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hhhhHP-292 The Trap IV "End of A Champion"



TITLE: The Trap IV "End of A Champion" Part 1 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: The Trap IV "End of A Champion" Part 2 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: The Trap IV "End of A Champion" Part 3 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: The Trap IV "End of A Champion" Complate Video COST: $27 ~ 27 MINUTES




Description of HP-292:

Lisa and Fran are waiting for Hollywood to appear for a championship match, but are doubting she will show due to the beatdown she received from the two of them (HP237). Amazingly, Hollywood shows up donning her championship belt and looking a little haggard from her recent encounter, but nevertheless, ready to wrestle. The rules are as follows: Championship match, No time limit, and NO REFEREE!!!

The match begins and a weary Hollywood holds her own, but Fran and Lisa are just too much as they almost immediately begin to double team a soon struggling Hollywood. With one of them holding Hollywood in various vulnerable positions, the two take turns hammering away at Hollywood's perfectly sculpted abs.

A wicked, incessant domination follows as the two continuously pound, stomp, and kick a beleagured Hollywood. The helpless and sexy vixen is subjected to backbreakers, belly punching and stomping, face punching, low blows, and other cheap shots (just to name a few!). The two "mean girls" set out to humiliate the Champion in front of her fans and relieve her of her respective title belt.

Hollywood is stretched out as the two batter her into a senseless oblivion as they intend to really put an end to the Champion. Hollywood struggles to shield herself from the continual barrage of blows, but she is held by her foes in order to leave her vulnerable to their viciously heavy hands (and feet!).Hollywood's sexy body serves as a punching bag as Fran and Lisa delight in their demented doings. Hollywood struggles to fight back, and even manages a pin, but she is once again trounced upon and beaten with her championship belt as the two voluptuous opponents are even further angered and driven.

The fight fades from Hollywood as she desperately struggles to survive. And soon, she appears as a mere rag doll as she is tossed and beaten about as the nasty duo caters to their own whims. As the girls take turns pummeling a severely weakened and whimpering Hollywood, it becomes apparent that she is in some serious trouble. Fran and Lisa continue the assault at a fast, furious, and constant pace as they taunt Hollywood in front of her fans. It's actually surprising that Fran and Lisa didn't collapse from exhaustion themselves!

This match gets so out of hand and one-sided that at one point a spectator is coaxed to jump in and punch away at the champ while she is held defenseless. Ultimately, a battered and unconscious Hollywood is left in a pile in the ring and a concerned fan removes her in order to get medical attention!

For fans of 2 on 1 domination matches, this is a must have as it is the ultimate beatdown. Hollywood plays the jobber role to the "T" and Fran and Lisa are unsurpassed as they portray the ultimate heels. Let's just hope Hollywood survives to fight again another day!!!!



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