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HP-697 The Pool Posse




TITLE: The Pool Posse Complete Video COST: $14 ~ 14 MINUTES




Description of HP-697:

This is another of Hollywood’s “Shoot’em Up” videos. Hollywood, looking super-hot in a skimpy “Stars and Stripes” bikini, decides to lay out in the sun by herself. But then Michelle shows up (looking great in a tiny black bikini). Hollywood tells her “This is a private pool”. But when Michelle refuses to leave, Hollywood pulls out a gun and shoots her. Thinking she has settled the issue, Hollywood lays back down. Michelle revives, pulls out her gun and shoots Hollywood. With this, the fight is on!!! Back and forth they go, shooting each other in a beautiful pool setting. There is a fountain nearby surrounded by rocks. Hollywood and Michelle take turns getting shot and ending up in provocative poses on lawn chairs, rocks  and the concrete apron that surrounds the pool.

But then Hollywood hears a noise. It seems our gorgeous girls are wanted! A group of bounty hunters are intent on interrupting the girls fun. The girls start running but don’t get far before they are gunned down. But they bounce back up and run again. Can they shoot their way out of this mess? Or do they end up as floating stiffs adrift in the pool? Beautiful but lifeless!! Will the day end in triumph or defeat?


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