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HP-536 Polk-A-Dot Bikini Lift



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Description of HP-536:

For our Lift and Carry Fans, this is one hot video for you!

Hollywood is being carried in by Jeff in her red and white Polk a dot bikini.
He starts doing curls with her body.Then goes for the over the shoulder lift, then stretches her body over his back. more curls and lifts from jeff and a piggyback ride for Holly. Next up Jeff lifts Holly straight up by her waist. Next Holly lifts Jeff over her back. He then lifts holly over one shoulder, she then straddles both his shoulder while upside down. She straddles Jeff's waist and dangles down while doing her sit ups. They go to the floor and do squats while each of them take turns lifting the other with their feet and legs. There are so many lifts and carry's in this 15 min vid. I know you will enjoy them!


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