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HP-664 The Bedroom Tutor



TITLE: The Bedroom Tutor Complete Video COST: $30 ~ 30 MINUTES




Description of HP-664:

Hollywood is in the ring doing some cleanup when Duncan arrives and asks her to show him some wrestling holds, he's looking to spice things up in the bedroom . Hollywood is going to give him some friendly advice and show him her repertoire of holds. She also adds a little wager saying whoever wins or loses has to clean up the ring. So Hollywood starts with a triangle hold, the next is a tight headlock, next is a sleeper hold, she teaches him about  safe words and tapping is a good idea if need be. Again Hollywood demonstrates very sexy holds on her male volunteer!!! She goes into a sexy grapevine, a crossover body hold, The crucifix, arm bars, scissors, neck scissors, figure four head scissors and a nice schoolboy pin, followed up by a lovely face sit.


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