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hhhhHP-760 The Trap VII (Part 4) Bachelor's Degree in Beatdown



TITLE: Bachelor's Degree in Beatdown Complete Video COST: $32 ~ 32 MINUTES




Description of HP-760:

At the end of the Trap VII (Part 3), Jennifer and Duncan discussed finally getting a badly beaten Hollywood some medical attention.  It turns out that they did call a doctor, and that was the worst thing that could have happened to her.  The sadistic duo called in Dr. Slade, the wrestling doctor, and his two assistants, Darrius and Steve.  Dr. Slade has been eager to find the perfect weakened victim to star in an instructional video on how to deliver the ultimate beatdown, and the destroyed body of Hollywood will make the ideal canvas on which to paint his masterpiece  - a three men on one woman beating.  He has changed Hollywood into a sexy black bikini and gives her a stimulant injection and some smelling salts so that she will be wide awake to feel all of the pain that he and his team are about to unleash on her.  While his two henchman hold her up, Slade describes and demonstrates all of the disadvantages Hollywood has and advantages they have in this match, including that they plan to use weapons.  The three of them then get right to work softening her up with a lightning strike attack on her stomach and jaw.  After she is appropriately tenderized, they get her running into various clotheslines and then follow up with body slams and other power moves.  This leads into a long and detailed lesson on how to completely destroy Hollywood’s belly, which involves placing her in a few different positions as they mercilessly pound her gut into oblivion.  Her battered feet get another systematic beating so that they are also completely shattered. Slade then decides to give Hollywood some hope of escape if she can pass a simple test.  Not surprisingly there is cheating almost immediately, and when she falls short, Hollywood is subjected to a final free for all beating.  Shot from a new interesting angle,  this final scene has the three of them going wild on Hollywood as she hangs off the edge of the ring apron.  All of them simultaneously work her abs, crotch, legs, feet and chin with a variety of punches, stomps, knees and blows with the club.  You will have to see it to believe it! This is probably the most vicious part of the Trap VII series so far.  Unlike the prior three parts, Hollywood is awake through most of the video, but completely helpless and at the mercy of her three brutal attackers.  You’ll be left wondering if finally Hollywood’s torment will end, but as video fades to credits with Slade and his men continuing to pound on her, there is no telling whether an end to Hollywood's suffering is even in sight.


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