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TITLE: Hollywood vs Hurricane Havana Part 1 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood vs Hurricane Havana Part 2 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood vs Hurricane Havana Part 3 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood vs Hurricane Havana Complete Video COST: $30 ~ 30 MINUTES




Description of HP-047:

Hollywood is working on her new wrestling ring, checking the tension of the ropes. Then enters newcomer to the wrestling world, Hurricane Havana. The rookie begins taunting the veteran grappler and eventually challenges her to a match. Not a wise move, as Hollywood's had a rough day, and isn't in the best of moods. So she graciously accepts the newcomers challenge.

Hurricane climbs into the ring, and the two ladies prepare to do battle. And what a battle it is! The rookie has some good stuff, but is it enough to content with the ring savvy of the verteran wrestler?...a wrestler who knows about every dirty trick in the book!

The Hurricane has her moments in this battle, but for the most part she is just taken to school on the finer points of female combat by the cagey veteran. You'll wince in pain as you watch the young blonde get put through the ringer in this battle. Hollywood is out for blood, and is going to do what ever it takes to put the rookie down, and make her regret ever challenging her to a match. Especially a match in her own ring!

All holds are used in this battle, and Hurricane's body is completely taken to the limit as she's twisted up like a pretzel multiple times! No part of her anatomy is spared as the veteran is relentless in her attack on the smaller blonde rookie.

This one ends with the rookie left unconsious in the center of the ring, then further humilated as Hollywood ties her up to each ring post, and the rookie is left completely at Hollywood's mercy! Now Hollywood REALLY has some fun, as she administers some extreme brutal punishment of the rookie. Time will tell if Hurricane's ever able to enter a wrestling ring again after the punishment her entire body is about to endure!



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