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HP-226 Francesca vs Barbara



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Description of HP-226:

This video is a cat fight between Francesca, wearing a bikini with a blue "wave" pattern, and Barbara, wearing a pink bikini. Both girls looking super hot. Not a word is spoken as the match begins. The two beautiful combatants begin with a test of strength. Both girls cheat a little by kicking their opponent. But Francesca gets the upper hand and twists Barbara's arm behind her back. By placing an arm around Barbara's neck she forces her to the mat and places her strong legs around Barbara's petite waist. From this point on, Francesca completely dominates Barbara with stomach kicks and knees to her private parts. She finally places Barbara in a figure four forcing her to submit. Thus the first fall goes to Francesca. Of course, Francesca can not wait to start the second fall. After beginning strong, Francesca is surprised when Barbara punches her in the stomach. From that point on, Barbara dominates Francesca. Barbara places a figure four around her helpless victim's gorgeous neck. She slams Francesca's head into the mat and places her in a camel clutch. She sits on Francesca's round little butt and pulls on her legs. Eventually she grabs her neck also. She picks Francesca up with a hand around her neck and slams her knee into Francesca's unprotected stomach. Finally, with Francesca on her knees, she places her muscular thighs around Francesca's neck, forcing her to submit. The second fall belongs to the lovely Barbara. Now Barbara is anxious to start the third and final round. Barbara starts out fast by placing a foot on Francesca's stomach and stretches her leg and arms. More kicks follow to the stomach and then to Francesca's private parts, returning the favor Francesca had done to her earlier. Can Francesca recover and make it an even contest? Or has Barbara taken charge for good? Both contestants are in fantastic shape and look terrific in their tiny bikinis. All I know is, when all is said and done, one battered wrestler lies exhausted and motionless on the mat.


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