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HP-667 Beaten Beauty




TITLE: Beaten Beauty Complete Video COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES




Description of HP-667:

This video starts with Hollywood on the phone talking about going to a costume party where she wins best costume ever year! This year she's going to go with Jennifer Thomas. Jennifer's at the door and is ready to go to the party as soon as Hollywood turns to get ready Jennifer blackjacks Hollywood over her head, Hollywood is down but not quite out. From there Jennifer gives Hollywood a one sided beat down, punches to the head, punches to the stomach, kicks to the gut, smacks to her face. She chokes Hollywood with her hands and knees Hollywood in the throat while punching her stomach repeatedly. She also elbows Hollywood whenever and wherever she can. She throws Hollywood on the couch and repeats it all over again ! The evil Jennifer uses her very strong legs to try and choke out our girl! Hollywood will not be going to this party! If you are a fan of one sided beat downs, this clip is for you!


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