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HP-598 Hollywood Surrenders




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TITLE: Hollywood Surrenders Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-598:

Hollywood is determined to get into a house to gather some important information. She is wearing a smoking hot gold bikini and black boots, along with her gun belt of course. She never looked better! She thinks she can sneak up on the guards by entering the yard from a far back corner. First we see her starting out behind a tree. Hollywood then takes several steps around the tree when she is discovered, immediately she fires a few shots but takes a bullet through her gorgeous abs. Down she goes on her back. Thinking the guards have forgotten about her, she gets to her feet and tries to reach a line of bushes. But she is gunned down twice before getting there. As she tries to approach the house along the bushes she is shot and downed two more times. She finally makes it to a picnic table near the house. Thinking she is concealed by the table, she shoots toward the guards but carelessly rises and gets shot three more times resulting in three hot poses on the picnic table. Next she sneaks a little closer, but a garbage can provides no cover as she is hit and down again. Getting back up after a short time, she realizes that she is not going to make it into the house and decides to retreat and does so behind a tree stump. After firing a few shots she tries to escape the way she came. While trying to get back to the far corner of the yard, she is shot and downed two more times but she does make it to cover. However by now, having been shot and downed over a dozen times, she decides to give up. She holds the gun up high, stretching out her magnificent abs, and comes out from behind the bushes attempting to surrender, she gets down on her knees slowly laying her gun down. But the guards have no mercy on her and shoot the unarmed beauty many times. She reaches for her gun, but it is too late and down she goes for the last time. This is a FANTASTIC clip as Hollywood's tanned body in gold looks absolutely gorgeous against the green background. She never looked better lying on her back, stomach and side with the wind gently blowing through her hair as she is gunned down many, many times.


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