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HP-573 Spy vs Spy



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Description of HP-573:

Our lovely Hollywood dressed in all Black Leather has been hired by the "All Ladies Detective Agency" to bring in another Hot female spy (Played by Diana Knight) We see Diana in another room making a call to her "sexy secretary" (played by Hollywood) asking her to not let anybody touch her laptop... Holly hangs up puts on her gloves and starts looking into her boss's computer. Diana sneaks up behind Holly and Ko's her with a tainted cloth. Diana covers Holly's mouth so she can't speak and starts to take advantage of her Hot employee "Spy". Diana traps Holly in a scissors and a HOM. Holly struggles and tries to get out, they both go back and forth entangled in each others arms until Diana gets the upper hand, she KO's Holly. When Holly awakens, she is gagged and bound by her arms and ankles. Does the evil spy leave our damsel bound or does she kidnap her and have her way? Get this red hot clip and see!!


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