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HP-485 Dark Angel in "The Potion"

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Description of HP-485 Dark Angel in "The Potion":

A Chemist (played by Duncan) has developed a secret potion and Dark Angel has been sent to get the formula. Dark Angel, looking super hot in a tiny bikini top, black shorts, black wrestling boots and a mask to hide her true identity, waits for the Chemist in his lab. When he enters the room, Dark Angel slams him in the back, sending him sprawling on the floor. The stunned Chemist is easy pickings for the wily criminal as she tortures him trying to get the secret ingredients. She use her gorgeous legs to place him in scissor holds, then a choking sleeper hold and more, but he refuses to cooperate. Eventually he manages to punch Dark Angel in the stomach and then a right cross to the jaw sends her reeling knocking off her mask. The Chemist recognizes the villain as our favorite girl, Hollywood. Now he has the advantage and throws Dark Angel against the wall and reigns punches on her perfect abs. He is able to retaliate for the beating he received by applying many holds on the would be thief. The fight goes back and forth between two evenly matched opponents. When Duncan has the advantage he uses a body slams, more body punches, places her in a camel clutch, bends her over his knee in a back breaker and more. Finally, as he is stretching Hollywood's magnificent body by pulling her arm and leg, she manages to use her elbow and turn the tables. Again she is in charge. She continues to request the secret formula finally asking him to name just one ingredient. He teases her and says "water". This infuriates her and she continues torturing him. Will she eventually get him to give in? Or will the Chemist once again turn the tables on his gorgeous assailant? Duncan and Hollywood both know a lot of holds and how to use them. Plus they work well together. This is a great video.

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