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HP-561 The Exercise



TITLE: The Exercise Complete Video COST: $12 ~ 12 MINUTES





Description of HP-561:

Hollywood is in her apartment stretching on her foil blue bikini when in comes her friend to exercise with her. During their stretching Hollywood looks at him and says "you know I'm stronger than you!" So she starts doing a bunch of push-ups to show him. She tells him he looks week.  Then she decides to get on top of his back while he is doing a push up to see if he is strong or not . He then picks her up with one arm and walks around the room. She throws her legs around his neck and dangles from his back he then spins her around and around,then piggybacks her. Holly then piggybacks him he tells her she's very strong. Holly then does a back bend over his back. They do many moves, cradles, body Lifts to the ceiling, she straddles his waist while she does sit ups, Holly has him on her back and does squats. She then lays on the floor and Lifts her friend with her legs and arms. He bearhugs her and then she carries him out the door. If you love lift and carry's then you'll dig this one!!!


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