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HP-272 Hollywood vs Lia


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Description of Hollywood vs Lia:

    Hollywood has invited Lia over to her pool to go for a little swim. As Lia waits impatiently, she begins to mumble that Hollywood is taking forever to get ready , which is beginning to agitate Lia quite a bit. Hollywood finally enters the room and much to her dismay, Lia vocalizes her displeasure. After commenting that she thinks Hollywood shouldn't take so long, she accuses her of putting on too much make-up. Hollywood doesn't really care to hear Lia's opinion and is really a little more than just irritated that Lia is being such an ingrate after Hollywood was kind enough to invite her over for a swim. Finally , after a few more words are exchanged, it's ON.

Hollywood decides it's time she taught Lia a little bit of appreciation and starts with a beatdown in mind. The two vixens go at it, as Lia is no slouch herself and pretty much welcomes Hollywood to a little catfight contest. Neither babe holds back as they use chokes, scissors, kicks, punches, and many other vicious techniques. The battle rages back and forth as these two hotties both attempt to gain victory in their first clash.

Will this leave bad blood between Hollywood and Lia? Will Hollywood ever invite Lia back for a little swim? Get this one and see which of our lovely ladies reigns dominant, and which is left to consider her inappropriate behavior at their little "swim" party.






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