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HP-601 Strap Match: Hollywood vs Kristiana




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TITLE: Strap Match (20 Minutes) Complete COST: 30 TOKENS

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Description of HP-601:

This pro match starts out with Kristiana taking on Hollywood.
The winner Of the match is the Wrestler who taps all four corners in Secession .
Each wrestler will have a strap attached to the end of her arm. The bell rings And they each go for a tug-of-war.
Kristianna gets the upper hand and puts Hollywood in a full Nelson , Hollywood breaks that holding and goes after Kristanna with an Illegal chokehold and then puts her into a scissor.
Hollywood has the upper hand and throws on some Leg holds Followed by a Camel clutch . She asks Kristianna to smile for the camera and puts her into a rocking horse. Kristiana will not submit. She somehow gets out of the hold and puts the camel clutch on Hollywood. Holly gets out goes for a figure four, on her victim ,Then reverses it. Hollywood slams Kristiannas head in the turnbuckle several times they go for another tug of war .
These two go back and forth and Even spill out onto the floor.
Watch this very exciting Pro match to see which one of these sexy ladies can tap all four corners and be the champion of the ring!!


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