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Hollywood vs Raquel

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Description of Hollywood vs Raquel:

Hollywood and Raquel are warming up in the ring. "Warming up" is a mammoth understatement as these two babes flex there amazingly fit and sculpted bodies. Hollywood jumps right in as she taunts Raquel by saying "So you think you're tough?". And when a confident Raquel starts to answer, she is slammed in the face by an impatient Hollywood.
Our fav babe makes a major mistake however, as she turns her back on Raquel. The athletically endowed grappler has no intention of letting Hollywood off the hook that easy, and she flattens poor Hollywood with a flying dropkick to the back.
Raquel rolls Hollywood up into a figure four leg-lock, then goes to work on Hollywood's sexy legs. Hollywood writhes in pain as Raquel pours it on, then releases her hold and stomps and kicks a bewildered Hollywood. As Raquel pounces on her foe, Hollywood slams her fist into Raquel's curvaceous abs and gets into the game. But Raquel floors Hollywood with a low blow, then tosses her into the corner for some classic corner abuse. Several face punches end the barrage and Hollywood crashes to the mat, out light a light!
Hollywood recovers  and the two clash in the center of the ring. Raquel overpowers Hollywood and slams her to the mat, then nails her with a wicked leg drop. Now Raquel grabs Hollywood in a camel clutch, which she modifies into a surfboard and causes Hollywood to reel in pain. Once again Hollywood is slammed into the corner, but she slips away and momentarily gets a mount on Raquel. Thrashing about, Raquel bucks Hollywood off, then delivers some big blows to her stomach. Hollywood gasps in pain as Rachel stomps her about the ring. Raquel is merciless as she continues to work on Hollywood's midsection and works her about the ring. Raquel continues to pummel Hollywood's legs and body and demands that Hollywood submit. But a tight choke hold renders the super vixen unconscious and Hollywood fails to answer.
Hollywood comes to, and now she launches her own nasty offensive. Hollywood now slams a bewildered Raquel about and traps her in wicked leg locks. Raquel's back gets stretched beyond limitations, and Hollywood seems to be attempting to pull Raquel's arms from their sockets. Now it is Hollywood that begins to destroy her opponents midsection. Raquel's sexy abs are pulverized with vicious kicks and stomps as the ring is filled with shrieks from the recipient. As a Raquel lies vulnerable on the mat, an avenging Hollywood drops a huge knee into her opponents crotch, sending her whimpering in pain. Now Hollywood applies a choke, and slams Raquel's head into the turnbuckle. Well placed feet now drive into Raquel's ribs as Hollywood stretches her victim beyond belief, allowing her to drive a hard heel into her foes taunt belly.
Raquel knows she is in big trouble and resorts to desperate measures as she attempts to slam knees into Hollywood's head. But Hollywood isn't relinquishing her advantage point, and she clamps a stomach claw onto Raquel's sculpted abs. Then, Hollywood's face is filled with a devilish grin as she pinches off the air from Raquel's nose then rakes her hard. As Raquel howls in pain, Hollywood grin with satisfaction. Next, Hollywood traps Raquel in a triangle choke, and continues to hammer her poor belly. Raquel now lies motionless on the canvas.
But an enraged Raquel returns from La La Land, and she burst into action against Hollywood. A hard blow to the crotch puts Hollywood down, and now the two voluptuous vixens trade ankle locks. Ultimately, Hollywood slaps her signature figure four leg lock on Raquel to gain the upper hand. Now Hollywood is relentless as she punishes Raquel. Raquel is choked on the ropes, then flipped over, and Hollywood drops her full weight crashing down onto Raquel's ribs.  Amazingly, Raquel fights back and is able to take Hollywood down. Using her cunning as a top rank wrestler, Raquel traps Hollywood in a neck scissors, buying herself time and attempting to weaken Hollywood. But this is short lived as Hollywood is able to slam Raquel into the corner and further punish her belly. Hollywood then clamps on a tight sleeper, and Raquel fades out as the blood ceases to flow to her brain.
Raquel returns for the next fall like an enraged animal, but Hollywood uses her well known wrestling prowess to once again turn the tables and cause further damage to over aggressive foe, Now Hollywood wraps up Raquel's sexy legs and punishes them in short order. Raquel is weakening and her attempts to gain control falter. Hollywood is now in obvious control as she begins to work over every inch of Raquel's incredibly sexy body. Raquel is stretched, contorted, kicked, punched, and pinned by a merciless Hollywood. Raquelshrieks in pain as she is unable to break Hollywood's devastating holds. Hollywood uses on well placed foot and cuts off Raquel's airway to end the devastation.
Raquel is up and about and once again locks up with Hollywood. Initially Raquel does well as she traps Hollywood in an arm bar and delivers kicks to Hollywood's midsection. But Hollywood's toned body shows no effect from the blows and she catches a kick and reverses on Raquel. Hollywood's bad girl side reigns as she twists Raquel's arm behind her back and further punishes her. Raquel cries out in pain, desperate to break free. In a moment of luck, Raquel breaks free and launches a last minute assault. But it's not enough, and Hollywood fights back, once again uses vicious arm bars on a near senseless Raquel. Hollywood absolutely destroys Raquel's abs with multiple knees as she then positions Rachel for another triangle choke. Raquel's groans of agony fade, then cease as she goes limp and unconscious. A gloating Hollywood then releases the choke, and assumes a victory pose above her thoroughly destroyed foe, possibly convincing her that she's not quite as tough as she may think. Or possibly, setting the tone for a rematch...




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