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HP-672 The Destruction of Randy: The Trap VII




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Description of HP-672:

This video starts with the beautiful Randy sitting on her couch receiving a phone call from Hollywood. Hollywood is into blackmail and has pictures on a disk of Randy and a certain someone! Randy does not want these to get out ! Hollywood threatens to publish these photos on the web if Randy doesn't follow instructions. Hollywood comes over to the anxious Randy's house and lays down the law!  She tells Randy to strip down to her bikini and let Hollywood Punch her as many times as she wants!, as hard as she wants!  And wherever she wants! without fighting back. The evil Hollywood then proceeds to pummel and punish Randy's gorgeous body and gives her a one sided beat down reducing her to a hot & helpless whimpering Randy! Hollywood then makes her take off her top and boob punches her, belly punches her, and crotch punches her all over again and again! If you have seen any of Hollywood's (The Trap series ) HP-071, HP-251, HP-237, HP-265, HP-292 then this is right up there with them!! You won't want to miss this titillating onslaught!


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