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HP-424 Hollywood vs Alyssa Part 1

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Description of Hollywood vs Alyssa Part 1:

It seems a local schoolgirl (Alyssa) has been terrorizing all the other
students in her school, bullying them and beating them up. One of her
teachers (Franchesca) tried to stop her by meeting her in the ring but just
became another victim. This video starts out with Franchesca contacting a
known tough girl (played by the gorgeous Hollywood looking super tough in a
black Iron Cross Bikini top and shorts). Hollywood agrees to meet Alyssa in
the ring and "teach her a lesson" by demolishing her. Next scene is in the
ring where Hollywood is brandishing a night stick, slamming it against the
ropes and describing how she is going to destroy the schoolgirl. Alyssa
shows up in her sexy schoolgirl outfit and immediately engages Hollywood in
some trash talk. Both girls are extremely confident in their fighting
skills. Hollywood challenges Alyssa to a test of strength which Alyssa
wins. Hollywood gets up quickly and challenges Alyssa again. This time
Hollywood kicks Alyssa and quickly puts her in a headlock. She throws
Alyssa to the mat, then she throws Alyssa around the ring, slamming her
head against the turn buckles, punching her mercilessly, totally dominating
the young schoolgirl with choke holds, leg scissors, body punches and more.
All the time asking if Alyssa has had enough and getting the same reply,"I
will never give in". Finally Hollywood lands a couple of strong punches and
Alyssa is laying on the mat moaning. As Hollywood continues to taunt her,
Alyssa gets up with fire in her eyes and wildly charges the unsuspecting
Hollywood. She throws Hollywood into a corner reigns punches up and down
her body. She even throws in a few kicks to the crotch. Now Alyssa does all
the trash talking and Hollywood is relatively quiet. After what must seem
like an eternity to Hollywood, Alyssa smothers her with a good long face
sitting. Hollywood squirms but eventually passes out. Alyssa sits on
Hollywood and plays with her with her feet. She awakes Hollywood pulling
her up by the hair. By now Hollywood is completely defenseless, begging for
mercy. But Alyssa is just getting started. She continues to torture
Hollywood  with leg scissors, body punches and some ferocious kicks to
Hollywood's helpless stomach. Finally a well delivered punch sends
Hollywood to the canvass, out a second time. This time Alyssa wakes
Hollywood up by rubbing her shoes on Hollywood's breasts and face. After
struggling to get up, Hollywood tries to punch Alyssa but just takes wild
swings. All the while Alyssa continues to give Hollywood lip service. After
trying to escape the ring, Hollywood finally gives up and kisses Alyssa's
shoes. She begs Alyssa to let her go, even kissing Alyssa's shoes a second
time. After thinking about it, Alyssa says places the helpless Hollywood in
a sleeper hold. Hollywood slowly loses consciousness, swinging her arms
around, looking gorgeous in defeat as only Hollywood can. Alyssa sits on
Hollywood, using her feet to play with Hollywood's breasts and face. Alyssa
leaves the ring, continuing to taunt the one time tough girl, Hollywood.
What looked like an easy day for Hollywood turned into a night mare at the
hands of a schoolgirl. If you like trash talk and one sided beat downs,
again this is a video you will not want to miss.

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