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HP-265 The Trap VI

"What Are Friends For?"


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Description of The Trap VI "What Are Friends For?":

Hollywood shows up at The Mighty Casey's place, but not quite for a social call. Hollywood tells Casey she is quite angry with her for not showing up for her 2 against 1 Championship match against Lisa & Fran. Casey feebly apologizes as Hollywood tells her of the vicious beating she received, and the subsequent stay of two weeks in the hospital. Casey continues to whimper and tells Hollywood she is her best friend, and would do anything to make it right.

Seeking revenge for her best friend's lack of loyalty, Hollywood proceeds to demonstrate her own version or The Trap. What follows is a lengthy and continued beatdown of The Mighty Casey by an ever so angry Hollywood.

For fans of the The Trap series, this video follows in the tradition as Hollywood delivers a one-sided domination of a helpless opponent, as Casey is unable to fightback. Hollywood punishes every inch of Casey's body, showing her good friend the consequences of her lack of loyalty. Casey is ultimately left battered and senseless in a chair, much as her one time friend Hollywood once was. Get this one and see bad girl Hollywood live up to her reputation!




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