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HP-282 High Stakes Poker

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Each Part is approx. 10 minutes long and is 15 tokens.

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Description of High Stakes Poker:

Two super hot chicks decide to pass away some time by playing a friendly game of poker, for money of course. One is our always gorgeous Hollywood, dressed in a blue short miniskirt, wearing her leather gun belt, white bikini top and black boots, while the other is the equally beautiful Kristiana dressed in tiny white shorts, a white bikini top and black boots, wearing her leather gun belt. At first it is all fun and games until Hollywood wins three rounds in a row with unbelievably high hands. Kristiana gets up calling Hollywood a cheater. She sneaks behind Hollywood, grabs her silky hair and slams her head face down on the table, knocking her out. Kristiana grabs the money and starts walking away. Before she gets too far, Hollywood wakes up and demands her money back. Kristiana puts the money down on the sofa saying, "No way." When Hollywood reaches for the money, the fight is on. This is an old west fight with lots of punches. Both girls are packing heat but neither goes for their guns at this time, they just hang low on their perfect waists. Finally Hollywood KO's Kristiana with a right cross to the face leaving her out on the sofa. Hollywood then grabs the money and leaves the room, looking for a drink. While she is gone, Kristiana wakes up and hides by the door, waiting for Hollywood to return. When she does, Kristiana attacks her with a vengeance. Poor Hollywood doesn't have a chance as she is battered about the room, Kristiana raining punches all over Hollywood's terrific body. She is finally knocked out across the coffee table. This time Kristiana ties her hands together. When Hollywood wakes up, she demands to be untied but Kristiana just laughs and a with a combination right and left hook, sends her back to dream land. However, Hollywood is a tough old girl and before Kristiana can leave, Hollywood rises up and KO's Kristiana with a right cross. But Hollywood is tired and decides to rest before leaving. This gives Kristiana a chance to regain her senses. Kristiana stumbles to her feet and removes the sleeping beauty's gun. But Hollywood wakes up and the fist fight continues. Punches are thrown throughout the living room, dining room and kitchen, perfect bodies taking a perfect beating. Finally the fight pours out into the back yard where Kristiana takes her gun and swipes it across Hollywood's face sending her reeling to the ground. At this point, Kristiana challenges Hollywood to a gun fight. Two of the most beautiful girls in the old west stand back to back. They count off ten paces with their guns riding low on two hot hips, itchy trigger fingers hovering near their guns, they finally turn and fire. One girl goes down, seemingly mortally wounded. But is she finished? A surprise last request gives this video a twisted ending. Does the winner of the gunfight actually win the money? The real winner is anyone who buys this video, two hot girls with low riding gun belts and itchy trigger fingers.


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