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Each Part is 9 3/4 to 11 1/2 minutes long , 50-58 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of Spin The Bottle:

Hollywood, Fran, And Lisa are knocking down the last drops of a bottle of wine when Hollywood has a fun idea. She suggests a little game of wrestling Spin The Bottle seeing as they conveniently have an empty bottle with which to work. The Rules are simple: First spin determines the "winner" that will choose and apply the hold. Second spin determines the victim of the hold. The hold will be applied for a minute and a half, and there will be NO submission allowed!
By chance (right...) Hollywood wins the first spin, and Lisa is unfortunate enough to become the first victim. Hollywood selects a leg scissors around poor Lisa's neck and proceeds to show no mercy in applying it. Lisa soon learns that a minute and a half can be a very long time! Next, Hollywood spins again (and seems to be modifying the rules to serve her needs) and this time Franchesca chooses the hold and surprise!!...Lisa is once again the victim as Fran puts her through the proverbial wringer.
Hollywood spins next (again) and Lisa is slated for more punishment. She soon finds herself face down on the mat as Hollywood cranks on an arm bar and crushes her with a scissors. Lisa struggles in pain as she begins to smell a skunk and suspects Hollywood and Fran may have planned this whole fiasco. Lisa survives another minute and a half and then slowly makes her way back to the couch. No sooner does she sit down when Frannie once again becomes the "winner" and Lisa is selected again by a somewhat tainted spin. Franchesca puts Lisa in a monstrously painful standing back breaker and as Lisa writhes in pain, Hollywood and Fran laugh uncontrollably.
Hollywood performs another one of her Las Vegas razzle dazzle spins and Lisa redundantly finds herself face down on the mat for another 90 seconds good 'ol fashioned Hollywood brutality. Lisa gasps and sputters as Hollywood locks her up and with great pleasure Fran archives the event with pictures. The game appears "fixed" as Hollywood and Fran take turns abusing a very displeased Lisa. She complains of the unfairness as The two tormentors wittingly banter back and forth, enjoying their friends apparent misfortune. Lisa gets a break as she groggily spins, but Hollywood is selected as the winner. Hollywood wickedly delights as she squeezes Lisa's head between her thighs and attempts to pull Lisa's arms from their sockets. Lisa frantically kicks her feet and manages to survive.
Lisa is now in disbelief as Fran wins again, this time selecting a nasty grapevine and also getting a little help from Hollywood. Not having the sense to leave, Lisa continues to play thinking she can actually win...not today though!
Hollywood puts Lisa down and chokes the life out of her. Lisa is out cold and momentarily draws concern from her attackers. This is short lived as Lisa comes to only to find herself in another painful hold being applied by Fran. Lisa is disoriented and cries out in pain, but the hold continues! Hollywood jumps back in and by now the spinning has become completely bogus as the two vixens continue to thrash poor Lisa as the "game" continues. Lisa no longer wishes to play anymore and finds herself completely defeated and sat upon by her aggressors. Now beneath her two victors, Lisa can only lie in defeat as Hollywood and Fran gloat and toast one another concerning their victory in "Spin The Bottle".



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