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HP-524 Boxing Showdown

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Description of HP-524 Boxing Showdown:

The video starts out as a boxing match between Darrius and Hollywood. (Red gingham bikini) Hollywood starts out very very strongly and has Darrius on the ropes, knocking him down several times in the first round.
The second round starts out the same, Hollywood sends Darrius to the canvas and then eventually backs him into a corner and starts pounding him. Duncan the cameraman decides to enter the ring behind Hollywood and grabs her arms. At this point Darrius recovers and punches Hollywood until she goes down.
Duncan goes back to the camera as Hollywood struggles to her feet. After a few knock downs, Hollywood is out cold on her back.

Hollywood returns in her bikini with her gun belt on!
Darrius is shadow boxing in the corner(gloves off). Hollywood enters the ring with her gun drawn and points it at Darrius. Hollywood turns the gun around and smacks Darrius in the stomach with the gun butt several times. She then puts the gun in the holster and starts beating up Darrius. "Don't forget I have the gun and can kill you at any minute!!"
At this point Duncan enters the ring behind Hollywood and puts her in a full nelson, Hollywood struggles to grab her gun but Duncan will not let her as Darrius starts to punch her. After a few rights and lefts to Hollywood's head, Duncan lets her drop to the mat out cold.

Holly starts to stir, She staggers toward Darrius demanding her gun back but Darrius slams the gun, handle first, into Hollywood's stomach and then slams her in the back sending Hollywood to the mat, out cold again. Darrius lays the gun down in the center of the mat and puts his boxing gloves back on. He stands near the gun and dares Hollywood to get the gun. When Hollywood gets close to the gun, he punches her in the head. She reels back to the ropes. Again he dares her to get the gun. Each time she gets close, he hits her sending her reeling time after time. She goes down, out cold several times but Darrius teases her and she staggers back up. Holly gets a nice one in here and there. But is no match for a cheated 2 on 1. These 2 go back and forth. Watch this video to see which one is left standing in this hogwild showdown!

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