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When Gary Met Sally




TITLE: The Trap VII When Gary Met Sally Part 1 COST: $11 ~11 MINUTES

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Description of HP-771:

The Trap VII (Part 4) ended with all three of Darrius, Steve and Dr. Slade beating on Holly’s now unconscious body while she hung over the edge of the ring.  They continued to beat her that way for their own enjoyment after the cameras went off, and Dr. Slade was so impressed with Darrius’s skill in dishing out a beatdown that he decided to lure him out of Hollywood’s employment and offer him a job.  Darrius gladly accepted and celebrated after the other two left by continuing alone to pay back Hollywood for all of the wrongs he suffered by her as an employer. With the sounds of the pounding by Darrius going on in the background, this installment begins with Jennifer Thomas returning with her shy boyfriend Gary to see if he might get the chance actually participate in his ultimate fantasy – beating up Hollywood – although she doesn’t seem so happy about it.   Gary is thrilled that Hollywood is still helpless in the ring, and he and Jennifer approach Darrius and talk with him as he works over his former boss.  Darrius invites them to join him in the beating, and Gary eagerly begins punching Hollywood in the face while Darrius stomps and pummels her stomach with his club.  Jennifer joins them focusing on stomping her crotch, and the trio happily dishes out simultaneous destruction until Gary makes the mistake of stroking rather than punching Hollywood’s face in front of Jennifer. Jennifer goes into a frenzy and demonstrates on Hollywood how to punch someone in the head like you mean it.  They then stretch Hollywood out in the center of the ring where Gary delights in giving her abs another vicious pounding with an attack heavy in knees, elbows and a Louisville Slugger.  However, he once again gets himself in trouble with Jennifer for his gentle “checking” of her tenderized belly, and once again Hollywood pays the price. They do a lot more vicious ab work, some bear hugs, rib destruction and then finally an epic beating Hollywood’s crotch that leaves her spasming on the canvas.  They move on to having the men pulverize Hollywood’s already shattered feet and ankles, while Jennifer scissors her throat and pounds her stomach, but then they decide that it is more fun to watch her spasm, so her crotch takes even more vicious abuse.  Next, they tie Hollywood in the corner with legs spread over the middle ropes and take turns working on her chin and stomach before Jennifer launches a series of knees to unprotected crotch that you will have to see to believe.  The final segment involves a lot of stomping and clubbing of all parts of Hollywood’s spread-eagled body, mixed in with knees to her jaw.  They finally have to stop to clear the ring for other people, but Gary is hitting his stride and now that he no longer seems to want to touch Hollywood in a gentle way, Jennifer doesn’t want to stop his fun.  So they collect a lifeless and utterly destroyed Hollywood to take home with them.

The Trap VII series has already taken on a life of its own, and this is the most entertaining installment - and probably the most vicious.  Darrius, Jennifer and Gary delight in annihilating their helpless victim, and their playful and sometimes confrontational banter is a great backstop to the action. They prove more than ever that they are not afraid to use clubs and bats (sometimes all using them at the same time) to dole out their destruction on their poor, tortured victim.  Hollywood is not within a mile of consciousness during the entire beating, and her beautiful face and perfect body have never looked better as they absorb outrageous amounts of abuse. It seems clear that Holly’s day of woe is not yet over, the only questions are how much more will she have to take and how unbelievable will she look while taking it?



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