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hhhhHP-068 Hollywood in "Cable Destruction"




TITLE: Hollywood in "Cable Destruction" Complete Video COST: $31 ~ 31 MINUTES




Description of HP-068:

Well, this Video is proof positive that our precious Hollywood doesn’t always decisively dominate and defeat her male foes. We’re used to seeing her thoroughly trounce and humiliate men double her size. This time, though, she may have met her match as she goes up against her Cable installation guy who is about FOUR times her size-we’re talking a large WWF Wrestler size here!!

We start innocent enough as we get a peek into Holly’s home life as she’s lounging one late evening and receives a call concerning her installation. The Cable Guy didn’t come earlier, but now wants to show up at midnite!!…Holly tells him where to shove it and heads to the shower. Of course, he shows up anyway, and a half-naked Holly is forced to get the door as the HUGE guy storms in, pushing her aside. Her verbal tirade towards him quickly turns into a physical confrontation. Your jaw will drop in awe as the teeny gal initially picks apart her Giant-like foe. Davey vs. Goliath has nothing on this one. She slams him against the wall and repeatedly takes him down seemingly with ease. Our heroic beauty even mixes some pro-style holds in while trying to breast smother and facesit him to weaken and wear him down. 

The Size advantage starts to wear the valiant femme down, however. Cable Guy gets his second wind and begins to trounce Hollywood in Hulk-like fashion. His physical onslaught includes a series of pro-wrestling holds and submissions such as The Boston Crab and Sleeper Hold just to name a few. Ever the competitor, Holly tries to counter with additional smothering moves, but to no avail. This is a true test. Can Hollywood’s skill, experience, and cunning overcome this bad guy’s huge size, strength, and weight advantage? Has she finally bitten off more than she can chew?

You won’t be disappointed with this video as Hollywood continues her trend of coming up with new, exciting, and interesting scenarios and formats for her matches. This is definitely not your ‘same old, same old’ type of mixed contest.  NOTE:  there are areas where the volume comes in and out...



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