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HP-585 The Belly Competition




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TITLE: The Belly Competition Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-585:

It all starts as Francesca is working out doing sit ups, looking super hot in a tiny white string bikini. (It really accents her dark features.) Unexpectedly, Hollywood, looking even hotter (if possible) in a red bikini with white polka dots, enters the room and stomps on her exposed stomach. She challenges Francesca to a belly punching contest to see which one of their belly's can take the hardest punch. To make it interesting, they make a bet where as the loser has to wash the winners car for a whole month! They start off slowly on their knees and exchange belly punches one at a time. ribbing each other in a friendly manner. Then they stand up with Francesca taking the first ten punches to Hollywood's taunt abs (looking fantastic as she stands there arms extended stretching out her prefect figure).. Hollywood follows with her ten punches. Next they lie across the arms of a chair in a very provocative pose and pound on each others stomach, Francesca first, then Hollywood. The next challenge has them standing against a door, pounding on each others gorgeous bodies, again with their arms stretched skyward. By now they are both breathing deeply, their voluptuous chests heaving up and down with each breath. Following this they exchange rapid fire belly punches until Hollywood drops to the floor. But Hollywood manages to throw Francesca down on the sofa and her belly a good working over. Now they are both REALLY breathing hard as they both fall to the floor. But neither of these tough girls are willing to concede. They laboriously move toward each other. Both girls punches get weaker and weaker. But who will give up first? There is a lot of fantastic belly punching between two gorgeous girls in very flattering outfits. Whoever purchases this clip is the real winner!!!


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