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HP-266 The House Sitter


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Description of The House Sitter:

Kim left on vacation and didn't have time to take some valuable jewelry to
his safety deposit box. He asked his good friend Hollywood to house sit and
watch the jewelry. The video starts with the burglar, played by Honey,
entering the house by the bedroom patio door. She places a drugged syringe
and a gun belt in the bedroom, leaving the same way she entered. Honey
knocks on the front door, pretends to be Hollywood's friend, offering to
keep her company. All the time she is eyeing the neck choker Hollywood is
wearing. She suggests they relax and work on their tans together. Hollywood
agrees and they both change into bikinis, Hollywood into a sexy white
bikini that really shows off her body. Honey figures with Hollywood in a
bikini she can see any other expensive jewelry Kim left behind. After
laying under the sun lamp for awhile, Honey is thirsty and offers to go get
some water. She empties some of the syringe into Hollywood's cup and gives
it to her. Hollywood is suspicious of Honey and dumps the water. In a few
minutes Hollywood pretends to pass out. Honey puts on the gun belt and
while removing Hollywood's neck choker, etc., Hollywood surprises her and
knocks her out. Hollywood takes the gun belt, starts to dress (before
calling the police), gets her phone, a rope, and returns to the bedroom.
While she is calling the police, Honey wakes up, grabs the rope, and chokes
Hollywood out. Honey then takes the neck choker, gun and exits the room.
Now it is Hollywood's turn to wake up and surprise Honey. Hollywood finds
Honey and knocks her out on the living room coffee table. After putting the
gun belt back on, Hollywood decides to kill Honey so she won't cause any
more grief but before she can Honey wakes up and KO's Hollywood.  While
Hollywood is out Honey inspects all the other jewelry Hollywood has on and
decides the only thing of value is the neck choker. Honey decides she needs
a box for the choker and goes to look for it. Meanwhile Hollywood starts to
stir and slowly rises, pulls out the gun and staggers toward the door. But
before she can do anything, Honey returns and sends her sprawling out on
the couch. After finding out her fence cannot come to pick her up for
another hour. Honey decides to play with the gorgeous Hollywood while she
waits. She removes the bullets from the gun and gives Hollywood a shot of
the knock out drug. After awhile, Hollywood starts to stir. Honey
confidently taunts Hollywood but is surprised with the butt end of the gun
and knocked out. Before Hollywood can tie Honey up, she passes out on top
of her. Of course Honey wakes up first and pushes Hollywood to the floor.
Honey decides to finish Hollywood off with the rest of the syringe but
before she can Hollywood wakes up and struggles to stand up. She tries to
shoot Honey but Honey grabs the gun and punches Hollywood several times
knocking her out on the coffee table. Honey stabs Hollywood with the
syringe ending Hollywood's day. She lifts Hollywood's unconscious body up
onto the couch, leaving her pointed toward the front door, gun in hand
remarking, "I think it is a fair trade, the million dollar choker for the
gun. But you sure make a poor house sitter!!!" If you like hot girls in
bikinis with guns, this video is for you!!!




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