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hhhhHP-1045 Captured Crusaders



TITLE: Captured Crusaders Part 1 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: Captured Crusaders Part 2 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: Captured Crusaders Complete Video COST: $17 ~ 17 MINUTES




Description of HP-1045:

Back in action Bat Womyn (played by the dazzling Hollywood) and Bat Gurl (played by the scintillating Stacy Burke) enter the villains’ lair, this time through the back door. After stumbling around in the dark for a few minutes, they manage to find their way and locate the bad guys! The maidens of might drop in on the unsuspecting villains and the usual bat-fight ensues. The inept imbeciles flee the scene, with Bat Womyn & Bat Gurl following in leisurely pursuit. The unsuspecting heroines enter the lair when two nets descend upon them, taking them down and rendering them trapped and helpless! The bad guys return and drag the netted and protesting duo away.

The henchmen tie the buxom crime-busters down to a pair of tables and gloat before going to lunch. The heroines struggle and squirm but can’t break their bonds. Bat Womyn suggests that if they “Bat-Shimmy”, they may be able to loosen their bonds! The heroines shimmy and shake until they are able to break their ropes and untie themselves, and hide just before the bad guys return from lunch. The conniving crooks enter and look around, wondering where the super heroines went. The heroines return and dispense another case of whoop-ass on the cowardly crooks and once again the bad guys flee the premises, with Bat Womyn & Bat Gurl in hot pursuit.

The sultry super-heroines confer for a moment when the lead henchman sneaks up behind then and bonks their heads together. The heroines drop to the floor, out cold. The bad guys lift and carry the slumbering beauties away.

Bat Womyn & Bat Gurl are carried into another chamber. The caped captives are then strung up from the rafters. As the heroines slowly come to the bad guys demand the location of the Bat CaveOur intrepid heroines refuse to talk, forcing the felonious fiends to resort to paddling the super heroine’s tight behinds. Can it be? The Curvaceous Crusaders forced to reveal the location of the Bat Cave, or be swatted into submission? Let’s hope not!!!



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