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HP-044 The Party




TITLE: The Party Complete Video COST: $32 ~ 32 MINUTES




Description of HP-044:

Hollywood and Jewell are getting ready for a party. Hollywood is dressing up as a Cowgirl. Jewell as an Indian girl. As you watch them both get dressed in different rooms, you just know something is going to happen. They are each talking about impressing the same guy! Well, it gets worse when they meet up. Not only are they trying to land the affection of the same person, Jewell tells Hollywood that she has on her gold waist chain. Hollywood says it is hers....So it's fight time! After one girl KO's the other, she then takes the chain and leaves. When the downed victim rises, she then goes looking for it, and then goes all out to get it back.This battle is knock outs galore! Jewell even uses her tomahawk to lay Hollywood out a couple times. Hollywood relies mostly on knock out punches to lay Jewell out.This tape is for fans of KO's, as you'll see plenty of them in this Cowgirl vs. Indian girl battle!



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