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HP-461 Hollywood vs Randy

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Description of Hollywood vs Randy:

Fetish phenom Randy Moore makes her dynamic debut! And, she’s not taking any chances against Hollywood (stunningly donned in a silver-studded black bikini, mesh skirt, fishnets, and thigh-highs) in the opening salvo of this seven-fall slobberknocker, assaulting our vivacious vixen from behind with a hard-hitting, two-fisted clubbing in the midst of her warm-up routine! But, this brazen attack only manages to stir Hollywood’s ire, as the wily veteran methodically takes the ravishing rookie to task, volleying with a crushing array of devastating leg scissors, choke holds, and sleepers that leaves the gorgeous greenhorn battered and bewildered! But, even though Randy may look pretty in pink, this brash, bodacious blonde is no petite princess, returning the favor with her own brand of beatdown on Hollywood’s taut and toned body! Fists fly, legs lash, and throats scream in anguished defiance as these ferocious femmes fiercely fight for all it’s worth — trading blow-after-blow, agonizing grapples, and body-punishing, stamina-sapping, will-breaking camel clutches, figure-fours, sinuous stretches, and surfboards — neither refusing to concede, until the ultimate, final KO!

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