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HP-391 The Black Knight

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Video is approx. 10 minutes long , 51 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of The Black Knight:

A robber has hired the beautiful Black Knight (Hollywood) to guard some money he has
stolen while he is making arrangements get it into an untraceable Swiss
bank account. The robber knows that he didn't get away clean and someone
will definitely be after the loot. After splitting the money in half
keeping half on her, the Black Knight decides to step outside and enjoy the
weather. It turns out that her arch enemy "Lightning” is trying to steal
the money also. After a futile search in the house, Lightning steps
outside, sneaks up on the Black Knight and knocks her out taking the cash.
Lightning knows there is more money, so she waits inside for the Black
Knight to recover. When the Black Knight wakes up she rushes inside to see
if Lightning has found the rest of the money. Lightning surprises the Black
Knight again, knocking her out and takes the second half of the loot. But
now Lightning gets careless, hoping there is more money, and continues to
search the house. The Black Knight recovers, catches Lightning in the house
and knocks her out, recovering the money. The Black Knight decides to drug
Lightning and have some fun with her before killing her. She drugs some
water and brings it to Lightning to drink, but before Lightning drinks it,
the Black Knight gets a call from the robber and leaves the room. Lightning
switches the drinks while the Black Knight confidently tells the robber not
to worry, everything is under control. The Black Knight returns and the two
girls drink the water. The Black Knight removes her gun belt and starts
giving Lightning the beating of her life. However, after a few minutes, the
Black Knight starts feeling groggy and Lightning returns the favor, working
over the Black Knight's perfect body as she throws her around the house.
Will the gorgeous Black Knight recover in time to survive or will Lightning
get away with the loot?.


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