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HP-311 Hard Cash




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TITLE: "Hard Cash " Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: "Hard Cash " Part 2 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: "Hard Cash " Part 3 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: "Hard Cash " Complete COST: 45 TOKENS

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Description of HP-311:

Hollywood is set to rob a house that is guarded by the Sheriff (Shannon). Shannon is wearing a white bikini top and blue jeans which accents her gorgeous body curves, while Hollywood starts out in black pants and shirt, but quickly ends up looking hot in a black bikini and boots. When Hollywood enters the house, she is quite relieved to see only Shannon there guarding the loot. She laughs as she quickly takes care of the Sheriff. But instead of leaving, she heads for the kitchen for some water. When she returns, Shannon attacks her again. Although Hollywood again quickly KOs the Sheriff, Shannon manages to stick her with a potent knockout drug. Hollywood passes out before she can leave. When Shannon wakes up first, she strips the crook down to her bikini. When Shannon goes for rope, Hollywood revives and the fight is on. Back and forth, from room to room, at times with Hollywood in control , then Shannon. Beautiful bodies at times left helpless looking sexy draped over coffee tables, sofas, even over beds. At one point Hollywood appears victorious as she has her gun in Shannon's back pushing her to the door. But before you know it, Shannon has turned the tables and Hollywood is out on her back in the front room on a coffee table. Eventually the fight takes it toll on the weakened Hollywood and she starts to lose the battle. Can she rally enough to get away with the cash? Or does justice win in the end? This one has a GREAT (unexpected) ending, but you will have to buy this video to see it!! Hollywood and Shannon both look terrific throwing and receiving punches to the body as well as the face.


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