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HP-505 Who's The Winner Now?

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Description of HP-505 Who's The Winner Now?:

This video stars Hollywood trying to guard an envelope of money and Randy trying to steal it. Hollywood looks super hot in tiny white shorts, a white string bikini top, white arm warmers, and black boots which really accentuate her tanned body. Randy is no slouch looking absolutely terrific in a pair of denim jeans, black bikini top and black boots. Both girls are wearing low riding gun belts. Randy gets the advantage over Hollywood by pumping a strong sleeping gas into the room, knocking out the unsuspecting Hollywood. She enters the room, poking the unconscious Hollywood, and takes the money. Before she can leave the room, Hollywood awakes and sticks her gun in Randy's back. But the weakened girl isn't thinking straight and Randy elbows her in the stomach and sends her to the floor with a blow to the back of her head. When Randy leaves the room to look for some rope, Hollywood rallies, staggering to her feet. But before she can leave the room, Randy returns. At first they fight over Hollywood's gun which is knocked to the floor, and the fight is on and how! Beautiful bodies are thrown around the room, both taking as well as giving. There are body punches, leg scissors, choke holds and more as each girl seeks an advantage. Finally Randy grabs a gun and uses the gun butt across Hollywood's gorgeous face, knocking her out cold. Once again, Randy searches for rope in another area of the house. Once again Hollywood rallies but this time she is hopelessly weak. When Randy returns, she laughs and toys with the gorgeous but helpless Hollywood until a knock is heard at the front door. This prompts Randy to quit playing with Hollywood and knock her out. When no one shows Randy returns with the rope and ties Hollywood up. But the wily Hollywood has previously drugged some water which Randy now drinks. She staggers and falls into a deep sleep across Hollywood's prone body. Now who is the winner? Which girl will wake up first? These are two of the hottest girls around in gun belts!! This one has a truly surprising ending. Randy has an accomplice or does she? You have to buy this video to see who the winner turns out to be. But anyone who purchases this video is really the winner.

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