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HP-522 A Buck For Your Troubles

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Description of HP-522 A Buck For Your Troubles:

This video clip is another in Hollywood's "Shoot'em Up" shootout series. This one features two buxom cowgirls fighting over a wad of cash. Goldie wears a print bikini and Hollywood wears a white bikini. Both outfits barely cover their ample "assets". Both wear their gun belts tantalizing low on their picturesque hips. The clip starts out with Goldie holding the wad of cash and attempts to count it. Hollywood sneaks up behind her using the butt of her gun to knock Goldie out. Goldie is left in a provocative pose on her back across a chair. Hollywood grabs the money but before she can do anything, Goldie guns her down. When Hollywood gets up, both girls face off for a gun duel. But when Hollywood gets careless, holding her gun in her left hand reaching for the cash with her right (a terrific scene I might add), Goldie shoots her again. Next they stand back to back. They take three paces and turn and fire. this time Hollywood is quicker, shooting Goldie and taking the cash. Once again Goldie revives and shoots Hollywood before she gets too far. Hollywood is left on her back across a table, showing off her sexy abs as the money drops to the floor. After a couple of more shootouts that take place downstairs as well as upstairs, the final show down happens. Six shots are fired as the two gorgeous enemies take dead aim at each other's hot bodies. Which girl will survive this onslaught and walk away with the cash, leaving her victim with "A Buck for her Troubles"? Or will anyone live to tell the tale? This is a hot video between to sexy opponents in tiny outfits. They obviously have nothing to hide!!!!

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