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TITLE: The Lap Sitter 2 Complete Video COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

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Description of HP-1080:

Hollywood is decked out in a sexy black leather skirt, pumps, and pantyhose. She trying to relax when in strolls the Lap Sitter! The crazed woman says she wants a fight, and when Hollywood attempts to reject her she comes unglued! As Hollywood is verbally denying the fight, the Lap Sitter pulls her out of the chair and stomps and begins crushing one of Hollywood's feet. Hollywood wails in pain but the Lap Sitter is going to see this fight to fruition! The Lap Sitter pulls Hollywood off the chair and squeezes her into a tight headlock. Hollywood squeals in pain as she is twisted in circles, then slammed into the chair. The Lap Sitter raises Hollywood's skirt to reveal her pantyhose endowed lap, and begins her crushing punishment as she forcefully drops her full weight onto our gorgeous grappling gal! Hollywood struggles in pain as the Lap Sitter pounces upon her knee. The Lap Sitter furthers the brutality as she also bears her full weight on Hollywood's poor foot after removing her pumps. But Hollywood breaks free from the chair and now it is her turn to deal out some punishment! Hollywood lands her perfect ass on the Lap Sitter's inviting lap. With great vigor, Hollywood proceeds to put it to her foe, jumping up and down and getting her revenge!!! A fun video you won't want to miss!!!



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