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HP-287 Hollywood vs Lisa


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Description of Hollywood vs Lisa:

Lisa arrives on the scene and exudes arrogance as she tells Hollywood that she basically sucks at wrestling, noting that she has previously beat Hollywood in a boxing match. Never a good idea to lay your bad attitude on the Queen of Adjusted Attitude herself, bedlam beholds the moment! Dresses are torn off as Lisa takes Hollywood down and scissors her head between her legs. It becomes immediately apparent that Lisa is going to play dirty as she clamps a claw between Hollywood's legs, but Hollywood follows suit and counters the hold with her own. Hollywood momentarily takes control, but Lisa traps her in a face sit and Hollywood's chest is left vulnerable. Hollywood's wrestling prowess leads to an escape, and soon Lisa is countered and topless. Lisa is relentless in mounting her offensive and she soon has Hollywood pinned and goes to work on her womanhood. Hollywood is helpless and writhes frantically until she sees fit to bite Lisa's breast to escape. The fight gets dirty and dirtier as both vixens capitalize on using their opponents vulnerable, tender areas as targets. Just as Hollywood looks like she is out from a sleeper, she breaks free and takes control. After putting poor Lisa down, Hollywood pummels Lisa's crotch with punches and claws. Lisa appears to be weakening as Hollywood punishes her with knees to the belly. Then she facesits her and slam blows into Lisa's outstretched belly. Lisa bellows in pain as Hollywood continues to alternate chokes and belly punches with deadly efficiency. As Lisa continues to weaken, Hollywood requests a submission from her, but doesn't even seem to listen for an answer. A crushing bearhug sends Lisa limply to the mat. Hollywood contnues to taunt her victim as she punches away and applies anaconda like scissors with her long, lean, gorgeous gams. Lisa is now panting and muttering to herself as Hollywood continues the beatdown. Hollywood is now in her "zone" as she enjoys her domination of her voluptuous victim. Lisa's lovely legs are stomped and twisted while Lisa shrieks in pain and attempts to tap out to a ref that simply doesn't exist. Hollywood straddles Lisa to immobilze her then she squeezes the Lisa's breasts as though she were doing a juice commercial! Lisa struggles to breathe as she is facesat. A domineering Hollywood once again goes to work on Lisa's crotch as the poor vixen struggles to survive. Hollywood continues to entertain herself as she clamps a sleeper onto Lisa and renders her a near senseless mess. Out to leave no doubts that she is the superior combatant, Hollywood moves Lisa over to the sofa and sprawls her curvaceous body belly up over the arm. Hard fists are slammed into Lisa's battered belly and her chest is subjected to crushing claws. Completely out of control, Hollywood once again goes to work on Lisa's crotch. Lisa attempts weakly to fight back, and Hollywood hand smothers her, than works over her belly. Lisa falls to the floor and Hollywood pins her and digs her fingers into Lisa's womanhood. Hollywood even digs in with a vicious elbow! A grapevine hold, and more kicks and punches fill the agenda as Hollywood shows no mercy. Hollywood applies a reverse bearhug and Lisa is left apearing as a ragdoll. Hollywood now uses more crotch punishment on her victim, followed by chokes and slams. Lisa now whimpers for no more, but a ruthless Hollywood continues her unforgettable onslaught. Are Lisa's cries for mercy answered? Does this finally prove that Hollywood is the superior wrestler? Get this action packed video and see!!!




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