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HP-689 Bounty Hunter Babe




TITLE: Bounty Hunter Babe Complete Video COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES




Description of HP-689:

This is another of Hollywood’s “Shoot’em Up” videos. A Bounty Hunter (played by Hollywood in a tiny black skirt, black bikini top, black boots and gun belt) has been sent to bring in a gang of crooks. Wearing a black shirt, open of course to show off her great figure, Hollywood leaves the back door of the gang’s known hideaway searching for the crooks. She heads to a back corner of the yard, seeing evidence that the villains have headed that way. She sees a camp fire and heads up a path to a set of railroad tracks. Once there, she sees her quarry and draws her gun out of the holster. She fires several shots but gets hit three times, each time she ends up looking provocatively as she lays sprawled across one of the rails. After the third hit, she decides there are too many of them and heads back down the path from the tracks. But before she can get too far, she takes a bullet in the back and down she goes. Getting up, she finds some logs to hide behind. Little good they do as down she goes again. Next she heads across the yard, throwing down a garbage can to try to slow up the crooks but it does little good as they hit her in the back again! Hollywood is getting closer to the safety of the house with each step, but will she make it? She may have bit off more than she can chew this time!! Seems there are just too many bad guys for our favorite gorgeous Bounty Hunter to bring in!  But by golly she looks super-hot trying!!! Nobody looks sexier lying helplessly across rails, logs and garbage cans chasing an elusive goal!!


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