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HP-280 Jealous Wife


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Description of Jealous Wife:

Hollywood is relaxing on the couch, fists taped for a match with Lisa, looking her usual tanned, toned, and tenacious self. Lisa arrives and is more than annoyed as she warns Hollywood to stop flirting with her husband. Hollywood doesn't appreciate Lisa's tone, and challenges her as to what she is going to do about the whole thing. Not a moment is spared and the two get it on!
Hard punches are exchanged, but then Lisa delivers a barrage of blows to Hollywood's perfect abs. Hollywood caves from the assault, and Lisa slams her about the room and delivers multiple face punches. The catfight proceeds as Hollywood employs an eye poke to get back into the game, then fires away with face punches to even the score. Lisa is knocked to the floor repeatedly, then Hollywood drives blows into Lisa's belly hard enough to lift her off the floor with each resounding wallop. Her typical self, Bad girl Hollywood resorts to choking a defenseless Lisa, then slams big forearm smashes into Lisa's chest. Lisa moans and gasps as the blows find their target, and Hollywood is relentless as she stomps and scissors a flailing Lisa. Hollywood also offers the info that it is indeed Lisa's husband that is flirting with her, not the other way around!
Knowing she is in serious trouble and not exactly known to be a rule abiding opponent, Lisa lashes out and locks on to Hollywood's womanhood. Hollywood briefly squeals prior to being thrown about the room, her head bouncing off the walls, causing her to collapse to the floor. Lisa seizes the opportunity to scissor Hollywood and position her sexy body for abuse. A woman scorned, Lisa works over Hollywood's unprotected belly with hard blows, all while she applies intermittent crotch claws to elicit cries of anguish from her fallen foe. Lisa continues to manhandle a whimpering Hollywood and a flurry of face punches now draws first blood. Her rage growing out of control, Lisa batters Hollywood's chest with big forearm smashes as Hollywood cries for mercy between the bombs being dropped upon her.
Now desperate herself, Hollywood reaches down from within and launches a counter-assault. This becomes a successful campaign and the voluptuous vixen takes charge and draws new blood from her opponent. Hollywood viciously chokes her weakened foe, and punches, kicks, and knees are utilized to make the blood flow. Lisa throws a hard elbow into Hollywood's sculpted belly and she maniacally chokes her senseless. Lisa straddles Hollywood's helpless body and hammers away at her belly and face. Her jealousy raging out of control, Lisa grabs a foreign object and continually bashes Hollywood as she tries to cover and bleeds from open wounds. Further stomping and punching become the new order.
Unfortunately for Lisa, her ambitions grow out of control and Hollywood miraculously reverses the tide. Hollywood now methodically destroys Lisa with punch after punch, until finally Lisa crashes to the floor and is unable to answer a 10 count, or 20 count, or basically...anything!




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