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HP-753 Hollywood vs Sumiko in "Spys"




TITLE: Hollywood vs Sumiko in "Spies" Complete Video COST: $22 ~ 22 MINUTES




Description of HP-753:

Tasked with retrieving a highly secretive and sensitive disc, a bodacious street dressed (Hollywood) traces the illicit material to a hotel room, which she swiftly proceeds to ransack. But, her rabid rummaging proves fruitless, only succeeding in stirring the fiery femme’s frustration. However, her chances of recovering the disc drastically improves when her bikini-clad quarry (Sumiko) returns after a day languishing by the pool. The fetching female is shocked to find her room in complete disarray — and even more startled when she’s set upon from behind by the cunning culprit! Barely able to fend for herself, the bikinied babe quickly falls victim to the intruder’s sudden, vicious assault! Dazed, confused, and utterly demoralized, her denial and unwitting knowledge of the supposed disc’s hidden location fall upon deaf ears. Unconvinced, an intense interrogation ensues, as the helplessly bound , HOM smothered and drug-addled beauty is heinously tortured and tormented by her cruel captor. In time, her pleas of innocence are drowned out by muffled cries of anguish as she’s forced to endure a constant barrage of beatings, belly punches, chokes, smothers, and nerve-clutches. Will the struggling Sumiko succumb and cop to her culpability for the missing disc, or will the final thing that escapes from her lips be her last breath?



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