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Description of Hollywood vs Onyx:

Hollywood and Onyx face each other in the ring and this is a rough battle form the initial lock-up! Hollywood taunts Onyx as she offers to fingerlock and demonstrates her much taller, statuesque nature and an unimpressed Onyx takes the opportunity to smash her fist into Hollywood's stretched out abs. The two vixens then lock up and Hollywood delivers repeated kicks to Onyx' belly, then slams her to the mat and grabs her in a pain provoking armbar. Onyx gets a reversal, and Hollywood is now squirming in pain. Hollywood counters, but then finds herself in the corner for some belly work. Down to the mat the vixens go as they struggle back and forth until Hollywood locks a tight sleeperhold on Onyx and she goes out like a light.
Onyx comes back and attacks Hollywood from behind and soon our fav babe is squealing for mercy. Hollywood fights back and when the opportunity arises she traps Onyx' curvaceous body in a punishing camel clutch. Onyx gasps in pain, but finally breaks free to once again trap Hollywood on the corner and deliver more belly punches. A vicious clothesline sends Hollywood crashing to the mat for more abuse. The babes lock-up, but Onyx breaks free and slams hard fists into Hollywood's face which send her down for the count. This evens the score as Onyx tends to her hand which is stinging from the finishing blow she delivered to Hollywood.
Hollywood awakens and appears more than a little angry, and it shows in her vicious technique as she now uses rope chokes and hard blows to weaken Onyx. Hollywood attacks Onyx' arm with nasty blows, and drives a sharp belly punch into her reeling foe. But Onyx is no stranger to the fight game, and Hollywood screams out when Onyx drags Hollywood's eyes across the ropes in an act of pure cruelty! While Hollywood recovers on the mat, Onyx stomps her repeatedly in the belly. Onyx seems to be in control, but Hollywood traps her in a tight scissors. But Onyx breaks free as she drives a fist into Hollywood's perfect abs. The two continue to exchange wrestling holds until Hollywood catches Onyx in a headscissors and continues to clamp until Onyx lies lifeless on the mat, giving Hollywood a two to one lead.
Onyx and Hollywood now exchange first bearhugs, then horrific backbreakers. Hollywood finds herself atop the ropes and once again uses her long and powerful legs to crush Onyx. But the seasoned veteran Onyx relentlessly works Hollywood's belly to neutralize the hold. After Hollywood delivers a hard punch to Onyx' jaw, she finds herself slammed into the corner and struggling for survival as Onyx punishes her midsection with brutal forearm smashes. Then, desperate to win the fall, Onyx locks both hands on Hollywood's throat and squeezes like a vice. Hollywood struggles for air as she sinks to the mat and slumps unconscious.
An even score brings both beautiful combatants to the next fall with a renewed intensity. They both try to gain corner advantage, but Onyx gets one-up when she viciously uses an eye rake to send Hollywood reeling. As the match continues to degenerate, Hollywood resorts to hair pulling and mounts Onyx with a school boy pin. Onyx kicks out and the  vivacious vixens furiously pull at one another's hair leaving technical wrestling technique at the wayside. Hollywood traps Onyx in the corner and applies the "old boot to the throat" choke, but is soon rejected as Onyx' foot delivers a shattering low blow that puts our gorgeous glamour girl down. Onyx now works on those long, sexy legs of Hollywood and poor Hollywood ends up begging for mercy as Onyx uses a body scissors to crush Hollywood's ribs. Hollywood appears to be in serious trouble, but one mistake by Onyx and the experienced Hollywood traps her foe in a blood flow depriving triangle choke and Onyx' fury soon turns to a limp lifelessness. Fall to Hollywood.
Onyx appears somewhat disoriented as the next fall begins, and soon finds herself in trouble as Hollywood takes her down to the mat. Onyx' muscular hard-body twists in agony as Hollywood expertly applies a joint-lock and relishes in verbally taunting her opponent. But Onyx knows she is in trouble and rages back. A failed bearhug lands Onyx in the corner and, never one to forgive a grudge, Hollywood slams a devastating low blow into Onyx' netherlands. Unfortunately, this seems to give Onyx the impetus to counter with the same blow and it is now Hollywood that lies moaning in pain on the canvas. Onyx goes back to what works as she again attacks Hollywood's eyes and now gains control. Hollywood writhes about as Onyx clamps on a sleeper, but Hollywood counters and gets another headscissors in place. Just as Hollywood crashes a fist in to her ripped belly, Onyx kicks out of the scissors, but she is noticeably weakened. Hollywood goes for another scissors, but Onyx uses a nasty hamstring strike to gain freedom. Onyx becomes desperate and as Hollywood applies her next hold, Onyx resorts to biting! Onyx works Hollywood into the corner as she once again chokes her, then she slams forearms into Hollywood's chest, followed by belly punches, and ultimately a ground-shaking low blow. As Hollywood moans in pain, now it is Onyx that presses her boot to Hollywood's throat. However, Onyx fairs a little better with the technique as Hollywood slowly sinks to the mat offering no resistance as she fades to never never land.
Hollywood is obviously annoyed as she returns for the next fall and immediately traps Onyx in the corner and batters the beleagured babe's belly. After slamming Onyx' head into the turnbuckle several times, Hollywood applies Onyx' choke technique and then drive hard knees into Onyx' vulnerable midsection. Across the ring they go for more corner punishment before Hollywood slams poor Onyx to the mat. Now bad girl Hollywood brutally applies holds while she taunts a suffering Onyx with offers of submission. Onyx fights back, but is it enough? Or does our signature bad girl Hollywood continue  the devastation? Check this awesome Ring Match out and see!!!


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