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HP-575 Belly Beatdown



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TITLE: Belly Beatdown Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-575:

Darius's boss Hollywood finds her lazy employee Darrius asleep on the job. She wants him to clean up and do his daily duties she is all over his but for this one. She also adds he's suppose to meet her later to Train her at the gym. She leaves to go workout. Darrius is very pissed off thinking he's going to get his bossy boss back big time! Next we see Hollywood in the ring exercising and waiting for him to show up she calls him and the cell phone just keeps ringing... Now Darius can't answer the phone because he's too busy sneaking up on Hollywood ready to give her The beat down of her life! He punches his nasty boss in the belly as hard as he can over and over again , He is relentless With Head and body punches , and even when she's KO'd he continues his barrage of hits. If your into one sided best downs this clip is for you!!


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