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HP-249 Goldie vs Peter

Ring Match


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Description of Goldie vs Peter:

This match begins with the sexy mat veteran Goldie flexing and flaunting her sexy body, as if she dares Peter to bring it on! Well, no newcomer himself (check out our other videos for some knock down, drag out matches with Hollywood!!!), Peter brings his "A" game and the action explodes as these two clash in a mixed ring match. Goldie proves she isn't to be taken lightly as she pummels Peter and tosses him about the ring. At one point, it appears that Goldie has established female superiority as Peter begins to appear helpless against the blonde vixen's offensive.
However, an easy victory is not to be had,and indeed Peter steps up to the challenge. Peter punishes Goldie's voluptuous body and he demonstrates his own ability to dominate the ring. Goldie shrieks as she is worked over as Peter uses chokes, slams, claws, scissors, over the knee and over the shoulder back breakers to weaken the fighting feline. Goldie's abs are stretched, clawed, and pounded as she struggles to stay in the match, only to lose consciousness repeatedly as Peter pours on the power. Bear hugs and rope chokes are used as Goldie appears to be soon to regret her arrogance.
But we couldn't expect a grappler like Goldie to go down that easily, could we? Does Goldie turn things around? Or does Peter once again establish himself as a force to be reckoned with? Get this hot mixed ring match and find out!!! 



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