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HP-636 The Worthless Guard




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TITLE: The Worthless Guard Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-636:

This video finds secret agent Goldie, wearing a very tight black one piece, cut out to show her fabulous curves, accepting an assignment to retrieve some stolen loot from a safe location. The location is guarded by not one, but many  "Dark Angels"!!! (the SUPER HOT Hollywood in her tiny black shorts, black boots, iron cross bikini top and arm warmers, carrying with a gun) Our gorgeous girl has been cloned, not once, but many times!!! Goldie's instructions are to retrieve the money and dispose of all the Dark Angels. As Goldie enters the house, she encounters the first Dark Angel, standing carelessly by the front door. Dark Angel is brimming with confidence as her gun hangs jauntily low on her perfect hips. Before she knows it, Goldie has her in a sleeper hold. As Dark Angel struggles, she reaches for her gun, but it is too late as she passes out. Goldie grabs her by the arms and drags the helpless girl away. This happens over and over again as Goldie disposes of the guards, one at a time. She takes care of one Dark Angel with a night stick, another with a karate chop, then uses a syringe, also, a rope around the neck, etc.,etc. The beat goes on. Each time she carefully removes the gorgeous but useless guard from the scene. Finally, one Dark Angel gets the jump on Goldie. But you can guess how it turns out by the title of this video. This video is for anyone who wants to see a beautiful overconfident, sexy, bikini clad girl getting taken out by an equally sexy secret agent. No one looks hotter getting KO'd over and over then Hollywood as she drops to the floor, to a chair, sofa, etc. And Goldie looks super doing it!!!



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