing belly shirt, and some heels to accentuate her long gorgeous legs! Unfortunately, she has no idea that her room is haunted by a demented spirit and it has her in it's sights! Unexpectedly Hollywood is thrown on the bed and finds herself struggling with this unseen ghostly spirit. She tries to fight off the perverted poltergeist as it strips her down to her skimpy underclothes. Now the invisible instigator begins to work over poor Hollywood. She is subjected to chokes, belly punches, and body slams! Poor Hollywood attempts to flee the room on several occasions but her plans are thwarted and only seem to piss off the sadistic spirit and her beatdown continues! Does Hollywood escape or does the poltergeist completely destroy our gorgeous lass? Check it out and find out!!!

LP-020 The Last Meow (2 Parts) S

Spiderwoman upon hearing about what Catwoman did to her friend Wonder Womyn, is very upset and wants to make Catwoman pay for what she did! She decides to pay Catwoman a visit and give her a taste of her own medicine!!!

HP-1023 The Hated Manager (3 Parts) S

In this video sexy Hollywood plays the role of a super bitch manager that nobody likes! She starts out reviewing a list of employees that are all terminated and not to be employed again. In the first scene she is subdued with a magic cloth, bound, then viciously strangled by a former employee! In the next scene lovely Hollywood takes a drink of a spiked beverage and goes out. She then awakens only to discover she is restrained and at the mercy of a choke crazed former employee! Next our bodacious bitch boss mistakenly partakes in a poisoned beverage which proves fatal! And in the last scenario, a deadly serpent is left as a gift to the World's Greatest Hated Manager, and a nasty bite leaves the company with a newly opened management position!!!

HP-1022 By Her Hair 3 (3 Parts) S

Hollywood is on the mats running her fingers through her beautiful locks of hair when Kristie jumps her from behind! Apparently it is one of her friend's birthdays and Hollywood is his favorite model. Unfortunately, he loves to see Hollywood dominated by pulling her hair! Kristie grabs a handful of hair and throws Hollywood into the wall. Hollywood screams in pain as her hair is yanked about. This is not going to go well for poor Hollywood! Kristie throws in her own verbal abuse, and she tells Hollywood she has her own flavor of punishment, which includes slamming a fist into Hollywood's midsection as she yanks her hair without mercy. Kristie applies brutal camel clutches and neck wrenches to poor Hollywood as she continues the Birthday Beatdown. She even spanks Hollywood's perfect ass as though it was her birthday too! Eventually Hollywood is bound to a chair and Kristie continues the verbal and physical workover. Hollywood couldn't take this brutality forever and we find her helpless on the mats, hoping she can miss this particular Birthday Party next year!!!

LP-026 Foot Play (2 Parts) S

Everyone loves some foot play, watch as Davina plays with her perfectly pedicured feet and even demonstrates what she would do if you were there!

LP-025 Catty Behavior (2 Parts) S

Enchantress Sahrye hasn’t been wrestling in a while. During this time Lana Luxor has been perfecting her grappling skills. She decides to challenge Sahrye....who wins?

HP-1021 The Competition Challenge (2 Parts) S

It appears the intense rivalry between Hollywood & Jennifer Thomas may never end. Jennifer is impatiently waiting for Hollywood when our gorgeous fav bursts into the room! The two ladies banter back and forth and Hollywood proposes a little competition: Each lady will put the other in a hold and if it can be broken, then the person breaking the hold wins. Jennifer feels that this is ludicrous and that she will be the victor in about a minute. Unfortunately for Jennifer, this is not the case! Hollywood soon puts Jennifer in a tight full nelson and puts the lovely lady to sleep! Next up is Jennifer, but Hollywood is able to escape. Hollywood then snatches up Jennifer and sends her to La La Land! Jennifer is reeling but she tries in vain to conquer her sexy opponent but things are not going her way! Hollywood sneaks in a few of her bad girl techniques which include a nasty bite! Ultimately, Hollywood shines through as the winner and she proudly flashes a muscle victory pose over her fallen victim!

HP-1017 Entertainer of The Year (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is getting ready to go and receive the Entertainer of The Year award and she is ecstatic! She decides on a last minute wardrobe change and strips down to her leopard print top, tiny black panties, and black high heels. She is looking absolutely gorgeous and is prepared for an exciting night! But as she is pondering her new outfit, a masked assailant enters the room and knocks her silly! Hollywood begins to regain her senses as she lays on the floor and the masked man stomps her in the belly. He then proceeds to drive blows into her sculpted abs, along with double axe handle strikes! Hollywood gets stretched over the masked man's knee and he continues to punish her vulnerable midsection as she pleads for mercy!

This maniac is on a mission to give Hollywood a belly beatdown and he throws her into a chair and continues to work her over. Hollywood is reeling as she gasps for air! She tries to escape but gets trapped against the wall and suffers further blows to her abs. The masked man continues to beat on Hollywood's battered belly and he is merciless! He puts her out with a sleeper, most likely to give himself a rest! But Hollywood's break is short lived and he goes back to damaging her abs with a vengeance!

With Hollywood completely out of it flat on the floor, the masked man calls his boss to inform him of poor Hollywood's status. But to his surprise, the boss offers him more money to CONTINUE the beatdown! The masked man gladly accepts his increased payday and he now begins to thrash a completely defenseless Hollywood. The masked man drives blow after blow into Hollywood's battered abs. He works over her back with strikes and throws in some face punches! Finally, with no question that Hollywood is not going to make the award ceremony, the masked man leaves to collect his payola...



HP-1027 Detective Holly "Let's Talk About It" (3 Parts) S

Detective Holly has a tip on an abandoned warehouse and seeks out the recovery of some missing laptops and the apprehension of the crook that was responsible for their disappearance. She finds the crook, but he tells her she must capture him first! Undaunted, Detective Holly begins to deliver a beatdown to the hapless bad guy. Detective Holly punishes the crook with painful holds and blows as she lectures him on his bad behavior.

But as she escorts the bad guy to jail, Detective Holly is confronted by a masked henchwoman that intends to prevent Holly from taking her boss in. Before she can take a breath, Holly is attacked by the muscular villain! Soon Detective Holly is on the receiving end of a brutal beatdown! She is dragged by the hair and thrown to the ground! Spine cracking camel clutches cause our gorgeous crime fighter to shriek in pain! A paralyzing combination iron claw/belly claw is applied to poor Holly as she writhes in pain and pleads for some type of relief! But that isn't going to happen as belly stomps, more claws, triangle chokes, and tortuous stretches are in order! The villain continues to choke, squeeze, claw, and decimate Detective Holly until she is not able to continue. In the end, it's apparent that they simply cannot talk about it!!!


HP-1020 Don't Get Sassy (2 Parts) S

Hollywood enters the room to find Jewel slapping a whip against her hand. Hollywood is excited to see that Jewel has brought her a whip too, and they discuss how much fun a whip can be! Hollywood vocalizes her displeasure with Stacy's recent behavior, and Jewel has had the same experience with Christine. They are determined to address this issue!

We now switch to Stacy and Christine having a "bitch session". They are both annoyed with Hollywood and Jewel, but little do they know, their masters are listening just outside of the room! Hollywood and Jewel ambush their subs and drag them into the mat room! The subs are bound and now they will be taught to obey!

Stacy and Christine are slammed to the mats and immediately bound. Their asses are pummeled with the whips, all while they are verbally abused. The whips are stuffed in their mouths. Boobs are clawed, asses are spanked. Hollywood and Jewel are showing them whom their masters are! The subs are suffocated with hand over mouth technique. They are force fed a banana! Finally, Hollywood and Jewel pull out the vibrators and threaten the girls with their impending destiny in the event they do not get it together!!!



HP-1026 Detective Hollywood "CatNap" (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood has tracked down another criminal madman and enters an abandoned warehouse. As she seeks out the bad guy to take him in, his voice breaks the silence of the room! The madman reveals he has created a bionic CatWomyn, and she is three times stronger than a normal human being! The madman laughs wildly, but Detective Hollywood scoffs at his little (but muscular!) kitty. But after a brutal clothesline that sends Hollywood crashing to the mats, her attitude changes! The bionic feline proceeds to punish Hollywood's gorgeous gams. Hollywood pleads as she is put in a full nelson and bionic CatWomyn crushes her skull. CatWomyn puts poor Hollywood in a vicious backbreaker and she moans and groans from the inhuman strength the kitty has. Bionic knees and punches to the midsection further weaken our sexy crimefighter. CatWomyn methodically brutalizes every part of Hollywood's body. Limbs are contorted as Hollywood cries for mercy. While Hollywood is subjected to a spine cracking abstretch, bionic CatWomyn drives a blow into her vulnerable belly. CatWomyn ultimately snares Hollywood in a blood depriving "catnap" hold and then rolls her lifeless body to the side of the room. As she flexes her sexy muscles and purrs, bionic CatWomyn reveals a look of pleasure and contentment, having possibly destroyed her master's greatest adversary!!!



HP-1019 Sarah vs Hollywood (3 Parts) S

Sarah and Hollywood take to the mats and are stretching in preparation to go at it. They decide on a three fall, submissions only match, but Sarah throws in "Anything Goes"! The ladies shake hands, and it's the end of decency. A fingerlock test of strength starts the match, but soon Hollywood attacks Sarah's vulnerable breasts! Sarah squeals in pain and Hollywood silences her with a hom technique. Bad girl Hollywood is in classic form as she traps Sarah in a vicious body scissors/chinlock. Sarah writhes in pain groaning loudly but Hollywood shows no mercy! Hollywood punishes the sexy redhead with tortuous body holds and a brutal knee to the crotch! Sarah is regretting her "anything goes" comment! Hollywood continues to utilize her arsenal of wicked techniques and the first submission is recorded.

But Sarah knows her way around on the mats, and she soon gets our gorgeous grappler down and struggling! Sarah using her plentiful breasts to smother the life out of Hollywood and gets her first submission! But as Sarah relishes her momentary triumph, Hollywood slams her foot into Sarah's crotch! Sarah goes down and Hollywood punishes the poor girl's breasts & crotch with brutal claws! But Sarah toughs it out and traps Hollywood on the mat, and then she digs a painful claw into Hollywood's crotch to gain a second submission!

The rest of the match is a brutal back & forth display of merciless dirty holds! The ladies punish one another in a desperate attempt to gain control and literally squeeze out a painful submission. Who wins the war of attrition? Get this HOT video and find out!!!


HP-1016 More Humiliation For Jen (2 Parts) S

Hollywood arrives at the mat room and Jennifer is already waiting anxiously. Jennifer tells Hollywood she has been training a lot and is ready for another match. Hollywood seems very disinterested in Jennifer's small talk and begins their match with a test of strength. Hollywood starts off by mocking Jennifer's shorter stature. But Jennifer is a powerhouse and she starts to show Hollywood that she has certainly been working out! Next comes a bearhug, and in spite of the tremendous force of the hold, Hollywood continues her mockery. Belly punching is the next challenge, and Jennifer fists really don't due much to Hollywood's rock hard abs. Hollywood starts to break Jennifer down with belly punches, but then Jennifer delivers a smashing face punch to her adversary! However, Hollywood winks at the camera, unphased by the blow. Jennifer proceeds to use stretches, a full nelson, scissors, and anything else she can conjure up to wear down our gorgeous grappler! But Hollywood has been playing possum and now it's time for her to deal out the punishment! Jennifer is put through some tortuous holds, including triangle chokes, belly punches, and finally, a match ending sleeper! Hollywood once again reigns as the Champ and humiliates poor Jennifer in another exciting match!!!

HP-1041 Detective Hollywood in New York (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood has arrived in New York and she is checking out a purported "wrestling operation". When she enters the room and engages a wrestler in conversation, she explains that she is Detective Hollywood and that she is herself a wrestler and starred on G.L.O.W. in her younger years. The wrestler scoffs and tells Hollywood that the '80s was before she was born! AND, she tells Hollywood that she doesn't even look like a wrestler! The gal also explains that this is NEW YORK, not California. Well, Hollywood doesn't appreciate her attitude and they decide to settle things with a little wrestling match. Soon, it becomes evident that this gal is not one to mess with. She begins to destroy our gorgeous Hollywood with brutal wrestling holds and dirty tactics! Hollywood is tossed about the room, stretched, punched, stomped, and sleepered! She ends up writhing in restraints on the floor. But another vixen enters the room, feigning concern for the sexy detective. Will she help poor Hollywood? Not today! Instead, Hollywood is subjected to more brutal holds and is worked over mercilessly! Finally, the other gal returns and the two badass New York wrestlers bask in Victory!!!

LP-021 Kinky Wrestling (2 Parts) S

Tilly and Kim have a feud that must be settled the only way they know how..by battling each other. This action packed match has something for all the wrestling fans. Topless oil wrestling,  boob smothers, face sitting, butt humping, wedgies, scissors and more.
Who will win?

HP-1014 Body Slam Match (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is stretching on the mats and getting in some of her daily workout routine when arch nemesis Jennifer Thomas strolls into the room. Jennifer comments that although she is impressed by Hollywood's planks, etc., Hollywood will never be "at her level". Hollywood is a bit irritated by this! The discussion heats up, and next the ladies begin a little challenge match. Hollywood attempts a bearhug, but Jennifer's rock hard body seems impervious to the hold. After several futile attempts, Hollywood suggests a Five Round Body Slam Match! Jennifer is all too willing! Hollywood seems to get nowhere trying to slam the muscle babe to the mats, however Jennifer mocks Hollywood as she carries her about the room then smashes her shapely body to the floor! But bad girl Hollywood always has a back-up plan and she delivers a painful low blow to soften Jennifer up. Jennifer counters with a vicious backbreaker! But who will prevail? Get this video and find out!!!

LP-019 Revenge (3 Parts) S

Tilly has been working like an animal in order to provide for herself and her very demanding girlfriend Kim. Tilly has been faithful and busy being a provider, while Kim has been creeping with TJ. Tilly catches them after coming home from work early. Hmmmm, what fate awaits the secret lovers! Get ready for an action packed vid with a little something for everyone! Topless, boob smothers, spankings, nip torture, humiliation, bdsm, and even Smackdowns with a special surprise!

LP-018 Face Sit Extreme (2 Parts) S

Kim is sick of hearing TJ brag about how he can take on any woman, because he thinks he is THE MAN. Kim teaches him a lesson he will soon never forget. Watch as Kim face sits TJ to the max, boob smothers, scissors him then completely humiliates him.

HP-1010 Flex Like This (3 Parts) S

Cheryl "Lightning" Rusa & Jennifer Thomas are on the mats and Cheryl tells Jennifer she is not too happy about Jennifer picking on her friend Hollywood. Jennifer smirks at Cheryl and explains that the problem is that ALL of the GLOW girls have small muscles. Cheryl is a professional stunt woman and is not short on muscles at all! Jennifer makes more disparaging comments, and suddenly all hell breaks loose! These two ladies subject one another to brutal holds. Camel clutches, cross face cripplers, chokes, and the like. When punishing holds are not being applied, brutal strikes are dealt to the suffering victim! The ladies compete in an arm wrestling dual to settle the dispute, but only one can be the victor!!!

HP-1005 Return of Bigfoot (3 Parts) S

An evil henchman has broken into Detective Hollywood's place when he is discovered by our gorgeous crime fighter! Donning a silk top & skirt, with fishnets & pumps, Detective Hollywood is quite distracting to anyone, and that includes criminals! But this dastardly man has bad intentions for our sexy lass. Detective Hollywood has no patience with thugs and she takes control of the situation by working over the sloven bad guy. But in the process of doing so, the bad guy delivers a brutal foot stomp, crushing Detective Hollywood's foot! As she rolls in pain grasping her injured foot, the bad guy chuckles and now he summons the ringer: BIGFOOT!!! The hairy beast of destruction enters the room and immediately attacks poor Detective Hollywood! She fears this may be a repeat of the last beatdown she received from the sadistic sasquatch and she is correct! Bigfoot proceeds to toss her about like a ragdoll. He drives his gargantuan fists into her belly. He chokes her with his maniacal fury. Detective Hollywood is punished with brutal full nelsons and backbreakers. Bigfoot stomps her in the belly, legs, and hands with his huge feet. He even digs the heel of one of her pumps into her hand!!! Ultimately, the big furry fiend lifts a limp Detective Hollywood onto his shoulder and exits in triumph. But what demented deeds does this wayward simian have in store for our sexy crimefighter???


HP-1004 Detective Hollywood Meets Bigfoot (3 Parts) S

Sexy Detective Hollywood embarks on another investigation as she rolls up to a warehouse to check out possible suspicious activity. Dressed is a silk blouse, black leather skirt, fishnets, and pumps, Hollywood looks more like a runway model than a crimefighter! As she enters the warehouse, Detective Hollywood hears some music she likes and she can't help but dance to the sound of these tunes. But suddenly, an imposing figure bursts upon the scene! Bigfoot has apparently made this his new accommodations and doesn't appreciate our lovely lass appearing unannounced! Bigfoot proceeds to literally tear apart poor Detective Hollywood! She is throw about the room, slammed to the floor, and pummeled like a punching bag. Bigfoot repeated chokes the life out of his desperate victim as he is out of control. Will Detective Hollywood escape his grasp? Will Bigfoot lose interest in his prey? Check it out!!!


HP-1044 Birthday Body Beating 2 (3 Parts) S

Picking up where HP-1036 left off, birthday girl Jennifer Thomas has decided to share the joys of beating up Hollywood with her boyfriend, Gary.  A badly beaten, already bound hand and foot, Holly is carried in by the two and dropped to the floor.  Jen stretches her out and Gary wastes no time in giving Holly’s decimated abdomen yet another severe pounding.  The viewer can enjoy close-up views of Holly’s super-fit abs as first Gary and then Jen work them over with punches, stomps and some brutal clubbing.  We get a moment to enjoy a pan of her broken, pink-bikini clad body and then the two flip Holly over and get to work pounding her ass.  Double straddling their poor victim, the two pummel Holly’s rear end without mercy and then end by pulling down her bottoms and giving a long taser shock to a very sensitive area.  Holly gets no rest as they untie her feet and get to work kicking and clubbing the backs of her legs.  Since they are in the area, the vicious couple spread Holly’s legs and spend some time brutalizing her crotch with Jen dishing out numerous crushing headbutts.

The next scene finds Holly seated in a chair.  After choking her out, Jen bemoans that no matter how many times they punch it, Holly’s face remains beautiful.  To test the theory, Gary works over Holly’s face with an unreasonable number of haymakers.  Disappointed with the results from his fists, the two up the ante with a club attack to Holly’s face and skull until numerous blows cause her to crumple to the floor.and we get some more close ups of her brutalized face and body.

Next Holly is placed face down on a folding table and we get a close-up of Holly’s sexily muscled back as it, her sides and kidneys take a profound clubbing and then some tasing.  Holly is flipped on her back and we get another close-up, this time of her feet, as the soles, tops and toes all get worked over.and tased. They know that their cameraman, Duncan, despises Holly’s cute chin, so they point that skyward and we get some tight shots of focused torture to Holly’s lovely scultped jawline, including some double tazing of it.  Finally, they realize that they have been neglecting Holly’s legendary and frequently destroyed midsection, so they stretch Holly out and pound away at it, looking for any unbroken ribs to snap.  When enough damage is done, they deem the birthday body beating to be complete and leave a spasming Holly on the table where we get some final close-ups of her decimated body and face.

After all of these years in the business, Holly’s body is still in peak condition and her face is unparalleled. This video is a must for those who want to see evidence of that up close as she endures yet another monstrous beatdown.


HP-999 Dance Off (2 Parts) S

Our gorgeous Hollywood and her little cutie friend Stacy Burke treat us to the sexiest Dance Off/Workout you'll ever see! These two beautiful ladies have a great time shakin' it to some awesome tunes! You will love this video as Hollywood is barefoot, wearing tight little denim shorts, and a super sexy black top. Hold onto your...seats as these hot babes show us every dance step known to mankind. A fun video you simply don't want to miss! So snag it and dance along!!!

HP-997 The Mob Boss (3 Parts) S

Hollywood is cleaning up a table in her place of business when in struts the Mob Boss! She has come in person to collect a little debt that Hollywood has neglected to pay! The Mob Boss is pissed and warned Hollywood that her loan is past due, and she is more than willing to collect interest in the form of a good beating! Hollywood pleads with the Mob Boss and tells her she has the money. But when Hollywood returns, she ambushes the Mob Boss and starts beating her with a money bag! Unfortunately, the Mob Boss gets the upper hand, and she is determined to punish Hollywood and set an example to her other "clients". Hollywood suffers a severe beat down! The Mob Boss works over Hollywood's gorgeous body without mercy! Hollywood gets punched, kicked, stretched, and completely destroyed. The Mob Boss is taking great pleasure, and when Hollywood complains her ribs may be broken from the vicious kicks she's received, the Mob Boss focuses more blows into Hollywood's battered rib cage. Throughout the beat down Hollywood is choked by the Mob Boss, and many times loses consciousness! Finally and fortunately for Hollywood, the Mob Boss has worked up an appetite and she puts Hollywood out so she can go grab some grub!

LP-039 Darrius Gets A Beatdown (2 Parts) S

Darrius has been trash talking Lady O and all her friends. He has been on Social Media saying he can kick all their asses because they are girls. Get this video to see what happens when they all gang up to punish him!

HP-1002 Jennifer Takes On Hollywood (2 Parts) S

Jennifer Thomas is pacing about and irritated that Hollywood is her "typical 10 minutes late" and flings about accusations that Hollywood is "such a Diva!!!". Hollywood comes storming onto the mats as she heard Jennifer whining and she is not too happy! Why should Hollywood be held accountable for being GORGEOUS??? So as the tempers flare, the two ladies engage! This match has plenty of trash talk, and some questionable wrestling moves! The ladies have no issue delivering vicious kicks and simply choking their opponent! But Hollywood is determined to not be carried off the mats KOed (as she was in HP-1001) and Jennifer is in for a brutal battle!!!

HP-1001 Brains vs Brawn 2 (3 Parts) S

Hollywood and Jennifer Thomas meet up for a rematch! This video begins (Part 1) with interviews of both ladies. Jennifer recalls that she pretty much destroyed Hollywood in their previous match. Hollywood has a somewhat different take on the contest, as she points out that Jennifer broke her wrist. Hollywood shows that she is wearing a brace and is not completely rehabbed, but she will still compete!

The two ladies go at it hard in this match! Jennifer, looking ripped and as muscular as ever, and Hollywood, exuding her sexy and athletic prowess! Jennifer uses some brutal tactics and puts Hollywood down hard, but Hollywood responds with her own bag of goodies! This is a three fall match and both ladies want to dominate their opponent! Brutal holds are applied with devastating results! In the end, one of the ladies begs for mercy before she is KOed and relinquishes the match to the victor!!!

HP-988 Unseen - Not Again! (2 Parts) S

Oh No!!! The Unseen Force is back! And this time with a vengeance! Poor Hollywood gets ambushed by the unseen force and it is obvious it is here to destroy her! Hollywood is tossed about the room like a playtoy. The unseen force grabs her by the hair and slams her into the wall. She gets pummeled in the belly and punched in the face! Poor Hollywood never gets a chance to launch her own attack as not only can she not see her foe, but she is being handed a relentless beatdown! In the end, poor Hollywood is mercilessly choked out and left sprawled on the bed, another victim of the Unseen Force!!!
HP-993 SuperGurl "Beat To Hell" (2 Parts) S

SuperGurl has issued a dangerous challenge to any criminal that thinks they can take her down! As she checks to see if there are any takers, she discovers that someone is taking her up on the challenge as is enroute with an ETA in 20 minutes! SuperGurl gets prepared and she paces the floor in a tight purple skirt, black top, pantyhose, and black pumps. She looks incredibly sexy and appears as she is going out for a night on the town, not a battle to survive! As she paces, the villain arrives and taps her on the shoulder. A startled SuperGurl turns around and is punched in the jaw, immediately putting her on the defensive! The villain neutralizes our poor superheroine and when she awakens, her skirt and top have been removed, revealing her stunning body! Now the villain proceeds to deliver a vicious beat down on a dazed SuperGurl. He pummels her with punches to the face and belly. She gets thrown into the wall, slammed on the couch, and driven into the floor. SuperGurl flails about, desperate to escape the onslaught she is subjected to, but she fails to get away and instead is Beat To Hell!!!
HP-1045 Captured Crusaders (2 Parts) S

Back in action Bat Womyn (played by the dazzling Hollywood) and Bat Gurl (played by the scintillating Stacy Burke) enter the villains’ lair, this time through the back door. After stumbling around in the dark for a few minutes, they manage to find their way and locate the bad guys! The maidens of might drop in on the unsuspecting villains and the usual bat-fight ensues. The inept imbeciles flee the scene, with Bat Womyn & Bat Gurl following in leisurely pursuit. The unsuspecting heroines enter the lair when two nets descend upon them, taking them down and rendering them trapped and helpless! The bad guys return and drag the netted and protesting duo away.

The henchmen tie the buxom crime-busters down to a pair of tables and gloat before going to lunch. The heroines struggle and squirm but can’t break their bonds. Bat Womyn suggests that if they “Bat-Shimmy”, they may be able to loosen their bonds! The heroines shimmy and shake until they are able to break their ropes and untie themselves, and hide just before the bad guys return from lunch. The conniving crooks enter and look around, wondering where the super heroines went. The heroines return and dispense another case of whoop-ass on the cowardly crooks and once again the bad guys flee the premises, with Bat Womyn & Bat Gurl in hot pursuit.

The sultry super-heroines confer for a moment when the lead henchman sneaks up behind then and bonks their heads together. The heroines drop to the floor, out cold. The bad guys lift and carry the slumbering beauties away.

Bat Womyn & Bat Gurl are carried into another chamber. The caped captives are then strung up from the rafters. As the heroines slowly come to the bad guys demand the location of the Bat CaveOur intrepid heroines refuse to talk, forcing the felonious fiends to resort to paddling the super heroine’s tight behinds. Can it be? The Curvaceous Crusaders forced to reveal the location of the Bat Cave, or be swatted into submission? Let’s hope not!!!

HP-996 Nice Digs(2 Parts) S

Hollywood is checking out her new digs, which she is quite pleased with when her friend Kristie shows up. Hollywood is overjoyed with the potential the new place has and asks Kristie if she is ready for lunch. Kristie mentions she is hungry, and wishes some "noodles", which happens to be a disparaging name which Jennifer Thomas has coined for Hollywood. Kristie also tells Hollywood that she is thinking about taking the nice digs over. Already annoyed, Hollywood starts a shoving match and comes unglued when Kristie calls her Noodle Arms!!! Kristie grabs Hollywood by the hair, slams her into the wall, and drives a fist into Hollywood's belly. Hollywood grabs a handful of hair and counters with some hard knees into Kristie's belly, putting her down on the mats. A wild free-for-all is on!!!

The battle rages back & forth with plenty of vicious hairpulling, scissors, kicks, and more! Face slapping, trash talk, spitting, tit mauling...this is one dirty fight! Hollywood seems to be getting desperate as Kristie begins to mock her attacks. Poor Hollywood gets trapped in an oxygen depriving choke hold and Kristie mercilessly puts her into Never Never Land, thus becoming the queen and new owner of the Nice Digs!!!

HP-995 Hollywood Always Wins (2 Parts) S

Duncan is warming up as he awaits his opponent, our lovely Hollywood! Music begins to play and Hollywood makes her alluring entrance, and she tells Duncan "Mofo, I am a BAD BITCH!". Hollywood is pissed off that Duncan has been telling everyone that he can kick her ass, and she is here to prove otherwise! The bell rings and the two go at it! Duncan soon removes his gloves as Hollywood is landing blows early on. Hollywood takes control and verbally abuses Duncan as she pulverizes the poor lad. Duncan gets in some shots as he clinches and works over Hollywood's belly with his bare fists. But Hollywood can take it, and she once again begins to dominate! Duncan suffers quite a thrashing and goes to LaLa Land by route of a sleeperhold. Then, Hollywood returns to give her victim a paddling on his arse, maybe because he has been a bad boy!!!
HP-1036 Birthday Body Beating (3 Parts) S

It’s Jennifer Thomas’s special day and Duncan decides to surprise her by giving her the chance to do what she loves most - decimating Hollywood.  Duncan leads her into the ring room in a blindfold and she responds with joy when she realizes that the woman currently being destroyed in the ring is her all-time favorite victim.  Holly looks ravishing in a pink bikini and cleave gag, but she is already in rough shape as her hands are tied to the bottom rope and her stomach is being brutally pounded by pro wrestler, El Gato.  As El Gato punches away, Duncan reveals that he had “rented” Holly to a bunch of Rams players as the entertainment for a bachelor party and that they had spent the whole prior evening working her over.  Delighted that her plaything is already exhausted and weakened, Jen takes over the stomach destruction before the three of them take damaging turns on Holly’s crotch.

Holly gets the briefest of rests before she has her head repeatedly smashed into a turnbuckle and pounded with elbows and clubs, mixed with some good old-fashioned face punching.  Jen tries to choke her out, but Duncan shows her that the best way to do that is to scissor her neck while others pound her solar plexus.  Holly gets no time to recover as she is tazed and then immediately pulled to her feet and the guys hold her between them and continue working over her midsection and then her face when she falls to her knees.  Holly is run through a destructive gauntlet of being folded in half, draped over the top rope and placed in a muscle-popping back breaker (among other poses) so that her legs, ass, back, kidneys and stomach can be brutalized by the trio.

Next Holly is brought to the ring’s edge where Jen and Duncan destroy her feet from outside while El Gato continues working on her abs and face inside.  They rotate her so that Jen gets some face time while the two men keep destroying her body.  There is even a segment that shows how this epic beating looks through Holly’s pain-wracked eyes.  They work on her some more when Duncan decides to call it.  However, he is easily swayed by Jen’s argument that an even better birthday gift would be for Jen to take Holly home for some more destructive fun before Holly begins another extended hospital stay.  The guys happily tie up Jen’s gift and load her into the car so that Holly’s long day of suffering can continue.

Holly’s perfect, chiseled body takes another profound beatdown in this one as Jen’s birthday surprise is one they all will remember for some time. Considering the fun Jen had in dishing out this abuse, it is frightening to imagine what’s in store for Holly when Jen gets her home.  However, fans of Holly and Jen will not need to use their imaginations for long as that video will be coming soon.

HP-989 Detective Hollywood "Trapped" (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood is outside of a warehouse which she feels could lead her to apprehending another relentless criminal. Wearing a white mini skirt, high heels, and a silk blouse she looks more like a runway model than a detective, but don't be fooled, she is ready to kick some ass! She enters the warehouse and enters slowly. She soon finds her suspicions were correct! Detective Hollywood confronts the bad guy and demands that he accompanies her, but he refuses. Hollywood has been set up and is trapped in the warehouse as the bad guy's bad ass henchwoman (Jennifer Thomas) enters the room! Immediately the henchwoman begins to beatdown poor Hollywood. As our gorgeous do gooder pleads with the henchwoman, she is subjected to vicious armbars, stomps, punches, triangle chokes, scissors, and thrown about like a rag doll! The henchwoman completely destroys Hollywood and leaves her crumbled on the floor. Can Detective Hollywood survive such a horrific beatdown???
HP-987 Legs, Legs, Legs... (1 Part) S

Attention LEG LOVERS!!! If you like to see gorgeous gams then this HOT video is for YOU!!! Hollywood dons a pair of tiny, ripped denim shorts, a black bra, and black pumps and treats us to a sexy workout! Just watch her as she walks into the room!!! This video shows us how Hollywood maintains those gorgeous long & shapely legs. Hollywood demonstrates her moves on the mat and using the aid of machines, she flexes those perfect calve & thigh muscles to our delight! Of course the rest of this beautiful woman is there for our viewing pleasure! Don't miss this great video!!!
HP-1013 Anything For The Masterpiece (3 Parts) S

Picking up a short while after Anything for the Client (HP-953) ended, we fade in Hollywood’s suffering face as her crotch is ground into the corner pole by Jennifer Thomas and Duncan.  The two have turned their attention to destroying Holly’s feet when they are finally joined by the mysterious A.S, who turns out to be Dr. Slade - who last appeared delivering the experimental healing serum in Anything for Science (HP-905), a prior episode in Holly’s day of destruction.  Slade has come to collect his prize of getting his own opportunity to destroy a completely beaten Holly for two more hours. After joining the other two for a little of the foot torture, he dispatches them to get dinner so that he can spend some time working over Holly alone.  The three of them will reunite afterwards to dish out Holly’s ultimate finale - what he hopes will be his masterpiece of destruction. 

Flash ahead 90 minutes of Slade’s solo ass-kicking, and Slade has Holly tied to the ropes while he administers a vicious clubbing to her back, kidneys and sides.  Jen and Duncan return and assist him in beating her in this position - adding in some face-punching and crotch destruction for good measure.  When they tire of that, they spread Holly out on the canvas where they spend time simultaneously punishing her face, abs and feet.  The team gleefully doles out heaping helpings of pain as they move around Holly’s body and punish her with tasers and chokes as well as the usual punches, kicks and clubs.  They come to realize that the serum that has been enabling Holly to recover enough to continue to endure the series of massive beatings is finally wearing off.  Eager to maximize the time they have left, they indulge themselves in some corner work and then some triple team torture with Holly dangling in a tree of woe, pretzled in a Boston crab and finally stretched out dangerously in an over-the-knee backbreaker.  Still concerned that he has not created his masterpiece, Slade decides that should each do a rotisserie beating of Holly’s abs, sides and back while she is stretched by the other two.  Holly absorbs this final pummeling and passes out for the last time.  Her attackers examine her broken body, and Slade satisfies himself that this is his masterpiece of destruction. They leave our beaten heroine alone in the ring to await the paramedics and a long hospital stay.

This is a satisfying end to the 7-video series that started with Anything for Charity (HP-848) and documents more than a full day of non-stop extreme punishment visited on Holly by teams of people. Her attackers once again ignore all reasonable limits of human endurance as they clearly relish demolishing the beautiful body of their exhausted victim. The bad news for Holly is that, while this long day of torture has now ended, too many people enjoyed the taste that they got.  So while Holly’s injuries heal, there are those who are already planning for her repeat performance...



LP-015 Yoga Extreme (1 Part) S

Jenevieve Hexx showcases her extreme flexibility in this incredible contortionist video. Watch her do yoga poses beyond your wildest imagination!!!
HP-986 Abs Abs Abs...(1 Part) S

Hollywood enters the room and has dedicated this session to a burning ab workout! She is dressed in white go-go boots and a skimpy orange bikini, both of which add to the excitement of this HOT video! Hollywood lays on the bench and flexes her sculpted abs and suggests a close up shot. WOW! Hollywood has some smokin' hot abs and she puts them through the paces for her viewer's pleasure! But that's not enough! Hollywood puts on some great tunes and she dances about, all while her gorgeous abs seem to perform a work of art! This is a MUST have video for you ab lovers out there!
HP-985 The Punishment of Stacy (3 Parts) S

Hollywood is scheduled to give Stacy Burke a wrestling lesson and is waiting impatiently as Stacy is LATE! Hollywood is not known for her patience with incompetent people and Stacy is getting on her last nerve. Hollywood paces the floor and tries to call her on her cell phone with no success. Finally, Stacy strolls in as clueless as can be. Hollywood starts the lesson, and as things progress, she gets more and more irritated as she applies various holds to her trainee. Finally, Hollywood decides to punish the little blonde and she ties her up and forces Stacy to worship her feet! But this is not enough punishment! Hollywood wields a little vibe toy and she forces Stacy to work herself into tears! This will be the last time the little bimbo shows up late to an appointment with Hollywood!
HP-984 I Take What I Want (2 Parts) S

Hollywood tells Jennifer they must clean up the studio and as they begin to work, Jennifer decides to brag about her recent trip to New York with her personal assistant, Miss O. Hollywood seems a bit tiffed as Jennifer elaborates the fact that she was totally catered to, and pretty much pisses Hollywood off! An argument ensues over Miss O and all hell breaks loose! The girls strip down and a vicious no holds barred fight is on! Jealously & rage take over and one of the ladies ends up defeated and out cold on the mats! Check this one out!!!
HP-982 Unseen Revisited (2 Parts) S

Hollywood has had a trying week, and it is about to get worse! She is getting dressed to go out when BONK, she is wacked on the head! The evil unseen force is back! Hollywood is thrown against the wall, then slammed onto the bed. The unseen force pummels Hollywood's abs with strikes. Hollywood reels in pain as the unseen force works her limbs over and stretches her out mercilessly. A constant barrage of blows overwhelms our poor beauty as the unseen force slaps her into utter oblivion. Hollywood tries in vain to escape but never quite shelters herself from the vicious attack. She clutches her battered belly and gasps for air. The unseen force appears to be in a tirade and eventually Hollywood is tossed about like a toy. At long last the unseen force disappears as quickly as it came, leaving a completely destroyed Hollywood as evidence of it's visit!!!
HP-980 Workout Challenge (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is laying down the mats waiting for her rival Jennifer to show up. When Jennifer arrives, the two beauties begin to verbally tangle, and then decide they will have a workout challenge to determine whom is the superior babe! They start with a Plank contest, which Hollywood feels she has in the bag but Jennifer, a former fitness champion, is not to be intimidated! A tie is called, after which Hollywood decides to flaunt her sexy abs, but once again Jennifer displays her washboards and another tie is declared. Onto the Squats! Both ladies crank their squats out effortlessly, and a draw is the conclusion. So now there is one contest left for all the marbles: Armwrestling! Hollywood is in spectacular shape, but her rival Jennifer may as well be made of steel...maybe even titanium! Hollywood pulls out all the stops but Jennifer is undaunted! After a crushing defeat, Hollywood is forced to worship Jennifer's rock hard muscles and show a bit of R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!
HP-978 Brains vs Brawn - Hollywood vs Jennifer Thomas (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is on the mats stretching & warming up for her match with Jennifer. Hollywood explains that although Jennifer is very powerful, she doesn't have the skill nor experience that Hollywood has. Jennifer appears and she explains that Hollywood will soon fall victim to her immense power! The two ladies lock up in a test of strength and the fight is on! These gorgeous grapplers battle back and forth, but ultimately poor Hollywood begins to fade as Jennifer subjects her to painful hold after painful hold! Can Hollywood withstand the brutality and make a comeback??? Check it out and see!!!
HP-972 Hollywood vs Jennifer Thomas (2 Parts) S

Hollywood faces Jennifer Thomas on the mats for a sexy showdown between two attractive ladies! Jennifer is a small package of dynamite and Hollywood is her usual gorgeous wrestling babe! The two start of with an interlocking fingers test of strength. Jennifer is mighty, but Hollywood has leverage on her side. No real domination here. But next, the ladies compete in a bellypunching duel. First, Jennifer slams her fists into Hollywood's sculpted abs to no avail! Then, Hollywood winds up and fires a blow into Jennifer's muscled midsection, and the strike puts her down! Onto the bearhug challenge! Jennifer once again is unable to dominate and Hollywood crushes her! A failed attempt at a scissors/triangle choke by Jennifer leads to her getting KOed by a Hollywood sleeper, thus adding and yet another victory for our gorgeous champion!!!
HP-977 Twice Beaten Once Sold (2 Parts) S

We enter the room and Wonder Womyn is restrained and lying on the floor out cold! Jennifer Thomas, posing as a cop, discovers her and checks her out. There is no response from Wonder Womyn! Jennifer makes a call and indicates that their informant is nowhere to be found, however Wonder Womyn is on site and unconscious. Wonder Womyn wakes up and says she had the bad guys in her clutches but they got away! Jennifer seems to be in no big hurry to remove Wonder Womyn's restraints, then unexpectedly, she whacks her on the head with a club! Wonder Womyn awakens and is restrained in a chair. She pleads with Jennifer to release her, but discovers that the whole "cop" thing is a scam! Wonder Womyn has been sold to a sex slave and her purchaser is on the way!!!
HP-975 Hollywood in "Unseen" (1 Part) S

Hollywood has returned home and is exhausted. Something has been stalking her! Some evil unseen force has been following her every move. Hollywood falls fast asleep, only to awaken to a hard belly blow! It appears that the unseen force has successfully caught up to her! Another belly blow, followed by face punches! Hollywood is in trouble as this unseen force gives her a vicious beatdown! There is no escape as Hollywood is repeatedly KOed. Hollywood struggles as the unseen force strips her of her little skirt. Next she wrestles about as her top is torn from her, leaving her in a black sports bra and tiger print bikini bottoms. The debacle continues as Hollywood is tossed about the room. The unseen force chokes her out and leaves her completely defeated. What does this evil thing have in store for our poor girl next????
HP-971 Humiliating Jennifer 3 (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is gloating that the last time she wrestled Jennifer Thomas, she just beat the shit out of her! Hollywood explains the details of Jennifer literally kissing her ass, and Jennifer unhappily appears in the background. Jennifer attacks Hollywood from behind, trapping her in a sleeperhold. Hollywood struggles, but throws a huge elbow into Jennifer's solar plexus, and it's downhill all the way from there! Hollywood traps Jennifer in triangle chokes, neck scissors, and brutal joint locks. Jennifer's joints are manipulated and she can only cry out in extreme pain. Bad Girl Hollywood enjoys her merciless domination and she once again forces poor Jennifer to worship her as in there last match. Will Jennifer ever return to reign triumphant???
HP-970 The Unexpected Visitor (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is taking a nap in preparation for a nice evening on the town. She is wearing a tight black top, sexy black panties, and pumps. She awakenings to a sound, thinking it might be John. When no one answers, she decides to nap for a bit more. But suddenly Hollywood is awakened by a hard belly blow!!! What was that??? Then Hollywood is thrown to the floor! She is being dragged by an unseen force! Hollywood's hair is pulled and she is slammed to the floor! Now the unseen force begins to punish poor Hollywood by pulling on her legs and arms. Hollywood's gorgeous body is being stretched beyond imagination as she suffers and pleads. The unseen force smashes Hollywood into the couch and continues the brutal destruction. Hollywood is pushed to the wall and further stretched when she receives another hard strike! Finally, when the unseen force has had it's fill, it pummels Hollywood with repeated strikes and slaps to the head until she is left appearing lifeless on the mats!
HP-969 The Ringleader (3 Parts) S

Hollywood is waiting on the mats when Kristie The Ringleader shows up with an attitude...a BAD attitude! This surprises Hollywood as Kristie felt after she had delivered a severe beat down to Hollywood, that for sure she was gone for good. Hollywood tries to make her exit, but her crazed assailant is having no part of a missed opportunity. Kristie starts by throwing Hollywood to the mats and begins her destruction! Hollywood pleads for mercy, but Kristie pummels her with body blows. Hollywood's slim body is crushed by brutal bear hugs. Kristie slams Hollywood into the wall and the mats. Kristie works over her victim with belly punches & belly claws and shows no mercy. Kristie stomps Hollywood with ground shaking blows. The beat down continues uninterrupted! In a feeble attempt to fight back, Hollywood finds she cannot do any damage to Kristie, whom welcomes her attempts. Finally Kristie wraps Hollywood up with a devastating sleeper hold, and in spite of Hollywood tapping, she sends poor Hollywood to LaLa Land!
HP-967 Detective Hollywood in "FEETured Therapist" (1 Part) S

Hollywood enters the room for a therapy session for one of her clients, Mr. Smith. It appears that Mr. Smith has issues which require him to be completely restrained, to the extent that he cannot move, nor can he take his eyes off of his therapist, Hollywood. After her initial assessment, Hollywood decides she'll workout in front of Mr. Smith. She then begins to taunt Mr. Smith with her luscious feet, pointing out her recent pedicure. Hollywood determines Mr. Smith's obsession: her FEET!!! Now Hollywood begins her workout and showcases her lovely feet. She teases Mr. Smith as she stretches, rubs, and puts her feet in his face all whilst she works out in front of him! Mr. Smith cannot move, nor can he ignore the spectacle before him. Hollywood continues her therapy until poor Mr. Smith's appointment is over and she schedules him for his next session!!!
HP-968 Detective Hollywood vs Zardor (2 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood has arrived at an abandoned building, unaware she has played into an evil plot. Waiting to ambush her is a mechanical monster known as Zardor. Constructed of titanium and impervious to pain, Zardor's sole purpose is to destroy our sexy crimefighter! Zardor immediately goes on the attack and puts Detective Hollywood down with a hard blow to the head. He pulls her up from the floor and drives a hard knee into her midsection and down she goes again. Now Zardor applies a brutal camel clutch and poor Detective Hollywood shrieks in pain! Zardor is programmed for destruction and continues to punish our poor gal with belly punches & stomps, vicious backbreakers, crushing bearhugs, and more spine wrenching holds. Zardor is relentless in his process of destruction and is able to continue without tiring. Without mercy, the mechanical hitman catches our poor beauty in a sleeperhold, Detective Hollywood struggles but has no chance of escaping Zardor's powerful clenches. Ultimately, Zardor has Detective Hollywood's lifeless form in his arms and he carries her away! Is this the end for Detective Hollywood? Or is there more brutality in store for her???
HP-965 The Machine (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood is all dressed up in a sexy short black skirt/outfit and she arrives early to the Police Ball. She is so excited that she received an invitation and she warms up by dancing about the room. Suddenly, the room goes dark! A mysterious voice informs our lovely crimefighter that she has fallen into a trap! The sinister voice tells her that she has snitched on him for the last time, and now PAYBACK will be dealt out! The lights come back on and standing before Detective Hollywood is an intimidating cyborg (played by badass Kristie Etzold), simply known as "The Machine". Created with one purpose in mind, the destruction of Detective Hollywood, The Machine is activated and the brutalization begins!!! Following instructions from the mysterious voice, The Machine systematically destroys poor Detective Hollywood. The Machine chokes her, pummels her with belly punches, slams her into the couch and wall, stretches her beyond her limits, crushes her with bearhugs, and ultimately leaves her destroyed on the mats! Does Detective Hollywood live to fight another day???
HP-963 Gargantua vs Detective Hollywood (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood is on the hunt for a known criminal when she is accosted by the sinister Gangantua!!! Our poor crime fighter is no match for the enormous primate and he appears to be set on totally destroying his sexy prey! Detective Hollywood fights for her life and suffers crushing bear hugs and merciless pummeling! Will Detective Hollywood survive? Or will Gargantua completely destroy his human ragdoll? Check out this exciting video!!!
HP-957 Detective Hollywood vs The Robot (3 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood is about to enter a building and she is explaining to the police that she is about to collar a heinous criminal mastermind. The criminal contacted Detective Hollywood claiming he would turn himself in. Once inside the building, Detective Hollywood is unable to locate the criminal, but she suddenly hears a voice! The criminal mastermind has tricked her, and he WON'T be going downtown to police headquearters! Instead, the mastermind has created a sexy criminal robot (Jennifer Thomas) to destroy Detective Hollywood! The robot feels no pain, and was created with 5 times the strength of the average human being! The criminal mastermind shouts out to the robot to attack our sexy crimestopper, and what follows is a tragically well thought out process of destruction! The robot follows orders from her creator as she pummels poor Detective Hollywood! Painfully crushing holds are applied as the robot continues to follow her creator's evil agenda. Finally, the mastermind orders his robot to choke out a battered Detective Hollywood. Detective Hollywood pleads for mercy, but she is choked unconscious! The robot continues the hold until Detective Hollywood is motionless and then is dropped to the floor, lifeless and defeated. The robot is ordered back to her corner and obeys with precision. Is this the end of Detective Hollywood? Only time will tell!!!
HP-956 Humiliating Jennifer 3 (3 Parts) S

Jennifer is standing on the mats in her little denim shorts and tight top talking on her cell phone. She is one tough, skilled wrestler and she knows it. In walks Hollywood and she overhears Jennifer bragging on social media that she is going to kick Hollywood's ass in their match. Hollywood, dressed in a tight black leather skirt, form fitting top, black fishnets and spiked heels is completely unimpressed and she grabs Jennifer's cell phone and begins taunting Jennifer on social media, reminding her of the humiliating beatdown that Jennifer received. The two ladies begin their match with a fingerlock test of strength. Once Hollywood gains the advantage, it is all downhill for poor Jennifer! Hollywood shows no mercy as she punishes Jennifer with neck scissors, triangles, rib crushing body scissors, and then, Hollywood gets down right NASTY!!! Hollywood takes her spiked heels and steps on toes and fingers! She does damage to Jennifer's knees, and chokes the poor girl silly! Jennifer struggles in vain as Hollywood once again humiliates her as she makes Jennifer lick her shoes! Thankfully, Jennifer succumbs to the treacherous beatdown and falls unconscious as Hollywood reveals her humiliating handiwork to those on Jennifer's social media.
HP-954 Humiliating Jen 2 (3 Parts) S

Jennifer Thomas is simply pissed off because Hollywood is stylishly late as usual. Jen wanted a rematch and she intends to humiliate Hollywood. However, when Hollywood finally shows up, she tells us SHE will be humiliating Jennifer! Well muscled Jen is pretty sure it will not happen that way and the two beauties lock up in a vicious test of strength. Hollywood uses her superior height and soon Jen is on her knees begging and crying out for mercy! Hollywood is not one to cut slack and she proceeds to make good on her promise to humiliate poor Jen! Jen suffers in tight body scissors, rear naked chokes, and more punishing wrestling holds. Jen's little feet are tortured and then Hollywood removes her own shoes and uses them to punish Jen. Hollywood is totally cruel and no doubt enjoyed this humiliating beat down!
HP-952 Detective Holly vs The Ring Leader (3 Parts) S

Detective Holly is seeking out the Ring Leader and discovers her criminal lair. She is rocking a tight black leather skirt and leopard top, with fishnets & heels! While Holly is searching for the evil leader, she gets attacked from behind by the powerful Ring Leader! The Ring Leader is a strong & violent assailant and she yells at Holly telling her she plans on breaking her in half! Holly is immediately in trouble and the Ring Leader begins to make good on her threat. Holly is thrown about the room as the Ring Leader pulls her hair and pummels her. Holly gets choked against the wall, trapped in vicious camel clutches, punished with neck wrenching holds, and completely destroyed. Holly begs for mercy as she is tortured with backbreakers, choked by the Ring Leader's muscular legs, and pushed to her limits. The Ring Leader finishes off poor Holly with a merciless sleeperhold, leaving the crimestopper out cold and defeated!
HP-949 The Haunting 6 (1 Part) S

Hollywood returns home after a night out. She is looking killer in her tight leather skirt, fishnet stockings, and spiked heels! But upon her return she senses a strange presence which she cannot put her finger on? Hollywood settles in to relax and she dresses down into a comfy top. But her relaxation is soon to be disrupted! The ghostly presence ambushes poor Hollywood! She is torn from her peace as the unseen force begins a horrific beatdown. Hollywood gasps for air as she is choked mercilessly! Poor Hollywood is slammed against the wall, thrown about the room, and stretched out on an ottoman as the force works over her gorgeous body. The force pummels Hollywood's taunt abs, it slams her head into the wall after grabbing her long locks of hair and dragging her like a rag doll! Can Hollywood outlast this wickedly evil force? Get this hot video and check it out!!!
HP-998 The Spanking Station (2 Parts) S

Jewell Marceau is preparing a nice dinner for Hollywood and Stacy. She is very pleased with her efforts and is looking forward to the girls having a nice night together. But when the girls arrive, Stacy says she is a vegan and puts down Jewell’s cooking! Stating that she cannot eat the food that Jewell has prepared for her, Stacy assumes a bit of a condescending attitude. Jewell is terribly offended. As a matter of fact, she is pissed off! Both Jewell and Hollywood have basically had it with the little blonde diva and decide that Stacy deserves a spanking at the Spanking Station! Stacy is subjected to a nice lesson in manners as Hollywood and Jewel punish her cute little ass with a good spanking session!!!
HP-948 Hollywood in "If The Shoe Fits..." 2 (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is back shopping for shoes again! If you are into foot fetish, this is your video! Filmed as a POV, you serve Hollywood and her sexy feet! Hollywood is looking for shoes and you are her sales person. You measure her feet, and she tries on sexy boots, strappy heels, and other shoes that showcase her sexy feet! Finally, you can't take it any longer, and you ties her up! Hollywood resists and you gag her too! Now she is YOUR foot model and you will have your fun!!!
HP-946 Hollywood in "If The Shoe Fits..." (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is shopping for shoes! If you are into foot fetish, this is your video! Filmed as a POV, you will get nice close-ups as Hollywood displays her lovely feet. First, she checks her feet for size, and she gives us a show of her stockinged feet. Then Hollywood tries on some pumps. She gives us "foot poses" and she discusses her arches and other qualities of her feet. Next, Hollywood tries on a pair of high heels, and gives us more posing. Then, it's back to the pumps for the finale!!!
HP-945 Hollywood Humiliates Jennifer (2 Parts) S

Hollywood approaches Jennifer Thomas and starts to chat. She tells Jennifer that today is about payback. Jennifer appears a bit confused, but she is quite confident that at some point she kicked Hollywood's ass. Hollywood confirms, and tells her it is time for payback! Jennifer is not intimidated, and in fact, is quite cocky. The two ladies start out with a test of strength, and it becomes evident that Hollywood means business when Jennifer ends up on the mats holding her wrists in agony! Hollywood proceeds to punish Jennifer with body scissors, camel clutches, and handsmothering! Jennifer gets KOed, and then the punishment continues. Bad girl Hollywood removes Jennifer's shoes and tortures her toes! A crushing bearhug puts Jennifer down on the mats, and then Hollywood continues the humiliation by making Jennifer smell her shoes, then worship her feet. Hollywood finishes poor Jennifer off with a footsmother, and basks in her glorious victory!!!
HP-943 Hollywood vs Miranda (3 Parts) S

A sexy newbie named Miranda has agreed to wrestle Hollywood. Miranda has never heard of Hollywood, and she is quite confident she will win this match. However, Hollywood thinks NOT! This match is classic Hollywood. The match starts out with a Test of Strength which Hollywood uses to put Miranda down on the mats. Hollywood taunts the newbie as she crushes her with a scissor hold and she does her the courtesy of explaining the name of the hold. Miranda has enough of the mocking and with a burst of energy, she breaks the hold and goes on the offensive. This is short lived. Hollywood takes control and works over the poor little gal with no mercy! Hollywood uses sleepers, hand smothers, reverse dragon sleepers, and back breakers to punish the poor lass. After the first KO, Hollywood strips Miranda down to a skimpy red bikini. Miranda can only groan in pain as Hollywood brutalizes her with punches to her belly and vicious hair pulls. Miranda's lithe body is painfully stretched as Hollywood manipulates her like a rag doll! The match ends with Miranda bound and humiliated, but she now can boast that she was beat down by a legend!!!
HP-933 Hollywood vs Cindy Starfall (2 Parts) S

Hollywood challenges a newbie at DT Wrestling named Cindy Starfall. The two ladies stretch in their corners in revealing bikinis and tennis shoes. The match starts out with a test of strength. Hollywood immediately controls the match with her greater experience and Cindy is in trouble! Hollywood demonstrates her vast knowledge of pro holds with punishing sleepers, suffocating handsmothers, agonizing backbreakers, and crushing scissors! Unintimidated, Cindy is game for a fight though, and she counters with some pro holds of her own and Hollywood experiences some of her own medicine! But only one warrior will emerge victorious, so get this video and see!!!
HP-964 Cream of The Crop (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is speaking on the phone as she has been called to participate in a new wrestling show. She explains that she is The Cream of The Crop. However, a doubting Jennifer Thomas overhears Hollywood bragging, and she begs to differ! The ladies exchange heated words, and the battle is on! Jennifer looks for a quick victory by starting with a Test of Strength, but Hollywood's dirty tactics lead to an unexpected advantage! Hollywood continues bragging as she punishes Jennifer with chokes, figure fours, strikes, and more. But Jennifer slams a fist into Hollywood's belly that leaves her gasping for air. Now Jennifer delivers on her promise to kick some ass and Hollywood suffers as she gets creamed by her magnificent opponent!!!
HP-953 Anything For The Client (3 Parts) S

Picking up right where Anything for the Money (HP-929) left off, we fade in for the last couple of  minutes of an extremely thorough destruction of Hollywood’s bound feet by her former employees, Darrius and Duncan. Lovers of Holly’s soles get an extended close-up as the guys pound, mangle and destroy those pretty feet to what they think is an acceptable level of damage.  They finish and leave her alone in the ring to await the winner of the brutal contest shown in Anything for the Money to come and collect his prize of getting to beat up a destroyed Hollywood for two more hours.  Holly somehow recovers consciousness, unties herself and attempts to flee the ring (very slowly, as she has endured over a solid day of non-stop destruction).  She does not get very far when she runs into the guys who are now with Jennifer Thomas and Ariel X.  This fearsome foursome tells Holly with unconcealed delight that the contest winner has been delayed, but since he wants to get Holly fresh from a severe beating, he is paying them to continue what they have been doing all day - destroying Hollywood.  He even sent a list of detailed instructions regarding how he wants her to be destroyed.

Tossing Holly back into the ring, they run her through a torturous gauntlet of being bent, stretched and folded in various ways while her legs, back, crotch and belly are severely pounded with clubs, fists and feet and relentlessly shocked with tasers. The contest winner loves to heap abuse on Holly’s chin, so two of them at a time torture it beyond reason (even chewing on it) while her abs take a significant pounding from the other two. Next they place Holly in a chair and give her knees, thighs and shins an extreme beating with clubs.  They knock her out of the chair and continue beating and shocking her lower extremities while she is held in a dual scissors choke-figure four.  Holly is then tied spread and standing against the ropes, and the four launch running attacks at her vulnerable face and body.  The last thing on this list is a profound and thorough stomach-pummeling.  Three of them stretch and pin her while the fourth brutally pounds Holly’s already-decimated (but perfectly sculpted) abdomen.  They each take an extended turn straddling and hammering her, and when it looks like Holly will be finally turned over to the contest-winner, he calls to say that he is delayed, but wants them to keep running through the list until he can get there.  As with many of the prior Anything for… installments, this episode fades out with Holly still taking massive punishment while facing the prospect of much more massive punishment to come.

If you thought the team could not be any more savage in their massacre of Holly than they have been in the past few episodes, prepare to be mistaken.  Holly’s suffering is extreme as they skillfully use the tasers to keep her awake for their merciless attacks, but they do not let up on her even when she passes out.  Unconscious or awake, Holly looks better than ever, but this one is not for the faint of heart as she is relentlessly and sadistically destroyed by a team that truly seems to relish mauling the helpless beauty.  This is a must-have video as it leads up to what will likely be the devastating (for Holly) finale in this series, as she is pushed to the end of her endurance and far beyond.

HP-942 Hollywood vs Capri (3 Parts) S

Capri enters the ring to take on legendary Hollywood. Capri is totally disrespectful and calls Hollywood a has-been, and Hollywood plans to show little Capri what experience can provide. As Hollywood begins to discuss the rules, Capri rudely interrupts and suggest ANYTHING GOES! Hollywood eagerly accepts as we would expect. The two lock up and the match starts out with Hollywood demonstrating her technical skills as she puts Capri in a variety of painful holds. Capri submits, but her bad attitude is not giving in so easily! The match turns dirty as both of these ladies resort to abusing the others' breasts and crotch! Squeezing, punching, and stomping tender areas becomes the dominant technique and the ladies find themselves rolling and groaning in pain in the ring! Finally one of these vixens takes control and delivers merciless low blows to her adversary. The loser ends up battered, defeated, and humbled!!!

HP-955 April Hunter Bound (2 Parts) S

Fiery babe April Hunter has been abducted and we find her bound and lying on a bed! She has been gagged and is hogtied and is struggling to break free. April is not too happy! In her struggles, April manages to free herself from the gag, but just when she seems to be making progress, a hand enters the picture and smothers her. When April awakens she finds herself tightly bound to a chair with her mouth duct taped to silence her moans of desperation! April is determined to break free, but it simply isn't happening...

HP-205 Blood Is Thicker Than Water (3 Parts) S

Oh woe is Hollywood in this knock down drag out clash of two bombshell pugilists! The Hurricane is having a bad attitude day as these two babes tape up their fists and proceed to pound away at each others beautiful faces and perfectly formed bodies. What starts out as a contest, soon turns into a one-sided beatdown. Our favorite wrestling babe Hollywood ends up on the receiving end of this one as The Hurricane pounds her to a literal pulp.This match is somewhat reminiscent of the apartment house wrestling matches of the '70s, yet it contains all the elements of a modern day cage match...except there is no cage or ref!!! AND, these two competitors are the sexiest you'll ever see!!! Get these video now!

HP-950 Hollywood vs Sarah Brooke (3 Parts) S

Hollywood takes on sexy lil redhead Sarah Brooke in the squared circle! Sarah is one tough character and can't wait to take on the Legend! These sexy ladies go at it and from the start Hollywood finds that Sarah is no pushover. Sarah is skilled and a bit nasty as she punishes poor Hollywood and is delighted to do so. Hollywood gets in her share of shots, but this is no walk in the park!!!

HP-930 Amazon Slave Part 2 (2 Parts) S


Having been captured, WW awakens, dressed in her Amazon Slave costume, with her wrists and ankles bound. She struggles to free herself but is unsuccessful. Her cries for help go unanswered and she tries to remember what exactly happened to her. A voice speaks to her off camera and she looks concerned. A hand enters the frame and tickles WW's knee. WW has questions, but the voice refuses to answer. What ensues is a tickle torture session for the poor captured heroine. WW is tickled on her ribs, knees, feet, arm pits, and more. The hand probes her belly button wish fingers, an electric toothbrush, a worton wheel, and a long comb. Does WW succumb to the tickling and become a loyal slave or does she resist and require further "instruction"?

HP-928 Dissected Detective (2 Parts) S


Detective Hollywood is knocked out and tied up in a chair wearing a black sports top, black bikini bottom, and black heels, with her hands tied behind her back. Jennifer enters and wakes her up with a slap to the face! Jen tries to get Hollywood to tell her who tipped her off but Hollywood won't talk... Another slap to the face leads to some belly punches, punches to the face and the beatdown is on! Jen unties Hollywood's hands and starts to give her a sound beating featuring stomach punches, stomach claws, hair pulling, sleeper holds, head slams in the ring turnbuckles, kicks and stomps, chokes on the ring ropes, the camel clutch with a sleeper hold, and much, much more... Does Detective Hollywood rat out her tipster?

HP-932 Hollywood vs Kristie Etzold (2 Parts) S


Shot by DT Productions, this ring match puts veterans Hollywood, wearing her sexy gold bikini and gold sneakers, and Kristie, wearing a black one piece, against each other one more time. After some taunting between the two ladies, the grapplers start with a test of strength. Both women struggle to gain the upper hand and trash talk each other but the victory eventually goes to neither lady as they declare a tie! Next the ladies struggle to see who can give the best bear hug. Kristie gains the upper hand and really makes Hollywood suffer. Poor Hollywood is squeezed and crushed by the larger Kristie, but after all the suffering, Hollywood tries to declare another tie! In the third fall, Hollywood goes for revenge and takes the advantage to Kristie with arm bars, a grapevine, the camel clutch, and many more wrestling moves, but is it enough to get the win?

HP-925 Dectective Hollywood - Beatdown (2 Parts) S


Sexy detective Hollywood enters an apartment, weapon drawn, wearing a sexy black leather mini-skirt, leopard bikini top, nylons, and high heels. She begins to look around for clues when the mighty Saharra Huxly enters and punches her in the stomach. Saharra waists no time removing Hollywood's skirt before continuing the beatdown. Hollywood's mid-section is tortured as she is punched and clawed by Saharra, who soons puts out the detective with a sleeper hold. Hollywood is awoken by a punch to the gut and subjected to a bear hug. Struggle and plead as she might, the hapless detective is brutally beaten down and knocked out multiple times with holds like the back breaker and continuous punches and chokes. Does Hollywood survive her vicious attacker?

HP-929 Anything for the Money (3 Parts) S


This video continues to chronicle the extremely brutal day Hollywood is enduring after her former employees have offered her up to the world as a victim-for-hire in order to raise money for charity. This one opens with Ariel X pounding the soles of a devastated and unconscious Hollywood, who has just finished receiving another brutal gang beating - this one by the wives and girlfriends of a group of Los Angeles Rams players. The women were wrecking some vengeance on the beautiful victim who unintentionally enticed their men to buy not one, but two sessions of destroying her. Astoundingly, Ariel thinks Holly’s feet have not taken enough punishment, so she and Jennifer Thomas are rectifying that situation when Darrius and Duncan return with the information that Holly’s suffering has nearly raised $200,000! With only $6,000 to go to that milestone, the guys auctioned off some final rounds for internet buyers to design some especially brutal short beatings, with the most extreme one winning a free hour with Holly when and if she recovers. The four of them beat a helpless Holly with clubs, kicks, knees and fists while she is stretched, folded and dangled in several dangerous ways. In one round, the gals dish out an absurd amount of abuse to her back and kidneys while she is trapped on the ropes. In another, Holly is put into a couple of different kinds of back-breaker holds while the team mauls her vulnerable abs. One common thread runs throughout the different types of abuse - Holly’s adorable chin is a consistent target. Duncan has harbored a grudge against that feature of Holly’s pretty face since he worked for her, so he encouraged all of the competitors to make destroying it a priority in their beatdown instructions. Holly’s chin is punched, clubbed, drilled, clawed and tasered, and in the end, the bidder who designed the most brutal treatment of her chin is named the winner of the contest. Although the sponsored rounds are done, Jen and Ariel lament how their ability to beat on Holly whenever they want is coming to an end. They go out with a bang by giving Holly a few parting shots, including a vicious attack to her crotch, before they head out. Darrius and Duncan remain, and they decide that Holly deserves a few more shots from them as a “thank you” for earning them so much money (since they have decided that the two of them will actually be Holly’s charity). As they stretch and maul her, Darrius also decides that her feet seem to be a little under-destroyed. They tie her ankles together and begin hammering her soles and mangling her toes, when the lucky contest winner contacts Darrius. He is nearby and will pay extra to take his time now. As the camera fades out with another shot of Holly’s feet being mauled, it is clear that she has at least one more beatdown to endure. This edition of the series has the great 4-on-1 action that you have come to expect. Hollywood is gagged, often bound and little more than a ragdoll who is once again put through the ringer by a team that seems to genuinely enjoy inflicting as much damage as possible. There are a lot of slow pans of Holly’s amazing destroyed body, and foot lovers will enjoy the closeups of her soles taking multiple poundings.

HP-903 Keeping Her Quiet (2 Parts) S


Hollywood enters the room wearing a sexy black bikini and strappy black heels. She is excited about getting an invitation to a pool party where she hopes she can find information about the disappearance of Wonder Woman. As she is getting her make-up on, she is attacked from behind by a masked man with a double axe handle to the head followed by a sleeper hold. The beatdown is on! WW's biggest fan is handed a huge beatdown that is normally reserved for a superheroine... Poor Hollywood suffers belly punches, back breakers, the power bomb, bear hugs, the torture rack, and much, much more. Struggle as she may, Holllywood cannot seem to turn the upper hand on her attacker and is left in a heap on the floor. Does Hollywood recover from the beatdown and make it to the pool party?

HP-923 WW Tickle 2 (2 Parts) S


A black gloved hand places a bowl of M&M's on the table and leaves. WW enters and sees the M&M's. Loving M&M's, she eats a few and comments about how she is supposed to meet the commissioner. She sits back and relaxes, but realizes that she forgot her belt. When she stands up, she feels dizzy and sits down. She is soon knocked out due to the tainted candy. The man with the black gloves reenters the room and removes WW's boots and examines her nylon encased feet and legs. He then put restraint cuffs on WW's ankles and locks them together. Next , the evil doer, puts a collar around WW's neck and restraints on her wrists and attaches her wrist restraints to the collar. Things get interesting when the man looks at some whips and crops but selects an electric toothbrush. The noise of the toothbrush awakens WW and the man begins to tickle torture the poor captive heroine. The man uses the toothbrush and his other devices to try and extract information from WW about what she knows about the Legion of Doom... Does she resist or does she break?

HP-921 Photoshoot Beatdown (2 Parts) S


Hollywood arrives wearing a black top and snake print skirt for her photo op for an upcoming boxing match. As she is waiting patiently in a chair, a masked man comes from behind and delivers a double axe handle to her head. The stunned Hollywood falls to the floor. The man pounces and starts beating Hollywood's stomach and face. Hollywood struggles to leave, but the man intensifies his efforts and delivers a backbreaker to Hollywood! The initial beating soon knocks out Hollywood and the man removes her skirt revealing a tiny lavendar and white bikini bottom. Poor Hollywood never really had a chance as she is subjected to stomach punches and stomps, back breaker, bear hug, sleeper holds, head slams, HOM, the torture rack, fireman's carry, and much, much more...

HP-889 Triple Threat (2 Parts) S


Jessie Bells (WOWE) and Hollywood challenge Cali to a triple threat match. This pro-style match features lots of 2 on 1 action going back and forth with great moves like the rocking horse, camel clutch, belly punching and more! The action is intense until one lucky lady struggles to the top and pins another. This leave the remaining 2 ladies ready for a rematch at a later date.

HP-888 Jessie Bells vs Cali vs Hollywood (2 Parts) S


Hollywood introduces this pro-style ring wrestling match featuring newcomers Jessie Bells and Cali. Hollywood also mentions that the winner of the match gets to face her in the same ring! The action is fast and furious as the two young grapplers struggle to top their opponent to prove that they are worhty of facing Hollywood. There is plenty of pro-style ring action in this one for all the classic wrestling fans out there. These two ladies put on a real show. Who wins and gets to face Hollywood? AND does the winning up and comer defeat the wily ring veteran? That's right folks, the winner of the first match immediately takes on Hollywood, so there are 2 match in one in this video!!

HP-919 Attacked 2 (2 Parts) S


Hollywood enters her room dressed in sexy black underwear and begins putting on her clothes for an appointment. She puts on a black mini-skirt and white blouse with her black pumps. As she is picking up her purse and keys to leave, Christy enters and knocks her down with a vicious upper cut! This knock down leads to a camel clutch and surfboard as Hollywood is stretched mercilessly by her attacker. Struggle as she may, Hollywood never recovers from the inital attack and is rag dolled around and beaten to a pulp with stomach and face punches, choke holds, bear hugs, sleeper holds, leg scissors, HOM, back breakers, and much, much more. She is stripped back down to her underwear as the merciless beating continues. Her hair is pulled as she is dragged to her feet and she is picked up into a fireman's carry and dropped for more beatings. Does she recover or is she beaten down and left in a heap?

HP-918 Robin by her Hair (2 Parts) S


In the tradition of the great series "Hollywood by Her Hair" comes this great video! Hollywood finally gets to put all that hair pulling abuse she has received to good use and become the aggressor! Robin is wearing a tiny purple bikini and doing some stretching when Hollywood walks in wearing an equally tiny animal print bikini. Hollywood immediately grabs Robin by the her hair and takes control! Apparently Robin has been flirting with Hollywood's boyfriend and she is looking for some payback. Robin tells Holylwood that it is her birthday, so Hollywood is sure to subjected Robin to stomach punches, head slams, the camel clutch, knees to the back, and much, much more all while pulling on Robin mane of blond hair!

HP-916 The Weigh-In (3 Parts) S


Hollywood arrives for a weigh-in for her match wearing a tight black mini dress. She starts talking about the upcoming weigh-in as she removes her dress to reveal a shiny silver top with a tiny black and yellow string bottom, nylons, and black heels. She is soon attacked from behind and put in a sleeper hold. Things don't get much better as she is beaten soundly by a masked man using stomach punches and claws, back breakers, HOM, power bombs, bear hugs, the torture rack, and much, much more. Hollywood keeps struggling to break free and eventually manages to get in one good shot that allows her to knock down her assailant and escape to her house. But wait! He has followed her home!! Does the beating continue?

HP-915 Miko vs Hollywood (3 Parts) S


The video starts with Miko in black bikini talking trash about how Hollywood is washed up and this should be an easy match for her to win. Hollywood enters looking sexy in her blue bikini and the match is on. Both women struggle to take control and Hollywood takes advantage first and puts Miko in a headlock. Miko struggles and a quick reversal has Hollywood struggling against a headlock from Miko. Hollywood "introduces" Miko to a couple turn buckles after another reversal from a hair pull. A see-saw battle ensues with more hair pulling, leg scissors, stomach punches, choke holds, and more. Miko wins the fist of three falls after a knockout and quick pin. The second fall is all Hollywood as she delivers a Boston Crab, back breaker, iron cross, and much more to a struggling Miko. The third fall is another see-saw battle that leaves one grappler tied to the ropes, but which one?

HP-912 Anything for Revenge (3 Parts) S


Hollywood is now twenty hours into a series of brutal gang beatings “for charity” that started with HP-848. For the three hours prior to the start of this video, she was destroyed by a group of NFL players and their coaches. The special serum she received from Dr. Slade in HP-905 allowed her to survive that incredible punishment, and as this video starts, Darrius, Duncan and Jennifer Thomas are using tasers all over her body to activate the serum again. They decide that Holly has probably taken all that she can take, and they should not accept any more appointments (or charitable donations) to beat her up. The serum revives Holly once again, and she has crawled to the side of the ring, when Ariel X enters. Ariel is one of a group of wives and girlfriends of the football players, and they are pissed that their men were so excited by beating up a nearly-naked Holly. She starts to dish out some punishment of her own, when the other three return to stop her. Ariel lets them know that the ladies are willing to pay a huge sum of their husbands’ money to have their own two-hour session with Holly to get some revenge on the tortured temptress, but they want to make sure she can feel it and not just be an unconscious ragdoll. The thought of getting all that cash makes the other three forget any ideas that Holly has reached her limits of endurance, and they eagerly agree to help Ariel conduct a test beating to prove that Holly will suffer enough in an actual beating by the wives.

Ariel gives Holly a special stimulant to help keep her conscious and then asks the other three to show her how to dish out the best beating to Holly. Holly is held in a corner and tuned up with some punches to the face and stomach and then some serious abuse to her crotch. They toss Holly into the center of the ring and take turns putting her into a series of muscle- and joint-popping holds (such as an over-the-knee backbreaker, a double Boston crab and a particularly brutal matchbook pin) that stretch Holly’s beaten body to the limit while the others viciously assault her vulnerable areas with blows and clubs. The drag her over to the side of the ring and dangle her head off the side to be pounded by attackers on the floor while others demolish her body in the ring.

They pile on some foot torture, another couple of severe belly beatings and a brutal attack on Holly’s back and kidneys before Ariel decides that she has seen enough and calls in her crew to begin the real gang beating. As they wait, Ariel asks the other three to make sure Holly is kept very uncomfortable, and they place her in a very painful and precarious position to enjoy some more suffering before the team of revenge-minded NFL wives arrives to put her through another meat grinder.

This is another great installment in the “Anything for…” series. Jennifer, Darius and Duncan continue to brutally assist their customers in decimating Holly’s perfect body. Each part is more extreme than the last, and it is clear that Holly is not to the end of her very long day of destruction quite yet. Stay tuned for further continuations…

SWB-035 Hollywood vs Bleu (2 Parts) S


Our two grapplers square off, Hollywood dressed in a sexy black bikini and Bleu dressed in a navy blue bikini with white polka dots. Hollywood starts things off with a test of strength and quickly has her smaller opponent on the mat in a side headlock. Bleu struggles against the hold and throws Hollywood off, only be be caught in a leg scissors by the ring veteran! Bleu struggles again, breaks free, and turns the tables with a head scissors, now it's Hollywood's turn to struggle! This see-saw battle continues as the ladies take great joy in inflicting punishment on each other using moves like the Boston crab, camel clutch, leg scissors, head locks, stomach punches and much, much more! Who is the winner? Why the viewer of course!

HP-870 Hollywood vs Bettie Battles (2 Parts) S


Hollywood and Bettie starts off with some small talk until Hollywood distracts Bettie by asking about her wrestling boots. The veteran takes advantage of the rookie and puts her in a reverse headlock. The battle begin here as the two opponents struggle against each other to gain control of the match. Hollywood uses her arsenal of moves to keep the young grappler at bay and uses humor to keep her off balance. All that experience doesn't keep Hollywood in control however, as the youngster takes advantage of a misstep by Hollywood and starts a beating of her own!! This is a great pro-style match full of headlocks, wristlocks, the camel clutch, keester bounces, leg scissors, hair pulling, stomach punches, leg locks, surfboards, and much more. Does Hollywood recover and win the day?

HP-913 By Her Hair 5 "The Prequel" (2 Parts) S


Did you ever wonder how it all started? I mean did you ever wonder why David Marks picked Jennifer Thomas as the starting foe to beat up Hollywood for his "By Her Hair" punishment series? Well hair pulling fans, here it is, the "origin story" of the whole series! As you will see, Hollywood happened to be flirting with Jennifer's boyfriend, to which Jennifer didn't take too kindly... To begin the match, Hollywood is in the center of the ring, looking stunning in her black and yellow bikini, she is fixing her hair in preparation for a photo shoot. Jennifer comes in a grabs the unsuspecting Hollywood by her hair and the beatdown is on! Hollywood struggles to gain the upper hand, but she is beaten to a pulp by the much larger and stronger Jennifer. Poor, poor Hollywood is verbally abused and subjected to sleeper holds, head slams, the camel clutch, stomach punches and much, much more. At the end you will definitely see why David picked Jennifer to teach Hollywood a lesson!

HP-578 Hollywood vs Bonae (1 Part) S


Hollywood is working on her abs in a sexy black and gold bikini when Bonae walks in, wearing a purple bikini, and confronts Hollywood about using "her mat" to workout. A battle of words ensues until Bonae says, "I'll fight you for the mat." Hollywood immediately accepts and the battle begins with a test of strength. Hollywood wins the test and the beating is on! Hollywood presses her advantage on the newcomer with a leg scissors, stomach punches and a stomach claw. Pressing her advantage, the wily veteran contineus the abuse with some stomach stomps, kidney punches, a slam into the wall and more! The young inexperienced foe doesn't stand a chance and can only scream in pain as she is soundly beaten in holds like the camel clutch, sleeper holds, grapevine, and a few more Watch as Bonae tries to counter Hollywood but soon learns that is takes a lot of skill to bring down one of the best as Hollywood rebuffs her attempt scores a victory in this match.

HP-883 Beatdown of Hollywood (2 Parts) S


Sumiko sneaks into the room wearing a sexy red bikini and hides behind the chair. Hollywood soon enters looking sexy in a black dress, heels, and nylons while talking on the phone about how she is going to "out these guys" to the person on the other end. As Hollywood hangs up, Sumiko comes from behind and knocks her out with an upper cut! The sly villainess, strips Hollywood out of her dress revealing a black bra and black and gold checkered bikini bottom. As the hero stirs, the evil doer pounces with a head scissors, which causes Hollywood to struggle violently to break free, but to no avail. What happens next is a total beatdown that includes: stomach punches, head slams, sleeper holds, leg scissors, knees to the head, stomach claws, and much, much more. Hollywood really takes a beating! But does she recover and win the day?

HP-885 Hollywood vs Astrid (2 Parts) S


From DT Productions and HP....Hollywood is stretching in her corner wearing her blue bikini and red tennis shoes. She talks about wrestling the "new girl" and how she is getting ready to show her some of Hollywood's moves. Meanwhile, Astrid is the opposite corner, wearing a white bikini, white knee stockings, and white shoes, and is stretching. A bit of playful smack talk ensues before the action starts with a test of strength. Hollywood's ring experience comes in to play here as she delivers some kicks to Astrid's sides and pushes her to the mat. Hollywood trash talks her foe as she press's her advantage and puts her foe in a body scissor/sleeper hold combo as Astrid struggles to free herself. Hollywood soon transitions to an arm bar and body scissors and threatens to break Astrid's arm as Astrid continues her struggle to gain control of the match. Hollywood releases the hold but puts Astrid out with an HOM while sitting on her chest. Things never get any better for the "newbie" as Hollywood subjects her to the full catalog of pro wrestling moves, as Astrid is forced to struggle against the Boston crab, camel clutch, sleeper hold, full nelson, figure four leg lock, rocking horse, and many more. Furthermore, she is pummelled in the ring corner by the veteran grappler and experiences first hand why Hollywood is the best "bad girl" in the business! Does Astrid come back and fight or is she simply just a mouse to be toyed with by a cat?

HP-873 Beating the Champ (2 Parts) S


Sumiko enters, bare foot. wearing black jeans and a black bikini top, she is carrying rope and a backpack. Hollywood enters from behind as Sumiko is searching for something. Hollywood is wearing a white button down shirt, white bikini, and black wrestling boots. Hollywood attacks and begins beating Sumiko. She subdues Sumiko with leg scissors and a sleeper hold. As Hollywood calls the police, Sumiko begins to wake up and another beat down ensues. Hollywood uses head locks, chin locks, stomach claws, and upper cuts to keep Sumiko under control. With Sumiko out, Hollywood returns with a syringe to try and put Sumiko out for good till the cops arrive. A fierce battle ensues with stomach punches and kicks until Sumiko finally wrestles the syringe from Hollywood and puts her out with her own medicine. Now it's Sumiko's turn to administer a beating! What ensues is stomach punches, multiples KOs, rope chokes, knees to the stomach, hair pulling, leg scissors to the neck, and much, much more! Does Sumiko escape or does Hollywood recover and meet the cops with her robber subdued?

HP-882 Breaking Hollywood (2 Parts) S


The sultry Sumiko, dressed in a hot pink bikini, is ready to take on Hollywood, dressed in a blue bikini, and use a previous injury to Hollywood's ribs to her advantage. We are treated to a sexy, athletic match where both women struggle to gain the upper hand in the beginning stages of the match We we see many pro-style moves like leg scissors, head locks, ankle locks, stomach punches, stomach claws, the Boston crab, camel clutch, arm bars, back breakers, and much, much more. As the math progresses and each lady has the advantage for a period of time, the match begins to turn in one direction... Does Sumiko press her advantage and deal punishment to Hollywood's already bruised ribs? With a title like "Breaking Hollywood" what do you thing? Watch as Hollywood struggles as her previous injuries are abused and exploited to Sumiko's advantage!

HP-898 Think Twice Hollywood (2 Parts) S


Hollywood enters the room tired after a long day. She is wearing a print top and black leather skirt. She complains about all the work she has to do but smiles when she takes about the money she receives. She is hit over the head and choked by Duncan who reveals that she has been embezzling money from the organization and they know about it! He then proceeds to try and beat the location of the money out of Hollywood. Hollywood is subjected to leg scissors, stomach punches, full nelsons, the rocking horse, and much, much more. Duncan strips Hollywood to her underwear and continues the beat down! Does Hollywood break and give up the bank account information?

HP-892 Hollywood vs Lightning (2 Parts) S


Original GLOW fans rejoice! This release features Hollywood, dressed in a red one piece, versus Lightning, dressed in a black one piece. These two grapplers have met countless times in the past to the enjoyment of fans around the world and this match is no different. Filled with tons of pro-style moves and in-ring action. These ladies are true professionals and veterans of the ring. Each one struggles against the other to gain the upper hand as we see moves like, the stepover toe hold, arm bar, crucifix, bow and arrow, camel clutch, headlocks, stomach claws, the figure four leg lock and many, many more. While the viewer is the ultimate winner, which lady with emerge victorious?

HP-905 Anything for Science (3 Parts) S


Hollywood has now endured sixteen straight hours of beatings for charity by all comers. She is receiving another massive body destruction from fellow GLOW veteran, Cheryl Rusa (with help from Duncan and Darrius), when this one starts. Jennifer Thomas arrives to the ring bringing Dr. Slade. (Slade and two assistants administered a classic beating to Hollywood in HP-760). Duncan and Darrius have called the doctor in because of his radical new treatment that can heal Holly’s body sufficiently for her to continue taking more epic punishment. As Cheryl and Jen work over Holly’s ribcage, Darrius explains to Slade that the LA Rams defensive line (which already worked Holly over immediately prior to HP-897) has challenged the offensive line to a contest to see who can destroy her the worst. For this, they are paying $50,000, so the guys are extremely motivated to make sure Holly can survive it. Slade believes his treatment can ensure that she will. After Cheryl finishes her session with some ab kicking and stomping, Slade has the others stretch Holly out and he does his own diagnostic beating of her face, body and feet to assess the massive damage. After satisfying himself with his own fists that Holly is completely shattered, he gives her an injection of his secret serum and has the others activate it using a couple of tasers. They tase all over Holly’s body and leave her spasming in the ring for the serum to do its work. A little while later, Holly has recovered enough to pull herself to her feet. The men are on her immediately - testing her jaw, ribs and abs with punches to discover that she has in fact made an amazing recovery. However, they are not yet convinced that she can absorb two more hours of punishment from ten professional football players, so they decide to perform their own five-on-one test beating. They start with several slams of Holly’s head to the turnbuckle, and then get to work on her chin. She is then immediately put into tree of woe, and they work over her vulnerable abs. Holly’s abs are further punished in a cruelly-stretched back breaker position, and then her crotch is attacked while she endures a double bow and arrow. Desperate to find a way for all of them to attack her at once, they carry Holly to the edge of the ring and two of the men work on her face from outside the ring while the others pound her body and legs inside. The ladies come outside to rip at Holly’s face and then pull her taught while each guy takes a turn straddling and pummeling her abs. They then spin her around and we get sole-on view as they do an unbelievable amount of destructive work to her feet. The five finish off with a couple of trips around the world - where Holly is stretched out and slowly rotated as her body is attacked from all angles. Satisfied that this has been an adequate test beating, the ladies once again activate the serum with the tasers and leave Holly to see if she will once again make a recovery. Another strong edition in the “Anything for….” Series, this one has many of the old favorite themes – Hollywood exhausted, injured, outnumbered and viciously destroyed, but introduces some electroshock torture and some great close-up camera work of her abs and feet taking a pounding. Poor Hoilywood is left dangling in the ropes contemplating the upcoming grand finale of her day of beatings when the Rams come to visit her.

HP-894 Sumiko's Animal Holds Adventure (2 Parts) S


The camera opens on Hollywood looking sexy in a red bikini and she complains to the cameraman that Sumiko has been talking trash about Hollywood to her fans and vows revenge. We then pan to Sumiko doing her “first live stream” and answers a question about putting a jobber through all the “animal holds” to which she responds that Hollywood would be the perfect jobber for that match. Sumiko continues her live stream as Hollywood barges in and attacks. Sumiko is subjected to the Dragon Sleeper by Hollywood and the live stream soon becomes Sumiko being put through the catalog of animal holds by Hollywood! Sumiko struggles and struggles but cannot gain the upper hand as Hollywood turns on her “bad girl” persona in full effect. Sumiko is subjected to the dragon sleeper, camel clutch, Bostnn crab, abdominal stretch, bear hugs, chicken wing, and many, many more. Poor, poor Sumiko suffers greatly at the hands of the ring veteran.

HP-869 Jessie Belles vs Betty Battles vs Hollywood (2 Parts) S


Hey pro-style fans, it’s time for a triple threat match! Jessie is feeling over confident in her rose print one piece as she brags to Betty, dressed in a black on piece, about how she beat both Betty and Hollywood in one on one competition. Hearing the bragging, Hollywood enters in a sexy black tie up the front one piece and attacks Jessie from behind. The triple match is on! What ensures is a full on pro-style ladies triple threat match with tons of pro holds like the surfboard, arm bars, leg scissors, camel clutch, full nelsons, step over toe holds, there is even a double sleeper hold! This match does not disappoint, it is non-stop action from beginning to end. Does Jessie make good on her promise to win again?

HP-881 Belly Button Torture (2 Parts) S


Sumiko (dressed in a black crop top and black leggings) has captured Hollywood (dressed in a long sleeve black crop top and tight jeans). Sumiko has Hollywood tied to her bed and explains that she has always wanted to “examine” Hollywood’s belly button. Hollywood protests, but her protests soon turn to giggles as Sumiko begins to torture Hollywood’s defenseless belly button. Sumiko uses many objects, like a comb, chopsticks, and other devices to torment Hollywood as she struggles and struggles in vain to get free. Does Hollywood get away and seek revenge, or does she just end up as Sumiko’s play toy?

HP-884 Hollywood vs Astrid (3 Parts) S


It is a timeless battle, the young grappler vs the veteran, as Astrid takes on Hollywood. Both ladies are stretching out and getting ready, Hollywood is looking sexy wearing a black bikini, black wrestling boots, and black mess gloves. Astrid is looking sexy as well in a pink bikini and wrestling boots. The two ladies get things moving with a test of strength and Hollywood quickly takes the advantage and lets the rookie know that she is in trouble. Hollywood presses her advantage with leg scissors, a figure four choke, and a few other moves before finishing off the young challenger with sleeper hold. However, things aren’t over yet, Astrid recovers and now it time for the veteran to get a taste of her own medicine! Hollywood struggles to regain control of the match as Astrid begins putting her into the same moves she suffered through earlier in the match! Can Hollywood recover and win the day or will the you talent take the victory? This match is full of lots of pro moves and is shot on location in the ring at DT Productions.

HP-893 Hollywood vs Cheryl (2 Parts) S


GLOW fans, you all know it NEVER gets any better than this! Pro-style, in the ring, wrestling between two of the best ever from GLOW. Hollywood, dressed in a black bottom, and white top takes on Cheryl, dressed in a blue two piece, in an all out battle. These two ladies have known each other for years and while they may be friends outside the ring, they sure look like sworn enemies in this contest. They waste no time at all putting each other to the test with arm bars, leg locks, snapmares, the crippler cross face, hair pulling, the surfboard, rocking horse and much, much more. Both women struggle as they try to gain the upper hand in this see-saw battle of GLOW's finest. In the end, there can be only one winner, who will it be? The viewer of course!!

HP-897 Anything for Love (2 Parts) S


Hollywood is now several hours into a series of beatdowns engineered by Darrius and Duncan in Anything for Charity (HP-848). At the beginning of this video, Jennifer Thomas enters the ring room and we get to see her amused reactions to what sounds like a massive beating of Hollywood going on off-camera. She enters the ring to find Duncan and Darrius waving goodbye to the starting defensive line of the LA Rams, who just spent the last hour further decimating Hollywood’s already destroyed body. Though she still has hours more of appointments, Duncan goes off to drum up even more business (after a quick and brutal goodbye to poor Hollywood). Although Hollywood is supposed to be resting to gain strength for the violence she still has to endure, Jen talks Darrius into letting her take some shots on helpless Holly while he describes her last several hours of torture to Jen. Pretty soon, Jen’s light beating escalates to a serious clubbing of Hollywood’s stretched and vulnerable abs. She is saved temporarily when Jen receives a phone call that she needs to take. While Jen is out of the ring, her boyfriend, Gary, comes to see if Hollywood is really sacrificing her body for charity. Darrius also lets him take a few shots, but Gary is touching Hollywood’s abs and ribs in a much softer way when he is caught by Jen. Although she is initially enraged, Jen decides that, since she loves Gary, she will allow him to experience his fantasy of gently caressing Holly’s body. The one catch is that while Gary fondles, Jen and Darrius will be totally destroying another part of Hollywood. Any notion of a rest period for Hollywood is eliminated as they drag her to the side of the ring and bring her back to consciousness with smelling salts. Gary caresses her face from outside the ring (although he also throws an occasional punch) while the other two brutalize her crotch from inside. They switch positions and Gary massages her stomach while the others pound and claw Hollywood’s beautiful face. They rotate her and her feet are tied and beaten by Jen and Darrius and then tied and massaged by Gary while the other two work on her abs. By the time Gary starts giving Hollywood a back rub (while the others literally kick her butt), he decides that he enjoys treating Hollywood with violence much more than gentleness and he joins his girlfriend in one more brutal beating of Hollywood’s body and face - which arouses them both so much that they quickly leave together. Not too long later, Duncan returns having been successful in finding even more customers willing to pay to assault and batter Hollywood for charity. Thinking that she has been enjoying a nice rest, Duncan puts her in the corner and warms up her face and belly with his fists while Darrius readies the next group for their session with Hollywood. Nobody looks as good taking an incredibly brutal beating as Hollywood, and thanks to Duncan’s salesmanship - she will have lots more brutal beatings to take. We invite you to look forward to future installments of the “Anything for….” series.

HP-876 Hollywood vs Allie Parker (2 Parts) S


Ok prostyle fans, here is another great match just for you! Allie Parker (looking hot in a white top and maroon bottom) is in the ring getting ready for her next match with Hollywood. Hollywood enters dressed in a green bikini and black fishnet gloves, looking as hot as ever! The two women exchange some verbal jabs and then things get real! It starts with a test of strength, which Allie wins. The two sexy ladies then lock up and Allie presses her advantage over the ring veteran by kneeing Hollywood in the stomach. Things never really get much better for Hollywood as she is knocked down, thrown into the corner repeatedly, choked with a boot to the throat in the corner and much more. Hollywood struggles to get back in the match, but is subjected to the Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, mutiple pin attemtps, knees to the stomach, legs scissors, hair pulling, a full nelson, and much more. Hollywood does try to mount a comeback, but is it enough to defeat this young up and comer?

HP-891 Saharra Huxly vs Hollywood (3 Parts) S


Shot on location by DT Productions... In yet another match of these two titans, Hollywood, dressed in a skimpy gold bikini and gold shoes, takes on Saharra, dressed in a menacing black one piece. The match starts out with Saharra beating the tar out of Hollywood, poor Hollywood struggles to gain any kind of advantage, but Saharra is just too strong. Hollywood is on the receiving end of multiple leg scissors, camel clutches, Boston Crabs, and much, much more. But after a knockout, as Saharra turns her back on her foe to gloat, Hollywood recovers and attacks! It is now Hollywood's turn to beat up on Saharra! Does Hollywood get her revenge or just receive more punishment?

HP-880 Hollywood Rulz (3 Parts) S


The match begins with Christine Dupress looking hot in a loose fitting black one piece outfit. Hollywood is in the other corner in a one of her signature GLOW pink and black one piece outfits. (Yes fans this is ACTUALLY one of her GLOW outfits!) The match between these two veterans is fast and fierce. They have met many, many times in the past and the know each others weaknesses. The two combatants bring hard and heavy and each struggles to dominate the other throught the match using legs scissors, choke holds, camel clutches, back breakers, sleeper holds, belly punches, and of course since the match is in a ring, the ropes are used as well. Who is the victor amoung these two lovely ring veterans? Get this HOT match and see!!

HP-868 Jessie B vs Hollywood(2 Parts) S


It's a battle of the rookie vs the veteran! Jessie B is dressed in a red one piece, black net stockings, and black boots and is ready to take on Hollywood, dressed in all black with black wrestling boots. After a brief introduction, the two ladies start with a test of strength. Hollywood tries to cheat by biting Jessie, which doesn't end well as Jessie takes the advantage and applies pressure to the hold forcing Hollywood to her knees. Hollywood counters with a low blow and attempts to put the youngster out with a sleeper hold, a wicked hair pull ends that quickly and the struggle continues. Both ladies grapple and struggle to take the advantage in this match with plenty of wrestling moves like arm bar, the keister bounce, leg scissors, knee to the back, belly punches, figure four leg lock, and much, much more. DOes the veteran win the day or does the youngster have her number? Get this amazing video and find out!!

HP-866 Hollywood Trains Chloe(2 Parts) S


Chloe is stretching wearing a black one piece and white wrestling boots. Hollywood enters wearing a black bottom and pink top with black wrestling boots. Hollywood starts with a review of the holds (lock-up, test of strength, full nelson) that she taught Chloe in the past. The ladies switch roles and "Chloes starts putting the moves on Hollywood. From here things begin to progress as Hollywood teaches new moves to Chloe like the camel clutch, knee to the back, full nelson with leg scissors, leg scissors, arm bar, and much, much more. The two ladies take turns being put in holds and struggling to try and break free. If you enjoy watching Hollywood teach new wrestlers "the ropes" then this video is for you!!

HP-875 Hollywood vs. Allie Parker (2 Parts) S


Pro style fans rejoice, this match is what you have been waiting for! Hollywood (looking sexy in a leopard print one piece) is taking on Allie Parker (dressed in a blue one piece) in a good old fashioned sro-style ring match. This match features Hollywood at her absolute best as she dominates Allie throughout the contest. Allie struggles to try and combat Hollywood who uses her veteran experience to force Allie into one painful move after another. Some of the move you will see include belly punches, leg scissors, rope chokes, sleeper holds, low blows, the figure four leg lock, and much, much more!

HP-867 Jessie Belles vs Bettie Battles (2 Parts) S


Welcome Jessie Belles (dressed in a Confederate one piece) and Bettie Battles (dressed in a blue one piece) to Hollywould Productions! These 2 ladies waste no time in trash talking each other and insulting each others heritage. The words soon turn to blows and these two vicious combatants go at it full force with tons of pro moves like the camel clutch, headlocks, knee lifts, leg scissors, figure four leg lock, and much, much more. As they take turns trading blows, each woman struggles to gain the upper hand against her foe. It's not all good clean wrestling folks, both ladies are deteremined to win and resort to any means necessary to win the match... Who emerges victorious? Get this great video featuring two fresh faces and find out!

HP-862 Robbing Hollywood (2 Parts) S


Sumiko sneaks down the steps looking hot in tight jeans and a gray sweater, she is intent on robbing Hollywood. Hollywood soon enters in tight jeans and a black sweatshirt realizing that there is a burglar in her house. She quickly removes her shoes and sweatshirt, revealing a black bra, in order to sneak up on the burglar. Hollywood findts her prey and the beat down is on!! Hollywood delivers several punches to the face in an effort to subdue her foe; however, Hollywood gets cocky in her abilities and gets surprised by her crafty opponent when trying to apply a sleeper hold... The evil burglar soon turns the tables and starts beating up Hollywood! What follows is a back and forth battle between to great adversaries that you DO NOT want to miss! These ladies take turn putting each other in wreslting holds, but they also punch each other's bellies, tickle feet, and much, much more. Does Hollywood come out victorious or does the wily Sumiko win the day? Get this HOT video and find out!!

HP-850 The Intern (2 Parts) S


Business executive Hollywood walks into the room dressed in a short skirt and blouse. She feels like today is a good day to mess with her intern. She calls him into her office from his workout at the gym and chastises him for his appearance. She orders him to get her M&M's and sends him off, but not before noticing that he was looking at her feet and legs. The poor hapless intern returns with the M&M's only to endure more humiliation at the hands, and feet, of his boss. The cruel supervisor forces him to eat M&M's out of her toes, she rubs her feet on his head and face, and much, much more. If you are a fan of Hollywood's feet and legs, this is the video for you!!

HP-853 Destruction of Hollywood II (2 Parts) S


After previously having had her ass handed to her by a mysterious masked man, Hollywood is more pissed off than ever and out to kick someone's ass.   While still wearing her super sexy USA thong bikini from her previous beating, she is commenting about how upset she is and the evil man appears again.  The two grapplers exchange some words and the fight is on!  Unfortunately for our poor heroine, things do not go as she planned, as she is again beaten to a pulp and put through punishing moves like a head lock with punches to the face, the camel clutch, figure four choke, test of strength, arm bar, multiple stomach punches, and much, much more.  Then, once again, poor, poor Hollywood has her wrists and ankles tied and struggle as she may against her bonds, she cannot escape and receives more stomach abuse and chokes from her merciless foe!  Hollywood really takes a beating in this video, so if you are a fan of the one sided beat down, then this video is definitely for you!!  Does Hollywood eventually escape to fight another day or does the vile masked man take her away to suffer yet another beating at a later date?  Get this HOT video today and find out!!

HP-860 Hollywood vs Goldie Boxing (2 Parts) S


These two ladies have met many times in the past, this time it's a good old fashion boxing grudge match!  Hollywood and Goldie are both dressed in sexy black bikinis and are ready for action.  Hollywood is sporting pink boxing gloves while Goldie ops for a pair of black gloves.  The action is fast and furious right from the opening bell.  Both ladies take turns with vicious body shots, punches to the face, upper cuts, and even a couple low blows.  Each combatant struggles to gain the upper hand and win the match.  Who will it be?

HP-861 Hollywood vs Sumiko (2 Parts) S


This battle is TOO HOT TO HANDLE!!  The great Hollywood dressed in a black bikini with fishnet gloves against the equally sexy SUmiko dressed in black bikini.  It never gets any better than these sexy ladies!  The battle is fierce and intense as the two ladies trade off putting each other in many different moves like the camel clutch, bow and arrow, stomach punches, multiple knock outs via sleeper hold (Hollywood even toys with knocking out Sumiko at one point, just to knock her out anyway), the Boston Crab, HOM knock outs, a grapvine, many pin falls, and much, much more.  Each lady takes great pleasure in making her opponent struggle in the move in which she is trapped.  In the end, the loser is bound and gagged.

How is the winner?  The viewer of course!!

HP-852 Hollywood Ambushed (2 Parts) S


Hollywood is lying unconscious on the floor after a severe beating, she is wearing a sexy black top, black bikini bottom, and high heels.  A man enters the room and tries to see if she is OK.  After he picks her up, he realizes who she is and puts on a mask.  The evil doer then proceeds to give Hollywood another beat down!  Poor Hollywood never wakes up during this video.  She is subjected to belly punches, back breakers, bear hugs, leg scissors to her stomach and neck, and much, much more!  If you like Hollywood as a rag doll who can only moan, then this video is definitely for you!

HP-821 ReBreaking Hollywood (2 Parts) S


After having been beaten up by one of Jennifer Thomas' goons, Hollywood is preparing for another match with Jennifer to get revenge.  She is in the green room looking sexy in her USA thong bikini and  is busy preparing for the match with sit ups, pushups, and stretching, she then stands up and begins nervously pacing the room.  Soon the same goon arrives and taps her on the shoulder.  The beat down begins!  Hollywood struggles with the attacker, but he is too strong, he puts her arms over her head and pushes her against the wall to deliver devastating belly punches that soften up our poor damsel for what is to come...  Struggle as she may Hollywood can't break free of this vile man.  She is subjected to more belly punches, stomach claws, abdominal stretches, back breakers, bear hugs, full nelsons, multiple knock outs and much, much more.  She even suffers the humiliation of knowing that he is recording this beat down for Jennifer to enjoy watching Hollywood's violent efforts to get free later!  In the end Holly, ends up broken, defeated, and tied up for Jennifer's pleasure.

HP-702 Hollywood vs Skylar Rayne (2 Parts) S


Hollywood is relaxing and looking sexy in one of her USA bikinis and black boots, she is getting ready to enjoy a night to herself and watch a documentary on TV.  Skylar enters in a pink bikini and black boots, she takes the TV remote from Hollywood and changes the channel.  An argument ensues and soon comes to blows.  The women quickly remove their boots and the cat fight is on!!  The grapplers lock up and Skylar soon has a struggling Hollywood down on the couch and chokes her out.  The dazed Hollywood awakens to find her foe watching cartoons!  This causes another cat fight to erupt and Hollywood starts pounding the mid-section of her opponents with rapid stomach punches.  A see-saw battle is waged between the two women as they each struggle to take control of the other with plenty of stomach punches, knees to the stomach, knockouts, head locks, and much, much more...  Who is the final victor and wins control of the remote?

HP-848 Anything For Charity (3 Parts) S


This video begins with Darrius and Duncan carrying Hollywood, already badly beaten and tied hand and foot, into the ring.  The guys have taken her from the site of her recent 4-on-1 annihilation in Anything is Possible (HP-842) and have developed a cruel plan to charge people to destroy her.  They read a Facebook post which is supposedly from the glamour girl herself in which she offers her fans the chance to beat her in half hour sessions if they make a donation to her favorite charity.  The fans don’t know that her two former employees wrote the post and plan to pocket all the donations themselves.  As the reservations and PayPals roll in, the two guys untie poor Hollywood, gag her and begin to soften her up until the first charitable donor arrives.  As they pound Hollywood in a corner, Kristie Etzold barrels into the ring, shoves the two guys aside and begins Hollywood’s first official beating-for-charity.  Kristie holds a grudge against Hollywood for refusing to work with her in Kristie’s struggling video company, so she decides to take her frustrations out on our lovely victim’s face and body.  The two men offer their services as brutal assistants, providing Kristie help in dishing out the punishment and giving her weapons, claiming that Hollywood directed them to do this so that all her fans could experience what it is like to dish out an “extreme” beatdown.

Hollywood is punched viciously in the corner and then clubbed repeatedly to the head before the three of them tear into her abs.  Stretched in various positions, Hollywood’s midsection absorbs a massive beating.  When she finally passes out after they snap one of her ribs for fun, they immediately wake her with smelling salts and then get to work on her legs (including monstrous punishment with the ring corner poll), butt  and feet.  They drag Hollywood to the edge of the ring and the guys pummel her face from outside the ring while Kristie continues demolition of her stomach inside.  When they switch places, Kristie gleefully rips and claws at Hollywood’s beautiful face while the guys stomp and club away at her body.  The team finishes off by tying Hollywood to the ring ropes and giving her a good old-fashioned 3-on-1 pummeling with their fists to her gut. While Kristie beats her ferociously, she does respect Hollywood for sacrificing herself for charity.  But she also gets her money’s worth of punishment and then some.

Fans of extreme action must have this video.  Once again, Hollywood is sweatily stunning as she is overwhelmed and mauled by many gleefully vicious attackers.  When the video ends, several questions remain – how much more will Hollywood have to take, who will be next to give it to her, and how much sexier can she look as she endures hours of brutal attention from her charity-loving fans and foes?

HP-845 Poltergeist Punishment (2 Parts) S


Hollywood arrives for her photo shoot looking HOT wearing a sexy pink top, black bikini bottom, and black heels.  As she is admiring the work of the photographer who is going to take her pictures, she calls out to see if anyone is around.  She notices that it feels cold in the room and then sits down on the couch to wait for the photographer to arrive.  Little does she realize but our sexy model has been tricked into a trap!  The house is haunted by a poltergeist the must be appeased by the owner with fresh souls.  Hollywood begins to feel a strange sensation and although she struggles to fight it, she begins to beat herself up! The poltergeist forces Hollywood to torture herself with belly punches, double axe handles to the stomach, hair pulling, slamming her head into the wall, furniture, and floor, she is dragged along the floor by an unseen force and much, much more.  She suffers multiple knockouts as she struggles to fight against the evil force that is trying to feed off of her energy.  Does she escape, or is she just another victim of the terrible poltergeist?


HP-820 Breaking Hollywood (2 Parts) S


Caught on the security camera from the green room...

Hollywood is sitting in a chair looking hot in her electric blue bikini.  She is concerned about her upcoming match with Jennifer Thomas , and knowing that she has to bring her "game" to even have a chance in the match, Hollywood tries to calm down and stay focused.  A masked man enters and tells her that she isn't going to make it to the match, or at least not in any state where she can win it!  Hollywood tries to leave, but the vile man delivers a vicious beat down meant to "soften up the competition" for Jennifer.  Hollywood suffers through belly punches, sleeper holds, multiple knockouts, stomach claws, back breakers and much, much more.  Our struggling heroine is defeated yet again in a one-sided beat down that leaves the viewer wondering how she will ever make it her match!!


HP-830 Destruction of Hollywood (2 Parts) S


Hollywood is looking extremely sexy in her USA thong bikini, but she has a very cocky attitude as she tells the camera that she is going to "kick someone's ass!"  A masked man enters and challenges her.  Before Hollywood even knows what hit her, the villain puts her in a headlock and delivers multiple punches to the face that incapacitate her and she falls to the floor.  Things never get any better for our poor struggling Hollywood as she is subjected to multiple torturous holds such as the camel clutch, Boston Crab, over the knee back breaker, the torture rack, and more.  Furthermore, she endures belly punching, kicks to the stomach, gut stomps, and more stomach abuse.  She is knocked out several times and eventually has her wrists tied behind her back and her ankles tied.  Just when she thinks the torture will end, the vile man continues to abuse her stomach with more punches, stomps, and kicks while she is bound.  Hollywood really takes a beating in this one folks!  If you are a fan of Hollywood taking a good ole fashion one sided beat down, then this is the video for you!!

HP-825 Amazon Annie vs Hollywood (2 Parts) S


The darkened room sets the tone for this beat down.  Amazon Annie is waiting for Hollywood to arrive wearing a red one piece outfit.  She reacts happily as Hollywood arrives with a cheery greeting.  The cheer soon ends as Hollywood, dressed in a sexy blue bikini, delivers a double axe handle to poor Annie's face.  The attacker laughs deviantly as she calls her fallen foe a "sucker" and presses her attack.  Poor Annie never really gets started in this match, it is total domination by Hollywood!  She delivers multiple punches to Annie to her face and stomach, put her in the camel clutch, Boston crab, surfboard, figure four leg lock, full nelson, step over toe hold, choke holds, sleeper holds, delivers face claws, and much, much more!  If you love when Hollywood gets the upper hand and wins a match, this one is for you!  This is Hollywood at her old school "bad girl" best!

HP-819 Kidnapped Part 3: Holly's Feet (2 Parts) S


The off screen captor orders Hollywood into the room.  She enters wearing a sexy USA bikini and starts off very confrontational with the villain.  She demands to know information about why she was kidnapped and how he is being paid, etc.  She then asks if she will get any of the money that is promised to him for getting his brothers out of jail.  He replies that he will "think about it" but she most "behave" and do what he says.  Our poor defenseless heroine begins rubbing her feet, but asks to be shown how the internet buyer wants her to rub her feet.  The evil man shows her what to do and she complies to his wishes.  The beaten champion continues to rub her feet and follow the orders of the mysterious man while he receives feedback from the unknown buyer who is watching via live stream.  Besides rubbing her feet, Hollywood puts on socks and boots and takes them off SLOWLY, she does calf raises with both feet and then one foot at a time while showing her other foot to the camera and much, much more!  And there is even a special surprise ending that leaves you wanting more...  If you are a fan of Hollywood's feet, this video is for you!

HP-816 Hollywood Exercise: "Kidnapped It Begins " (2 Parts) S


Hollywood enters wearing a sexy black bikini top and black short shorts; she starts her workout routine by stretching out her lovely body.  She continues stretching with some deep breathing yoga poses.  Our sexy wrestler then transitions to some leg lifts, leg circles, leg bends, and a few other leg moves all while showing her feet to the camera.  Hollywood then shows us how she keeps her abs looking so sexy by performing part of her tough abdominal workout for the camera.  The viewer is then treated to some additional yoga poses before Hollywood performs some calf raises and again shows off her bare feet to the camera.  Finally, Hollywood removes her short shorts to reveal her black bikini bottom and says its time to "relax" after a hard workout.  An hour after she falls asleep, a masked man appears, rubs his hands over her body, and as she awakens knockouts her out with a knockout drug .  The evil villain is then seen carrying her off screen.  What will happen next??

HP-835 Hollywood in "Alien Abduction" (2 Parts) S


Hollywood is relaxing at home looking sexy is a black button shirt, black short shorts, and black heels.  She gets a phone call from her friend and they are talking about an upcoming competition and Hollywood lets her friend know that she will be competing because there is a trainer coming to teach her some new moves.  They laugh and she hangs up.  The trainer arrives and turns out to be an alien...   He starts by trading moves with the veteran wrestler, but soon turns the session into a beat down!  Poor Hollywood endures, headlocks, back breakers, choke holds, bear hugs, full nelsons, and much more punishment before being incapacitated with a tainted rag.  She is left unconscious on the couch.  We fast forward one week and Hollywood enters the living room wearing a camo bikini top and black shorts.  She is talking to her friend about an upcoming vacation and soon hangs up saying that her boyfriend will soon be home.  As the unknowing lady starts to brush her hair, the alien appears from behind her and starts to run it's hands over her body.  Hollywood, thinking it is her boyfriend, reacts to his advances only to realize that it is the alien when she turns around to kiss ! Another beat down ensues, that includes stomach claws, surfboards, bear hugs, hammer locks, and much more punishment for poor Hollywood.  Does she escape and make it to her vacation or is she taken away to the alien planet?  Get this awesome video and find out!!

HP-842 Anything is Possible (3 Parts) S


This video starts at the end of one of Hollywood’s grueling ab workouts. Despite having ribs that have not fully healed from the series of brutal beatings she received in the Trap VII videosa bandaged Hollywood is unwilling to let her world-class midsection be less than completely toned, so she fights through the pain and does her normal thousand crunches. She is starting her cool down when to her dread, Jennifer, Francesca, Darrius and Duncan (the four who dished out her last and most ferocious beating before she went to the hospital) enter the room and surround her. The foursome was apparently coming to do a mixed tag-team match with each other, but are delighted to find Hollywood and seem ready to pick up where they left off with her.  

Hollywood desperately tries to appeal to their sympathy by describing her recent discharge from the hospital and herongoing painful recovery from the injuries they had caused her.  Unfortunately for Hollywood, the other four consider that to be a challenge to destroy her even worse than beforeand they launch an unprovoked four-on-one attack to her belly, face and aching ribcage. After a ping-pong face-punching session, Hollywood slumps unconscious against the wall.  The four eagerly strip her of her workout gear, leaving her bikined and barefoot, and then rush off to get weapons and other toys so that they can deliver another epic round of destruction to a now helpless Hollywood. This beating is all about several people punishing Hollywood at the same time – whether it is all of them focusing on the same part of her (usually her stomach) or destroying different parts of her in parallel.  

The team has a bottle of smelling salts that they use to immediately revive Hollywood after each of the several times that she passes out. Hollywood suffers through: beatings with hands tied behind her back; beatings on a folding chair and with a folding chair; a massive attack on her crotch while yanked into a double bow and arrow; the total destruction of her shapely ass in various positions; and an ungodly amount of punishment to her abs and ribs. 

At one point she is having her chin pummeled and eyes raked by one , while the other three are concurrently pounding her abs, crotch and feet with clubs. The finale is an exceptionally vicious 30 minute non-stop bellydestruction session.  We only see segments of that epic belly beating, but Hollywood’s entire abdomen is brutalized - sometimes by all four at one time – in a way that none of us have ever seen before. They only stop when the smelling salts can no longer revive her, and just like the Trap VII, Hollywood’s beaten and unconscious body is left on the mats to be at the mercy of whomever comes along next. Shot in a different venue than usual, this video also has a different look. This works for Hollywood, and her beautiful face and unparalleled body (particularly her muscled abs) look better than ever as they absorb an ungodly amount of punishment.  While Holly is conscious throughout, she is overwhelmed by their numbers and near constant abuse, so she is unable to put up much of a fight. Once again, her four attackers seem to delight in the destruction they are wrecking on their helpless victim, and they playfully joke with each other and taunt Hollywood as they annihilate her. If you like pure and simple many-on-one beatdowns, but on steroids, then you must purchase this one!!!

HP-798 Fan Appreciation Day (2 Parts) S


Hollywood enters the frame wear a sexy short jean skirt and gray tank top.  As she is putting on her heels, she starts addressing the camera and saying that she knows that the fans have pooled there money to have her beat up but that it's "never going to happen again."  She then starts wondering where her date is and starts looking for her phone.  Before she knows what hit her, her "date" attacks from behind and knocks her out cold! He strips her down to her black and white bikini top and black bikini bottom, while telling her that he is the one who the fans hired to beat her up! The beat down is on!!!  There is tons of belly punching, knockouts, leg scissors, choking, double axe handles to Hollywood's tight abs, belly stomps, a figure four leg lock, a camel clutch and much, much more. Hollywood is a complete rag doll in this video.  So did the fans like what they saw, or will poor Hollywood get another beat down in the future??
HP-076 A Hollywood Beatdown & Recovery (3 Parts) S


Cheryl Lightning Rusa is busy preparing for a match wearing a yellow one piece suit and as she is putting on her pro wrestling boots. Hollywood enters wearing blue warm-ups pants and a white sports bra with bare feet.  Cheryl asks if Hollywood would mind helping her out with practicing some moves for her match.  Hollywood agrees but says she needs to stretch first.  Cheryl offers to help out and puts Hollywood in an extreme back stretch.  The ladies then decide to start out with some lockups.  Cheryl is very aggressive from the start and immediately drops Hollywood into an arm bar causing Hollywood to cry out in pain.  Cheryl lets Hollywood recover and when they prepare to lockup again, she puts Hollywood in a full nelson and delivers a textbook snap mare that she transitions to a choke hold.  Cheryl then reveals that she is out for revenge on Hollywood from their last match! It doesn't get much better for poor lovely Hollywood.  She suffers a big time beatdown at the hands of Cheryl.  Hollywood is subjected to hair pulling, multiple arm bars, choke holds, bear hugs, leg kicks, belly stomps, fireman's carries, body slams, back breakers, rocking horse, you name it, Cheryl does it!  The Struggling Hollywood does manage to fight back very briefly, but Cheryl soon takes control again.  Cheryl eventually picks up Hollywood and unceremoniously dumps her in front of beautiful Barbara and says, "She's all yours."  Barbara helps Hollywood out of her pants to reveal a very small bikini bottom.  Barbara tends to the beaten down Hollywood with a tender oil massage to help her recover.  During the massage Hollywood reveals what all happened to her at the hands of Cheryl.  Hollywood, being grateful to Barbara for the wonderful recovery, teaches Barbara how to do the fireman's carry. What evil plans does Barbara have for Hollywood? Get this HOT Video now!
HP-827 Boxing With Onyx (2 Parts) S


The referee announces that today we have a boxing match between Onyx, looking hot in a black one piece and skirt, and Hollywood, looking sexy in a black and yellow one piece.  The ref says to keep it clean, but Onyx says she never agreed to keep it clean.  The two ladies go at it and Onyx immediately starts to cheat with low blows.  The ref doesn't seem to be paying too much attention as Hollywood protests.  Hollywood does manage to knock out Onyx's gold tooth, but Onyx knocks Hollywood down  After the knockdown, the ref "forgets" to count as Onyx continues to beat on the downed Hollywood.  The ref continues to mess up the counts and Onyx reveals that he is actually working for her!  This battle is an intense 3 round boxing match with Hollywood trying to prevail against all odds.  Does she do it? Or does the treacherous, cheating Onyx win the day?
HP-829 The Adventures of CamoBabe (2 Parts) S


Hollywood, playing CamoBabe, enters the room looking SMOKING HOT in a camouflage bikini and talking on the phone.  She is telling the person on the phone that she will find the missing files.  She is also carrying her gun and begins looking around the room.  She tucks her gun in her bikini bottom and continues to look around.  Suddenly, she is tapped on the shoulder and knocked out with a vicious upper cut.  The unseen villain looks over CamoBabe and takes her gun.  CamoBabe wakes up and notices her gun is missing and then sees the villain.  The villain pulls out her gun and as she protests, he shoots her.  CamoBabe again falls unconscious.  She wakes up and tries to hide so that she can regroup and try to get away.  She then tries to find the villain to retrieve her gun. Once she finds him, he shoots her again.  The villain also takes advantage of the unconscious CamoBabe and rubs her gun over her body and stomach.  CamoBabe is shot over and over again by the villain.  This video is one for the gun play fans! Does she get away and find the files? Or is she captured for good? 
HP-831 The Hypnotist (2 Parts) S


Hollywood is lying on the couch in a doctor's office wearing a black string bikini bottom, black GLOW tank top, and black heels.  She is commenting about how nervous she is about her upcoming match and can't seem to calm down and sit still.  Dr. Smith enters and Hollywood begins to tell him all about her nerves.  Dr. Smith offers to hypnotize Hollywood to help her relax.  Hollywood agrees and Dr. Smith dangles a necklace in front of Hollywood and tells her that the "trigger" for her hypnosis will be the clicking of a pen.  Dr. Smith hypnotizes Hollywood and once she is under, he tells her that every time she hears the clicking of the pen she must beat herself up!  She is to treat herself as her "own worst enemy!"  He then clicks the pen and Hollywood wakes up and begins beating herself up.  She uses belly punches, punches to her own face, and slams her head into various objects in the room.  Hollywood beats herself so badly that she knocks herself unconscious!  Dr. Smith clicks the pen to wake her up and tells her everything is fine.  He then clicks the pen again and Hollywood starts beating herself up again!  How long can this go on?  How many times will Hollywood knock herself out?  Will Hollywood make it to her match?  Get this awesome video to find out!! 
HP-828 Hollywood vs Onyx (2 Parts) S


Female wrestling fans, you are in for a real treat!  Hollywood dressed in her trademark pink and black attire takes on an old foe the beautiful Onyx, dressed in a black singlet.  These two ladies have a LONG history and it all comes out in this match!  Hollywood is visiting Onyx' home town and the match is officiated by a, shall we say, slightly sided official...  The battle is fierce with non-stop action with multiple pin and submission attempts by both ladies.  The two ladies employ every hold they know, we are treated to a test of strength, several camel clutches, figure four leg locks, numerous scissors for both the body and head, chokes, arm bars, lotus stretch, etc., etc., etc.  These two ring veterans do not disappoint!!  Who is the ultimate victor?  Get this AWESOME battle today and find out for yourself!! 
HP-824 Battling Babes (2 Parts) S


Amazon Annie enters the room looking great in a red hot one piece and sits on the couch.  Hollywood enters shortly after looking absolutely HOT in her black bikini.  The two women start talking about the upcoming Jungle Woman audition and how they are each better than the other.  Before you know it, IT'S A KNIFE FIGHT!!!  This fight is awesome!!  There is tons of action as the ladies swing the knives at each other.  They slash and stab and act out their own death scenes over and over again trying to show each just how good they are and why they deserve the part.  It's not all knife fight action though!  The loser is eventually KO'ed with a sleep hold and tied up on the floor as the victor goes to the audition.  Who will be the winner??
HP-818 Hollywood Taken - L&C (2 Parts) S


The story begins with Hollywood tied up in her hot black bikini after having been kidnapped by a masked man.  She is awoken by being tickled and told that she is going to help the villain bail his brothers out of jail by wearing a USA bikini and doing a foot fetish video for a wealthy investor.  Hollywood refuses to help the villain, so her knocks her out with a sleeper hold and unties her.  Hollywood's torment is just beginning...  She is awoken again, but this time with belly punches to her tight stomach.  The villain then proceeds to perform lift and carry moves to get Hollywood to comply with his demands!  Hollywood is put over the villain's shoulder, put into multiple fireman's carries, torture rack backbreakers, she gets a piggy back ride, she is inverted by the villain and threatened with a pile driver!  Does Hollywood give in and comply or does she stay strong???  If you are a lift and carry fan, this video is for you!!!  

HP-813 Deal of a Lifetime (2 Parts) S


Hollywood enters the lair of an online slave ring auctioneer.  She is dressed in a sexy black mini skirt with black boots, nylons, and a red tank top.  As she is looking for her foe, he surprises her from behind and as she is talking, he knocks her out cold with a vicious upper cut.  The villain then removes Hollywood's clothes and boots, leaving her in her underwear and nylons, before tying her wrists and ankles.  Hollywood awakens to see the villain placing a camera near her and she realizes that she is the next woman to be auctioned!!  To increase the bids, the villain gets input via text message from the auction bidders to gag her, tickle her feet, give her belly punches, and knock her out.  As the bids go higher, the torment keeps coming.  The villain knocks Hollywood out several times, reties her hands behind her back, tickles Hollywood relentlessly, and removes her nylons to expose Hollywood's bare feet for more tickling.  How high do the bids go?  Does Hollywood get away or is she SOLD to the highest bidder?

HP-794 Ring Match - Lightning vs Hollywood (2 Parts) S


You asked for it, so now you’re going to get it!  Two of the best that HP has to offer it is classic good girl vs bad girl match when Hollywood takes on Lighting in the ring for the time in ages!! Hollywood starts things off with some trash talking.  As the match begins, the ladies lock up and push away from each other.  Lightning soon gets Hollywood in a hammerlock and really makes her suffer.  Hollywood soon reverses the hold with the help of an elbow to the mid-section.  Now it’s time for Lightning to suffer.  Hollywood dials up the pressure until Lightning makes it to the ropes which causes the ref to make Hollywood break the hold.  The action continues with plenty of body slams, gut stomps, girls being flung into the ropes and out of the ring, choke holds, DDTs, and much, much more.  This is a real see-saw battle as these two ladies bring out all their tricks to try and take each other down!  It is a battle of the GLOWs finest that we haven’t seen in quite some time.  Who will be the winner??

HP-811 The Trap VII: A Hollywood Ending (3 Parts) S


Part 7 picks up right where the Trap VII (Part 6) left off - fading in on a close up of Hollywood’s destroyed and stretched-out stomach still being stomped, clubbed and pummeled into oblivion by Jennifer, Francesca and Darrius. They are soon joined by Duncan, who is eager to dish out some more abuse to his boss.  The first 2:30 alone has more stomach destruction than almost any other video you will ever see, and there is still more than 28 minutes left!  The four stop their belly assault long enough to quickly come up with a simple strategy – deliver anepic four-on-one beating of Hollywood before they finally allow her to get some medical attention.  They drag Hollywood to the edge of the ring so that they can all beat on her at once.  The ladies pound her body inside the ring, while the guys land haymaker after haymaker to her battered chin from outside the ring.  Then they all switch places.  It is a massively brutal sequence, and Hollywood has no recovery time before they pull her to her feet and shove her into the corner where they begin working on her head and face in earnest.  Hollywood is held tightly in place while her cranium is rocked by elbows, head butts and club strikes, and you will simply not believe some of the shots she takes to her jaw.  When they finally let her fall, they quickly lift her up and hang her upside down from the top ropes in a different corner and brutalize her abs in a tree of woe.  Not content with the soft tissue damage they are causing to her abs and organs, the maniacal foursome has Darrius drape her over his knee in a side breaker and the other three use clubs, bats and fists to shatter what remains of Hollywood’s left ribcage and savage her kidneys. Darrius and Duncan switch places and then he helps the ladies provide the same treatment to Hollywood’s right side.  

Hollywood enjoys her a short respite when Duncan agrees to trade places with the masked Gary, Jennifer’s boyfriend, who comes out from behind the camera to join in when the other three resume their attack – now focused on Hollywood’s rear end.  Once again two hold her in place while the other two demolish that perfect ass, and then they switch places.  As soon as they are done with the derriere, Hollywood is placed in a vertebrae-popping over-the-knee backbreaker so that her stretched abs can receive some more impressive destructive attention. They give her a 20 second rest and then the two men begin pounding her feet while the ladies hold her in place and do some recreational stomach punching.  Her torturers once again switch positions, and the ladies show that they can tenderize Hollywood’s soles with their fists and knees as well as the men did with a baton and bat.  The group then focuses its attack on Holly’s crotch, and she receives several low blows that you will actually feel at home.

Duncan and Gary again switch places, and Hollywood is twice put through an annihilating “around the world” sequence where two hold her and the other two pound her midsection while she is slowly rotated so that she can be hit from every angle.  After celebrating their total victory, the team ties Hollywood to the ropes and they each take some parting shots while thanking her for being such a good victim. The end has Duncan finally making the long awaited phone call to 911.

This installment provides an epic finale to a memorable 7-part chapter of the Trap series. Each builds on the last, but just when you think that her tormentors can do no more to Hollywood, they find a way to significantly up their game. In this one, it is simultaneous attacks and constant use of weapons to further devastate the body of the broken beauty.   An instant classic for belly-punching fans, Hollywood’s midsection is assaulted nearly non-stop with the most brutal attacks imaginable.  There are many instances where she has multiple fists and/or clubs hitting her at the same time.  Through it all, Hollywood is as stunning a victim as ever, and her face, abs, ass and every other part of her body (even the soles of her feet) look every bit like works of art, even as they are dismantled by the four. Nobody has ever looked this good while being beaten this bad.  If any of mixed beatdowns, ragdoll, belly punching, foot abuse or extreme punishment are your interests, you need to own this video.


HP-809 Stacy vs Hollywood "Punishment" (2 Parts) S


Hollywood arrives at the office for a "meeting" wondering why they called her in.  She decides that they called her in to punish her and sits down nervously.  Stacy attacks Hollywood from behind with a billy club and knocks her to the floor.  Stacy removes Hollywood's dress to reveal her bikini, she then wakes up Hollywood and acts like she is there to help, but the beat down is on!!  Stacy assaults Hollywood with belly punches, kicks to the abdomen, leg scissors, choke holds, sleeper holds, punches to the face, and much more!  Hollywood struggles to fight back, but is knocked out repeatedly by Stacy only to be revived and beaten some more!  This is a one sided beat down at it's finest.  Hollywood ends up tied up in bondage, does she make it to her "meeting"?



HP-802 Melissa vs Hollywood (3 Parts) S


This best out of 5 match brought to you by our friends at DT Wrestling. The match starts with some trash talking between the two ladies, which is soon followed up with a test of strength.  Which ends ends with Hollywood on the mat…  Melissa begins to press her advantage and starts putting Hollywood in all types of holds like a choke, leg scissors, surfboard, rocking horse, and a one handed choke out.  The punishment of Hollywood continues in fall two with a bear hug, kicks to the abdomen, hair pulling, and another sleeper hold!  Does Hollywood come back?  Remember it is best out of 5 falls. 



HP-801 The Trap VII Part 6 - I Can Hurt Holly Better Than You...(3 Parts)


The Trap VII (Part 5) ended with Jennifer Thomas and her boyfriend Gary carrying a freshly-beaten Hollywood from the ring in order to take her home with them so that they could continue to torture her at their leisure.  They took some pictures as they did their brutal work at home, and posted them on social media with bragging comments congratulating themselves on the worst destruction ever of Hollywood.  These posts were seen by Francesca, the star of the Trap II and III– the first “matches” in Hollywood’s current long journey of devastation.  Fran did not appreciate their comments, thinking that the initial severe beatings of Hollywood dished out by Lisa and herself were what gave all of the later upstarts the chance to take advantage of a helpless Golden Avenger.  After a war of words on the Internet, the two ladies decided to take Hollywood back to Darrius’s ring to conduct a little contest to see who could beat her up the worst.

The action starts with Jennifer and Darrius dumping a still unconscious (but stirring) Hollywood back in the ring.  As they do a little light stomping of her, they discuss the dispute with Fran. Darrius says that he has come up with the rules of a contest that will decide which of the two of them is the best destroyer of Hollywood.  Since Fran has not yet arrived, they decide not to waste a good opportunity, so they drag Hollywood to the edge of the ring and begin to work her over more seriously.  As they are laying into Hollywood, Fran arrives and is doubly furious, not only about Jennifer’s boasts, but also that they had started the beating without her.  She grabs a club and quickly catches up to them on causing damage, but the contest seems to be devolving into a free-for-all, until Darrius gains control and lays out the simple rules.  They will each alternate in destroying five different parts of Hollywood’s body for one-minute rounds.  In between each part, they will each get a minute to destroy Hollywood’s stomach in different positions.  So nine rounds each – whichever one of them wins at least five is crowned the winner.  Darrius will be their judge, helper and sometimes participant.

The destruction during the contest is everything that you would expect and more from the Trap VII series.  Fran and Jennifer work themselves into breathlessness beating Hollywood’s face, back, feet, ass and crotch, while in between each new body part they get to enjoy the opportunity to destroy her abs in four different poses, including a tree of woe and over-the-shoulder backbreaker.  Every manner of attack is employed and various clubs and pipes are used to amplify the destruction of their already badly injured prey.  Without spoiling the result, one of the contestants ends up delighted while the other takes her anger out on the victim.  Once again, Darrius defuses the situation by reminding them that they all have the common goal of wanting to hurt Hollywood as much as possible, and that the best way to achieve the goal is to work together.  Now teammates, the trio spend the last few minutes of the video dishing out triple-team destruction, and the video fades to credits with Hollywood’s stretched-out stomach being mercilessly pummeled by the feet, fists and clubs of all three of them, with seemingly no end in sight.

This installment has all of the hallmarks of The Trap VII series – multiple attackers on a completely helpless ragdoll victim, a variety of vicious methods of destruction and the humor in doling it out that you have come to expect from Hollywood’s attackers.  Their teasing banter contrasts with the vicious damage that they are inflicting their beautiful damsel-in-(major) distress who is now in her second day of absorbing nearly non-stop beatdowns.  The ending implies that Hollywood’s inevitable trip to the hospital is still not coming soon, so we can only wait in anticipation to see what more relentless abuse her perfect body and face will have to endure.


HP-786 Cigars, Brandy, Feet! (1 Part)


Hollywood is dressed in tight skirt, white blouse and high heels
She gets a call from her boss to get some work done...
she pulls out a cigar and takes off her high heels and starts rubbing her nylon feet.
She does this throughout the duration of the video.
If you're into nylons, feet and pretty girls this video is for you!! 


HP-797 Submissions (3 Parts)


Hollywood and Robin are posing for the camera when a stare down begins.  Hollywood lifts Robin off the ground and carries her around.  Then the fight is on!  Hollywood takes the upper hand early on, but Robin soon fights with poor Hollywood!  Hollywood is knocked out repeatedly only to be awakened and beaten again by Robin.  Does Hollywood come back?  Get this HOT video to find out.  There are tons of great moves in this video including the camel clutch, lots of leg scissors, chokes, arm bars, hair pulling, and many many more.


HP-796 No Rulz (3 Parts)


Robin is eager to win, saying Hollywood was lucky last time, she is going to pay! Hollywood, dressed in a white string bikini is cocky and confident!  They start with a test of strength where Hollywood is taunting Robin with the height difference. Hollywood wins the test of strength and ends on top of Robin, but then Robin turns the table and reverses the hold in her favour. From that part on, Robin is in total control, putting a struggling and squirming Hollywood from one to another amazing hold.... Get this Great vid with the 2 best in the biz to see who comes up on top!!


HP-776 Mauled Model (2 Parts)


Hollywood enters the room talking on the phone about how excited she is about the Acting call back and thinks shes got a new modeling gig.  Jennifer sneaks up behind her and knocks her out.  Jennifer strips Hollywood out of her little black dress, Hollywood is down to an animal print bikini bottom and very tight top, and as Hollywood is coming to, the beat down is on!  Jennifer relentlessly beats on Hollywood's HOT abs.  Hollywood is knocked out repeatedly by Jennifer only to be woken up to more abuse to her abs as well being tossed around the room like a rag doll by the much larger Jennifer.  The abuse doesn't stop when Hollywood is unconscious either, Jennifer continues to assault Hollywood's mid-section as she lies defenseless.  This is a one sided beat down at it's finest!  Get this HOT video today!!


HP-777 Cheryl vs Hollywood (1 Part)


This is 3 rounds of Boxing, Cheryl starts out with the red top and black shorts and red boots, getting her wrists wrapped
by the referee.
Hollywood is next, wearing a pink top, black shorts, white boots. They both have their mouth guards in and  they are ready to go!
Hollywood says 3 rounds 3 min each!
Round 1 Bell rings, the 2 go back in forth , Hollywood goes down but thats after the bell has rung.
Round 2 Bell rings, Hollywood takes the upper hand, Cheryl goes down Twice.
Round 3 !! What are you waiting for? Get this Hot boxing Match to see who the champ really is!!


HP-779 Hollywood vs FightBabe Robin (3 Parts)


This fight is all or nothing!
Hollywood is dressed in a blue bikini and her opponent in a black bikini.
The rules are as follows…
No matter how many submissions an opponent has, whoever gives up the match is the loser!
this is a prostyle match with lots of holds!
Robin dominates Hollywood tossing her around the ring and showing off her painful holds !
Hollywood struggles and is KO'd fall after fall but refuses to give up the match!
Does Hollywood endure
and turn the tables or does she give in? Two of the best out there!! You won't be disappointed!

HP-780 Hollywood Dominates Robin (3 Parts)


This video stars two of the best legends in the business!
Hollywood is in her corner dressed in her little black bikini and black wrestling boots stretching.
Robin is in the left corner dressed in a turquoise bikini and tennis shoes getting ready for her match
against Hollywood.
The match begins but immediately Hollywood knees Robin in the stomach throws her into the turnbuckle 
and starts pounding and punching away at her tight abs!
Hollywood throws the struggling Robin on the ground and puts her in a full Nelson scissor combo.
This video is nonstop action with lots of Wrestling holds Hollywood learn from her days in GLOW.
Arm bars, scissors, camel clutches, school girl pins, figure fours. You name it Hollywood does it!

Does the beautiful Robin succumb or does she fight back and win this match?

Get this very hot nonstop action video and find out!


HP-783 Reunion Revenge (1 Part)


Hollywood is busy preparing for a GLOW charity event.  She is remarking about how she can't wait to get together with the girls and put on a great show for everyone.  Little does she know that someone doesn't want her there due to jealously.  Before Hollywood is completely ready, an Evil Clown appears and knocks her out.  He then strips her out of her corset and delivers a vicious beat down to poor Hollywood.  Hollywood struggles while she's bound to a chair valiantly against her foe, but he appears to be just too strong for her. Does she get away from the clown and make it to her event or does she succumb to the beating?  

Buy this HOT video and find out!!

HP-780 Hollywood Dominates Robin (1 Part)


This video stars two of the best legends in the business!
Hollywood is in her corner dressed in her little black bikini and black wrestling boots stretching.
Robin is in the left corner dressed in a turquoise bikini and tennis shoes getting ready for her match
against Hollywood.
The match begins but immediately Hollywood knees Robin in the stomach throws her into the turnbuckle 
and starts pounding and punching away at her tight abs!
Hollywood throws the struggling Robin on the ground and puts her in a full Nelson scissor combo.
This video is nonstop action with lots of Wrestling holds Hollywood learn from her days in GLOW.
Arm bars, scissors, camel clutches, school girl pins, figure fours. You name it Hollywood does it!

Does the beautiful Robin succumb or does she fight back and win this match?

Get this very hot nonstop action video and find out!
HP-781 50 Shades of Hollywood (2 Parts)


Ms. Holly Wood is interviewing a new employee for her company.  She tells him about her past life as a wrestler and fetish modeling.  She informs the man that he is to help her act out her old wrestling and fetish fantasies.  He agrees to try to help her out.  Ms. Wood leaves to change and gives the man a villain costume to wear.  The first test is wrestling.  Ms. Wood enters in a sexy black singlet and USA print bikini.  She has her new assistant in training give her a stomach punching beat down that includes abdominal stretching, a half camel clutch, and over the knee back breaker.  She even has him knock her out and strip off the singlet.  Having past the first test, Ms. Wood has her new assistant in training bind her in bondage cuffs and tickle and belly punch her.  Does he pass all his tests and get the job?  Buy this EXTREMELY HOT video to find out!!
HP-784 The Trap VIII: Trapped on Vacation (2 Parts)


Hollywood is taking a much need vacation after suffering far too many beatings at the hand of Lisa and her friends.  As she enters her hotel room, she notices something on the bed.  To her horror, she sees the Gold Avenger bikini lying on the bed with a note.  She reads the note and realizes that she can never get away from her torment.  She is forced to wear the Gold Avenger bikini again.  The Punisher arrives and delivers a vicious belly punching beat down to Hollywood.  He stretches out her nearly broken body and brutally assaults her mid-section.  In the end, she is left tied up in bondage and left struggling on her bed.  Poor Hollywood, will this abuse ever end?
HP-778 Hollywood vs Robin (3 Parts)

The first to 8 submissions wins the match!
Hollywood and Robin are both dressed in little black bikinis and barefoot
Robin surprises Hollywood and with in seconds Hollywood is caught in a painful camel clutchHollywood struggles desperately in the hold and finally says OK OK!
Robin asks "does that mean you give up? Hollywood replies "yes I give I give!
In submission 2 the roles are reversed.
Submission 3
the girls are put in a double toe leg lock surfboard combo
from there they go into a Boston crab, a hammerlock, a chinlock, another toe hold with legs crossed at the thigh and calf
Watch these two gorgeous gals and two of the best in the biz go at it and see which one ultimately gives!
HP-771 The Trap VII (Part 5) When Gary Met Holly (3 Parts)

The Trap VII (Part 4) ended with all three of Darrius, Steve and Dr. Slade beating on Holly’s now unconscious body while she hung over the edge of the ring.  They continued to beat her that way for their own enjoyment after the cameras went off, and Dr. Slade was so impressed with Darrius’s skill in dishing out a beatdown that he decided to lure him out of Hollywood’s employment and offer him a job.  Darrius gladly accepted and celebrated after the other two left by continuing alone to pay back Hollywood for all of the wrongs he suffered by her as an employer. With the sounds of the pounding by Darrius going on in the background, this installment begins with Jennifer Thomas returning with her shy boyfriend Gary to see if he might get the chance actually participate in his ultimate fantasy – beating up Hollywood – although she doesn’t seem so happy about it.   Gary is thrilled that Hollywood is still helpless in the ring, and he and Jennifer approach Darrius and talk with him as he works over his former boss.  Darrius invites them to join him in the beating, and Gary eagerly begins punching Hollywood in the face while Darrius stomps and pummels her stomach with his club.  Jennifer joins them focusing on stomping her crotch, and the trio happily dishes out simultaneous destruction until Gary makes the mistake of stroking rather than punching Hollywood’s face in front of Jennifer. Jennifer goes into a frenzy and demonstrates on Hollywood how to punch someone in the head like you mean it.  They then stretch Hollywood out in the center of the ring where Gary delights in giving her abs another vicious pounding with an attack heavy in knees, elbows and a Louisville Slugger.  However, he once again gets himself in trouble with Jennifer for his gentle “checking” of her tenderized belly, and once again Hollywood pays the price. They do a lot more vicious ab work, some bear hugs, rib destruction and then finally an epic beating Hollywood’s crotch that leaves her spasming on the canvas.  They move on to having the men pulverize Hollywood’s already shattered feet and ankles, while Jennifer scissors her throat and pounds her stomach, but then they decide that it is more fun to watch her spasm, so her crotch takes even more vicious abuse.  Next, they tie Hollywood in the corner with legs spread over the middle ropes and take turns working on her chin and stomach before Jennifer launches a series of knees to unprotected crotch that you will have to see to believe.  The final segment involves a lot of stomping and clubbing of all parts of Hollywood’s spread-eagled body, mixed in with knees to her jaw.  They finally have to stop to clear the ring for other people, but Gary is hitting his stride and now that he no longer seems to want to touch Hollywood in a gentle way, Jennifer doesn’t want to stop his fun.  So they collect a lifeless and utterly destroyed Hollywood to take home with them.

The Trap VII series has already taken on a life of its own, and this is the most entertaining installment - and probably the most vicious.  Darrius, Jennifer and Gary delight in annihilating their helpless victim, and their playful and sometimes confrontational banter is a great backstop to the action. They prove more than ever that they are not afraid to use clubs and bats (sometimes all using them at the same time) to dole out their destruction on their poor, tortured victim.  Hollywood is not within a mile of consciousness during the entire beating, and her beautiful face and perfect body have never looked better as they absorb outrageous amounts of abuse.   It seems clear that Holly’s day of woe is not yet over, the only questions are how much more will she have to take and how unbelievable will she look while taking it?

HP-085 Hollywood vs Lightning (3 Parts)

Hollywood takes on The Masked woman (Cheryl Lightning Rusa)!
However the masked woman knows her stuff and holds! She puts Hollywood through the ringer not once or twice but several times!
Hollywood cannot escape the illegal moves the mask puts on her taking advantage of Hollywood being barefoot.
Lots of Hair pulling,  struggling, pro holds, hair whips, toe twisting/biting, body slams, gouging and smothering!  if you are a fan of
one sided beatdowns and 2 former GLOW girls who know their stuff this 30 min vid is for you!!
HP-084 Hollywood vs Babe (3 Parts)

In this outrageous catfight between Hollywood and her Rival Babe the Farmers Daughter, all hell breaks loose. As it did back in their GLOW days!
Both wearing high heels and stockings, again fighting over someone dear to their hearts. Each one KO’s the other with chokeholds, sleepers, knees on the neck and hand smothers!
If you were ever a GLOW Fan and know the history of these 2 beauties this 30 min clip is for you!!
HP-083 Sibling Rivalries (3 Parts)

Hollywood goes up against Tori Sinclair. Things start to heat up when Hollywood reads a letter that her boyfriend wrote to Tori, from there the 2 fight it out till the end. Lots of humiliation and torture from these two Beauties.
HP-082 Venus Delight vs Hollywood (3 Parts)

The two most popular battling beauties of all but only one can be the Queen of Catfights! Venus travels to Hollywood's home turf to have it out with the Wrestling Babe. These two battle it out in bras and panties, and the two tussling titans claw and bite each other, punch stomachs, trade facesits, lock up in bearhugs. Whatever it takes to claim victory in this dream matchup!
HP-583 Capturing Francesca (1 Part)

Hollywood is dressed in a leopard print top and short black skirt sitting down calling her best friend Francesca asking her to come over and go swimming. Hollywood is getting ready to capture Francesca. She hides some rope under the sofa. Fran knocks on the door and enters Hollywood's place saying she is ready for the pool! Hollywood sneaks up behind her and HOM's Fran. Francesca struggles then passes out. Hollywood's plans are to keep her there for a long time and kidnap the gorgeous Francesca. Hollywood keeps her hand over Francesca's mouth during much of this video. Hollywood wants the money that Francesca has owed her for very long time. While her best friend is out of it Hollywood finds a wad of cash in her best friends bathing suit and decides to keep it. She applies another HOM to Francesca and then decides to tie up her hands. Francesca is not going anywhere fast. Hollywood leaves the KO'd hottie with no cash and no sunglasses.
HP-724 Into The Void (1 Part)

Hollywood gets a phone call to go out with her girlfriend so she is right in the middle of changing when he masked man enters her home.
He comes up from behind her and knocks her out using some type of hypnotism and then uses a tainted cloth.  She starts to stir when she is attacked again! The perpetrator puts her in some kind of a trance then uses his magic cloth Holly is out again
He returns to apply Chokes and Belly punches to our girl then cradle carries her and drops her to the ground where she is attacked from something evil inside the closet . All of a sudden she is attacked by something evil that gets a hold of her legs and tries dragging and succeeds pulling her INTO THE VOID! if you're fan of belly punching and one sided Beat Downs and Vore this video is for you!

HP-068 Hollywood in "Cable Destruction" (3 Parts)

Well, this Video is proof positive that our precious Hollywood doesn’t always decisively dominate and defeat her male foes. We’re used to seeing her thoroughly trounce and humiliate men double her size. This time, though, she may have met her match as she goes up against her Cable installation guy who is about FOUR times her size-we’re talking a large WWF Wrestler size here!!

We start innocent enough as we get a peek into Holly’s home life as she’s lounging one late evening and receives a call concerning her installation. The Cable Guy didn’t come earlier, but now wants to show up at midnite!!…Holly tells him where to shove it and heads to the shower. Of course, he shows up anyway, and a half-naked Holly is forced to get the door as the HUGE guy storms in, pushing her aside. Her verbal tirade towards him quickly turns into a physical confrontation. Your jaw will drop in awe as the teeny gal initially picks apart her Giant-like foe. Davey vs. Goliath has nothing on this one. She slams him against the wall and repeatedly takes him down seemingly with ease. Our heroic beauty even mixes some pro-style holds in while trying to breast smother and facesit him to weaken and wear him down. 

The Size advantage starts to wear the valiant femme down, however. Cable Guy gets his second wind and begins to trounce Hollywood in Hulk-like fashion. His physical onslaught includes a series of pro-wrestling holds and submissions such as The Boston Crab and Sleeper Hold just to name a few. Ever the competitor, Holly tries to counter with additional smothering moves, but to no avail. This is a true test. Can Hollywood’s skill, experience, and cunning overcome this bad guy’s huge size, strength, and weight advantage? Has she finally bitten off more than she can chew?

You won’t be disappointed with this video as Hollywood continues her trend of coming up with new, exciting, and interesting scenarios and formats for her matches. This is definitely not your ‘same old, same old’ type of mixed contest.  NOTE:  there are areas where the volume comes in and out...  

HP-761 The Deed is Done (2 Parts)

Hollywood has been on a tear lately. Beating her opponents easily. She has been running through them, and kicking some major ass.
She had a wrestling match on this day, and though her opponent was difficult, she was still able to defeat them.
She is sore, and tired, but that doesn't stop her from attending an after party in her honor for all of her ass kicking goodness. After the party she comes home. Feeling pretty good, yet tired, and sore, she crashes on the couch.
She has another match tomorrow
what she doesn't know is her opponent is terrified of her. They're sure they're going to lose to Hollywood
And this person really wants to win, and has hired someone to make sure that happens!!!

Holly is asleep on the couch dressed in a short dress and heels!
"Razor" The hired muscle sneaks in to Holly's place He comes prepared.
He has a tool box, and a pipe wrench in hand and is ready to use it on Hollywood. To his delight, he finds her out cold! He carefully walks up to her sleeping body, and whacks our beauty on the head with the wrench to make sure she's no trouble for him.
He then begins to beat her with punches, head slams, sleepers and some HOM. After he is satisfied, he has upheld his end of the contract, he contacts her opponent, and tells them the deed is done.
That SHOULD be the end of that. But It's not.

The hired muscle had such a good time pummeling her, he's decided he wants to do it some more. He goes back to her lifeless body and removes her dress. Holly is wearing a tiny black bikini.
He Leaves on the heels, and continues his beating. More punching!
More tool usage! Even finds a tennis racket and begins jamming the end of it into her mid section!
More head slams! She's  nothing more than his own personal punching bag, and play thing.
Finally, after a horrific knock out, he leaves her broken, and beaten body on the ground.
If you are into one sided beat downs then this exciting video is for you!!
HP-760 The Trap VII Part 4 Bachelor's Degree in Beatdown (3 Parts)

At the end of the Trap VII (Part 3), Jennifer and Duncan discussed finally getting a badly beaten Hollywood some medical attention.  It turns out that they did call a doctor, and that was the worst thing that could have happened to her.  The sadistic duo called in Dr. Slade, the wrestling doctor, and his two assistants, Darrius and Steve.  Dr. Slade has been eager to find the perfect weakened victim to star in an instructional video on how to deliver the ultimate beatdown, and the destroyed body of Hollywood will make the ideal canvas on which to paint his masterpiece  - a three men on one woman beating.  He has changed Hollywood into a sexy black bikini and gives her a stimulant injection and some smelling salts so that she will be wide awake to feel all of the pain that he and his team are about to unleash on her.  While his two henchman hold her up, Slade describes and demonstrates all of the disadvantages Hollywood has and advantages they have in this match, including that they plan to use weapons.  The three of them then get right to work softening her up with a lightning strike attack on her stomach and jaw.  After she is appropriately tenderized, they get her running into various clotheslines and then follow up with body slams and other power moves.  This leads into a long and detailed lesson on how to completely destroy Hollywood’s belly, which involves placing her in a few different positions as they mercilessly pound her gut into oblivion.  Her battered feet get another systematic beating so that they are also completely shattered. Slade then decides to give Hollywood some hope of escape if she can pass a simple test.  Not surprisingly there is cheating almost immediately, and when she falls short, Hollywood is subjected to a final free for all beating.  Shot from a new interesting angle,  this final scene has the three of them going wild on Hollywood as she hangs off the edge of the ring apron.  All of them simultaneously work her abs, crotch, legs, feet and chin with a variety of punches, stomps, knees and blows with the club.  You will have to see it to believe it! This is probably the most vicious part of the Trap VII series so far.  Unlike the prior three parts, Hollywood is awake through most of the video, but completely helpless and at the mercy of her three brutal attackers.  You’ll be left wondering if finally Hollywood’s torment will end, but as video fades to credits with Slade and his men continuing to pound on her, there is no telling whether an end to Hollywood's suffering is even in sight.
HP-059 Brawling Babes! Candi vs Hollywood (3 Parts)

The lovely and talented Candi returns to Hollywould Productions! This time it's round 3 between she and Hollywood, and the heat between these two has hit an all time high!
Hollywood's at it again, borrowing things that aren't hers, without permission. This time, it's Candi's makeup. When asked if she's seen it, she, while using it, of course denies knowing of it at all. 
Candi however ends up standing behind Hollywood without her knowing it, and asks again, while she watches Hollywood using her makeup. When she again denies knowing where it is....WHAMO! All hell breaks loose!!
Candi nails Hollywood from behind with a kick to the back, that sends her flying across the room!
From here a wild catfight breaks out! 
This being the third time they've tangled here, they each go all out to make sure they win, and inflict as much pain on their opponent as possible!
Punches are thrown, and landed! Breasts are mauled with ferociousness only two wild cats could administer!
All holds are used in this wild fight, and only one can walk away victorious. Though one does, she surely knows she was just in one hell of a fight, and quite sore after winning!
HP-625 Hollywood Challenges Emily (1 Part)

Newcomer Emily Passion dressed in a polkadot bikini is stretching when Hollywood walks in dressed in her black and gold bikini and challenges the newbie to different tests of strength, including scissors, bearhugs, camel clutches arm wrestling and more!
Emily finally gets Hollywood down to the ground. Next they are going for an arm wrestling challenge. Afterwords Hollywood puts on a leg scissors onto Emilys waist Emily returns the favor demonstrating a combo full Nelson leg scissors to Hollywoods midsection.
Hollywood thinks that Emily is a cheater! Next they go at it in a brawl to brawl catfight adding more challenges in between.
Get this video to see which girl comes up on top!!

HP-746 Spellbind (1 Part)

Hollywood is in her home talking on the phone and drinking some wine.
Talking about the party that she just was at.
After drinking her wine she decides to take a nap
Dressed in a blouse and bikini and high heels. 
She knows that there has always been a ghost that has followed her from home to home. This same ghost is telling her what she should do and what she shouldn't do. She ignores it and decides to take a nap. When She wakes up she is now possessed by this entity.
The ghost tells her to start hitting herself so she starts punching her stomach harder and harder, she hits herself so hard that she ends up Knocking herself out! Next she starts hitting her head against the furniture in the house and passes out again. This goes on and on double ax handles and very hard punches to Holly's midsection until she gives herself one big major uppercut .
If you are into belly punching then this hot video is for you!!


HP-060 Hollywood & Kodi vs Cleo (3 Parts)

Hollywood has a guy show up for a session, but he wants a competitivesession, and Hollywood tells him she does semi comp only. This guy isn'thappy with that, and still wants competitive, and becomes rude about it. Hollywood takes exception to this, and really lays into the guy physically. After having some fun with him, she then drops a bomb on him, and calls in her friend Kodi. Kodi is strong lass, and one who likes competitive matches. Kodi has fun working this guy over, but soon finds out that he'll do what ever it takes to win, and I mean what ever it takes!

Hollywood isn't going to sit idly by and watch this happen, so she hops back into the action. From here a wild two on one battle takes place! This guy now has much more than he bargained for, and is not only battling for a win here, he's battling for his life!!! The two beauties unleash a fury on him that has to be seen to be believed. Hollywood relies on her vast knowledge of wrestling holds to do him in, and Kodi relies on sheer strength to control him. However, it takes a lot to slow this guy down, as he's no wimp, and quite determined not to be shown up by two women. Each time he resorts to using dirty tactics to gain the advantage, the ladies strike back, and in an even mean fashion than he does! Hollywood has fun teaching Kodi her new deadly move, the testicular claw hold, and they both use it repeatedly on the guy. This is one action packed video, featuring about any hold you can think of, and some that will just simply blow your mind when you see them applied! Kodi's short armed clothesline even impresses Hollywood a ring legend when she sees it lay the guy out quickly! This one ends up being a "watch this" type of event, as each lady shows the other just how bad she can hurt the guy. Watch and see if the guy can sustain this beating, and be able to live through it all. For lovers of seeing a guy totally beaten down by two beauties, this one is for you!



HP-075 Hollywood vs Christine DupreeSkylar (2 Parts)

What you've been asking for, Hollywood doing what she does best, prostyle wrestling in a ring!
In this thriller match, she battles her long time rival, Christine Dupree. These two have battled several times through the years with one another, and there's clearly no love lost between the two of them. A referee is brought in for this one, to try and maintain some order, but as the norm with these two titans of destruction, the poor ref is not only ignored, but also ends up battered and beaten by each lady, and then they continue on pummeling one another!


HP-759 Hollywood Boxes Skylar (1 Part)

Skylar dressed in a sexy orange bikini is boxing in her very first match against the willing and very able Hollywood! dressed in a teeny blue bikini . These two girls are even for a while until Skyler gets lucky and right hooks Hollywood down. Hollywood is determined to get back up and give Skyler one of her own! These two girls battle it out back and forth punches to the face punches to the stomach!
Only one of these drop dead girls will be champion get this video and find out!!


HP-750 The Trap X (1 Part)

The video starts with Hollywood stretching, looking hot in a tiny black bikini which really shows off her bronze tan. After a short time, Kristie shows up topless in a tiny red bikini bottom. Kristie claims that was the outfit Hollywood requested in an Email. At first Hollywood denies it. But Hollywood grabs Kristie and throws her into a corner and starts the "Revenge" beat down of Kristie. Hollywood is really fired up and uses all her knowledge of wrestling holds to put a hurting on her unsuspecting  victim. Hollywood uses body punches, stomach stomps, a school girl press, places her foot on Kristie's throat, a camel clutch, and finally KO's her with a sleeper hold. But Hollywood is not finished and continues to beat on Kristie's limp body. At this point Hollywood brings out a night stick and tortures Kristie with it. She finally admits she sent the Email requesting Kristie wear the pink bottom. She states she changed from being the "Golden Avenger" to the "Black Darkness" to get her "revenge". She continues to beat the helpless Kristie on the soles of her feet, knees and all over her body with the night stick.  Hollywood looks FANTASTIC in the black bikini and NOBODY looks better delivering a beat down. Finally, the "Golden Avenger" gets even.


HP-751 Kristie Dominates Hollywood (1 Part)

In another domination only match Hollywood is  dressed in her bikini, looking forward to training a new girl! Surprise !! Guess who comes in ? Kristi E looking to get revenge on Hollywood. She is looking to pay her back for the last match they had against each other. The evil Kristie starts in with chokes to Hollys neck followed up by a bear hug. Kristie wants Hollywood to listen up now. She uppercuts Hollywood to the jaw and delivers a big KO! Holly is down for the count and is not moving! She starts in on Hollys abs and ribs with her belly club followed up by stomach claws . Then starts in on Hollywood's elbow. She turns Holly over and starts in on beating Hollywood's feet with her club! Then starts in on twisting Holly's toes! Next she starts beating on Hollys kneecaps! Punches to the rear end. Hollywoods body is as limp as a noodle . All we can hear is the few moans and groans she is able to get out. If you are in to one side beat downs this entertaining beat down video is for you!


HP-099 The Academy Awards Battle - Hollywood vs Robin vs Antonio (3 Parts)

Get ready for a very unique and innovative video here…most 2 on 1 mixed matches are two gals pounding on one guy. What we get here is Hollywood and the Queen of Facesitting, Robin destroying Antonio AND going at it with each other at the same time. We also get one heck of a plot set up as Hollywood and Robin are watching the Pre-Academy awards show wearing nothing but their bra and undies, waiting for their designer, Antonio to show up with their dresses so they can attend. Listening to these two hotties ripping on the competition is fun in and of itself, but when they notice their dress on other celebrities followed by Antonio arriving with a polyester version of it, the fun really begins. The girls immediately get him under their overpowering control with a series of leg scissors and smothers, the first of which is a double breast smother. Remember, this guy’s a stereotypical clothes designer and not exactly into girls in any capacity. So, as Holly and Robin “torture” him with their lovely bodies, he is in no way into any of it, and screams for mercy. Robin follows up the scissoring with a deep, deep facesit while Hollywood works on various bodyparts with punches, kicks, and twists. Its at this point that they start to bicker a bit over the one dress he brought that they each wanted, and chaos starts to ensue thereafter as they go at it with one another. After they’ve had enough of each other, they return to Antonio when Robin plants her feet on his face leading to Hollywood sitting on them for a special kind of double smother. Things get really intense from here as we see the girls fighting again while sitting on his face. Where have you ever seen that done before but here? Alas, Hollywood and Robin make amends at last to finish off Antonio but good. Wait until you see the TOTEM POLE FACESIT!!!! Let your mind fill in the blanks on what that it is, (yes, its exactly what you think). After this Hollywood again starts stretching him in all kinds of ways while at the same time, Robin is grinding and riding his face like a bucking bronco. What a finale!!! Hollywood and Robin are at their sexiest and best in this video!


HP-066 Reunited: Hollywood & Godiva (3 Parts)

Two bad girls of G.L.O.W. fame, meet up, and relive the days of old. The two G.L.O.W. heels go through videos from yesteryear. These two are having a blast laughing at all the chaos they caused way back when. Nothing like seeing two bad girls laughing at how they once tortured good girls.

Godiva decides to surprise her old partner in crime, by putting on her old costume (Her famous Garden of Eden outfit). After changing, Godiva has a little accident, as she trips over her can of hairspray, and is K.O.ed from the fall. When she awakes, she finds herself totally in character of the days of old. First thing she hears is the old announcers voice yelling her name, announcing her entrance to the ring. Hearing that, she goes right at Hollywood, and a wild battle takes off from there! Godiva tells Hollywood she was nothing more than a tag team wrestler, and can't compare to her individual talents. The Street Kid, isn't liking this attack, or Godiva's words, so she fights back with all her might. However a strong blow to the head renders Hollywood unconscious. This time it is Hollywood who wakes up, and hears her name announced for her entrance to the ring. That's all it takes to fire up the street kid. She finds herself dressed in one of her old outfits, and now goes at Godiva with a vengeance! A wild battle takes place now, as the old G.L.O.W. gals battle it out using every trick in the book on each other! This is a classic battle, with all sorts of Pro Style moves used! A must see for any fan of G.L.O.W., as two of it's superstars lock up in an epic battle !!


HP-008 Jealous Girlfriend (3 Parts)

Barb, played by the beautiful Jewel, is Kim's girlfriend and is jealous of Kim's friendship with Hollywood. She challenges Hollywood to a wrestling match to teach her a lesson. She requests that Hollywood wear her sexiest outfit. Hollywood accepts the challenge and never looked better in her tiny black Iron Cross bikini, arm warmers and black boots. But Barb shows up in a denim skirt and shirt with a gun!! She sneaks up on Hollywood and knocks her out. She then pulls Hollywood up on the arm of the sofa, stretching Hollywood's great looking tight abs even tighter. She asks the camera man to take lots of pictures for Kim. Then she drags Hollywood to a coffee table and lays her out on her back. After taking off her shirt, revealing a tiny white bikini, she wakes Hollywood up, KO's her in the bedroom, KO's her in the dining room. But after being KO'd four times, Hollywood is hard to wake up. Barb gets careless allowing Hollywood to slam her into the wall. After a few body punches, a right to the jaw KO's Barb. Hollywood drags the unconscious Barb into the living room and removes her gun belt. As a wobbly Barb wakes up, she asks Hollywood for water. But when Hollywood returns, Barb attacks her with a sleeper hold, knocking her out. But this time when Hollywood wakes up, Barb removes her skirt and the wrestling match is on!! Barb is no match for Hollywood. After a few stomach punches, leg scissors and a camel clutch, Hollywood applies a sleeper hold, ending round 1. Now it is Hollywood's time to gloat. She places the gun next Barb. Did Hollywood make a mistake leaving the gun next to her challenger? Does Barb have anything left? Or has Hollywood's beat down won the day? This video features long pan shots of beautiful girls laid out in provocative sexy poses. But who will win?


HP-754 Early Checkout Part 2 (2 Parts)

Hollywood is a bounty hunter that has finally caught up with Sumiko, a jewel thief. Hollywood looks super in a tiny black bikini, black boots, and her trusty gun belt. Sumiko looks great in a skimpy white bikini. Hollywood enters Sumiko's hotel room with her gun drawn and plenty of rope. She catches Sumiko by surprise and has her tie her own feet together. But when Hollywood tries to tie her hands behind her back, Sumiko elbows Hollywood and a short fight starts. After exchanging body punches and choke holds, a knee to Hollywood's stomach, head and a right cross to her jaw, Hollywood goes down. After Sumiko removes Hollywood's gun belt, Hollywood revives as Sumiko attempts to tie her up. A terrific wrestling match between the hunted and the hunter takes place. Both beauties use leg scissors, body punches, stomach claws and choke holds to try and get the upper hand. A right cross KO's Sumiko. But when Hollywood goes for the gun, Sumiko revives and the first of several struggles over the gun starts. Each girl is temporarily stunned several times during the fight but manages to recover in time to keep from being tied up or worse yet shot!!! Finally, the two contestants are in a do or die struggle over the gun. The gun is held high between the two. Then comes the end as the gun is held between two hot well toned bodies. A shot is heard and the contest is over. One gorgeous girl is left laying on the bed as the other hastily leaves. Did the bounty hunter get her prey? or did the jewel thief escape again? Either way, the several hot struggles over the gun are worth the price of this video!!!


HP-752 Enraged Annihilation The Trap VII Part 3 (3 Parts)

There is no relief in sight for poor Hollywood. At the end of the Trap VII (Part 2), after brutally beating her for a second session in the same evening, it appeared that Darrius and Duncan were going to finally take their destroyed boss to the hospital.  However, they were immediately stopped by a powerful looking police detective played by Jennifer Thomas.  When Jennifer came to investigate reports of a woman being endlessly beaten, she intended to rescue the poor victim. However, when she discovered that the victim was Hollywood, the fantasy girl of her boyfriend Gary, she decided instead to allow the beatings to go on and to join in herself when she thought that Darrius and Duncan’s second beating had been too easy on Hollywood.

Jennifer has Duncan deposit Hollywood back in the ring and then talks to Gary directly through the camera, telling him that she is going to destroy Hollywood for him, especially the parts of her that he likes best.  She immediately starts stomping the helpless beauty, getting Duncan to join in.  She announces that the first part of Hollywood to be destroyed will be Gary’s favorite part, Hollywood’s abs.  Jennifer makes the most the first of what will be a few rounds focusing on Hollywood’s beleaguered stomach with some extremely hard punching, kicking, elbows and axe-handles, and then she remembers the baseball bat…  At the end of that punishing round, she taunts Hollywood with her own perfectly toned abs, before she and Duncan move on to launch all-out war on Hollywood’s ass (another of Gary’s favorite parts).  When they have completed the unprecedented destruction of Hollywood’s world-class rear end (along with some crotch abuse), Jennifer admonishes Duncan for the poor job that he and Darrius did in destroying Hollywood’s feet in Part 2.  Bat, billy club, rope and even teeth all come into play on fragile soles as the sadistic duo ensure that Hollywood will not be teasing Gary with high heels any time soon.  By now Jennifer has worked up a good sweat, and she returns to Hollywood’s abs, again stating that Darrius, Duncan and all of Hollywood’s earlier opponents went way too easy on Gary’s fantasy girl.  Jennifer amps up the ab destruction by making good use of the billy club while Duncan stretches Hollywood over his shoulders.  They prop her in the corner and go to town with machine gun punching and hard knees to the gut, and then they start to work on Hollywood’s face.  Gary loves Hollywood’s sculpted jawline, which makes Jennifer hate it.  She viciously attacks Hollywood’s battered chin, broken jaw and even vulnerable throat, going wild with the club and her fists. Once Jennifer has made sure that Hollywood will be taking many future meals through a straw, she again goes back to working on her midsection.  While Hollywood lies held in place by Duncan and helpless, Jennifer completely decimates her abs, ribs and back with all manner of attacks.  When done, and even though she has guaranteed Duncan that she has left no rib unbroken, they decide that Hollywood’s abs still need some more punishment, so they tie her crucifix style to the ropes and work her over more. They finally cut her down and finish her off with a final flurry of kicks, stomps and bat/club blows all over her spread-eagled body.  Only then does Jennifer finally decide that Gary will be satisfied.  

This is another hardcore offering in The Trap series.  Jennifer annihilates Hollywood’s unconscious and already badly-beaten body with a maniacal intensity seemingly fueled by equal parts jealousy, rage and glee.  She wants to simultaneously punish Hollywood for being the object of Gary’s obsession, while at the same time turn him on by brutally destroying all of his favorite parts of his favorite victim.  While Duncan once again picks Holly up at the end to take her to the hospital, he and Jennifer decide that they do not want to take the broken toy out of the playroom.  Someone else may want to play with her…


HP-057 Agent Hollywood vs The Creep (3 Parts)

Imagine being stripped to your boxers, lying there defenseless as a tall, shapely, aggressive beauty stands over you…slowly zippering up the exposed back on her skin-tight, black cat suit. You’re completely at her mercy. Well, you’ve just imagined the opening of Hollywood’s newest action packed pounding of her latest male victim.

The vicious side of Hollywood makes a triumphant return as Agent H has begun the interrogation of her prisoner, The Creep. Her goal is to pound the hell out of him until he reveals the detonation codes. The Creep is embarrassingly groveling in front of his shapely captor with one of The Agent’s stockings covering his head and a pair of her panties around his neck…she laughingly refers to him as “Panty-Head”.

The groin shots begin almost immediately. We’re talking real contact here, folks. Hollywood can be quite the little Hellcat when she wants to be…so, after doubling him over with a clean shot to the solar plexus, she winds up and !*#POW#!*!…right in the groin. Punches, kicks, knees….all targeted to the wimp’s balls. No mercy! He’s pinned against the wall and told to spread his legs…Agent H gets a running start and then kicks a field goal right through HIS uprights. You’ll feel the contact just by watching!

A haymaker of a punch knocks him out, leading us into a bit of bondage. She ties him up with her other stocking and proceeds to pounce on his entire body in every way imaginable…almost like she’s tenderizing a giant slab of meat. His slovenly body is motionless until she unleashes the devastating testicular claw. This is the move you’ve been hearing about and Hollywood applies the move with devastating fury…twisting it like a doorknob. To provide some variety in her torture, an onslaught of combination punches focus on his soft gut, leaving it a bright pink color.

Pulling The Creep up to his knees, Agent H kicks another field goal and announces she’s going to “smash his face like a pancake”. She peels off her top exposing a sexy bra and then proceeds to facesit him from all angles…some very sexy facesitting here…better than he deserves. She shimmies and rubs all over his panty covered face. Breast smothering next comes into play resulting in her bra “accidentally” popping off. Agent H now takes out her full fury on him for causing her “accidental” exposure, deciding to maul and pummel his balls until he reveals the detonation code. Will The Creep give up the code? Or better yet, will Agent Hollywood give up on kicking him in the nuts even if he does give up the code? What do you think?

HP-753 Hollywood vs Sumiko in "Spys" (2 Parts)

Tasked with retrieving a highly secretive and sensitive disc, a bodacious street dressed (Hollywood) traces the illicit material to a hotel room, which she swiftly proceeds to ransack. But, her rabid rummaging proves fruitless, only succeeding in stirring the fiery femme’s frustration. However, her chances of recovering the disc drastically improves when her bikini-clad quarry (Sumiko) returns after a day languishing by the pool. The fetching female is shocked to find her room in complete disarray — and even more startled when she’s set upon from behind by the cunning culprit! Barely able to fend for herself, the bikinied babe quickly falls victim to the intruder’s sudden, vicious assault! Dazed, confused, and utterly demoralized, her denial and unwitting knowledge of the supposed disc’s hidden location fall upon deaf ears. Unconvinced, an intense interrogation ensues, as the helplessly bound , HOM smothered and drug-addled beauty is heinously tortured and tormented by her cruel captor. In time, her pleas of innocence are drowned out by muffled cries of anguish as she’s forced to endure a constant barrage of beatings, belly punches, chokes, smothers, and nerve-clutches. Will the struggling Sumiko succumb and cop to her culpability for the missing disc, or will the final thing that escapes from her lips be her last breath?

HP-052 Six Pack of Mayhem- (3 Parts)

Featuring Tanya Danielle, Hollywood, Hurricane Havana vs Stacy Burke, Liz Lightspeed and Candi

Put 6 beauties in a ring at the same time, turn them loose on one another, and you get a 6 pack of mayhem! This six girl tag match is a best of 7 falls match, and it takes all 7 to decide a winner in this wild match!

The referee certainly has his hands full trying to keep things under control with only 2 girls in the ring at time, keeping himself from harms way, as 5 of these lovely ladies want nothing more than to hurt him badly! Plus the other is in the just to flirt with him and keep his mind off of his task at hand, which is keeping order in the ring.

This one has it all, one on one action, two on one action, and violent three on one action. PLUS even some wild mayhem when all 6 girls get in the ring at once to do battle!

The fur really flies in this one, as do the bikini tops!! Big egos are left trounced as some of the big headed girls take incredible beatings in this wild match up!

Which team will exit the ring the victors, and who gets the spoils? Find out as you watch this one unfold. BUT hang onto the edge of your seat as it is nonstop action throughout this battle, as something wild is always going on in it!

Don't miss out as this one !!

HP-044 The Party (3 Parts)

Hollywood and Jewell are getting ready for a party. Hollywood is dressing up as a Cowgirl. Jewell as an Indian girl.
As you watch them both get dressed in different rooms, you just know something is going to happen. They are each talking about impressing the same guy!
Well, it gets worse when they meet up. Not only are they trying to land the affection of the same person, Jewell tells Hollywood that she has on her gold waist chain. Hollywood says it is hers....So it's fight time!
After one girl KO's the other, she then takes the chain and leaves. When the downed victim rises, she then goes looking for it, and then goes all out to get it back.This battle is knock outs galore! Jewell even uses her tomahawk to lay Hollywood out a couple times. Hollywood relies mostly on knock out punches to lay Jewell out.This tape is for fans of KO's, as you'll see plenty of them in this Cowgirl vs Indian girl battle!

HP-040 Slippery When Wet! (3 Parts)

This action packed video begins, with Stacy and Hollywood relaxing outside talking on a hot summer day.
Stacy begins boasting how good of a wrestler she's become. Hollywood laughs and decides they should take it to the mats to see who's better.
Stacy graciously accepts Hollywood's challenge, but decides to add some stipulations to the match. She calls for a 5 fall match, AND the winner of each fall gets to administer the water torture of her choice to the loser. Ok, this is sounding interesting, water torture??
Well off to the mats they go, but after each fall they come outside for the winner to have some fun! Super Soakers are used, buckets of water, and even water balloons!
Half way through, Jewell shows up to referee this wild battle. As you can imagine, it doesn't take long before she's soaking wet and drug into the action too! It also doesn't take long before all 3 end up in the pool wrestling in there. You've gotta see this wild video. There's no friends here as they all go at it with each other, dunking, splashing and just getting wild.

HP-042 Lightning vs Kristie E (3 Parts)

While stretching out, Cheryl is attacked by Kristie. The bigger girl really gives the smaller one a working over!
Kristie relentlessly attacks Cheryl. With ease she picks her up time and time again, slamming her to the mat.Fans of lift and carry will also love this video, as Kristie with ease hoists Cheryl into the air! Little Cheryl is pounded on for a half hour straight in this battle. So if your into one sided matches, with a bigger girl dominated a smaller one, this is for you!!!

HP-743 The Trap VII Part 2 - Destruction (3 Parts)

Picking up soon after the end of the Trap VII – Part 1, Darrius and Duncan come back to the ring after enjoying a relaxing dinner.  They have decided to continue beating up their boss, Hollywood - only much more severely this time so that she will spend more time in the hospital recovering and they will get an extended vacation.  They enter the ring bringing in a club, a baseball bat and some rope, but they are surprised to find Hollywood hanging upside down and unconscious in the corner with thank you notes attached to her broken body by another group of people who apparently worked her over while the guys were away.  Wasting no time, they begin punching, stomping and kicking her as she hangs helpless.  They pull her out of the corner into the middle of the ring, stretch her out, and in one of the most brutal segments ever filmed, they completely annihilate Hollywood’s abs, sides, rib cage and back with an unbelievable number of punches and blows with the bat and club.  They then toss her into a corner and play ping pong with her chin and their fists before moving on to violently stabbing her in the gut with the tips of their weapons.  They wreck destruction on Hollywood’s crotch and then pound her feet and twist her ankles to the breaking point so that she won’t be able to make them go on despised company runs for some time.  They heap more punishment on her abs and shattered ribs in various position, cracking jokes the entire time while trying out new damaging moves, before leaving Hollywood tied to the ropes while they go to take further refreshment.  When they return, they find that in their absence someone else has once again worked over their rag doll and has left them a note of appreciation.  They get in a few more parting shots of their own and finally carry Hollywood off to get the medical attention she needed several beatings ago.

This is the most hard core of any of the Trap series, and it even makes Part 1 seem like a day at the spa for poor Hollywood.  She is subjected to another massive beating focusing primarily on her abs, ribs, back and jaw from two men out to cause her serious harm, and she is completely helpless to do anything but look fantastic while taking it.  The only question that remains is whether she will finally be transported to the hospital, or is there even more in store for the badly injured Golden Avenger. (NOTE:  the sound for this video is lower than usual, but the action and dialogue are still audible by turning up the volume of your speakers!

HP-745 Protect & Serve (a beatdown!) (1 Part)

Following the atrocious events that played out in The Trap VII - Betrayal [HP-741], Hollywood, concerned for her welfare, seeks out the advice of a reputable bodyguard (referred by one of her jealous subordinates). But, this guardian angel has a devilish mean streak, and he intends on schooling the desperate diva on “Agony 101”! Class is in session, and the first lesson is misery as the bruiser puts the hurt on Hollywood's magnificent body, using her perfectly toned abs as his playground of punishment & pain! Writhing in anguish is par for the course, as the beauteous babe is viciously ravaged and assaulted by the ruthless ruffian - a sadistic salvo of brutal belly bashes, kicks, chops, chokes, crunches, and crushes! This detestable teacher holds no punches, and our gorgeous gal is going to earn her BS Degree on Beatdowns – whether she wants to, or not! Belly tormenting fans, THIS is your front-row seat for Hollywood's taut tummy getting a serious workout! There will be a test (of fortitude)!

HP-739 The Hollywood Beatdown (1 Part)

Hollywood is on the phone talking to her friend about a terrible match she had a week ago.. However her friend has no time to listen to Holly talk about it,....Holly is dressed in a hot pink workout top and black string bikini bottom.. So she begins to narrate a horrible fight she lost, and was completely beat down horribly. As she talks about it, she begins to preform the acts on herself that the bad guy did to her. Holly KOs herself with chokes, chloro and HOM's, to only wake after a bit. When she wakes, she continues the beat down of herself, and again KOs herself til she finally KOs herself for good.

HP-028 Any Way to Win! (3 Parts)

Fans of crotch mauling are going to love this video that is loaded with it, starring two of sexiest performers today.
The lovely Stacy Burke comes home, and is shocked to find Francesca on her couch. She's even more shocked, when she finds out that Francesca is a hooker, who's just finished servicing her boyfriend
Needless to say, it's only a matter of seconds before the fur begins to fly here. After a very brief verbal confrontation, these two rip into each other with all they've got. These two fight with all their hearts, and each is determined to destroy the other.
Francesca takes control at first, and with her wicked crotch attack, it seems Stacy is finished off early. But when Francesca tells her that now she can come service her boyfriend 3 times a week now, with her crotch being shot, Stacy goes into a rage!

HP-018 Voo Doo Dolls II (3 Parts)

Due to popular demand of our first successful Voodoo Dolls release last year that featured Tanya Danielle and Stacy Burke, we are proud to announce the release of its sequel. This time around Tanya Danielle brings along her exotic looking lover (well, ex-lover as you will find out). It seems Tanya's girlfriend is looking to move on, and is not too shy on showing her the road the hard way.Angered, beaten, and dejected, Tanya schemes up a plot of revenge and visits Papa Cleo to make up a new Voodoo Doll! Tanya shows up at her ex's place, armed with Papa Cleo and his dolls, looking to settle the score!

Tanya's ex soon learns the power of Papa Cleo's "magic" as she is helplessly disabled and the subject of Tanya's brutal attack. The blond she-devil delights in her one-sided pounding as both ladies soon find themselves stripped down to only their tiny g-strings.

Facesitting, belly punching, hairpulling, and even some crotch attacks are served up on the Papa Cleo's voodoo menu of torture. Far be it for him to leave it as a one-sided beating, as the tide of the bout all of a sudden changes and Tanya is forced to suffer some abuse as well! When all is resolved in the end, two battered combatants have a little surprise for their puppeteer.

For all those fans that clamored for more after the release of Voodoo Dolls 1, you will not want to miss this great sequel. For those that missed out on the first, you will still want to check out this release, as the great action and hot ladies make it a stand alone "must have" release as well! It also marks one of the last videos featuring the acting talents (ahem) of our friend, Cleo!

HP-022 Sue Sexton vs Casey (3 Parts)

Pro style ring action returns once again to Hollywould Productions! This time it's Casey making yet another appearance for HP, and this time she faces the legendary, Sue Sexton! The company owner, the one and only, Hollywood, is out for revenge for her recent loss to Casey, and she's slated herself in as the special referee for this battle
Casey has the odds stacked against her in this battle. Taking on Sue Sexton is tough enough as it is! But, add in a referee out for your blood into the mix, and it being the ever so evil Hollywood as that ref, and you are in serious trouble!
Casey is no slouch inside the squared circle though, and can work her way around a ring well. Well enough to be victorious though? Time will tell on that!

These two veterans go at it at fast pace, and deliver all your favorite moves to one another. Drop kicks, leg drops, flying mares, you name it, they do it.
However, it isn't long before the referees role in all of this begins to play a significant part in it all. Any underhanded thing Sue does to Casey, is blatantly ignored by Hollywood. Who even makes phone calls on her cell during such activity. The boss even gets in there and delivers damage to Casey's body any chance she gets! All of which clearly making this a handicap match for Casey.
Cleo has to suffer and interview everyone afterwards, and needless to say, some are NOT going to be happy at all during their interviews!
Can Casey overcome all of this, or will Hollywood get her way, and see to it that Casey pays ever so dearly for beating her last time? You wont want to miss a second of all this wild action to find out the answers.

HP-730 Slave - Eaten Alive! (1 Part)

Hollywood works hard for her fat disgusting master. Yet he never seems satisfied until today when he decides to make her his meal. But not before he wrestles her first. Pinned under the massive weight of her fat master, our heroine is doomed. Her master swallows poor Hollywood down into his gross fat belly. Hollywood has no other option but to plead for her life deep down in the depths of his fat belly. Will her master listen and show Hollywood mercy? Or will he make her live out her days in his gross belly. Tune in to find out.

HP-023 K.O. Kasey vs Hollywood (3 Parts)

We decided here at Hollywould Productions to release a video that goes back to basics; a video that reminds us why we all fell in love with Hollywood in the first place! Video 023: Hollywood vs. KO Kasey, is a return to pro-style ring action featuring our very own Hollywood, verse a legend in the wrestling video market,Kasey!

Cleo provides us with pre-match interviews with each of the lovely combatants. During one of the interviews, a wrestler reveals her fear of being placed in one dreaded submission hold, the Boston Crab!

Once in the ring, both combatants dressed in two-piece outfits and wrestling boots, go at it “strong” from start to finish! The action seesaws back and forth, both ladies displaying their knowledge of classic wrestling holds and some good ol’ rough housing too. 

Halfway through the bout, one wrestler begins to dominate the action. The helpless victim is thrown into the corners, and pounded into near submission with kicks and blows. Just when you think this match is headed to a one-sided pounding, there is a change in the course of action. After 30 minutes of intense action, this one ends with an awesome boston crab submission (yes, the very submission the victim feared from the beginning).

HP-741 The Trap VII - Betrayal Part 1 (3 Parts)

This video picks up where the Trap VI (HP-631) left off.  Having just taken yet another massive beating from Christine and Frankie, Hollywood is lying unconscious in the ring in her golden bikini.  Her trusted employees, Darrius and Duncan, enter the ring and at first discuss finally taking her to the hospital.  However, apparently neither of the guys seems to want to be named employee of the month.  When they cannot rouse her, they decide to take advantage of this lucky turn of events to direct their simmering frustrations about their jobs into a brutal attack on the insensible beauty.  The two dissatisfied underlings launch an all-out assault on Hollywood’s already decimated midriff.  Her perfect abs are stretched out in a variety of positions to receive an ungodly amount of additional abuse – absorbing punches, kicks, knees, elbows and countless stomps.  They pummel her kidneys and obliques, and they seem to delight in destroying her rib cage – to the point of even cracking her ribs.  Hollywood has no chance to return to consciousness as they repeatedly land concussion-causing elbows to the top of her head and massive uppercuts to her delicate chin.  In a day full of beat downs, the two thuggish subordinates give their boss her worst one yet, without her even knowing it.  They leave poor Hollywood as they found her in the ring for someone else to find – or for the two of them to revisit later.

This one is not for the faint of heart, but if you would love watching a helpess Hollywood have her abs thoroughly destroyed and want to see her ragdolled by two sadistic men for an entire match, then this is your ideal video.

HP-216 Hollywood Challenges Coral (3 Parts)

Hollywood is exercising in her famous tiny gold bikini and putting her gorgeous body through the motions. Hollywood says she can beat anybody, and when Coral overhears this, she enters the room with the idea of contesting Hollywood's slef proclaimed title of champion. Coral looks fantastic in her sexy orange g-string bikini, and no doubt this will be a true battle of the babes! Coral calls out Hollywood by saying "Do you think you can beat me?" Hollywood confidently offers up that she could be her with her hands tied behind her back, and would gladly choke her to unconsciousness!!!
Very annoyed, Coral replies "You're on!!! AND, I think you're pathetic!!!" Hollywood is not about to relinquish her claim to be the best, and the battle is ON!!! Hollywood has the upper hand with a chokehold (as she promised!) and she punishes the big mouthed Coral's sexy legs with brutal holds. These two gorgeous gals go back-and-forth, each putting thier foe in merciless chokeholds, kicks, stomps, camel clutches, stomach punches, full Nelsons, waist scissors, and even a little oxygen depriving HOM! But Coral plays dirty with a vicious low blow, crotch kicking Hollywood and sending her crashig to the floor in pain! . From here the sexy catfighter Coral takes control and delivers severe beat down to Hollwyood's hot hardbody! Hollywood gets thoroughly worked over and brutally humiliated by her unrelenting opponent! Does Hollywood fight back and take control? Or does Coral wipe the mat with her and defeat her without mercy?
Get this hot sexy topless catfight and find out!!

HP-736 The Brooch (3 Parts)

Hollywood and Cheryl (lightning) have been hired to guard a valuable brooch. Being over confident, they are sun bathing in the backyard. Hollywood in a tiny silver bikini and Cheryl in a black bikini. They hear a noise in the house. Hollywood puts on her gun belt, black boots and goes to investigate sending Cheryl in to change clothes. Hollywood sneaks up behind the crook. Telling him to put his hands in the air, she calls Cheryl to tell her she has everything under control. But as Hollywood turns, the burglar knocks the gun out of her hand and proceeds to beat her up. After throwing Hollywood to the floor, the crook straddles her and starts punching her. Cheryl enters the room, she put on tiny black shorts, and knocks the thief out. After helping the dazed Hollywood up, Cheryl is sent to look for any accomplices. But when Hollywood attempts to tie the crook up, he surprises her again, knocking her out. He then picks her up and puts her in a chair. Cheryl returns to find Hollywood still out. When she touches Hollywood, she falls to the floor. Cheryl then leaves the room to find the crook. Her anger toward Hollywood’s incompetence makes her careless. As she enters the bedroom, the crook catches her off guard and starts beating her up. This time Hollywood comes to the rescue, knocking the crook out. Together they carry him into the living room and start to tie him up. But then the two guards begin arguing and get into a terrible fight. And what a fight it is. Two gorgeous girls in tiny outfits using nasty holds on each other. They throw each other around the room, use leg scissors, belly punching , camel clutches, sleeper holds, KO punches and more, back and forth it goes. This outstanding struggle makes up the majority of this video. But meanwhile, they loose track of the crook. Where does he go?  Do the girls join sides in time to catch the crook or does he get away and find "The Brooch"? 

HP-733 The Luckless Sheriff (3 Parts)

Hollywood plays a Sheriff trying to serve a warrant for Kristie Etzold’s arrest. Hollywood looks super hot in a white bikini top, skin tight blue jeans and black boots (and gun belt of course) and is a lot tougher then she looks. Kristie plays the bad girl in an all-black outfit (T-shirt and jeans). Hollywood enters the front door with her gun drawn searching for Kristie. Kristie agrees to go peacefully but wants to leave a note for her son. But when Hollywood gets pushy, Kristy jabs her with an elbow, knocking her gun away, and the fight begins. Hollywood is no match for the larger Kristie and really takes a beating, finally getting knocked out over the arm of a sofa. Kristie then decides to have fun with Hollywood. She offers the weary Sheriff a drink of water (tainted of course). The weakened Hollywood is again quickly KO’d and carried into the bedroom. Kristie places Hollywood's gun on the coffee table and takes a break on the sofa. Hollywood wakes up and staggers in to the living room, reaching for the gun. Kristie places the groggy Hollywood in a long sleeper hold that leaves her out on the coffee table. Now Kristie grabs a chair and watches the unconscious Sheriff to see what Hollywood will do next. Hollywood wakes up and surprises Kristie in a sleeper hold. But the weakened Hollywood can't keep the hold on and Kristie slams Hollywood against the wall. After a few body punches Hollywood slides down the wall, almost out of it. Next Kristie lies on the floor, daring Hollywood to attack her. Hollywood dutifully obliges, but Kristie reaches up and chokes her out. Now Kristie is done with this game and holds a tainted rag to Hollywood's gorgeous face. Kristie then leaves Hollywood out cold on the floor. Is this the end of our beautiful Sheriff? Does she finally give up? Can she overcome the odds and complete her mission?  Kristie is great at throwing body punches and Hollywood's tight abs never looked better receiving them.

HP-314 Hired Help (3 Parts)

This video has a very nice plot. Stacy Burke plays an innocent girl that Shannan stole money from. Hollywood plays the “Muscle”  Stacy hired to retrieve the cash. Stacy looks sweet in blue jean shorts, a white bikini top and blue jean jacket. Shannan plays a sexy bully in a black bikini top and black tights. Hollywood looks tough in her Iron Cross bikini top, tiny black shorts and boots. Hollywood enters Shannan's house with a bandanna covering her face. After a short search she finds the money. But before she can leave, Shannan sneaks up behind her and knocks her out. An impatient Stacy enters the house and wakes Hollywood up. Hollywood pushes Stacy out the front door and goes after the money once more. But again Shannan surprises her. Hollywood puts up a little better defense this time but is KO’d once more. Again an impatient Stacy finds her “Hired Muscle” out cold and has to revive her. Once more Hollywood pushes Stacy away and goes after the crook. For the third time Shannan surprises Hollywood. This time Hollywood puts up a good fight but still ends up out cold. Now Stacy catches Shannan in the act and knocks the crook out. But when Stacy leaves for a minute, Shannan wakes up and exits the room. When Stacy returns, she finds Hollywood still out, Shannan gone and decides to leave for herself. But Shannan catches her and a nice battle follows. Stacy is no match for the crook and ends up out on her back. When Shannan tries to tie Stacy up, Hollywood finally revives and enters the picture, forcing Shannan to untie Stacy. But Hollywood loses her concentration and Shannan is able to knock the gun out of Hollywood’s hand. Now a battle royal begins. First Shannan and Hollywood go back and forth. Just as Shannan again gains the upper hand, Stacy wakes up and joins the fun. Who is going to come out with the cash? The crook that stole it, the innocent victim or the “Hired Muscle”? Only one can win. All the girls look fantastic and these three know how to fight!!! All three look super hot lying on their backs helpless, which happens a lot in this video.

HP-731 The Horney Robber (3 Parts)

This video begins with Hollywood sunning herself in a tiny white bikini which shows off her terrifically tanned body. She owns a security agency and receives a telephone call from a client that thinks someone is robbing one of his properties. He wants Hollywood to check it personally. As tired as she is,  Hollywood reluctantly agrees, putting on a short skirt, white shirt and her gun belt. After a quick search of the property and finding no one, Hollywood calls the owner, reporting her findings and agrees to come to the office. But Christine Dupree, dressed in black, sneaks up behind Hollywood and chokes her out with a rope. Christine removes Hollywood’s gun belt, but then removes her skirt as well, leaving the helpless girl lying over the arm of the sofa in her tiny bikini. Christine can’t help but run her hands up and down Hollywood’s perfectly toned body. Christine continues to search the house for the papers she came for but cannot help coming back to play with the helpless Hollywood. Just as Christine finds the papers and attempts to leave, Hollywood wakes up and the battle is on. Back and forth the titanic struggle goes on and on. These are two experienced wrestlers. Body punches, camel clutches, leg scissors and choke holds are among the holds they both use. Each girl manages to temporarily KO their opponent several times. Finally Hollywood wins the struggle. But when she attempts to heard Christine to the police station, Christine has a surprise for the beautiful security officer. Will Hollywood get Christine to the station? Or will Christine make a fool of the bikini clad guard? Either way, Hollywood never looked better wrestling in the tiniest of bikinis.

HP-723 The Boxing Challenge (1 Part)

This boxing videos stars Hollywood in her red white and blue bikini and red boxing gloves challenging the sexy Goldie in white boxing gloves and a floral bikini.
These 2 go back-and-forth in a very aggressive boxing match.
There are (3) 3 minute rounds. Goldie has a wardrobe malfunction during the second and third round. Lots of round houses and body clinches!
You won't want to miss this one it's been a while since the two have boxed it out!
Get this video and see which one wins the championship!

HP-721 The Sabotaged (2 Parts)

When an enterprising headhunter (Hollywood) arrives for a scheduled interview with a potential hire, she quickly discovers that the industrious client has other more ambitious (and insidious!) intentions in climbing the corporate ladder! Bristling with contempt at having lost his previous employ by the corporate lackey's meddling, the ruthless 'masked' ruffian would like no better to express his utter disdain for her blatant betryal than serving up a serious beatdown to the bodacious businesswoman! Stripping her of her dignity, the baneful brute proceeds to mercilessly manhandle the fetching executive with a barbarous barrage of belly-punches, chokes, bearhugs, and backbreakers - leaving the forlorn femme wracked in anguish, tortured and broken beyond belief! Fans of Hollywood's toned, taut abs being brutalized rejoice - this is one video you dare not miss!

HP-035 Triple Threat (3 Parts)

This is a three way match between Hollywood,K.O.Kasey and Yvonne. K.O. takes it very seriously and is wearing a skin tight one piece outfit. Hollywood wants to show off her hot body and comes wearing her Iron Cross Bikini and high heeled boots. This annoys K.O. Yvonne starts off wearing a long T-shirt and tennis shoes. As the three girls start to stretch in their corners, Hollywood takes off and attacks Yvonne. After throwing Yvonne in a corner and punching her until she drops, Hollywood attacks the surprised K.O., throwing her to the mat and choking her out with a sleeper hold. Next it’s back to Yvonne, this time it takes a little longer to subdue her. Then back to K.O. Kasey. But this time Yvonne recovers before Hollywood finishes Kasey off. She grabs the surprised Hollywood and throws her into a corner and works over her hot abs pretty good, finally throwing her to the mat. K.O wakes up and now it is time for the two girls to get a little revenge on the cocky Hollywood. They do a little two on one eventually squeezing Hollywood in a tight leg scissors before picking her up and knocking her out with a right cross to the jaw. As K.O. ties up Hollywood, Yvonne removes her T-shirt revealing a tiny black bikini showing off her terrific body. She states, “If you got it, flaunt it.” With Hollywood as great looking eye candy in the back ground, Yvonne and K.O. go at it. But of course, Hollywood is down but you cannot ever count her out. She revives and joins in on the fun. Just who will come out ahead? The super sexy Hollywood? The now hot Yvonne in her tiny bikini? Or the professionally dressed K.O. looking good in her skin tight body suit? Hollywood never looked better, both as the "bad girl" early in the match and a victim of a two on one beat down later.

HP-722 "Bobbi vs Maria" (3 Parts)

This is a match between Bobbi (played by Hollywood) and Maria (played by Lightning). It starts out with Bobbi being interviewed first by the cameraman and then Maria. Each describes their favorite holds and why they are anxious for the match to start. Bobbi is older than Maria and wants to show off her wrestling skills (trained by Judell Dulong) for her husband (the reason the match is being videotaped). Bobbi is much taller than Maria and plans to use that to her advantage by placing Maria in a headlock than throwing her to the mat and use her powerful legs to scissor her into a submission. The rules for the match are simple, there is no time limit with falls determined by submission only (until one girl gives up completely). The match starts with Bobbi wearing a tiny blue bikini while Maria wears a black two piece outfit. Bobbi places Maria in a headlock but when they hit the mat it is Maria applying the leg scissors forcing Bobbi to submit. Round two doesn’t go any better for Bobbi as Maria pins her forcing another submission. In round three Bobbi finally gets Maria in her legs with a scissors around Maria’s neck, then a figure four but Maria gets out of both and applies a Boston crab forcing Bobbi to submit once more. Rounds 4, 5, and 6 go no better for poor Bobbi. Finally Bobbi is forced to admit that Maria has stronger legs, a better body and is a much better wrestler. It is a humiliating defeat for the proud girl in front of the video camera (husband and friends). But for anyone that purchases this video, Hollywood looks super-hot in all the holds Lightning can apply (camel clutch, leg scissors, stomach claws). Her tight abs look terrific when being stretched in a full nelson. Lightning shows she is truly the better wrestler!!!

HP-306 Backing The Loser (3 Parts)

Shannan has set up a match between Kristiana (looking terrific in a short white skirt and bikini top) and Hollywood (wearing her famous Iron Cross black bikini top, arm warmers and black shorts which really accents her toned body and tan). Hollywood thinks this is just a "friendly" match but Shannan has bet heavily on Kristiana. The match is to be a best of five falls where the winner has to KO the loser. The match starts out with the girls trading body punches in the corners. But Hollywood quickly takes control of the match, throwing Kristiana in a corner, body punching her and is just starting to choke her out when Shannan enters the ring, clobbering Hollywood. Kristiana is able to put the stunned Hollywood in a sleeper hold and win the first fall. Hollywood slowly wakes up, unable to understand what happened. Hollywood quickly gains control of Kristiana in Round 2 using leg scissors, leg twists, and a headlock. After throwing Kristiana in the corner, she starts to punch her until Kristiana begins to slump down. Again Shannan grabs Hollywood, this time slamming her head into the turnbuckle. She awakens Kristiana and then Kristiana is able to choke Hollywood out, winning the second fall. Again Hollywood doesn't understand what happened. Round 3 starts with Hollywood quickly dominating Kristiana proving she is definitely the better wrestler. She uses several holds on her including a flip to the mat. Hollywood throws Kristiana into a corner and starts to choke her out again. Shannan cannot let this happen and places Hollywood in a full nelson. But when Kristiana attempts to punch Hollywood, she drops to the mat out cold. Hollywood turns on Shannan and finally understands why she can't win. She challenges Shannan to a match right then and now. Shannan accepts and the match goes back and forth. Finally Hollywood gets the upper hand as Kristiana comes around. What will Kristiana do to help her backer Shannan? This match is far from over and has a definite surprise ending. Will Hollywood end up overcoming her cheating opponents? Hollywood never looked hotter with her tan and great abs. Kristiana and Shannan are pretty hot looking themselves!!


HP-334 Tomi Kat vs The Nylon Vixen (3 Parts)

This 30 min 3 part video begins with:
Scene 1
Sultry Francesca and Tomi Kat are sitting on the couch in conversation
Fran is wearing black pantyhose and a black bra Tomi Kat is dressed in a black catsuit and black boots.
Tomi leaves then comes back to rob Francesca's home lurking about her bedroom but
Francesca sneaks up behind her and KOs Tomi.
She takes off Tomi's shoes and starts fondling, massaging, kissing and licking Tomi's pantyhose nylon feet.

2nd Scene
Next we see Francesca turning on some ko gas in a room, covering her own mouth with a mask
she goes and hides,  Tomi enters on the telephone  and passes out from the smell. Fran strips Tomi out of her clothes and leaves her in her lingerie.
Fran again starts fondling, massages and licks Tomi's pretty nylon feet.
suddenly a catfight ensues with Francesca getting the upper hand she eventually chokes out Tomi.

3rd scene
Tomi is dressed in a one-piece leotard and is talking on the phone she is stretching in her living room,
Francesca sneaks in and decides she is going to take care of Tomi with a tainted cloth, Tomi goes out.
Francesca takes off Tomi's tennis shoes and starts kissing her feet then leaves.
A new day comes and Tomi wants know who has been doing these things to her, she confronts Francesca and says she wants this nonsense to stop. Hiding behind Francesca's back is a tainted bottle of knockout spray she sprays Tomi  in the face and Tomi goes out Francesca strips Tomi out  of her catsuit and goes to town on her feet. Does Tomi get away this time? Or does Francesca get her way?
This is a very old video shot in 2008 some of the audio comes in and out but the video is very good.


HP-271 The Bait (3 Parts)

Hollywood is a professional thief (dressed in a black bikini top, tights, gloves and boots, looking fantastic as always!) out to steal a valuable gold coin from Christine Dupree (in  jeans and a T-shirt). She hires a “naïve” girl (Stacy Burke) to help her find the coin. Stacy is dressed in a cute sailor’s outfit (bikini top and short skirt). Hollywood provides Stacy with a “back-up plan” (a syringe) in case things go wrong. She sends Stacy in to find the coin while she waits outside. Stacy is able to find the coin but unfortunately Christine figures out what is going on and drugs Stacy. When Stacy fails to return, Hollywood enters the house with her gun drawn and forces Christine to show her where Stacy is. Taking her to the bedroom where Stacy is lying unconscious, Hollywood becomes distracted trying to wake Stacy up. Christine, taking advantage, knocks the gun out of her hand and KO’s her in a short struggle. Christine then carries Hollywood into the living room and starts to tie her up. At this point, Stacy wakes up, enters the living room upon seeing Christine tying Hollywood up, clobbers her, knocking her out. After waking Hollywood up, the two would be crooks proceed to find the gold coin. Before they can get away, Christine wakes up and attacks Hollywood as Stacy watches. Quickly overcoming Hollywood and KO’ing her, Christine leads Stacy into the living room to have a little “fun” with her. She gets Stacy to dance and sweet talks her into betraying Hollywood. When Hollywood enters the living room with her gun drawn, mad as can be, she tells Stacy to get the syringe to put Christine away for good. However, when Stacy returns, she stabs the trusting Hollywood instead of nailing Christine!! Now Hollywood is in for a rough time as Christine and Stacy gang up on her. One holds her as the other pummels the helpless thief’s gorgeous abs!!! Will Christine turn on Stacy? Is Hollywood doomed. There is much more to this video than what is mentioned above!


HP-259 The Lovers Quarrel (3 Parts)

This video starts out with Hollywood's new boyfriend explaining how he wants to show her off to his old girlfriend (Coral ). It seems Coral had recently dumped him. Hollywood is looking unbelieveably hot in all white (bikini top, tied off shirt and a really short skirt!). Coral answers the door wearing sweats and looking rather dumpy. After apologizing for the surprise visit, the three of them sit down to an awkward silence. Coral is fuming as she sees this gorgeous new "replacement". Hollywood's boyfriend is called away, and Coral (knowing Hollywood is a wrestler) asks for Hollywood to give her some pointers. Coral's intentions are not good!) After a few warm up stretches, Hollywood shows Coral some holds: a headlock, full nelson, and while demonstrating the figure four, "accidentally" knocks Coral out. When Coral wakes up, she changes into a bra and panties with black stockings. She challenges Hollywood, and Hollywood quickly knocks her out again. When Coral wakes up, once again she challenges Hollywood. But this time she wants to move the match to a ring. When Hollywood turns to head for the ring, Coral grabs and chokes her out with Hollywood’s own neck choker. Now Coral has the upper hand and by using an object, knocks Hollywood out several times. But after a while, Hollywood gets back on top. But which girl will be in charge when Hollywood's boyfriend returns? The new or old girlfriend? Coral is a little jealous, but who wouldn't be if they were replaced by new girlfriend as HOT as Hollywood!!! Both girls fight hard, Hollywood being a little more polished as a wrestler, so Coral has to fight dirty at times!!! Both girls look incredible, and this video has a surprise ending you won’t want to miss!!!  Loaded with sleeper holds, camel clutches, & KO's!!!


HP-716 Worked Over & Out! (1 Part)

Hollywood has been hired to do a little instructional wrestling with a friend. She shows up in a revealing red string bikini and starts to warm up when she hears someone stirring about... Much to Hollywood's surprise, it isn't her friend, it is the diabolical Nemesis returning for another brutal beatdown! Poor Hollywood gets ko'ed from behind, then she awakens only to be punished by her twisted stalker. Hollywood struggles in vain as the Nemesis relentlessly pummels her gorgeous body as she pleads to deaf ears! Our sexy fav gets a severe belly beating from the psycho headcase, and he repeatedly handsmothers our unfortunate lass as she moans, groans, and gasps to his maniacal agenda. Hollywood's gorgeous body is worked over by fists, knees, and clubs! No quarter is given, and Hollywood is ultimately ko'ed with a vicious sleeperhold. Then, the Nemesis lifts her and carries her into the other room, where he plans on continuing his absolute dominance of his helpless victim! (But that's another video!!!)   


HP-640 The Pancaker/Car Crusher (1 Part)

Hollywood is in her car driving and decides she is going to run over some of her past rivals. She spots one girl, talks with her then decides to run her over and crush her. She does this with at least 10 different girls.   


HP-710 You're Not Going Dressed Like That! (1 Part)

This video starts with Hollywood sitting on the couch waiting on Michelle Collier,. Michelle is dressed in a dark blue bikini top and Blue jeans and Hollywood tight blue jeans and a very small bikini top.
They are both going to the same event, but when Michelle enters the room, Holly tells her she's not going anywhere dressed like that!! There really isn't anything wrong with what Michelle is wearing... BUT Hollywood doesn't want Michelle getting all of the attention! This isn't the first time that Michelle has stolen center stage by showing off her gorgeous body, and Hollywood decides she is going to give Michelle's abs a bit of attention...the wrong kind of attention!!!
Hollywood slams her fist into Michelle's belly and face. She punches Michelle against the wall, down on the floor, on the couch, and back to the wall again! Hollywood drives punch after punch into Michelle's battered belly as Michelle gasps for air and moans in pain, leaving Michelle's soft white skin red and swollen. Holly delights at the sound of her blows smacking into Michelle's abs! She just won't give up!! Michelle ends up completely destroyed, and in the end, she is barely able to crawl away! If you're into belly punching, one-sided domination punching, and watching the poor Michelle struggle, then this HOT belly clip is for you!!


HP-715 The Favor (2 Parts)

Hollywood and Lisa are back in action again! it's been a very long time and Lisa owes Hollywood a favor!! Hollywood has a session with one of her favorite clients but wants to wrestle and overpower her friend Lisa beforehand in order to get into a bitchy mean character. Hollywood enters Lisa's home wearing jeans and high heels. Lisa greets Holly and asks "how she is and what brings her by" Hollywood replies "well actually I seem to remember that you owe me a favor", Lisa confused doesn't know anything about a favor. Hollywood cups her chin and says "you remember" Lisa replies…" Oh .... Oh yeah okay, so what favor do I owe you ? Hollywood tells Lisa about the session she is going to have with her best client , but he wants her to be really bitchy so she needs to practice on Lisa. Lisa says "that's not nice" and Hollywood says "exactly I'm not supposed to be nice." Hollywood goes to change into a bikini and they start the first wrestling round with domination wrestling holds that include camel clutch with HOM , lotus holds, scissors , and sleeper holds. Next Hollywood goes into a 3 minute reverse and then forward face sit, followed up by a foot smear to Lisa's perfectly made up face , it's like a victory pose but a little different. Holly verbally taunts her and says "how humiliating this is and this is what friends are for and if you didn't owe people you wouldn't have to get beat up and pay back "The Favor" ! If you're a fan of these two ladies and want to see some domination, HOM and Feet than this video is for you!!!


HP-709 "Teeny Weenie Bikini Belly Punch" (1 Part)

This video starts with  Michelle Collier waiting on Hollywood. Michelle is dressed in a dark blue bikini and Hollywood in a black teeny bikini...
They are both going to the same party, but when Hollywood enters the room, Michelle tells her she's not going anywhere dressed like that!! Hollywood looks extraordinary as she flaunts her statuesque physique: from her long, shapely legs to her beautifully sculpted abs. Michelle is mad as hell, and she doesn't want Hollywood getting all of the attention! This isn't the first time that Hollywood has stolen center stage by showing off her gorgeous body, and Michelle decides she is going to give Hollywood's perfect abs a bit of attention...the wrong kind of attention!!!
Michelle slams her fist into Hollywood's belly and face. She punches Hollywood against the wall, down on the floor, on the couch, and back to the wall again! Michelle drives punch after punch into Hollywood's battered belly as Hollywood gasps for air and moans in pain, leaving Hollywood's soft skin red and swollen. Michelle delights at the sound of her blows smacking into Hollywood's abs! She just won't give up!! Hollywood ends up completely destroyed, and in the end, she barely is able to crawl away and lick her wounds! If you're into belly punching, one-sided domination punching, and watching the poor Hollywood struggle, then this HOT belly clip is for you!!


HP-712 "The Proud Fall Hard" (1 Part)

This video is for those that like a little 2 on 1 domination. Hollywood starts out in the bedroom. She is extremely confident and looks super-hot in a tiny black bikini with yellow trim and black wrestling boots. She doesn't notice Layla (in a blue and white stripped bikini) and Michelle (in a solid blue bikini) sneaking up behind her. Layla puts Hollywood in a devastating sleeper hold,knocking out the over confident babe. The two girls carry Hollywood into the living room. After awakening the gorgeous girl, the 2 on 1 beat down starts. They totally destroy Hollywood, with each girl taking turns holding Hollywood in a full nelson as their partner beats on her helpless abs. Tossing her back and forth, taking turns whaling on Hollywood’s unprotected stomach. They use stomach punches, leg kicks, stomach claws, finally knocking her out with a right cross to the jaw. However, when they wake Hollywood to continue the torture, Hollywood ducks and Layla KO’s her partner Michelle. Hollywood takes advantage of Layla and knocks her out also. Hollywood separates the two girls by carrying Layla back to the bedroom over her shoulder. Now it is Hollywood’s turn to retaliate. But, now that Hollywood has the advantage, will she forget she is fighting two foes? With them in separate rooms, it is easy to beat up Layla, but what is Michelle doing in the meantime? Hollywood never looked better than in this skimpy bikini. All three girls do a great job of applying holds and punches as well as taking them. And there is plenty of furniture to fall on!!! Will Hollywood continue to dominate? Or is she just a little too proud for her own good?


HP-713 The Robber & The Cop (1 Part)

Randy is dressed in jeans and a button down red shirt, she is a tough cop. She is about to arrest a robber  (played by Hollywood, dressed in low riding jeans and a bikini top) in a living room. Randy has a belt with handcuffs and commands the robber stand against the wall. The cop then frisks the sexy robber,  Holly then turns around and grabs one of Randy's arms, bending it behind her back, and then with the other arm starts choking Randy, she then uses 2 hands to choke her out. Holly replies "Well, well, things change fast ? Don't you think so, little copper?" Randy struggles, but Holly chokes her into unconsciousness. She becomes limp in Holly's arms. Her upper body is hanging forward, Holly is holding her around her waist then takes her down to a table, unbuttons her shirt and takes off Randy's jeans, Holly begins a belly punch beat down on the unlucky cop, punching her very hard in her lower stomach, all you can hear are the groans and moans of Randy. Holly next takes the semi-unconscious girl into a chair and ties her hands  behind her back and secures the rope around her tight abs and starts punching Randy in the stomach, when Holly removes the rope Randy collapses on the floor. Holly drags the cop onto the couch hanging her upside down over the couch and begins another series of punches to her abdomen. Next the villain takes the cop onto the floor for more relentless punishment.  Get this HOT vid with the best 2 girls in the business !


HP-703 The Boyfriend (1 Part)

This video starts with both ladies wearing low riding jeans, tank tops and leather jackets.  Goldie wants to know what Holly wants.  They circle each other slowly, Holly confronts Goldie about her coming on to her boyfriend. And Goldie replies "He's attracted to me. Holly says "Lets a fist fight and whoever wins can keep The Boyfriend.Goldie says "Bring it on! I can beat you blindfolded!" When the girls take off their jackets, Goldie's arms get stuck, so Hollywood takes advantage and starts punching Goldie.
Goldie struggles but cannot get free. Holly weakens her and throws her to the wall and starts out with face and belly punches to consolidate the advantage.  With Goldie now weakened and doubled over, Hollywood then begins the beat down.  From this point on, Goldie is more or less rag dolled and beaten down. Relentless Punches against the wall, Goldie slides down the wall with more punches there , then Holly takes her to the floor and continues the onslaught of punches! If you're a fan of one-sided belly punching vids, this clip is for you !!


HP-711 Give & Take: The Best of Hollywood Volume 2 "Tormented" (1 Part)

The second installment in “Give & Take” — an exciting, newly edited “Best Of…” series starring wrestling sensation Hollywood — brings focus to the female fury’s Amazonian might, physical endurance, unyielding perseverance, and tenacity as she’s the (unwilling) recipient of her  numerous competitor’s and antagonist’s torments! Her pain is our pleasure as Hollywood endures a body-bruising, agonizing, anguishing barrage of sadistic torture and submission holds — from vicious leg scissors, constricting chokeholds, and devastating knock-outs, to bombastic belly-punches, bone-cracking back-breakers, and breathtaking bearhugs! Hollywood is the best at her worst!


HP-704 The Cocktail Party (1 Part)

This video starts with both ladies wearing sexy short dresses.  Goldie is in a sexy short pink dress sitting on the couch. Holly enters in an electric blue short dress.  They circle each other slowly, 
Holly says "You're not going to the cocktail party dressed like that, are you?"
And Goldie replies "What's wrong with the way I'm dressed? I have nothing else to wear.
Goldie protests "I can wear whatever dress I want, and I don't care what you think., This dress is completely fine" Holly says "You look like a hooker your tits will be in everyones face, How embarrassing!. When Goldie turns her back to admire her nails Holly grabs Goldie in a standing sleeper hold from behind.  Goldie struggles but cannot get free. Holly weakens her and throws her to the wall and starts out with face and belly punches to consolidate the advantage.  With Goldie now weakened and doubled over, Hollywood then begins the beat down.  From this point on, Goldie is more or less rag dolled and beaten down. Relentless Punches against the wall, Goldie slides down the wall with more punches there , then Holly takes her to the floor and continues the onslaught of punches! If you're a fan of one-sided belly punching vids, this clip is for you !!


HP-707 Hollywood vs Venus (3 Parts)

Both girls are in boxing trunks and white tops... Hollywood is shadowboxing in the corner when Venus comes up and slaps her on her behind. Hollywood wants to know what the deal is and why Venus is wearing trunks, Venus tells Hollywood she wants to be the next WTBA champion, Hollywood laughs and thinks she's just a third rate stripper and she has no skills. Venus thinks that Hollywood is a third rate wrestler wannabe. Hollywood is not impressed she circles Venus and slaps her across the face knocking her down. The boxing match begins and each girl is in the ring in opposite corners ... announcer says "ladies and gentlemen welcome to today's female boxing event, 10 rounds of knock down drag em out boxing." Announcer has the girls come to the center where they stand nose to nose eyeballing each other. he explains the rules, no hitting below the belt and no head butting .. the rounds will be 2 minutes with a one minute rest period. He instructs them to shake hands, they do but begin pushing and shoving each other announcer instructs each girl to go to their corners. The  Bell Rings! Both girls go out it back-and-forth punching each other relentlessly with KO's and low blows! Get this HOT 30 minute video to see which girl will be the next WTBA champion!!!


HP-705 The Beach Party (1 Part)

This video starts with both ladies wearing bikinis.  Hollywood is in a black and yellow bikini is sitting on the couch waiting for Goldie,  Goldie enters.  They circle each other slowly, 
Holly says "You're not going to the company beach picnic dressed like that, are you?"
And Goldie replies "What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?"
Holly says "It's too skimpy and not appropriate.  You look like a slut and you'll just be sticking your big tits and ass in everyone's face looking for attention"
Goldie protests "I can wear whatever bikini I want, and I don't care what you think., This bikini is completely fine"
When Goldie turns her back to admire her nails Holly grabs Goldie in a standing sleeper hold from behind.  Goldie struggles but cannot get free. Holly weakens her and throws her to the wall and starts out with face and belly punches to consolidate the advantage.  With Goldie now weakened and doubled over, Hollywood then begins the beat down.  From this point on, Goldie is more or less rag dolled and beaten down.
If you're a fan of one-sided belly punching vids, this clip is for you !!


HP-698 Appetite For Destruction (1 Part)

Hollywood is the trainer and there is a new wrestler in town named Charlie (dressed in a tiny, tiny G string bikini to show off her gorgeous body!!!) who thinks she knows it all and doesn't need any training from Hollywood. Obviously, Charlie has a lot to learn!
They both start out stretching, Hollywood starts telling her what she's going to do and the new wrestler gets cocky and goes straight into punching and choking Hollywood, sending her down to the mat. Charlie thinks this is easy, and that Hollywood is a pushover.
Hollywood decides she's going to teach the new girl a big lesson in respect and starts punching her stomach over and over, removes her bikini top and stretches her over the top rope.
She takes her down to the lower rope and starts choking Charlie with her own bikini top. She bends Charlie over punches her and then throws her to the mat next she applies a long face sit and smothers Charlie while she claws and punches Charlie's tight abs! Hollywood then drags her to the middle of the ring and bow and arrow's the newcomer. Hollywood also applies and over the knee backbreaker.
The veteran puts the newbe into numerous ab stretching holds, leg scissors, combination full Nelson and leg locks, Exposing her perfect abs for punishment.
Hollywood throws her outside the ring and bends her over the bottom rope applying belly punches, claw holds, breast and crotch grabs. If you are into one sided beat downs and beautiful women with great abs then this video is for you!

HP-697 Pool Posse (1 Part)

This is another of Hollywood’s “Shoot’em Up” videos. Hollywood, looking super-hot in a skimpy “Stars and Stripes” bikini, decides to lay out in the sun by herself. But then Michelle shows up (looking great in a tiny black bikini). Hollywood tells her “This is a private pool”. But when Michelle refuses to leave, Hollywood pulls out a gun and shoots her. Thinking she has settled the issue, Hollywood lays back down. Michelle revives, pulls out her gun and shoots Hollywood. With this, the fight is on!!! Back and forth they go, shooting each other in a beautiful pool setting. There is a fountain nearby surrounded by rocks. Hollywood and Michelle take turns getting shot and ending up in provocative poses on lawn chairs, rocks  and the concrete apron that surrounds the pool.

But then Hollywood hears a noise. It seems our gorgeous girls are wanted! A group of bounty hunters are intent on interrupting the girls fun. The girls start running but don’t get far before they are gunned down. But they bounce back up and run again. Can they shoot their way out of this mess? Or do they end up as floating stiffs adrift in the pool? Beautiful but lifeless!! Will the day end in triumph or defeat?

HP-692 Kristiana vs Hollywood (1 Part)

The match starts off with Kristiana dressed in a Black Bikini w/ pink converse wrestling boots. Stretching in the ring. Next is Hollywood dressed as Liberty Belle –W/red boots and gun belt doing the same thing. Liberty Belle is ordered to bring the criminal Kristiana in but the only way Kristiana agrees to come in peacefully is if Liberty Belle beats her in a wrestling match. She agrees to a Best of 5 rounds, KO’s only. Hollywood takes off her gun belt. Kristiana requests Hollywood remove her boots. Kristana says “I don’t know what you may be hiding in them". Hollywood starts out strong and dominates Kristiana easily with holds such as over the knee back breakers, full nelsons, surf boards,  foot in back. Hollywood dominates round two. She Feels Kristiana is done. Holly gets her phone, says she is coming in and gets a rope to tie Kristiana up. Kristiana wakes up and rolls off the ring, grabbing Hollywood’s gun as she goes. When Hollywood starts to slide out of the ring,  Kristiana clobbers Hollywood with the gun! before she can straighten up. Kristiana throws the stunned Hollywood back in the ring. After a tough go, Kristiana KO’s Hollywood. Hollywood revives quickly and stumbles to her corner vowing that Kristiana cheated! Get this hot video to see which lady prevails!
HP-689 Bounty Hunter Babe (1 Part)

This is another of Hollywood’s “Shoot’em Up” videos. A Bounty Hunter (played by Hollywood in a tiny black skirt, black bikini top, black boots and gun belt) has been sent to bring in a gang of crooks. Wearing a black shirt, open of course to show off her great figure, Hollywood leaves the back door of the gang’s known hideaway searching for the crooks. She heads to a back corner of the yard, seeing evidence that the villains have headed that way. She sees a camp fire and heads up a path to a set of railroad tracks. Once there, she sees her quarry and draws her gun out of the holster. She fires several shots but gets hit three times, each time she ends up looking provocatively as she lays sprawled across one of the rails. After the third hit, she decides there are too many of them and heads back down the path from the tracks. But before she can get too far, she takes a bullet in the back and down she goes. Getting up, she finds some logs to hide behind. Little good they do as down she goes again. Next she heads across the yard, throwing down a garbage can to try to slow up the crooks but it does little good as they hit her in the back again! Hollywood is getting closer to the safety of the house with each step, but will she make it? She may have bit off more than she can chew this time!! Seems there are just too many bad guys for our favorite gorgeous Bounty Hunter to bring in!  But by golly she looks super-hot trying!!! Nobody looks sexier lying helplessly across rails, logs and garbage cans chasing an elusive goal!!
HP-691 Jennifer vs Hollywood (1 Part)

This video starts off with Jennifer Thomas stretching in the ring dressed in a bikini and white boots. Hollywood enters lacing up her purple converse boots wearing a sexy black bikini. She keeps repeating "easy, easy day " while she is stretching.
Jennifer attacks Hollywood before the bell even rings. Jennifer puts Hollywood an array of pro holds, and takes command of the match right away dominating Hollywood, with arm bars, scissors, leg locks, full Nelson's and Chokeholds. Hollywood claims Jennifer cheated! Jennifer throws Hollywood in a sleeper hold and starts choking Hollywood with it , Hollywood passes out. Suddenly Jennifer gets a phone call and runs to her phone. While Hollywood recovers and crawls back to her corner. Jennifer gets back up and kicks Hollywood in the back and starts her wrestling maneuvers all over again... Hollywood says you're going to pay for this. Jennifer gets another phone call but puts Hollywood out with another choke hold  before answering it. She tells her friend stop bothering her she's busy. She hangs up and goes back to Holly but then the phone rings again and she runs back to answer it. She says Leave me alone I have to finish Hollywood off first... Hollywood has recovered and returns the favor and puts a beat down on Jennifer! Get this hot ring match to see which girl ultimately wins this match!
HP-688 From Russia With Blood (2 Parts)

The mission: secret agent Hollywood has been assigned to go to Russia undercover as a gypsy; to find and retrieve a top-secret microfilm from an evil Russian KGB agent named Kristiana...
Armed with a gun, agent Hollywood is on the phone to headquarters receiving orders to go to Russia disguised as a gypsy to seize a secret microphone from a rogue KGB operative. Holly dressed in her 2 piece Gypsy outfit says. "yes I will go to Russia, retrieve microphone, terminate KGB, I'm on my way!!" The Sexy Holly finds the entrance to Kristiana's hideout and snoops around outside looking far the microfilm…
But Kristiana dressed in a red an white shirt dress storms out of her hideout out and says "looking for something"? Holly turns and pulls a gun on her rival , " Nothing I can't find " replies Hollywood. Kristiana knocks the gun out of Holly's  hand and the duo  start circling each other for an all outside Catfight! They kick, choke and  punch each other till one is unconscious...
Scene 2
Hollywood awakens inside Kristiana's lair, bound and tied to a chair with rope with Kristiana behind, pointing a gun at Hollywoods face. She asks so, who do you work for bitch? Hollywood refuses to cooperate Kristianna tortures and bests her hostage with punches to the face! Kristianna then challenges Hollywood to another fight she unties her and they start circling, Kristiana picks up a knife and lunges at Hollywood who also grabs a knife! These two battle it out back-and-forth get this hot video to see which one proudly stands over the other
and the mission is complete!
HP-687 Weapons of Mob Destruction (2 Parts)

Francesca is the new "mob wife" in town planning to take over and control all mob activities and criminal dealings. But local crime queen and fellow mob wife Hollywood isn't going to let the newcomer control anything! Protecting her Empire, Hollywood decides to pay her rival a visit and show her who's boss. Ruthless Francesca is on the couch counting cash dressed in a low cut black mini dress and heels as Hollywood storms in dressed in the same attire. After a heated exchange, Hollywood pulls a gun from her handbag and gives Francesca the choice of leaving town now or getting rid of her. Francesca quickly knocks the gun out of Holly's hand and the two mobsters start circling and get into a catfight. After a good battle Hollywood KOs Francesca ties her up and gives her one last chance to leave town... Francesca agrees, but then kicks Hollywood off of her and they get into a stiletto fight! Francesca loses her shoe but grabs a knife off of the table and they start a knife fight! Get this very HOT video with two veterans who know how to catfight! And see which girl will stand victoriously over the other!!!
HP-632 Belly Punch POV (1 Part)

This video starts out with Hollywood in a black top and low riding jeans. To satisfy her own curiousity, Hollywood has decided to see just how much punishment her shapely abs can take. She is self punching herself as hard as she can in the stomach. You will see her dig in to her perfect abs and her stomach getting redder and redder . She then double punches her stomach. she gets down on her knees and starts punching her abs again. She then double axe punches her stomach then lays down on the floor for more punishment. This goes on for 10 minutes in different positions, close-ups and full body shots as Hollywood puts herself to the Test. But what is she preparing for???
HP-683 The Adventures of Blue Jean Babe (1 Part)

This is another one of Hollywood's "Shoot'em up" series. This time our favorite gal is looking fantastic wearing tight cutoff blue jean shorts, black boots, a short blue top (showing off her terrific abs) and a gun belt. She enters  a railroad right of way and, with gun held high, starts walking down the tracks. It doesn't take long, until a shot rings out and down she goes, lying provocatively across the shiny steel rail. This happens six different times, each time she is shot, she lies in a different sexy pose on top of or next to the rails. A little later she finally gets off the tracks and heads down a lane toward a lake. But of course, she doesn't get far when she is gunned down across some rocks. Still determined, she gets up and heads down the lane. After several more shoot outs, she still hasn't made the lake. Finally, Hollywood takes four shots to the body and down she goes. For the final time she reaches for the gun, but a shot rings out and all is quiet. She never made her goal. But Hollywood never looked hotter than with the gun held high, walking down the tracks, a confident look on a gorgeous face.
HP-612 Hollywood vs Steve - The Cookies (1 Part)

Hollywood is dressed in her pink bikini she knocks at Steve's door, she is selling cookies she tells Steve the cookies are to save Jay Leno's job on the Tonight Show , he takes the cookies without paying and slams the door in her face! She knocks back on the door and then runs into his house demanding the money... When he refuses to pay her, She throws him in a headlock and snaps on a leg scissors then puts him in an arm bar and shuts him up with her foot over his face. She tells him to go back to his own country,  kicks him around the room and sticks him in a camel clutch then goes to sleeper him and pulls his hair. She kicks him when he's down and then puts him in another leg scissors around his neck. She then goes for a small package then figure fours his arm while covering his mouth with her hand.. This kind of female domination goes on and on if you're into one sided matches with a beautiful female dominating a male then this clip is for you!!
HP-561 The Exercise (1 Part)

Hollywood is in her apartment stretching on her foil blue bikini when in comes her friend to exercise with her. During their stretching Hollywood looks at him and says "you know I'm stronger than you!" So she starts doing a bunch of push-ups to show him. She tells him he looks week.  Then she decides to get on top of his back while he is doing a push up to see if he is strong or not . He then picks her up with one arm and walks around the room. She throws her legs around his neck and dangles from his back he then spins her around and around,then piggybacks her. Holly then piggybacks him he tells her she's very strong. Holly then does a back bend over his back. They do many moves, cradles, body Lifts to the ceiling, she straddles his waist while she does sit ups, Holly has him on her back and does squats. She then lays on the floor and Lifts her friend with her legs and arms. He bearhugs her and then she carries him out the door. If you love lift and carry's then you'll dig this one!!!
HP-624 Kiss My Feet (1 Part)

A foot fetish video.Hollywood and Michelle Collier face off in pantyhose, sexy bikini's, covered in oil, and then have to worship each others feet... Both women get a mouthfull of oil soaked, pantyhose feet! But who gets the worst, or best of the other?
Two hot sexy, oily wrestlers are not about to lose! or be embarrassed by the kissing of the others feet! Lots of great holds from these two veterans. A must see for the foot fetish and Michelle/Hollywood collector!
HP-657 Burning Rustlers! Hollywood vs Layla (1 Part)

This is another shoot em up , fun gun video.
We see Hollywood in a blue foil bikini with silver stars on it , stretching. She's checking her authentic black Gunbelt when all of a sudden Layla dressed in a similar bikini appears.
Hollywood asks Layla to hand over her weapon, she complies and when Hollywood's back is turned she hits her over the head. Hollywood is Ko'd. Layla takes back her weapon from Holly's holster, but Hollywood wakes up and shoots Layla, Layla is down, but not out,  both her and Hollywood flight over her knife, Layla manages to stab holly in the stomach. These two will go back-and-forth,  fighting, weapon to weapon ,shot after shot stab after stab until one woman remains standing!
HP-681 Hollywood vs Kristi - Jailbird Returns (3 Parts)

This is a remake of HP-030 which was filmed 12 years
we have remade it, New outfits, New fight, New Holds...
Kristi just got out of prison, and is looking to start life over with a fresh start. She's opened up her own business, and it seems to be going quite well for her. She's even been invited to a meeting with the head of the business district. Kristi happily accepts the invite and heads on her way for the meeting. Things go downhill from there though. The head happens to be Hollywood, who has become a success by doing business in underhanded ways, and with threats. She gives Kristi a time limit to close up shop and moves on. Kristie returns at the time limit, but has no intention of packing up and moving on with her new found life. Hollywood is furious at her decision! She also goes onto verbally humiliate Kristi in the nastiest of ways. Kristi fires back with her own insults, and the heat reaches melt down levels. Well I think you can guess what happens next? Yep, the mother of all catfights is about to go down, with no love lost between the two combatants at all! It's hard hitting, see-saw action through out this one, with each woman out to destroy the other. Hold on tight as you watch this one unfold. As always the case, there has to be a winner, and a very beaten loser. Who will it be? You'll have to find that out for yourself when you watch Hollywood vs Kristi (Jailbird Returns)


HP-607 The Hostage (1 Part)

Hollywood is up to her old tricks again and is trying to extort money from Goldie again!
We see Hollywood leading the unwilling Goldie up the stairs with her hand over Goldie's pouty mouth. Hollywood wants the money that the infamous Goldie possesses! Hollywood then pushes Goldie sending her sprawling onto the mat where she will put her in all kinds of holds including HOM, Smothers and scissors.
Get this very steamy clip to see 2 HOT knockouts but only one gets Ko'd!   

HP-030 Beauty & The Beast (3 Parts)

Kristy just got out of prison, and is looking to start life over with a fresh start. She's opened up her own business, and it seems to be going quite well for her. She's even been invited to a meeting with the head of the business district. Kristy happily accepts the invite and heads on her way for the meeting. Things go downhill from there though. The head happens to be Hollywood, who has become a success by doing business in underhanded ways, and with threats. She gives Kristy a time limit to close up shop and move on.Kristy returns at the time limit, but has no intention of packing up and moving on with her new found life. Hollywood is furious at her decision! Not only that, she lets it be known that she's been sleeping with Kristy's boyfriend. She also goes onto verbally humiliate Kristy in the nastiest of ways. Kristy fires back with her own insults, and the heat reaches melt down levels. Well I think you can guess what happens next? Yep, the mother of all catfights is about to go down, with no love lost between the two combatants at all! It's hard hitting, see-saw action through out this one, with each woman out to destroy the otherHold on tight as you watch this one unfold. As always the case, there has to be a winner, and a very beaten loser. Who will it be? You'll have to find that out for yourself when you watch "Beauty and the Beast"!

HP-679 The Yellow Bandit (1 Part)

This another Gun Fun video by Hollywould Productions....This time our gorgeous girl has been sent to a schoolyard to look for a dangerous criminal. Hollywood is wearing a yellow halter top, tiny yellow shorts, black boots (a cheerleader's outfit) and of course her gun belt.  She starts from the back corner of the parking lot and heads for the playground but doesn't get far. Obviously the criminal has been tipped off. Hollywood is shot twice just as she gets started. Then she heads for the building, but gets nailed beside a large tractor tire. Next she peeks around the building, sneaks along a wall, but gets shot near the building doors. She struggles to her feet, but falls against a tether ball pole. Next we see her making her way through the 2'X4's of an observation deck, but doesn't quite make it out. Obviously this isn't our girl's day, so she tries to get away. Will she make it back to her car? Or will the bad guy win? Either way, Hollywood's tight abs never looked hotter stretched out atop a tire, against a pole or a 2'X4', a breeze gently blowing through her brown hair as she lies helpless. This ia another great video from Hollywould Productions.

HP-029 The Beat Goes On (3 Parts)

Tori shows up while Francesca is doing her morning stretches. She's been looking for Francesca to confront her about her fighting abilities, as she's sick of hearing about how good she's gotten. Francesca laughs at this, and quickly lets Tori know that's all she's heard is true, and that she's better than her too. Tori decides to put her abilities to the test and a challenge is laid down. They both discuss it, and come up with a match where they take turns on each other, giving 3 shots to the other, and then the other gets her 3. They do this using any hold, punch, or kick, and it goes till one can no longer continue. The battle lines are now drawn, and it is fight on from here. And what a fight it is! They start off with face punching, then gut punching, stomach kicks, stomach stomps, crotch mauling with punches and stomps, boob punching, and all done 3 at a time by each beauty...

HP-675 Tempers Flare! Hollywood vs Jennifer (2 Parts)

The day before the match, Hollywood is working out in the Gym jumping rope and lifting some weights....when her opponent Played by (Jennifer Thomas )suddenly walks in and starts taunting her. “You think those are going to help you?” mocks cocky Jennifer. After trading insults, tempers flare and the pair are soon squaring up...and some angry ‘pushing’ leads to the two furious wrestlers brawling! But the fight is quickly broken up by a bystander (the Referee)......and Jennifer is kicked out of the Gym. The next day the girls are back in the gym in a 2 out of 3 fall match. Don't miss these 2 hot ladies in a pro holds match that spills out of the ring on to the floor and back into the ring again.

HP-656 Michelle vs Hollywood "Championship" (1 Part)

Back in 2007, Michelle won the Hardbodies Championship title belt from Kristen, and this is an actual move for move remake of the original match! Hollywould, also known as Kristen, dresses in her hot white booty shorts with her black thong showing! The underdog, Michelle, comes dressed in a black thong leotard. Curious on the Michelle Collier title history?  Or our Gal Hollywood? Then this is the video that shows how it all started!
HP-667 Beauty Beat Down (1 Part)

This video starts with Hollywood on the phone talking about going to a costume party where she  wins best costume ever year! This year she's going to go with Jennifer Thomas.
Jennifer's at the door and is ready to go to the party as soon as Hollywood turns to get ready Jennifer blackjacks Holly over her head, Holly is down but not quite out. From there Jennifer gives Holly a one sided beat down, punches to the head, punches to the stomach, kicks to the gut, smacks to her face.
She chokes Holly with her hands and knees Holly in the throat while punching her stomach repeatedly. She also elbows Holly whenever and wherever she can. She throws Hollywood  on the couch and repeats it all over again ! The evil Jennifer uses her very strong legs to try and choke out our girl! Holly will not be going to this party!  If you are a fan of one sided beat downs, this clip is for you!!
HP-672 The Destruction of Randy (2 Parts)

This video starts with the beautiful Randy sitting on her couch receiving a phone call from Hollywood. Hollywood is into blackmail and has pictures on a disk of Randy and a certain someone! Randy does not want these to get out ! Hollywood threatens to publish these photos on the web if Randy doesn't follow instructions. Hollywood comes over to the anxious Randy's house and lays down the law!  She tells Randy to strip down to her bikini and let Hollywood Punch her as many times as she wants!, as hard as she wants!  And wherever she wants! without fighting back. The evil Hollywood then proceeds to pummel and punish Randy's gorgeous body and gives her a one sided beat down reducing her to a hot & helpless whimpering Randy! Hollywood then makes her take off her top and boob punches her, belly punches her, and crotch punches her all over again and again! If you have seen any of Hollywood's (The Trap series ) HP-071, HP-251, HP-237, HP-265, HP-292 then this is right up there with them!! You won't want to miss this titillating onslaught!
HP-664 The Bedroom Tutor (3 Parts)

Hollywood is in the ring doing some cleanup when Duncan arrives and asks her to show him some wrestling holds, he's looking to spice things up in the bedroom . Holly is going to give him some friendly advice and show him her repertoire of holds.
She also adds a little wager saying whoever wins or loses has to clean up the ring. So Holly starts with a triangle hold, the next is a tight headlock, next is a sleeper hold, she teaches him about  safe words and tapping is a good idea if need be. Again Hollywood demonstrates very sexy holds on her male volunteer!!!
She goes into a sexy grape Vine, a crossover body hold, The crucifix, arm bars, scissors, neck scissors, figure four head scissors and a nice schoolboy pin , followed up by a lovely face sit. This 30 minute video is broken up into three parts.
HP-217 Detective Hollywood vs The Foot Fetish Creep (3 Parts)

This fetish video starts off with Hollywood as a police detective dressed in a short skirt, blouse, pantyhose and high heels.
She is very tired from work and decides to take a nap
falling asleep on her couch. We see a male villain sneaking into her room, he has some knockout spray with him.
He gently takes off Hollywood heels and starts rubbing and kissing her feet. Hollywood wakes up and is shocked what she sees ! She puts in an arm bar and the fight begins,
But this bad guy is much stronger than Hollywood is. He lands a huge Upper cut to Holly's jaw and KOs her. He then goes back to his foot fetish fantasies but heres a noise and takes off!
2nd scene we see detective Hollywood getting out of the car with a gun entering a home...
The same villain is in the home just waiting for her to enter, he's got a full syringe with a knockout drug ready to use. Hollywood enters and gets hit from behind she's down but not out. They start fighting back-and-forth Hollywood gets the upper hand starts to read him his rights. But again the villain gets lucky and lands a big uppercut he grabs his tainted syringe and stabs Holly's beautiful foot.  They fight till the lovely Hollywood weakens and goes out. The villain has his way again Holly's feet, caressing, fondling and licking them.
Third scene we see detective Hollywood back in her office talking on the phone. The villain enters with a gun and rope and attacks Hollywood. He orders her to take off her skirt. Ties her hands behind her back and start fondling Holly's feet again.
Holly starts to comply but is playing possum when she gets out of the ropes kicks the gun out of his hand and starts beating him up, the tables are now turned and this time gives the bad guy A taste of his own medicine!! She uses her feet to stomp, kick his body all over the place including her feet in his face. Get this hot fetish clip now!
HP-661 Hollywood Shootout (1 Part)

This is another in Hollywood’s “Shoot-em up” series. It seems our favorite girl has gotten into a bit of a jam. Looking hot in skin tight blue jeans, black boots, gun belt and a tiny gold bikini top, she is trying to escape from a gang she obviously crossed up. With her gun drawn she attempts to exit by the rear door of the gang’s hideaway. She makes it over to the side of the yard but gets shot as she nears a picnic table. After trading shots with the crooks and taking several hits (looking terrific laying across the table), she decides maybe leaving through the front door would be better. Trading shots with her nemesis, she heads for the door but takes several hits before she makes it. She staggers into the house and falls across a sofa. Next she heads for the front door but doesn’t make it. After taking several hits in the front room while jockeying to get out the door, she makes a futile attempt to head upstairs. It doesn’t look like she is going to get out of this mess alive. She must have really made someone mad. Hollywood really looks fantastic in the gold bikini top. It really shows off her tanned, toned body. And nobody looks hotter lying helplessly stretched out across chairs, tables and even the floor!!!! Her gun just lying temptingly out of reach!
HP-662 Attempted Arrest (3 Parts)

This video starts out with Sheriff Hollywood discussing with her Deputy (male) how to arrest an escaped convict (Mutiny). Hollywood is wearing skin tight jeans, gun belt and white bikini top while Mutiny is wearing black shorts and a black bikini top. Hollywood decides to sneak around back while the Deputy goes in the front door. Mutiny is ready for the Sheriff and when she enters the living room she KO's the overconfident law officer. Fortunately the Deputy enters and grabs Mutiny while Hollywood revives. After a short 2 on 1 bout, Hollywood KO's Mutiny. After tying the Bad guy up, the Deputy is called away, but leaves a syringe behind because he is concerned about her safety. Mutiny wakes up and taunts Hollywood into accepting her challenge to a fist fight by calling her a chicken (Mutiny has that sexy french accent). She goads Hollywood into untying her and taking her gun belt off (to make it a fair fight). After a long drawn out battle that features two terrifically hot bodies taking a beating with many punches thrown. There are several temporarily KO's during the fight, but each girl recovers to continue the battle. Finally Hollywood KO's Mutiny. It appears Mutiny is finished and Hollywood puts her gun belt on, grabbing a rope. But Mutiny is playing possum. Behind the tired Hollywood's back, she grabs the syringe the Deputy left behind and jabs it into the poor Sheriff's neck. At this point the gorgeous Hollywood is helpless and receives quite a beating. Can she recover and defeat the beautiful but treacherous villain? Or is she beyond hope? Will the Murderer claim another victim? Will the Deputy return in time to save the day? This is a fantastic old west good versus evil battle you won't want to miss.

HP-257B Guarding The Crystal Cross Part 2 (3 Parts)

If you will recall, in Part I Hollywood, Francesca, Yvonne and Coral are fighting over the “Crystal Cross”. As a very tired Hollywood (Police outfit) is starting to tie up Coral after a tough fight, Coral’s partner, Yvonne enters the room. She slams Hollywood across the back of the head. The stunned Hollywood falls across Coral. But when Yvonne tries to grab her, Hollywood rallies and slams Yvonne in her taut stomach. Now Yvonne is in trouble as Hollywood is able to throw her around the room, showering her with punches. Hollywood finally KO’s Yvonne. Now Hollywood is really beat. She manages to tie Yvonne up but Francesca returns and KO’s Hollywood. Francesca grabs the bag and leaves with the “Crystal Cross”. Of the three unconscious beauties, Coral is the first to wake up. She pushes Hollywood to the floor and wakes up Yvonne. The two cowgirls tie up the helpless Hollywood slugging her a few times, making sure she is finished. Then they head out after Francesca. and find her in the bedroom. Even though they have the drop on her, Francesca manages to KO both of them. As Francesca leaves to check on Hollywood, Yvonne wakes up and hides. After punching the helpless Hollywood just for fun, Francesca returns to the bedroom. As she starts to tie Coral up, Yvonne grabs her. All the commotion wakes Coral up and now Francesca is in deep trouble. Can she escape from the two Cowgirls a second time? Or will the Cowgirls, still working as a team prevail? Does poor Hollywood, despite her early domination, recover from her beatings, arise and surprise everyone? Can Coral and Yvonne remain partners long enough to get away with the “Crystal Cross”? All four girls look super hot in outfits that truly show off their gorgeous attributes. You don’t want to miss the ending!!!

HP-659 Masquerade Massacre (1 Part)

This video begins with Hollywood getting ready for a party dressed in a wife beater and bikini bottom. It's going to be a costume party and Hollywood wants to win! Goldie comes to the door to take Hollywood to the party. But Goldie has other things on her mind and strikes Hollywood over the head with a big blow and KOs her out! Goldie is intent on winning first prize at the event! What follows is a beating of Hollywood. Punches to the face, stomach and crotch are all on Goldie's agenda, including KOs, long face sits and Breast Smothers . If your into hot babes and one sided matches this clip is for you!!!

HP-257 Guarding The Crystal Cross Part 1 (1 Part)

Hollywood, Francesca, Yvonne and Coral have been hired to guard the valuable “Crystal Cross” while its display case is being replaced. Because of her police training, Hollywood is placed in charge wearing a sexy police outfit (short blue skirt and bikini top). Francesca is dressed in tiny black shorts and a bikini top while Yvonne and Coral have on blue jeans with their bikini tops. Yvonne and Coral are gun slingers while Hollywood and Francesca are knife experts. The problem is Hollywood is trying to steal the “Cross”. So are Yvonne and Coral (working together). At first Hollywood’s plan works well. She sends Yvonne and Coral out to inspect the grounds and then drugs Francesca. When Yvonne and Coral return, she KO’s Coral but Yvonne gets away. When Hollywood looks for Yvonne, Yvonne gets the jump on her and an old fashioned fist fight breaks out. Yvonne manages to spoil Hollywood’s scheme by KOing her with a right cross to the jaw. After taking care of Hollywood, Yvonne wakes Coral up and together they search Hollywood for the “Crystal Cross”. After finding it, they head out the back door. Next, Francesca arises and reluctantly wakes Hollywood up. After a quick search of the house fails to find the missing “Cross”, Hollywood races out the back door. Unfortunately, she runs directly into the two cowgirls who proceed to beat her up with a little two on one action. After a lot of body punches to Hollywood’s terrific abs, Francesca steps in and knocks Coral out which allows Hollywood to finish off a stunned Yvonne. Hollywood and Francesca search the unconscious girls and find the “Crystal Cross”. But Francesca decides she’ll take the Cross, KO’s Hollywood and heads inside to call the cops. Hollywood wakes up and follows her inside. All she finds is the bag where the “Cross” had been. At that moment, Coral sneaks up behind her. After a knockdown, drag out fight, Hollywood KO’s Coral. Part I ends with a very tired Hollywood gloating over an unconscious Coral. How will this end? You can’t lose with four gorgeous girls in sexy outfits fighting over the “Crystal Cross”.  stay tuned for Part 2

HP-566 Goldie Taken Hostage! (1 Part)

Goldie has nailed an excellent gig babysitting some rich kids. VERY rich kids! Whils she is sitting on her sexy ass doing nothing as the kids sleep, she hears a noise. Goldie figures it's the kids, so she calls out ot them in an irritating voice. But to her surprise, she is attacked from behind by an enterprising and outrageously HOT Hollywood!!! The sexy villainess clamps a hand over Goldie's mouth to muffle her cries for help, and it becomes apparent that Hollywood wants a piece of the action from the kid's wealthy parents!!! Hollywood demands to know the hiding place of the great wealth the house holds, and when Goldie denies any knowledge of it, Hollywood clamps a hand over Goldie's mouth and delights as her victim squirms and struggles to breathe! When Goldie produces no info, Hollywood refuses to yield and ties Goldie up so she can explore the contents of the house. The relentless suffocation continues, and when a desperate Goldie ties to lie, Hollywood is incensed at her deception and deprives poor Goldie of her precious air!!! After further deception and consequent punishment, our curvaceous criminal finds the hidden cash, and she taunts her victim with her newly found riches. Sexy Hollywood gloats in front of poor Goldie, then leaves her tied and helpless with plenty of explaining to do when her soon-to-be ex-employers return!!!

HP-633 "Do What I Say!" POV (1 Part)

Fans of POV will love this video!!! Hollywood enters the room dressed to kill in a short skirt, sexy blouse, and stiletto heels. Imagine your name is Branden, and you are in TROUBLE! Hollywood is pissed, and she plans on teaching you a lesson! Hollywood proceeds to force you to worship her sexy feet. She teases you with them and makes you suck on her toes, demanding you do it exactly as instructed. But when you disappoint her, she punishes you with kicks & punches! Fortunately, she gives you another try. However, failure to do a good job soon gets you facesmothered by Hollywood's perfect ass. But she is forgiving, and allows you to further worship her feet. You must proceed with caution, as we all know that hottie Hollywood can get quite an attitude, and she will take great pleasure focusing her anger on your imPOVerished self!!!

HP-649 The Surprise Interview: Hollywood vs Robin (3 Parts)

This starts out with Hollywood, looking super hot in a skimpy gold bikini and gold boots, trying to interview Robin, looking equally impressive in a red top and black shorts. Every time Hollywood tries to ask a question, Robin interrupts, continually bragging about how tough she is, how she never losses, how strong her arms and legs are, until finally Hollywood stops her by asking her to demonstrate some holds. When Hollywood laughs at Robins headlock, Robin gets pissed and says she can beat Hollywood with her arms behind her back. When Hollywood accepts the challenge and again laughs at her puny attempts at kicking her, the match is on!! Robin strips down to a tiny red bikini which really shows off her toned body. But Hollywood throws her to the mat and wraps her gorgeous legs around Robins neck until she passes out. Now Robin is really angry!! She charges Hollywood and puts her in a camel clutch but Holly quickly turns the table and KO's Robin again. This happens over and over again. Robin starts out on top only to end up out on the mat. Hollywood amuses herself while Robin "sleeps" by taking pictures, using her cell phone, drinking water, etc. Each KO gets easier until finally Robin gives up. But when Hollywood turns to the camera to finish the interview (bragging about her easy victory), Robin tries one final attempt to prove she is the best. But Hollywood quickly forces her to submit again, this time forcing her to tell the camera how great Hollywood is and makes her kiss her boots before finally putting her out for good!!. This is a GREAT domination match between two gorgeous wrestlers who use a lot of terrific holds (many different leg scissors, school boy pins, breast smothers, crucifixes, figure four leg locks, camel clutches, face sitting, body stretching, etc.)

HP-653 Diva Destruction (1 Part)

Hollywood plays the "Diva" in this clip, looking perfect for the part in a gold bikini top, shorty shorts and gold wrist bands. She starts out walking confidently to the center of the ring to meet her opponent Duncan. "Are you ready Duncan?" she innocently asks. Duncan replies, "Oh yeah" and offers his right hand for what appears to be a friendly handshake. But when Hollywood takes a deep breath saying, "I guess" and reaches out, Duncan grabs her hand and with his shoulder, slams her into a corner. Let the "Destruction" begin!!! Hollywood is totally caught of guard and offers feeble resistance as Duncan tortures that curvaceous body of hers. First using body punches, a camel clutch, leg scissors around her slim waist, a bear hug before finally KOing her with a devastating sleeper hold. A stomp on the stomach brings our girl back to life to continue her beat down. Duncan uses many, many holds including the Boston Crab, over the knee as well as over the shoulder back breakers, bear hugs, body slams, right crosses to her unprotected jaw, forearms to her gorgeous chest and more. Of course nobody takes a beating like Hollywood can. You can feel for her as she staggers around in a daze, wondering what happened. As you can tell by the title, Hollywood doesn't come back in this one, The only question, is how will Duncan finish the beautiful "Diva" off. Anyway he does it, the buyer of this clip wins!!

HP-651 The Belly Punch Championship - Hollywood vs Layla (1 Part)

This is a must buy for bellypunching fans! Hollywood & Layla don skimpy bikinis and face off in a brutal belly punch challenge. Hollywood is confronted by Layla, who seems to think she has better abs than Hollywood. Hollywood slams a fist into Layla's belly, and then issues a challenge! These two hotties then take turns punishing each others bellies in an effort to gain victory. The girls exchange belly blows whilst standing up, and laying down flat on the floor. They also place one another in an abstretch, and then drive painful blows into their adversaries outstretched & vulnerable belly. They also take turns laying over the arm of the couch and offering their unprotected abs to be brutalized by their opponent!!! Get this hot video and find out which one of these sexy babes survives the challenge and gains bragging rights!!!

HP-655 Tag Team Terror (1 Part)

This pro wrestling match is one hell of match with four of the best girls in wrestling Hollywood, Goldie, Liz lightning, Kristie Etzold and Cheryl Rusa as the referee. The match starts off pretty even with Hollywood and Goldie on one side going against Liz and Kristie on the other. These ladies go back and forth with belly punching, holds including camel clutch, Boston crabs, scissors, sleeper holds, atomic drops, and a few you illegal holds too ! This match goes out of control, out of the ring and a free for all no holds bar! Get This hot video and see for yourself! You won't be sorry!!

HP-650 Calling Out Hollywood (1 Part)

This video stars Michelle Collier and Hollywood. Michelle who's dressed in a black bra and tiny purple skirt is looking for Hollywood wondering where she is , she's threatening to kick her ass! Hollywood dressed in a light blue bikini  overhears Michelle threatening her, Hollywood is not okay with this! Since Hollywood is so much taller than Michelle she goes for a test of strength which Michelle can't even reach to try and humiliate her, Of course Hollywood uses the test of strength to kick Michelle under her arms. She then throws her in a headlock and walks around the room and belly punches her. Followed up by a reverse headlock, Hollywood takes her  down to the ground followed up by more gut and rib punches. Hollywood puts this girl through an array of pro holds, scissor headlock combinations, stretches, camel clutches, Boston Crabs, and kicks to her ribs over and over! It looks like a beat down for poor Michelle. Hollywood then takes Michelle's top off and chokes her with it, not to mention her own! After awhile Michelle, starts to get a few of our her in! Get this very hot Clip to see which one of these ladies KOs the other! 

HP-644 Hollywood vs Sindy in "You Just Got Lucky!" (1 Part)

This video is a submissions match as it starts with Hollywood dressed in a black bikini talking about her (Brand-new to Hollywould productions) opponent Sindy and how she's going to kick her ass! Next we pan over to Sindy, wearing a black and white bikini telling us how Hollywood has another thing coming! The bell does not even ring and Hollywood jumps at the chance to attack the voluptuous hard-bodied Sindy! Hollywood goes for several belly punches in the corner right away, followed up by some punishing knees into Sindy's belly & ribs. But Sindy weathers the storm as she escapes and traps Hollywood in a sleeper hold and then slams Hollywood to the ground. Hollywood fights back and throws Cindy back to the ground, then puts her in a vicious body stretch, forcing Sindy to grimace in pain as her sexy body is brutally worked over. Then, a detemined Hollywood clamps a vice like vicious neck scissor on Sindy and attempts to squeeze her into oblivion!!!. These two hotties go back-and-forth with pro holds, camel clutches, sleeper holds, ab stretches, stomach punches, kicks, test of strengths, over the knee holds, hair mares, and painful not-so-nice kicks to the crotch! You name it these girls are doing it! Watch this super hot battle and see which one gets the submission in this brutal match of unrelenting Hotties!!!  

HP-646 Sweet Bullets (1 Part)

This is another in Hollywood's "Shoot'em up" series. In this one Hollywood enters the ground floor of an apartment looking for some cash. She has her gun drawn, barefoot in a black bikini w/silver handcuffs and gun belt, looking super hot as usual. She climbs the stairs (nobody looks sexier doing this simple act) and starts to search the apartment for cash. She finds it, sticks it in her gun belt and starts to leave. But, much to her surprise, she gets shot before she can get away. What follows is a running gun battle between Hollywood and her unseen pursuer. Hollywood hides first behind one sofa, then another, but every time she starts for the door, down she goes. She manages to fire over a dozen shots during the video but still gets hit herself at least seven times!!! In one scene she does a roll from the sofa on to the floor to make herself a smaller target as she heads for the door, but the unseen assailant still manages to get her. And of course, seeing that terrifically taunt body helplessly draped over any piece of furniture. is worth the price of the clip. This video has a really nifty ending that starts when Hollywood says, "I'm going to get you this time" as she fires her gun multiple times while making her way to the exit. Will she get away with the cash? Or will our gorgeous girl fail again? Either way, nobody looks hotter getting shot the way Hollywood does. 

HP-652 Breathless Bad Dreams (1 Part)