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HP-366 Hollywood vs Frankie Z


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Description of Hollywood vs Frankie Z:

Frankie Z, self-proclaimed "Queen of The Ring" calls out Hollywood, promising to give her a mark in the Loss Category. The two engage and although Hollywood gets the first upperhand, Frankie locks on a vicious arm bar and begins to punish the beauty. Frankie gloats as she takes Hollywood down and pounds her in the belly. Then, she allows Hollywood to her feet and the two engage in a fingerlock test of strength. Hollywood delivers a blow and clamps on a sleeper but it is broken and Hollywood ends up in a figure four leglock. The battle rages back and forth as the two vixens exchange painful holds. But the battle isn't all technical as both of these trained grapplers use everything including hair pulling to punish their foe.
Hollywood gets Frankie in the corner, but a quick reversal leads to a severe thrashing from Frankie. Once again Frankie gains advantage with a brutal arm bar, then she carries Hollywood over her shoulder to the corner to work on Hollywood's curvaceous body. The gorgeous grapplin' girls continue to exchange pain wracking holds, but neither babe can elicit a submission. Hollywood locks an arm bar of her own on Frankie and threatens to break her arm, yet still no submission is cried out. Although Frankie finds herself screaming out in pain, when she doesn't submit, an impatient Hollywood finishes her with a cobra like sleeperhold.
When Frankie comes to, Hollywood begins to pour on the punishment with leglocks, chokes, and Camel clutches. In spite of Frankie whining that Hollywood is her favorite wrestler, she still receives a joint cracking armbar from the queen of mean. Hollywood continues the assault with devastating precision until Frankie resorts to a vicious eye rake to escape the clutches of her foe. Unfortunately, this merely enrages Hollywood and she steps up the game.
Frankie appears to make a comeback when she slams a huge forearm into Hollywood and sends her down to the mats, but it is a short lived reprieve. It's never a good idea to get Hollywood's blood pressure up as she is the quintessential Bad Girl. The air is soon filled with screams for mercy from a faltering Frankie. Gasping and pleading become the status quo, but Hollywood continues her brutal face pace to destruction. Although she makes a few small countermeasures, Frankie ends up knocked senseless and crashes to the mat like a lead balloon.
More punishment ensues and snarls and screams become commonplace. Although submission appears inevitable, it now appears that Hollywood is in her groove and enjoying herself! At one point, Hollywood forces Frankie to confess to the camera that "Hollywood is The Best!!!" The rest of the match becomes a showcase of domination on the part of Hollywood. Does Frankie submit? Or does Hollywood simply prove her point? Get this hot ring match and find out!!!


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