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hhhhHP-752 Enraged Annihilation The Trap VII (Part 3)




TITLE: Enraged Annihilation The Trap VII Part 3 Complete Video COST: $31 ~ 31 MINUTES




Description of HP-752:

There is no relief in sight for poor Hollywood. At the end of the Trap VII (Part 2), after brutally beating her for a second session in the same evening, it appeared that Darrius and Duncan were going to finally take their destroyed boss to the hospital.  However, they were immediately stopped by a powerful looking police detective played by Jennifer Thomas.  When Jennifer came to investigate reports of a woman being endlessly beaten, she intended to rescue the poor victim. However, when she discovered that the victim was Hollywood, the fantasy girl of her boyfriend Gary, she decided instead to allow the beatings to go on and to join in herself when she thought that Darrius and Duncan’s second beating had been too easy on Hollywood.

Jennifer has Duncan deposit Hollywood back in the ring and then talks to Gary directly through the camera, telling him that she is going to destroy Hollywood for him, especially the parts of her that he likes best.  She immediately starts stomping the helpless beauty, getting Duncan to join in.  She announces that the first part of Hollywood to be destroyed will be Gary’s favorite part, Hollywood’s abs.  Jennifer makes the most the first of what will be a few rounds focusing on Hollywood’s beleaguered stomach with some extremely hard punching, kicking, elbows and axe-handles, and then she remembers the baseball bat…  At the end of that punishing round, she taunts Hollywood with her own perfectly toned abs, before she and Duncan move on to launch all-out war on Hollywood’s ass (another of Gary’s favorite parts).  When they have completed the unprecedented destruction of Hollywood’s world-class rear end (along with some crotch abuse), Jennifer admonishes Duncan for the poor job that he and Darrius did in destroying Hollywood’s feet in Part 2.  Bat, billy club, rope and even teeth all come into play on fragile soles as the sadistic duo ensure that Hollywood will not be teasing Gary with high heels any time soon.  By now Jennifer has worked up a good sweat, and she returns to Hollywood’s abs, again stating that Darrius, Duncan and all of Hollywood’s earlier opponents went way too easy on Gary’s fantasy girl.  Jennifer amps up the ab destruction by making good use of the billy club while Duncan stretches Hollywood over his shoulders.  They prop her in the corner and go to town with machine gun punching and hard knees to the gut, and then they start to work on Hollywood’s face.  Gary loves Hollywood’s sculpted jawline, which makes Jennifer hate it.  She viciously attacks Hollywood’s battered chin, broken jaw and even vulnerable throat, going wild with the club and her fists. Once Jennifer has made sure that Hollywood will be taking many future meals through a straw, she again goes back to working on her midsection.  While Hollywood lies held in place by Duncan and helpless, Jennifer completely decimates her abs, ribs and back with all manner of attacks.  When done, and even though she has guaranteed Duncan that she has left no rib unbroken, they decide that Hollywood’s abs still need some more punishment, so they tie her crucifix style to the ropes and work her over more. They finally cut her down and finish her off with a final flurry of kicks, stomps and bat/club blows all over her spread-eagled body.  Only then does Jennifer finally decide that Gary will be satisfied.  

This is another hardcore offering in The Trap series.  Jennifer annihilates Hollywood’s unconscious and already badly-beaten body with a maniacal intensity seemingly fueled by equal parts jealousy, rage and glee.  She wants to simultaneously punish Hollywood for being the object of Gary’s obsession, while at the same time turn him on by brutally destroying all of his favorite parts of his favorite victim.  While Duncan once again picks Holly up at the end to take her to the hospital, he and Jennifer decide that they do not want to take the broken toy out of the playroom.  Someone else may want to play with her…



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