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TITLE: Birthday Body Beating 2 Part 1 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: Birthday Body Beating 2 Part 2 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: Birthday Body Beating 2 Part 3 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: Birthday Body Beating 2 Complete Video COST: $27 ~ 27 MINUTES




Description of HP-1044:

Picking up where HP-1036 left off, birthday girl Jennifer Thomas has decided to share the joys of beating up Hollywood with her boyfriend, Gary.  A badly beaten, already bound hand and foot, Holly is carried in by the two and dropped to the floor.  Jen stretches her out and Gary wastes no time in giving Holly’s decimated abdomen yet another severe pounding.  The viewer can enjoy close-up views of Holly’s super-fit abs as first Gary and then Jen work them over with punches, stomps and some brutal clubbing.  We get a moment to enjoy a pan of her broken, pink-bikini clad body and then the two flip Holly over and get to work pounding her ass.  Double straddling their poor victim, the two pummel Holly’s rear end without mercy and then end by pulling down her bottoms and giving a long taser shock to a very sensitive area.  Holly gets no rest as they untie her feet and get to work kicking and clubbing the backs of her legs.  Since they are in the area, the vicious couple spread Holly’s legs and spend some time brutalizing her crotch with Jen dishing out numerous crushing headbutts.

The next scene finds Holly seated in a chair.  After choking her out, Jen bemoans that no matter how many times they punch it, Holly’s face remains beautiful.  To test the theory, Gary works over Holly’s face with an unreasonable number of haymakers.  Disappointed with the results from his fists, the two up the ante with a club attack to Holly’s face and skull until numerous blows cause her to crumple to the floor.and we get some more close ups of her brutalized face and body.

Next Holly is placed face down on a folding table and we get a close-up of Holly’s sexily muscled back as it, her sides and kidneys take a profound clubbing and then some tasing.  Holly is flipped on her back and we get another close-up, this time of her feet, as the soles, tops and toes all get worked over.and tased. They know that their cameraman, Duncan, despises Holly’s cute chin, so they point that skyward and we get some tight shots of focused torture to Holly’s lovely scultped jawline, including some double tazing of it.  Finally, they realize that they have been neglecting Holly’s legendary and frequently destroyed midsection, so they stretch Holly out and pound away at it, looking for any unbroken ribs to snap.  When enough damage is done, they deem the birthday body beating to be complete and leave a spasming Holly on the table where we get some final close-ups of her decimated body and face.

After all of these years in the business, Holly’s body is still in peak condition and her face is unparalleled. This video is a must for those who want to see evidence of that up close as she endures yet another monstrous beatdown.



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