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HP-645 The Belly Challenge



TITLE: The Belly Challenge Complete Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of HP-645:

This video starts off with Hollywood dressed in her red, white, and blue G string bikini, pacing back-and-forth, waiting for Randy, and saying how she's always late and she's tired of waiting for her. Randy finally shows up in her black sparkly bikini, showing no remorse as she graces the room with her killer body. Hollywood is pissed and challenges her to a bikini belly challenge to see who can out last the other... Hollywood is intent on brutalizing Randy's fabulously hot abs. Hollywood starts first, with a big punch to Randys tight abs, sending her reeling. This is followed by what Randy thinks are hard punches. But Holly asks "Is that all you've got?"  Holly then puts Randy in a tight headlock. Randy says she's going to rip into Holly's gorgeous abs! These 2 hot girls go back-and-forth with vicious punches,  claws and various ab stretches!!! Randy stretches out Hollywood and drives hard punches into her vulnerable belly, showing no mercy! But bad girl Hollywood can play the game too, and she forces Randy over her knee, then digs her talons into Randy's helplessly stretched out belly, forcing the beautiful blonde to cry out in agony! Two HOT ladies that mercilessly punish each others SEXY hard bodies!!! Get this dynamite clip to see which one outlasts the other !!!


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