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HP-587 The Nocturnal Nemesis

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Description of HP-587 The Nocturnal Nemesis

Hollywood’s been wrestling with her nightmares — literally! Lately, she’s been plagued by terrifying dreams and grappling with bouts of insomnia, leaving her emotionally and physically drained. Seeking an outlet for her frustration and fatigue, she heads to the gym hoping some exercise and an exhilarating endorphin kick will help relieve her stress. What she finds, however, is a possible solution to her traumatic ordeal: a referral to a cognitive behavioral therapist specializing in sleep deprivation. Elated at the prospects of remedying her restlessness, she meets with the specialist for a general analysis. It is here, in the seclusion of the examination room, that Hollywood is able to confide her inmost fears — of a shadowy, sinister presence that has remorselessly intruded upon her subconscious mind, relentlessly refusing to let her catch a wink of shuteye! Assured and at ease at having relieved herself of the burden weighing heavy on her conscience, yet weary from her grueling workout, Hollywood is left with her thoughts, drifting into sleep’s welcoming embrace. But, her sanctity is short-lived — as she stirs awake, bound and bikini-clad in the confines of a diabolical dreamscape! Bewildered and dismayed, our fabulous femme desperately struggles to break free of her trappings, both real and imagined! Too late, and to no avail she discovers, as her nocturnal nemesis resurfaces, seeking to teach Hollywood the err of her therapeutic ways. School is promptly in session and a vicious beatdown ensues, with the malicious menace bringing the pain to Hollywood’s vulnerable, restrained body! Ignoring her pitiful pleading and forlorn cries, he focuses his ire on her supremely toned abs with a brutal barrage of punches, slaps, claws, and clubs! Blow-after-blow rains upon Hollywood’s taut tummy, ultimately leaving her battered, bruised, and breathless! Satisfied (momentarily) with his sadistic sermon, the fiend departs, leaving her debilitated and demoralized. Yet, as consciousness threatens to slip away from our bound beauty, Hollywood’s anguished thoughts stray aimlessly, uncertain if this punishing foray is but a dream within a dream, or a dastardly devised scheme rooted in reality and the prelude to things to come! Sleep tight!

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