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HP-027 And The Beat Goes On


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Description of And The Beat Goes On:

Always be careful when talking on the never know who may be listening to you...

Francesca is talking on the phone, and the conversation turns to her fighting skills. The person on the other end asks how she'd do against Hollywood, and Francesca begins bragging how she kicked Hollywood's ass so bad the last time they met....

Her timing couldn't be any worse doing this, as Hollywood just entered the room, unknown to Francesca. Hollywood stands behind Francesca listening in. Needless to say, she's not liking what she's hearing at all.

Hollywood lets Francesca finish her call, then the fight is on! Hollywood removes her own top and uses it to choke Francesca. She doesn't put her out though, as she wants to give her a beating! The fists fly now, and even the phone Francesca was talking on is used to hit her with. Hollywood goes completely wild on Francesca beating her senseless and destroying her with punches, kicks, and stomps. This is Hollywood at her meanest!

Hollywood carries out this assault for quite some time, and pretty well has Francesca out cold. She grabs the phone and calls back who Franny was talking to, just to let them know what a beating she just gave her.......BUT! While doing so, the ever so tough Franny isn't out, and she grabs a weapon to use on Hollywood, and goes back to her out position as if she's still out.

Finishing her call, Hollywood decides that Francesca hasn't had enough, and she continues to pummel her. But that's when Franny waits for her opening, and then nails Hollywood with the object she picked up. She clobbers Hollywood with it, and then goes on the offensive!

It's payback time now! Francesca tears into Hollywood with all her might, making her pay dearly for what she just did to her. Hollywood's body is now taken to the limit, and then some, by a vicious punching, slapping, kicking, and stomping attack.

You'll have to order the video to see what all happens next. This one is a classic, with both vixens bodies taken to their extreme limits! In the end, there is one clear and decisive winner, and one completely battered loser!


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