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HP-653 Diva Destruction



TITLE: Diva Destruction Complete Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of HP-653:

Hollywood plays the "Diva" in this clip, looking perfect for the part in a gold bikini top, shorty shorts and gold wrist bands. She starts out walking confidently to the center of the ring to meet her opponent Duncan. "Are you ready Duncan?" she innocently asks. Duncan replies, "Oh yeah" and offers his right hand for what appears to be a friendly handshake. But when Hollywood takes a deep breath saying, "I guess" and reaches out, Duncan grabs her hand and with his shoulder, slams her into a corner. Let the "Destruction" begin!!! Hollywood is totally caught of guard and offers feeble resistance as Duncan tortures that curvaceous body of hers. First using body punches, a camel clutch, leg scissors around her slim waist, a bear hug before finally KOing her with a devastating sleeper hold. A stomp on the stomach brings our girl back to life to continue her beat down. Duncan uses many, many holds including the Boston Crab, over the knee as well as over the shoulder back breakers, bear hugs, body slams, right crosses to her unprotected jaw, forearms to her gorgeous chest and more. Of course nobody takes a beating like Hollywood can. You can feel for her as she staggers around in a daze, wondering what happened. As you can tell by the title, Hollywood doesn't come back in this one, The only question, is how will Duncan finish the beautiful "Diva" off. Anyway he does it, the buyer of this clip wins!!


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