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HP-493 Outlaw Randy vs The Sheriff

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Description of Outlaw Randy vs The Sheriff:

This video is just a series of gunfight scenes from the old west. Hollywood, dressed in a short gray miniskirt, a camouflage bikini top and black boots, plays a sexy Sheriff trying to arrest a hot outlaw played by Randy. Randy is wearing tight blue jeans, a black bikini top and black boots. Both girls are smoking hot wearing western gun belts hung low in the old west "quick draw" mode. In the first scenario, Hollywood has received a tip that Randy is hiding out in the back yard. She draws her gun and sneaks into the back carefully searching for the outlaw. Unfortunately, Randy has been tipped off about Hollywood's arrest attempt and is hiding. When the poor unsuspecting Sheriff gets close, Randy steps out and shoots her in the back. Randy picks up the wounded Sheriff and carries her over her shoulder back into the house, throwing her on the sofa. She turns to the camera saying, "get a Doctor pronto". Scenario two finds Randy surprising the Sheriff, disarming her and taking her money, but the Sheriff prevails. Next scenario finds the girls stand facing each other in a classic shoot out pose. After a few anxious minutes, with itchy trigger fingers, they draw. A shot is fired and one girl drops. This scene is repeated so both girls have a chance to win. Two hot females shooting it out. Next, Hollywood enters the back yard. Randy is at the back of the yard and the two girls start shooting at each other. Both girls hide. When Hollywood tries to get close, she exposes her gorgeous body a little too much and Randy scores a hit. Hollywood falls back into a chair. Randy nudges her and she falls onto the ground, out cold. The next scenario has Randy entering the back yard, firing at an unknown assailant After a short time, she stands up and takes a direct hit. She falls on her back on the ground. When Hollywood arrives she sees Randy is hurt and rushes over but before she can help, she too is shot and falls on the unconscious girl. In the final scenario, Hollywood and Randy are once again shooting in it out in the back yard. Hollywood hits Randy and walks over to make sure she is out. Satisfied that Randy is finished, Hollywood goes into the house to call the police. However Randy is not done. She staggers to her feet and drags herself into the house searching for the girl that shot her. She finds Hollywood and catches the hot Sheriff off guard, draws her gun. Hollywood charges the wounded outlaw and they struggle. A shot is fired and one gorgeous body is left lifeless on the ground. It really doesn't matter which one wins, the real winner is anyone who buys this hot video. Both girls look terrific in their bikini tops and black boots. No Cowgirls ever looked sexier with gun belts worn low on their shapely hips. The old west was never hotter!!!

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